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Here I will post pictures of OTHER imperial forces that don't fit in any of the other 40K Imperial galleries that I have (Adeptus Astartes, Guaiacan Commandoes, Tallarn Desert Raiders, Valhallans, Adeptus Titanicus). Here you will find other Astra Militarum Detachments, Officio Prefectus, Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Imperial Navy/Aeronautica Imperialis, Inquisition, Officio Assassinorum, Adeptus Ministorum (Adepta Sororitas and Preachers/missionaries), Questor Imperialis, and Rogue Traders. All stuff that can potentially be added to any of my other Imperial forces as Allies, used as separate units in Kill Team, or show up in Wrath & Glory or other role-playing games.

Other Astra Militarum Detachments

Other Detachments
-Officio Prefectus

Adeptus Astra Telepathica
-Sanctioned Psykers

Imperial Navy
-Aeronautica Imperialis


Officio Assassinorum

Adeptus Mechanicus

The entire Mechanicus force so far. It's really just meant to be a Kill Team with lots of options. I have no desire to expand this into a complete force for 40K

Tech Priest Dominus - a Commander for my Kill Team

Tech Priest - another Commander option for Kill Team - or an attachment to any Guard units.

Sicarian Infiltrator Princeps - one of the Leader options for the Kill Team

Dorox-0.4343 - Skitarii Vanguard Alpha - the other Leader option for the Kill Team

I could probably put together TWO separate Kill Teams of Mechanicus at this point...

One of the Sicarian Infiltrators.

Rhynox-438.28x - the other Sicarian Infiltrator.

Sicarian Ruststalkers

Sek-XXVII Skitarii - Vanguard Gunner/Zealot Specialist (With Plasma Caliver), Kappic-Schoelendt-18.1 - Skitarii Ranger/Comms Specialist, and AR-99 Skitarii Vanguard/Scout Specialist.

Mu-575 and Actus-1111 - Skitarii Vanguard

Gryphonne-Reductus-089, Decima-110, Xixos-2918, and Tov-66.75/Mk98 - Skitarii Rangers.

During brief megalomanic moments I get ideas about expanding these... Just as an excuse to pick up some of those crazy Onager Dunerawlers or the Sydonian Dragoons... I can even justify it to myself as the mechanicus would be the most likely ally for the Adeptus Titanius Legions... but realistically, that would just be silly. I'd need to buy additional boxes of Skitarri and Sicarians - just to complete units of those... Ugh... another codex... Yeah. Not going to happen. Still, love to have them as a Kill Team as there are some really cool models.

And I COULD still get one of those Dunecrawlers just for fun - it could be used as part of a open war Kill Team Scearnio - "Get to the Dunecrawler!" escape scenarios... or maybe have all the Mechanicus start within 6" of the Duncrawler that is on the table, but just broke down in hostile territory... that sort of thing.

Adeptus Ministorum
- Adepta Sororitas - these are actually figures I painted up for Amanda - before she decided she'd rather play Drukhari...

Questor Imperialis - How could I pass up that Imperial Knights: Renegade Box....

Rogue Traders

-Kill Team: Rogue Trader

-Blackstone Fortress

-Other Rogue Traders

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