Sunday, September 16, 2018

September Game-A-Day Challenge 2018 - Part 1

For the last few years I've found that are game-playing kind of falls off in the summer and we try to spend a bit more time outside, and so in September I've tried to jumpstart our game playing with a bit of a challenge of some sort. I think the first year, the challenge was to simply play a game everyday for the month of September. Later I instituted a rule that it had to be a DIFFERENT game each day for the entire month. This year I kind of backed off on that, but we've tried to select games that are on our 25x5 list.  

Well, here's how it's gone so far...

Saturday, 1 September 2018 - No Game! 

Well... that's a bit of an inauspicious start to a month of gaming every day!? We did BUY some game stuff on the first! I picked up the Drukhari Kill Team starter (for Amanda!) and the Death World Forest Kill Zone. Finnegan picked up the Deathwatch Kill Team starter and The Girl bought Unstable Unicorns.

Sunday, 2 September 2018 - Unstable Unicorns

The girl had bought this the day before. She'd first seen it on our vacation in Calgary and had been wanting to pick it up ever since. So she did. And then we played it. It was a pretty simple fluff game. I think Finnegan won. I'd probably play it again if we didn't have anything better to do and The Girl dragged it out and said "can we play THIS!?"

Monday, 3 September 2018 - London

This was our first time playing London in a long time... We probably played it last a year ago, in September, for last year's challenge!

The GIRL was EXTREMELY frustrated by all the cards she kept picking up that required money to play when she just didn't have any... and even more distraught (as evidenced by the picture above!) about all the poverty she was picking up...

Finnegan managed his poverty VERY WELL and just buried the rest of us in negative victory points at the end of the game. BEFORE subtracting for poverty and loans, I had 52 points, Amanda had 47, Keira had 41... I ended with 29, Keira with 10 and Amanda with 5... Finnegan ended 43 points...

Tuesday, 4 September 2018 - London

Day two of London. EVERYONE did much better at managing their poverty. Everyone had tried to totally avoid taking loans last game (because of the -7 VP for not being able to pay them of at the end of the game). The Girl won this one with 53 points. Amanda was second with 42, Finnegan and I tied for last with 40! Big difference from the previous day's game!

Wednesday, 5 September 2018 - London

Day three of London. Still doing way better than the first day - everyone had much less poverty at the end of the game, but somewhat lower scored than yesterday... The Girl won again with 45 points, Amanda 34, Finnegan 31 and I was just behind him with 30... The game also went a bit quicker.

Thursday, 6 September 2018 - London

Day Four of London. Amanda finally won a game. If I hadn't helped her with the cost-benefit analysis of her options in the last round, Finnegan probably would have won... mind you, if I hadn't helped HIM with the options for the last two rounds, I might have won...

We stayed up pretty late trying to get this game in, and everyone was pretty tired by the end of it...

I tried to go easier on the loan-taking this game - compared to the last two... I also tried to manage poverty better (I had the least at the end of the game - foe once!). Didn't seem to help much, though. EVERYONE has been better at managing poverty - especially seeing how much you can lose in our first game. I think we all scored lower this game, for various reasons... Amanda had 45 points, Finnegan had 42, I had  39 (crawling up from last place,  slightly), and The Girl had 32.

Friday, 7 September 2018 - London

Our fifth game of London this week - and in finally WON a game!!! Wooo!!

I built Buckingham Palace and St. Paul's early in the game. Later I had TWO Steamboats and 5 boroughs along the Thames - which totally paid off all my loans. On the last turn I was able to play two cards worth a total of 7VP (A train station and... the Tower Bridge...?)... I think it was those three things that really made the difference.

I ended with 56, Amanda was second with 37, Finnegan had 32, and The Girl had 22 (just wasn't her day... but she was in much better spirits about it compared to earlier in the week!).

Saturday, 8 September 2018 - Five Tribes

Friday we moved on to Five Tribes. I didn't make any notes about this game... other than the scores. Amanda claimed she had no memory of playing this game at all, but I'm sure she has. Despite that she did okay. I won with 154, Amanda was in second with 131, The Girl was third with 128, and Finnegan was last with 118.

