Monday, December 2, 2019

El Akarm Market Massacre

Just outside the Snake Den lies the El Akarm Market. Close enough to the Den itself, it is considered Delaque territory - under their control - and protection.

After the One-Eyed Red Snakes brazen attack on the Cawdor gangers of Durango Pipe, their leader, Willem Campbell, declared that violence would be met in kind - but rather than an attack directly on the Snakes, they would terrorize those they claimed dominion over - show those under their "protection" that House Delaque truly is incapable of offering them any REAL protection... Impotent to save them from the cleansing flame of the Cult of Redemption....


Sunday evening my friend Brent stopped by to try out a game of Necromunda.

I thought I'd try out another new scenario from the Book of Ruin. the scenario is called called "Meat Harvest" and the idea is that one gang (presumably the Corpse Grinder Cult) is out to collect some fresh vittles if the form of dead peoples. I figured the scenario could easily be re-skinned to be a scenario where one side is simply trying to terrify the other sides populace (something it seems like gangs might do!).

Twelve unarmed hivers are placed on the table and the attacker is trying to kill them all, the defender is trying to help them all escape (by use of a special action "Shepard (Basic)", which allows them to lead a group of hivers away to safety.

The Attackers get ONE victory point for each Hiver taken out of action, the Defenders get TWO victory points for each they successfully get off the table - by leading them back to their own table edge where, if within 2" of the edge and 2" of a defending ganger (to prevent randomly wandering hivers from leaving on their own!) they can skedaddle! That's it. No points for taking out enemy gangers - you do still get experience points if you take one out... and less enemy gangers means less likely that they'll be able to do the thing that gives their side victory points... but I really, REALLY like the fact that the FOCUS of the scenario is NOT taking out enemy gangers and that one could potentially - in theory - win the game without even coming into direct conflict with the other gang!

Another interesting aspect of the scenario was that both sides started with d3+2 random crew!? But both gangs started getting reinforcements at the end of Round Two - so as the scenario goes on, there is the potential for more and more arriving on both sides... but as Bottle Tests are based on the number of the STARTING crew - it seemed VERY likely that one or both gangs could Bottle Out as soon as they started taking injuries!

Again, though, this is a scenario with odd game end/victory conditions which present a loophole that could be abused. The game ends when either all the Hivers are removed or only one gang has Fighters remaining on the battlefield - then victory goes to whoever has the most victory points. So, technically, the attacker could waltz onto the table, kill ONE Hiver and then voluntarily bottle and leave before the defender can get any off... and the attacker would "Win" because they scored one victory point and the defenders had none...

El Akarm Market - a relatively open area where guilders and other merchants and pedlars and vendors of all varieties hawk their wares to the residents of the south end of the Bronze Gates region.

Normally a bustling bazaar, it was early in the shift, as the scenario began, and few people were present at the moment.

The Durango Pipe Moors arrive on the scene to terrorize the residents and scare them away.

Round one Willem and Gib burst into the market square, Willem lighting up two small merchants just arriving to set up their wares.

Trinitatis rushed forward into cover and check out the situation while Rotis lead a couple of workers a the Corpse Starch vats away.

Lex and Hinton burst in at the other corner of the market - Lex threw a frag grenade - luckily the market wasn't as crowded as it is at time and only one servitor was taken out by the blast.

Hintone unleashed a long burst from his Bolter and took down a fabric merchant and one of his customers!

Things were looking pretty bad for House Delaque at this point - FIVE Hivers taken out in the first round!

Willem then tried to burn two more - but failed and ran out of fuel for his hand flamer.

Gib threw a grenade at them, but the also managed to survive that blast!

Neo65395 burst on to the scene and started blazing away at the Cawdor gangers with his stub guns. His shots were ineffective and was largely ignored as they went about their massacre.

In the following turn he got close enough to hit and wound Hinton - the Champion - TWICE (Two Guns Blazing)! Unfortunately he bled out during the recovery phase at the end of the turn before Neo could get in there and finish him off with a Coup De Gras!

Trinitatis gathered a bunch of the remaining hivers in hopes of leading them away to safety...

Rotis managed to get two out of harms way and into the needleways where the Cawdor gangers would not dare to follow.

checking to see where Hivers that weren't close to defending gangers ran - this one ran TOWARDS the Cawdor gangers!?

Reinforcements started arriving - as reinforcements can arrive ANYWHERE along the edge that isn't within 6" of an enemy fighter. Cawdor Gangers started showing up along the Delaque base edge - to potentially block any escaping Hivers! Oh, those devious Cawdor gangers!

Mus showed up behind the Cawdor gangers though and started shooting them up from behind!

Trinitatis moved off hoping to lead the terrified Hivers away - but they were too afraid to follow...


Lex, who has been pinned by fire from Mus (and took a Flesh Wound!), stood up and shot the nearby Hiver that mistakenly believed that the devout Cawdor gangers would be his salvation.... That's HALF of the hivers taken out by Cawdor at the start of Round Three...

Rotis took cover and fired on Babe, who'd just arrived, scoring a Flash Wound.

Then the big man himself arrived on the scene - Artifex was in the House!

