Wednesday, February 2, 2011

African Porters

As promised more Africans… I might have mentioned tribesmen… these are not-so-much tribesmen, but African none the less!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

African porters (and a European Explorer) - all from The Foundry

Martian from RAFM and tomb robber from Artizan Designs.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More Africans. Probably askaris, or such, with firearms.

First load of Zulus arrived today, along with their British opponents and some Masai... expect them soon as well. If ever the other Napoleonics I ordered from Renegade would arrive I might participate in Curt's Spring Thaw Painting Challenge. As ever, we shall see...

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  1. Those porters should make for a cool scenario objective.

  2. Yeah, I seem to recall in Contemptible Little Armies in the East African campaign armies are supposed to have a baggage train with them - mostly of porters like this - that is some sort of victory point/objective thingie...

  3. Love your work, excellent painting and an interesting subject. I ordered from Renegade on 7th Jan....
    Well done sir!

  4. Cheers!

    I emailed Renegade on the 21st of December to see if the 5 for 4 deal was still on and they replied within hours, so I thought these guys are on the ball and I placed an order. A couple hours later I placed another order (if the order numbers are actually consecutive they received over 700 orders that day... maybe they aren't consecutive... still, busy time of year...).

    Because the auto receipt didn't include the comments section (where I put the info about the bonus packs) I sent emails to confirm that they got that information. I also sent an email asking if they'd ever be doing kilted highlanders. They responded to those just over a week later (it's the holidaze... I understand).

    I sent another (polite) email las tweek just wondering if it'd been shipped yet. No reply. I've heard from others that that is par for the course.

    I'm not in a panic or anything. I'm pretty darn patient about these sorts of things. I can remember a time (before the internet!) when ordering minis from England took 3-4 months (minimum! some times up to six!) That i can place orders with some places - like Artizan/Northstar/Crusader or Maelstorm games or Copplestone Castings (just to give a shout out to two that I have had staggeringly quick service from - and I have to say most sellers in the UK have similar turn around time) - and have my stuff delivered to my home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in UNDER two weeks is nothing short of miraculous.

    I could natter on about how the internet has shortened our collective attention spans and eroded our patience (and I, at times, am as guilty of this as any!... Compared to others Renegade may seem a bit slow - but they're offering very nice figures at prices much lower than other companies that sell figures of similar quality. I expect they're pretty busy and I can cut them some slack....

  5. Lovely paint job andamongst my favourite Copplestone figures.