Sunday, 9 September 2018 - Five Tribes

Again with Five Tribes. Went from totally crushing it yesterday (with 154 points) to Dead-Last today (with 139 points)... Mind you, my dead-last score today was still more points than everyone else's score from yesterday! Everyone else just did WAAAAAY better today! Amanda won with 164 points,  Finnegan was second with 157, and The Girl came in third with 142.

Monday, 10 September 2018 - No Game

We missed Monday... I blame Skewl.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018 - Five Tribes

Back at it with another game of Five Tribes. Amanda crushed it again. She beat us down with 161 points. Finnegan was pretty close with 156 points. Me, less so, with 133. The Girl dropped down to 109...?

Wednesday, 12 September 2018 -

Another busy, busy day - the kids and I got in a very quick game of Kingdomino in the evening between activities and going to bed... Finnegan won this one with 64 points! I though I'd done rather well with 58, and a couple 5x5 grid, but those mines he had... Yowza!  The Girl had 42 points.

Thursday, 13 September 2018 - Splendor

Thursday we played Splendor with Cities of Splendor.

It felt like a really close game - everyone was picking stuff up so fast, I felt like I couldn't keep up - but then I got the 5 and 4 red gems and then just had to pick up one more gem to satisfy the number of crards. While most had the gems satisfy one of the victory conditions, none had the points - and were probably a few turns away from doing so when I ended the game. I was pretty excited about the win as Amanda's won the last few and just left me in the dust. It's been a while since we played (as we've been playing more of Century: Golem), I think she'd gotten rusty...

Friday, 14 September 2018 - No Game!!

Busy day, and Amanda and I went out to the Rosebud Burlesque Club's Variety night and then watched the first episode of Dark Matter Season Two we we got home...

Saturday, 15 September 2018 - No Game!!

I had really hoped to get in a game of Kill Team in the afternoon, since most of my Death World Forest was complete... Alas everyone was busy with different things... Dance classes, homework, errands...

I DID get to pick up Kill Team: Rogue Trader (and some other stuff!)

In the evening Amanda and I went out and saw ANOTHER burlesque show - this time with the Menagerie Burlesque Company - two burlesque in a row!? Then we came home and watched Ready Player One - which I was underwhelmed by...

Sunday, 16 September 2018 - Century: Golem

This morning Amanda challenged me to a game of Century: Golem (actually, it might have been afternoon... we kind of slept in a bit...).

Despite scoring 91 points... she still beat me! With 93 points! Darn it, she's getting too good at this game too, now!

Well despite not getting in a game EVERY day, we have gotten in a few games - and crossed a few games off our 25x5 challenge list!

We made a list of games  we'd like to play for the rest of the month - mostly the quicker easier games on the list (Lords of Waterdeep, Space Hulk, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Legendary, Viticulture, and Hero Realms) and a few games of Kill Team - which I am still hoping we might get to play this evening!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Some actual Miniature Wargaming!? I do still hope to get in a game of Kill Team later today and maybe get a game report up tomorrow...?

After that..?

I assembled and primed the Eludician Starstriders (that came with the Kill Team: Rogue Trader box) last night while watching Ready Player One - along with some more STC Ryza Pattern Ruins (that came with the Realm of Battle - Moon Base Klaisus box set). I'm thinking I'll use the Moon Base Klaisus boards for the ToonCon game, so I'm going to try and crank out a few of those STC Ryza Pattern Ruins over the next week and then on to some new Kill Teams!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Death World Forest Kill Zone - Shardwrack Spines

This isn't the very LAST of the Death World Forest terrain... but I'm almost done... I have two little bits left to do (I think they're called "Grapple Weed"..?).

Shardwrack Spines from Games Workshop.

I went with red for them partly to make them stand out from the Barbed Venomgoarse, but also to give them an alien, otherworldly look - and I figured how better to make things otherworldly than to paint them the opposite colour you'd expect them to be on the colour spectrum given that most terrestrial plants are green!

Also in a Cthulhu Now adventure I ran ages ago, there were these plants that fed off carrion that had red stems that seemed utterly creepy...

I thought of putting the Valhallans in here for a laugh... but then decided against it..

Looking forward to actually PLAYING A GAME on this... hopefully this afternoon... or perhaps tomorrow...

Definitely feeling like I have enough to play a game. Really, if I had much more I'd be hard to move the figures around in there without catching a sleeve on some terrain and knocking it all out of place...