Trinitatis, frustrated with the cowardly Hivers, decided to give up on leading them away to safety and charged back out, both guns blazing and took down Gib (seriously injured) and pinned Willem!

Neo65395, drunk with power from having taken out Hinton, charged in to try and finish off the pinned Gang Leader. HIs shots were wild, though, and totally ineffective.

Lex then charged him from the rear and stabbed him in the back!

More Cawdor gangers showing up in the Delaque deployment zone... Honestly, when Henry showed up with his Heavy Stubber, I figured it was ALL OVER and it would be another crushing defeat for the One-Eyed Red Snakes - with MORE permanent injuries... but the Cawdor gang had bottled out the previous turn and when Henry arrived on the scene and saw Hinton was down, he decided it would be a better idea to help his brothers to safety (Arrived as reinforcement at turn end, fled at the beginning of the next turn! Whew!)

Artifex took the cheap shot and finished off the seriously injured Gib while Trinitatis tried to finish off the pinned Willem.

Willem recovered, however, and charged Artifex... not sure how he did that if he was pinned... maybe it was the following turn...? Regardless, he failed to take out the Delaque leader with his chainsword and Artifex mercilessly cut him down with his Power Axe!

he the followed through charging Lex, but got a las shot in the face for his troubles...

Things were winding down at this point - both sides had bottled out and the Cawdor gangers were fleeing MUCH faster than the Delaque gangers.

Eventually ALL the Durango Pipe Moors were out of action or fled off the table... Which ended the game. At that point, however, the Cawdor gangers had SIX victory points - from taking out six Hivers, and Delay only had FOUR - from evacuating two off the table... So... technically the Moors won...? Doesn't really make sense...

I mean, the game COULD have kept going - with more Moors showing up as reinforcements at the end of each round (unaware that the rest of their gang had fled?) and try to block the fleeing Hivers being shepherded away by the Snakes. But that's not what the scenario says... and that would take forever...?

I guess they showed up, killed a bunch of Hivers and fucked off before the defenders could make safe enough of the others for the residents to really continue having faith in them...?

So the winners gained d3 reputation (I rolled one) and both sides lost one reputation for bottling out. The Moors took control of the dock access to the The Puddle - a vast underground Sludge Sea.

Neo65395 - the only Delaque ganger taken out of action in the skirmish was quickly patched up and will be ready to fight again when next the gangs clash. The Durango Pipe Moors took some more serious casualties. Hinton's armour took most of the damage from the hail of bullest he was subjected to and the bruises will heal up quick enough. Gib and Willem were more seriously injured and will need a bit of time to recover. Ernie was critically injured and nearly bled out. HE was rushed to a Rogue Doc just in time to save him, but his arm was seriously enough injured he won't be able to swing it to well when it's healed up as much as it can (-1 WS).

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Still have gang posts to finish up... WHY did I think it would be fun to write background fluff for EACH gang member of EVERY gang!? maybe I'll just stop and post what I've got so far!!

Probably won't be a game of Necromunda next Sunday...

bellboy miniatures keep maneuvering closer to the painting table... but so far I have failed to get it cleared off and ready to focus on just Hellboy things... maybe this evening I'll get to that!!


  1. Another great report! I always love seeing your minis and terrain, look great in action.

    I have a bunch of the Battle Systems cardstock terrain, which looks pretty good although a bit flat, but your homemade stuff has so much character and seems quite versatile. I'm tempted to try to make some of my own sci-fi terrain (although I'd probably do pieces more for ship interiors and regular starports and the like).

    1. Thanks!

      That's something else I'd love to do as well, at some point - Starship/Space Station interiors! I have little doodles and plans in all sorts of notebooks from over the years. "The Plan", in it's current form, is to make modular tiles - like I did with the cavern terrain - but have a bridge and corridors and crew quarters and a mess and stuff like that - each as individual tiles... some might be 30x30cm a few - like corridors might be 10x30...? There will probably be a few bigger ones 30x60 or 60x60 for holds or engineering areas...?


      I hesitate to get going on that project - because I feel like everything should be clean and precise. I can get away with sloppy and messy for trenches and caverns and graffiti covered underhive walls, because... well... they're SUPPOSED to be messy... clean and precise - when building/sculpting - aren't really my thing, unfortunately!?

    2. Yeah, precision is tricky, but would be needed for good sci-fi terrain like spaceship interiors. Might call for a laser cutter... ;)
      But seriously, maybe the easiest way would be to base it on some manufactured materials that can be pretty certain to be pretty precise and consistent, but I haven't figured out how I'd go about it. I've seen people do tiles, but I'm thinking more about how to do walls that could stand on top of a mat like your Necromunda pieces do. An advantage of figuring out how to do it yourself is being able to customize it to suit your vision and to make additional pieces as needed.

      If you ever do it I will be interested to see what you come up with!

  2. Fun game, even if it the gang lost again,it was a moral victory! I'm sure you could do spaceship/starship interiors,I think I would try and find some plastic building product that could be used as a basis and then add piping,doors etc, starting from total scratch would be a load of work!
    Best Iain