40k - Adeptus Titanicus

Here there be TITANS!

I have a small (in number) force of Titans for Warhamer 40,000. They are all older Armorcast models.

Legio Amare Feles

The Xoxigar Secondus Forge World hosts the once mighty Legio Amare Feles. At one point Legio Amare Feles boasted over fifty God Engines in it's ranks - which fought in countless battles all across the sector and across the entire Segmentum - against nearly every enemy known to mankind. Continual losses over centuries of brutal combat against the great enemy, however, has reduced it to a single, understrength maniple of three (two Warhound Scout Titans and a single Reaver Titan)

Eritque Arcus Maniple of Legio Amare Feles

All that remains of the Ecrite Arcus maniple of Legio Amare Feles is one Reaver Battle Titan and two Warhound Scout Titans.

Leonem Caeruleum is crewed by First Princeps Ilyan Curtis and two Moderati; Moderati Petrus Hook (Steersman) and Moderati Bernhardt Sumner (Sensors, Communications, Weapons) and two Tech Priests Mor-15 and Gi-16-ERT.

More pics of this Engine can be found here:

Leonem Caeruleum - Reaver Battle Titan 

Tigris Viridi is commanded by Princeps Mozzer. The crew is rounded out by two Moderati; Moderati Joyce (Steersman) and Moderati Marr (Sensors, Communications, Weapons) and two Tech Priests Ro-Urk350 and Pom-Fret681.

More pictures of this titan can be found here: Tigris Viridi - Warhound Scout Titan

Pardus Purpura is commanded by Princeps Smythe. The crew is rounded out by two Moderati; Moderati Cooper (Steersman) and Moderati Gallup (Sensors, Communications, Weapons) and two Tech Priests 0-Donnel and 6-Abrels.

The two Scout Titans patrolling with elements of the Astra Militarum

the entire Maniple operating in support of the Astra Militarum.

In Warhammer 40,000 (8th Edition) the force will look something like this:

Adeptus Titanicus Superheavy Detachment

1x Reaver Battle Titan
-with Apocalypse Missile Launcher, Dual turbo Laser, Titanic Inferno Gun, Titanic Stride
120 Power Level - 4000 Points

2x Warhound Scout Titans
-each with Dual turbo Laser, Titan Vulcan Mega-Bolter, Titanic Stride
@75 Power Level/2000 points = 150 Power Level/4000 points

Total: 270 Power Level/8000 points, +1 Command Point.

Not sure how often these guys will see action as a full (understrength) maniple.... but I have them ready when the option arrises!!

Exploits of the Legio Amare Feles - Eritque Arcus Maniple

Xoxigar Tertium - Imperial World - 3.139.019.M42
Pardus Purpura and Tigris Viridi face a Tyranid Bio-Titan and the monstrous beasties on Xoxigar Tertium - supporting elements of the 222nd Guaiacan Commandoes - 4.140.019.M41 - Titans versus Tyranids

Malice - 4.170.019.M42
The entire maniple were transported to the planet of Malice where they took part in the Battle of the Abyss!

Xoxigar Tertium - Imperial World - 3.550.019.M42
Legio Amare Feles returns to their home Xoxigar system. Again deployed to Xoxigar Tertium, this time they walk in support of elements of the 17th Tallarn Super Heavy Tank and the 451st Tallarn Tank Regiment as they clash against elements of Thaestalyrdaes Craftworld and the Biel-Tim Fleet in Legio Amare Feles Walks...

EPIC Titans!

I do also have a handful of older "Epic Scale" Titans.

Wait for it... They're coming...

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