Sunday, June 23, 2019

Well... Now What...?

Well now that the Drukhari are painted (well... enough to play with) and Strange Bedfellows is out of the way it’s time to start re-assessing and figuring out what I’m going to do for the next few months – or even the rest of the year…? And Beyond?!)


Necromunda has captured my imagination for the time being, and I have gone ALL IN! In addition to picking up all the cure rulebooks at my FLGS, I went back and bought the base box game – for all the cards and tokens and terrain bits and boards… and I know Keira would want the Esher gang… and the Goliaths… well… they’ll get used for SOMETHING!?

I also scoured eBay for a number of items I needed to for special characters and stuff to finish up a few gangs of my own.

To kick things off I thought I’d start a small summer campaign. Seven weeks as per the suggested length for a Dominion Campaign. Try and find a half-dozen friends to play. Probably start that around 13 July and end on 31 August. This will be to try out the system with a manageable number of reasonable human beings.

In September, I might try running a second campaign it might just be a re-run of the first, or I might open it up to a few more people.  We’ll see. I might run a slightly shorter one so that it’s wrapped up before the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

On the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend. I’m planning to host a narrative campaign weekend of sorts. This will be a bit of a departure from my recent campaign weekends which were less like campaigns and more like swiss-draw tournaments. This will likely involve a small number of close family and friends and they’ll be run more like the Savage World games I used to run, which were GMed affairs where all the players had small gangs of their own and the scenarios were semi-co-operative – in that there was generally a foe they had to deal with, but then were competing for the treasure left behind… could involve separate sub-plots for each gang… We shall see.


I was excited to see the news from Cubicle 7 that they will be picking up Wrath & Glory and that there will be new books for it… but not until next year… I’m still pretty excited to run a campaign – or multiple campaigns – I have SO MANY ideas for this!

I’d love to run a Dark Heresy/Inquisition campaign – where the player characters are acolytes of an Imperial Inquisitor and sent off on missions to root out Heresy within the Imperium. I have a bunch of old Dark Heresy books that could be easily coverted…

I’d also love to run an Only War/Imperial Guard Campaign. Again, I have ALL of the FFG Only War books and have a soft spot for military based RPGs (Twilight: 2000, Revised Recon, Behind Enemy Lines) – it always takes out the “Why are we here?” of any campaign and gives the Player characters missions and purpose…

Same goes for Rogue Trader…

I could also get behind running a campaign just set on a hive world where players are local enforcers (police)…? Or a campaign with Aeldari Player Characters (I know Keira would LOVE this)…

Do I bother waiting for books from Cubicle 7, or just forge ahead and make up my own shit as I go?

I still have Dark Tides, which I’ve never properly run through… Do I bother trying to do that…?

I might not do anything with this over the summer and try to get a campaign going in the fall. Getting people to commit is difficult. It seems weird. People are so willing to commit to other things and those things always seem to trump role-playing.


Still interested in this. Hopefully we’ll find some time over the summer (in between games of Necromunda) or maybe in the fall. I feel like I haven’t played for-EVAR! Haven’t even tried out Commanders or Elites!


I do want to get some terrain going on over the summer and into the fall. Part of is is just getting the rest of the Sector Mechanicus, Sector Imperialis, and Sector Munitorum terrain I got with all the different Kill Team boxes.

I’d also like to build a bunch of new terrain for Necromunda – similar to the Cavern Terrain that I built a coupel years ago. It would be 3-D and modular and used for Zone Mortalis secnarios in Necromunda. I would also make it so it could be used with the existing cavern terrain – which could represent the deeper darker parts of the underhive - down in the sump... below the very foundations of the hive – or where stuff has simple collapsed and crushed to the point of no longer looking like something that was built by man.


Taking a break for the summer… but I would still like to finish up my Asuryani this year – as well as take a chunk out of the remaining Drukhari to be painted. Might also be fun to work on some of my Impeiral Guard that still have stuff to be painting (Tallarn, Valhallans)


I do have a bunch of stuff to paint for my friend John – Shadespire rats and dwarves, space rats, pi-rats, assorted Frosstgraviness… I’d like to get that done sooner rather than later. Expecially the Space Rats – as they could be used as a gang in Necromunda!

Then there all the Hellboy miniatuers I’d like to get painted by Xmas, and all the Mice & Mystics and Super Dungeon Explore I’ve been promising Keira I’d help her paint forever…


Still lot of board games on our 10x10 Challenge list to play. Amanda’s been away in the states this last week – and doesn’t get back until the first of July – and really wasn’t available for the few weeks before she went away – just busy at work with a lot of stuff, plus getting a lot of things dealt with BEFORE she went on vacation so there isn’t so much to do when she gets back…


I did promise Amanda that this would be the summer I’d get that part of the basement renovated… and it would be nice to have a dedicated space for gaming again – instead of having to haul stuff up and set up stuff on the dining room table…

Well… one things for certain... I can’t imagine finding myself being bored at any point in the foreseeable future!

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  1. Best of luck working out what to do! Too much choice?! Sorting the basement out sounds like a big job, so good luck with that!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain!

      It'll be a bit of work, but nowhere near as much work as the last few renos. I was hoping to get a bunch done in this next week before Amanda gets back, but I've been set back a few days by a blockage in the sewer that caused some water to back up into the laundry room - it was just laundry water backing up - and the sewage pipe wasn't totally blocked - it was just restricted by piles of roots from the large lilac bush in our yard growing into the old sewage lines. Everything drained down and there was no mess and we were even able to flush toilets (just not do anything the put a LOT of water down the pipe all at once - like laundry... or showers...!) , but I still had to call the city and get their crew into clean it out- and that required that I clear all our stuff out of the TV room (because that's where the sewer access is) and that all got put into the game room and then I had to wait in the queue for the city crew to show up and then I had to spend time hauling it all back out of the game room into the TV room...

      One of the guys on the city crew was from England originally - probably about my age and at one point looked up and happened to notice two old Blood Bowl figures sitting one of the shelves and asked "Are these for Blood Bowl?" and I said "why yes they are!" and he got SO EXCITED and started telling me about all the ones he had as a teen but left them in England when he emigrated to Canada and his dad probably threw them all in the garbage and then he started looking around and noticing all the other stuff in the room and throughout the basement and had a nice little trip down memory lane.