You get the idea...

In other news... Rogue Trader came out today and I wandered over to my FLGS - Dragon's Den Games. Unfortunately (for my wallet) the Moon Base Klaisus set I'd asked them to get in for me also arrived. fortunately, there was a storewide 20% off sale going on because this weekend is also the Saskatchewan Comic and Entertainment Expo... So... I kind of picked up a little something else...

I know what you're thinking; "Tim!? WTF!? GENESTEALERS!?" I assure you I have a completely legit reasons for picking those up! The Writhing Shadow Tyranids Starter Kit comes with just Genestealers. Genestealers are TOTALLY easy to paint up. There are eight of them, at 11 points each that is 88 points - almost a full Kill Team right there. Because there is only one type of combatant, using one data card, they would be totally easy for a complete noob to play. I'm running a learn-to-play demo of Kill Team at ToonCon in a few weeks and I realized that most of the factions I have are imperial - it would be little weird to run a game with Imperial Guard, Space Marines and Mechanicus Skitarri - they're all on the same side... So my plan it to have ONE of those Imperial factions to play with (ideally the Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarri - as they come in the core boxed set) along with Drukhari, these Tyranid/Genestealers, and some Chaos Space Marines and Cultists....

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hopefully a Kill Team game report and/or an update on the September Game-a-Day Challenge.

After that...? I'm not sure... I WAS thinking of trying to get the Sector Imperialis terrain done - as I could use the flip side of the Death World Forest board - which has an edge that is meant to match up with one of the Sector Imperialis boards (to look like a forest overtaking the ruins of an imperial city...?) and use that for the game at ToonCon. You really need two boards for a four player game and the only other two boards that I have that match up are Sector Imperialis boards, and I don't have nearly enough Sector Imperialis Terrain to FILL two boards. But now that I have Moonbase Kalisus - which contains FOUR boards about the size of a Kill Zone board - which are double sided and could bus used singly for a one-on-one game of Kill Team, two could be used together for a four-player game of Kill Team, or all four could be matched up to play a full game of 40K (as, all together, they make a board slightly less than 6'x4'). I figure I could use a mix of Sector Mechanicus, Sector Munitorum, and the STC Ryza-Pattern ruins on either side of the boards - and not even worry about rushing though the Sector Imperialis terrain at all...  And thus have some time to concentrate on finishing up some pretty new Kill Teams for the ToonCon game...?

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Death World Forest Kill Zone - STILL More Barbed Venomgorse

Here it is, folks, the last of the Barbed Venomgorse (and Eldritch Ruins).

Barbed Venomgorse (and Eldritch Ruins) from Games Workshop's Death World Forest Kill Zone for Kill Team.

I'm not sure what happened with this one. perhaps I didn't assemble a couple as suggested and ended up with more of one particular foliage type and not enough of another...? so we have a hybrid variety of Barbed Venomgorse...?

I should have put figures in all these pictures to give a greater sense of the scale of them.

This one, technically, counts as "Eldtrich Ruins" (or something like that) which is effectively the same, but has additional bonus tactics that can be used to booth Psychic abilities.

Guaiacan Commandoes - back in the jungle.

I now have enough of this terrain I can mostly fill the board with terrain bits. I could add in a few other bits of other stuff and be able to play a game right now!

I still have the Shardrack Spines and two other little bits to finish up from this set, then it will be complete.

I should mention that there are a few more Barbed Venomgorse here than actually comes with the set. The Drukhari and Deathwatch Starter kits that were released the same week also came with Death World Forest terrain bits. Finnegan bought the Death Watch team and passed on two pieces of Barbed Venomgorse to me to paint up - those are included in this lot. The Drukhari box that Amanda bought had two more bits of Eldtrich Ruins - those were passed on to The Girl because she wanted some to paint herself. Hopefully we'll see those with paint on them as well in the not-to-distant future.

Coming Soon to Tims's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Death World Forest Shardrack Spines! Hopefully BEFORE the weekend (when Rogue Trader goes on sale)!

