Friday, January 3, 2020

Khorne Dogs

First few items to roll off the workbench in the new year: Khorne Dogs....

As I mentioned in Game Plan 2020 (Q1) and December Game Part Two, I have a new army I'm working on for 40K this year: Daemons of Chaos! The main focus will be Daemons of Slaanesh... but, for some reason, I decided to start with the Khorne elements from the Wrath & Rapture box!?

Khorne Dogs

Karanack, The Hound of Vengeance. Currently the only HQ unit I have for Khorne and thus will be the leader of the small detachment of daemons in service of the blood god.

He is, apparently, the very manifestation of the Blood God's wrathful vengeance - he has a special ability called "Prey of the Blood God" where at the beginning of the game he can select an enemy character the is his quarry and get +1 to hit and wound rolls when attacking that character.

At some point I may pick up a second HQ unit - The Skulltaker or Bloodmaster look kind of cool... or perhaps the Herald on the Juggernaut of Khorne...

Flesh Hounds. These are a Fast Attack unit. I thought they'd go well with Karanack... but as they are an HQ and a Fast Attack unit, that doesn't exactly make any sort of battleforged detachment.

I'v mostly used Contrast® Paints to get these done quickly.

Guess I better finish off the Bloodletters so I can at least put together a Patrol Detachment!

(I am actually nearly done the Bloodletters - and have done a fair bit of work on the Bloodcrushers, the other unit that came in the box, and then I will be done with Khorne... for now...)

I have assembled the Daemonettes and Fiends of Slaanesh and am partly finished the Infernal Rapturess (though I may paint part of her before finishing assembly - as it looks like some bits may be hard to get at once it's put together). Still have some Seekers to assemble from the Wrath & Rapture box.

(Oh, I also have the Slaanesh stuff I picked up on Boxing Day, but Amanda has kind of confiscated that and I don't get them back until I finish the basement...)

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

MORE daemons?

Game Reports - I still have one for Hellboy to finish up, I think...? Not sure if I'm going to get to play Necromunda this weekend...


  1. How do you set up for your first few pictures? You seem to reliably get pretty solid photos. Are you using a cel phone or something with more oomph? Lighting trick perhaps?

    1. Actually, it's just an old crappy digital camera. What I DO always do is shoot outdoors in natural light - preferably on overcast days - bright, but no harsh shadows. If it's not overcast, I shoot in the afternoon when it's still bright, but the sun is around the other side of the house and I shoot in the shade.

  2. Thanks! Lighting does seem to be the challenge pretty often when I'm struggling to get some decent photos of WIPs or recently finished stuff...

  3. Lovely work as ever, but can someone throw a bucket of water over Karanack, The Hound of Vengeance... LOL.. :o))

  4. I was expecting to see one of them wrapped in batter...