Saturday, February 22, 2020

NOISE MARINES (and a Plague Marine and some Epic Bone Krushas)

I finally finished up a full squad of Noise Marines!

I'm a little torn about how to organize these. Squads of five or ten...? Initially, I was feeling like five, because then I thought I could try and paint them like iconic rock/metal/punk five-piece bands... but then when I went looking for colourful icon costumes for rock/metal/punk five-piece bands, I wasn't coming up with much. Other than KISS's iconic face paint (and maybe the Misfits)... it's mostly a lot of studded black leather... which is LAME. I was thinking bright, gaudy mismatched colours. Almost like Dazzle camouflage but even MORE colour!

I did find one band pic to base this first squad on...

Can anyone guess the band...?  

Maybe now....?

Look close.

Or this one...?

maybe if I turn it around the right way...?

Here's another *HINT*

Let me know in the comments if you figured it out and what gave it away...

So... units of five?  Like bands (whether they are inspired by actual bands or not)? or ten? If they were in fives like rock/metal bands (I don't know too many punk bands with five...? most seem to be three or four...) I could give them names! These could be the Twysturd Cysturs (Oooh! Another Hint... although that sounds a little like a Death Guard band....?)

Speaking of Death Guard...

Another Plague Marine - this time metal and armed with a Melta Gun!

Brother Bloatus!

He happened to be available from one of the eBay sellers I was picking up Noise Marine bits from... and there is another batch of metal ones on the way from another seller - again, the main purpose was picking up Noise Marines... but then there were good deal on older Plague Marines. These just aren't in demand - with all the fancy-schmancy plastic ones available now! I did pick up ONE plastic one - a Malignant Plaguecaster - So I could have an HQ element to lead the Death Guard Detachment...

And now for something completely different...

(but still 40k-ish...)

and a pair of Epic Ork Bone Krushas

FINALLY I have some TANK-like-things for my epic ork force. everything else I have is infantry, truks (like the original, boring plastic ones) and Stompas/Gargants. Not that I have any of the Truks or Stompas or Gargants painted yet, but I also stumbled across these on eBay from a seller I was picking up Noise Marine (and other) bits from, so I snatched them as well... and... since they were here, I painted them...

I thought I'd try painting one with gore trailing behind from those it's crushed... but I didn't totally love it, so I didn't bother with the second..

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

We were originally going to play Power Grid last night (Friday), but both of the other players I'd originally lined up to come and play with us bailed... both sick. Then Keira admitted she was hoping they'd show up so she wouldn't HAVE to play - which would have been nice to know earlier, otherwise I could have arranged for MORE players... as it was, it was just going to be me and Amanda for Power Grid... So I thought I'd offer to set up a game of Hellboy. Keira IS apparently interested in playing THAT still - as long as she's playing Liz Sherman! So we set that up.... It was a good thing too, because I really had NO IDEA about many of the rules - luckily Finnegan joined us and HE remembered EVERYTHING, and it was really more like HIM running ME through a game! I did take some pictures, but not really enough to warrant a post on it's own about it. We are planning to play again tomorrow (Sunday) evening, so perhaps I'll do a double game report...

After that, Tuesday is the big Wargaming Birthday Bash Necromunda Game. It is the same game I'm running a week and a half later at ToonCon. I was thinking of this Tuesday's game as another Play-test... but I think I've MOSTLY hammered it out and... really... Tuesday's game has become a beast in its own right. I have six people actually threatening to show up! (only ONE seems to be registered for the game at ToonCon, so far!) It should be a good time... if any hiccups appear, I have a week and a half to sort them out before ToonCon...


  1. Stryper would be perfect, if you don't mind a bit of an Iron Warriors crossover look. Plus, they are an evangelical band, which kinda fits.

    When in doubt, go with Dethklök, they are so metal they don't need to be gaudy.

    You realize that now you have to do noise marines with big 80's metal hair, right?

    1. HA! Stryper was actually the one other band I thought I might try and copy!


      I didn't do big hair on D'Snydr, not going to start now!


  2. More excellent painting.
    I didn't figure out the band until I saw the pic of the actual band. I guess that was a bit after my time. You whippersnappers and your new-fangled music! ha ha

    1. Cheers!

      I'm not sure that, this close to fifty, I qualify as a whippersnapper? Are you sure it isn't just you that's OldAF...?

  3. The Sweet and English Glam rock band from the '70's... I used to want a haircut like the lead singer. Now I'd just like hair!

    1. That's more what I'm looking for! Thanks Phil!

  4. Great looking noise marines and nice looking plague marine, I'd also vote for 1970s glam rock, spade,sweet, trex etc!
    Best Iain