An update on the September Game-A-Day challenge.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Death World Forest Kill Zone - MORE Barbed Venomgorse

A bit more of the Death World Forest Kill Zone for you today - MORE Barbed Venomgorse! Though the foliage is different on these, they still count as the same in the game. I have three more of these to finish up - with yet another sort of foliage! They are nearly complete, I'll probably have them up tomorrow. Then it's on to the "Shardwrack Spines"! After those, there are just two other little bits and all of the Death World Forest Kill Zone will be complete! Can I get it all done before Rogue Trader is released on Saturday!? That would be pretty fantastic if I could!

MORE Barbed Venomgorse from Games Workshop.

Maybe it's just the lighting, but I didn't find these quite as lost in the background this morning when I was out taking pictures.

Maybe there's a bit of glare coming off the board which is muting the busy print bit...?

Some bog-standard Cadian troops in the Death World Forest.

Inexperienced as they are in such environs, they're totally going to die in there... and it won't even be the enemy that does it!

I had hoped to get in some games of Kill Team over the weekend, but didn't. We ended up playing a few games of Five Tribes... I do hope that by THIS weekend I'll have the Death World Forest Kill Zone finished up and we'll play a few games in here to try out the new terrain and a few of the new scenarios - which look pretty interesting.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

The last of the the Barbed Venomgorse. Then the Shardwrack Spines. Then, hopefully, some GAME REPORTS of battles in the Death World Forest!

By the weekend I'll probably post an update on how the September Game-a-Day challenge has been going so far. (It's not been as fabulous as previous years, we've ditched the "a different game every day" stipulation of previous years... and we've missed two days!).

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Death World Forest - Barbed Venomgorse

It's been a busy week with skewl and all the regular activities of fall starting up! We've been trying to cram a lot of games in for the Game-a-Day September challenge and lots of bike rides before the weather gets awful and last weekend we binge-watched all of Stranger Things Season One (I actually got all of the deathward forest terrain assembled while watching it - along with starting a few of the Drukhari Wyches). I did manage to find some time to paint a few of the pieces of terrain that came with the Death World Forest Kill Zone....

Barbed Venomgorse (and Eldtrich Ruins) from Games Workshop's Death World Forest Kill Zone - on the Death World Forest Kill Zone board. If you're having trouble making out details of the pieces, you're not the only one. The Death World Forest Kill Zone board is very busy and I find it difficult to make out details myself - even in all the pictures of it in the booklets and on the internet taken by the professional photographers at GW!

Also it was a bit dark this morning when I was taking the pics and not everything is in focus...

This particular Kill Zone seems particularly nasty! There are options on both the Kill Zone special rule table and in some scenarios where ALL terrain (even "open" ground) is considered Dangerous Terrain (roll d6 every time one of your models moves - on a 1 they receive a mortal wound!)

Even if you're not using one of those special rules or scenarios, there are tactic cards - that cost 0 command points, and thus can be used EVERY turn if any players wish to - that makes all Barbed Venomgorse and all open ground within 1" into Dangerous Terrain!

this is actually an "Eldritch Ruin" which can be used to tap to give +1 to all psychic tests - for those few Kill Teams that can actually HAVE Psykers...

A Kill Team of Guaiacan Commandoes hidden among the Barbed Venomgorse...

I have three or four more of these to finish up, then a pile of "Shardwrack Spines" and a couple or other smaller bits... Am I going to get them done before Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team: Rogue Trader is released next weekend...? Probably not... But I'm still going to pick it up!?

I'm curious to see what comes next for Kill Team? It seems they're releasing two Kill Team starters along with a new Kill Zone - Marines and Orks with Sector Mechanicus, Astra Militarum and Tyranids with Sector Munitorum, Drukhari and Deathwatch with the Death World Forest. They also seem to be releasing them in the order they were presented in the Faction Focus Index article. So it seems Harlequins and T'au Empire should be next, but I'm not sure if that will be later this month or next month (I'm guessing NEXT month, as this month has already had the Drukhari and Deathwatch with the Death World Forest last week, AND the new Rogue Trader box next week!) But what will the new Kill Zone be...? All new terrain!? Will they start releasing Starters without an accompanying Kill Zone. I'm willing to bet that the Harlequin one will include a Webway Gate!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I was planning to get in a game with Finnegan this afternoon - hopefully a game of Kill Team and maybe a game of Space Hulk if there is time - so perhaps there will be a game report or two following that.

We are trying to keep up with our September Game-a-Day challenge. I was thinking I'd do weekly posts, but now I'm feeling I'll probably just do two, one later this week and one at the end of the month.

With any luck I'll find some more time to paint this week and finish up some more terrain - and/or some more of the Drukhari Kill Team. I still have a PILE of terrain to finish up! the Servohaulers from the Munitorum set, piles of Mechanicus stuff, and ALL of the Sector Imperialis terrain!

As excited as I am about Rogue Trader, I might have to put it in a closet and ignore if for a few weeks to get some of this other terrain finished up - Terrain that I'll be needing for the game I'm running at ToonCon less than five weeks from now! Bah! who am I kidding, totally going to be cranking out those Rogue Trader bits next week! My biggest worry is getting bogged down in painting up all the Gellerpox Infected...

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Drukhari Kabalite Warriors

These are the first figures I've put together for Amanda's Drukhari Kill Team. Most of them will be Wyches, but I had a few Drukhari Kabalites, so I thought I'd paint those up for something different she could have on her roster for when she absolutely, positively needed to SHOOT something. (The lychees don't have so much shooty things - they're all about the up-close-and-personal-slashy-stabby-stabby type of fighting).

Kabalite Warriors from Citadel Miniatures/Games Workshop. I've put them on Necromunda 25mm bases just for fun...

Just picked up the Drukhari Kill Team Starter set and the Deathworld Kill Zone earlier today - so I'm'a be painting murder plants and Space Dark Elves for the next week!

Who else is playing Kill Team out there? What Kill Teams are you working on?

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

MORE Kill team suff!

Friday, August 31, 2018

August's Games

Well.... we got a few games in through August...

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Some new friends finally made it over for a visit and a couple of games...

We started off with a game of For Sale.  I think I ended up with the Sky Scraper, but Finnegan or Taotao got the space station...

Next we played a couple of rounds of Codenames: Pictures. Both games were Girls against Boys. In the first round Finnegan and Amanda were the spy masters. Amanda and the Girl totally beat us down. Taotao had berated Finnegan a little bit and did a lot of face palms at his "clues" - which I didn't think were THAT bad. We played a quick second round - I suggested Taotao should be the spymaster for us that time so he could see it wasn't so easy... but then the girls guessed the assassin spot on their FIRST CLUE... and so he really didn't get a chance...

Thursday, 2 August 2018

My old friend Joss, whom I have not seen in YEARS (probably over a Decade! Maybe TWO!?), was in town and we managed to meet up to play a game. Joss is an absolutely fabulous guy who I met while I was working at the original Colllector's Edge in Saskatoon (before it burned down). (That weren't me). In addition to playing Magic: The Gathering, Joss actually played a lot of obscure CCGs which he introduced me to - Dune and . I think we also played a bit of Illuminati: New World Order (which I probably introduced him to. He also introduced me to Roborally - which was kind of the first non -military/historical warfare boardgame I think I ever played. Well... other than Monopoly and Payday and Game of Life and all those rubbish games I played as a kid...

We ended up playing Viticulture, as it was one of the few games I had that Joss had not played and he wanted to give it a try. There were no complaints from me or The Girl as we both really like the game too.

It was a super close game... well.. for Joss and The Girl - they had 22 or 21...? I think The Girl won in the end. I scored the very first victory point, but my lead was VERY short-lived. I ended the game with 15 points... I was only just getting my ducks in a row. If there'd been one more round I'd have been right up there with them... of course THEY probably would have scored more points and then I wouldn't have been up there with them...? Still love the game, even if I am crap at it!

Friday, 3 August 2018

After three and a half years I FINALLY got all of the miniatures painted and we played a game. This would be bad enough if it was my own game, but it was actually given to Finnegan as a birthday present with the promise I would play it with him as soon as I got the minis done (Worst. Gamer. Dad. EVER!)

We played Scenario 1: Beachhead. Marine victory was to have 7+ surviving marines and all rooms cleared of genestealers at the end of turn twelve. Genestealer wins if less than five remaining marines at the end of turn twelve. Any other outcome is a draw.

The game was INTENSE! I played the marines and lost three of my guys in the first three rounds!! Losing one more meant I could not win the mission - only make it a draw! I forged ahead, though, and eventually started to feel like I was getting the upper hand - then, on turn ten (out of twelve) I lost a fourth and fifth marine.... I managed to save the rest of the crew and bring it to a draw, however...

There is a full report of this game here:

Space Hulk – Game One - Beachhead

Saturday, 4 August 2018

On Saturday, Amanda and I wandered over to our friend Kurtis' for his birthday celebration - and some games!

First we played Portal: The Uncooperative Game of Cake Acquisition

All I really remember was that it was really quick, and Brent won...

Next we played Condottiere.

It was also kind of quick... I kind of gambled picking the next location to be one that was next to one of Kurtis' two adjacent territories, hoping everyone would team-up against Kurtis to keep him from winning and they'd all waste their cards in the process so I could sweep in and win... Yeah, that kind of failed..

Finally, we played a game of Century: Spice Road.  Kurtis ended the game picking up a fifth card - everyone else had four. It was SUPER close Now won with 71, I had 67, everyone else was in the 60s. Despite having 5 cards, Kurtis ended up being last at 62!

It was a fun afternoon of games.

Sunday, 5 August 2018


Amanda, The Girl and I had a quick game of Kingdomino in the evening.

I totally crushed it with 58 points! Woo!

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Finnegan and I got in THREE games of Space Hulk in the afternoon.

First, we played the first scenario again, switching sides. I played Genestealers, Finnegan played Marines. I won in three turns...

 I had some insanely lucky rolls, coupled with some really bad rolls on Finnegan's part at critical moments...

Took down this Sergeant with the Thunderhammer and Lightning Shield... and it was all downhill from there.

Next, we played Scenario #2: Suicide Mission. I played the marines, Finnegan played the genestealers. I made it to the end of turn four, and about half way to the objective room.

Then we switched it around and played Scenario #2: Suicide Mission again.  This time I took the Genestealers and Finnegan took the Marines. He made it to the end of the fourth turn. Around the end of the third turn he was feeling a little deja vu...

There is a more detailed report of these games - with loads more pictures here:

MORE Space Hulk - Three More Games

Friday, 10 August 2018

On Friday we played Another game of Space Hulk in the afternoon.

We played Scenario #3: Exterminate. This was a bit longer of a game and SUPER INTENSE!! I played the Marines again and Finnegan the Genestealers.

So close... I got to turn 11 then everything went to shit for the marines...

A full report and LOADS of pictures can be found here:

STILL More Space Hulk

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

WE finally got in a game of Kill Team!

My friend Other Tim stopped by and I set up a game for him and Finnegan to play. Finnegan played Orks. Other Tim played Space Marines. They played the Gathering Intel mission from the book. Finnegan's Ork team was broken by the end of Turn Three.

There is a full report of this action over here:

Kill Team - First Game!

Friday, 17 August 2018

Friday evening I FINALLY got to finish running Blessings Unheralded - the Free RPG day Quickstart rules and adventure for Wrath & Glory. It was great fun.

At one point Bob, who was playing Pater Naemoris, the Ministorium preacher, lead the faithful in prayers to the Emperor for the swift recovery of their ailing friend in the hospital.

For the final showdown, I used one of my handy new Sector Imperialis boards from Kill Team. 

Amanda, playing the Battle Sister, making some sort of declaration or oath... 

They succeeded in defeating the big bad guy, but only after he contaminated the distribution facility. Amanda was able to shift two exalted icons in her tech roll to attempt to shut the facility down before the contagion spread, so I said only a few hundred died due to starvation while a small part of the facility was decontaminated...

So looking forward to the full release of this game and running a campaign later in the fall... 

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Taotao popped by for a few more games Saturday evening... 

First we played Exploding Kittens. Luckily I was first out of the game. I LOVE the Oatmeal... but loathe Exploding Kittens... 

Then we played another game of For Sale, which Taotao and Finnegan tied with $62000. 

Finally, we tired to get in a game of Century: Golem, but it was cut short by Taotao's mum's arrival. 

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Two more games of Kill Team! 

We introduced the game to Da Boyz - a couple of the kids friends...

The first game went waaaaay longer than it should have, the second game was much shorter. 

There is a full report of the afternoon's shenanigans over here:

Monday, 20 August 2018

 I finally got in a game, myself. I fought with my Tallarn Desert Raiders against Finnegan's Orks.

It went poorly for the Guard...

There is a full report of this game too:


Tuesday, 21 August 2018

ON Tuesday we played Flashpoint: Fire Rescue

Keira's been asking to play this for a while. Just playing the basic intro game - as those are the only rules she's read and I've read none of them.

It was a very near thing half the house was ablaze by the time we ended the game. We DID manage to rescue seven (I think) before too many perished in the blaze. Those two markers at the bottom of the picture would have been toast...

Friday, 24 August 2018

On Friday Finnegan offered to run a role-playing game for the rest of the family.


He ended up running and introductory game of Dungeon Crawl Classics. I have to admit, I've been bored to tears by fantasy games for some time now, but this was genuinely fun. Maybe it was just because I was playing with my very favourite people in the world. Or Finnegan's totally enthusiasm. Whatever it was, I had a good time. We each started by rolling up FIVE level 0 characters!

It was a short dungeon we bashed our way through, losing a few of our characters along the way. Perfect for a single-envening one-shot adventure.

All of my characters.

I'd play it again...

Sunday, 26 August 2018

In the afternoon, Taotao stopped by to play games again.


We all played a game of Railways of the World. Taotao picked up the game very quickly and totally won, beating Amanda by a couple points...

Afterwards Amanda went out to play Numenera. I've dropped out of the group because... well.. Numenera's just not doing it for me. I don't know if it's the system or the setting or a subtle combination of the two, but I was having a really hard time caring about it at all and was looking upon each session with dread, feeling like I HAD to go... Then I got to thinking - Why am I doing this if I'm not really having fun? So I dropped out. Amanda's still going, though.

The rest of us played a game of Kingdomino. Which Keira utterly thrashed us at!

Monday, 27 August 2018

This past Monday was the beginning of our Kamp Kill Team Campaign! For the last week of summer vacation I ran a short campaign of Kill Team for the kids and a couple of their friends. Monday through Thursday we played a couple of games of Kill Team each day and on Friday they were to play 40K with a force with a Power Level equal to the resources their team had remaining at the end of the campaign.

There are full reports of each days activities - Day One can be found here:

Kamp Kill Team Campaign - Day One

Tyranids vs Harlequins

Orks vs. Chaos Space Marines

Tyranids vs Chaos Space Marines

Orks vs Harlequins

Tuesday, 28 August 2018 

Day Two of Kamp Kill Team

Kamp Kill Team Campaign - Day Two

Orks vs Tyranids

Harlequins vs Chaos Space Marines

Tyranids vs Harlequins

Orks vs Chaos Space Marines

It wasn't ALL Kill Team - I did get the kids doing a few other things - climbing on the climbing wall, painting, running around like maniacs in the yard...

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Day Three of Kamp Kill Team

Kamp Kill Team Campaign - Day Three

Tyranids vs Chaos Space Marines

Orks vs Harlequins

Chaos Space Marines vs Harlequins

Orks vs Tyranids

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Day Four of Kamp Kill Team

Kamp Kill Team Campaign - Day Four

Orks vs Harlequins

Tyranids vs Chaos Space Marines

Friday, 31 August 2018 

Day Five of Kamp Kill Team - though we didn't actually play Kill Team today... Teh kids played a couple games of regular old 40K with Power Levels equal to the total resources they had at the end of the campaign.

The Girl's Harlequins faced the Forces of Chaos

Finnegan's Orks Faced the forces of Hivefleet Haemorrhoid.

A full report of these two epic games can be found elsewhere on this blog:

Kamp Kill Team - Day Five - the Final Battle

After the 40K games Finnegan had to run out for a quick appointment and Keira got Da Boyz to play a quick game of Just Desserts with her!

Whew! That WAS a lot of gaming - especially this last week!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

September... Usually in September we have a Game-a-Day Challenge. We've done this for the last four years, I think...? the last few, we added the extra stipulation that it should be a DIFFERENT game each day... I'm thinking this year, to try and get caught up a bit on the 25/30x5 gaming challenge, we might select six games and play them five times each - 30 games, 30 days... I'll probably do weekly updates through September.

Other than that expect the usual painting updates, which will likely consist of Kill Team terrain and teams as I ramp up to run another campaign with the family and prepare for the Learn-to-Play I am running at ToonCon this year.