Saturday, November 26, 2022

Legends of the Five Rings - Kamu No Oni

So, I've been looking at my Legends of the Five Rings: Clan War Miniatures... 

I... I can't even begin to explain how that happened. 

It probably had something to do with the imminent arrival of Xenos Rampant got me thinking about Dragon Rampant...? And that got me thinking of possible campaigns I could run with that...? Maybe it's because it's the time of year I start thinking about the Birthday Bash/Winter Wargaming Weekend in February...? The Clan War collection is one that I could, once they were all painted, easily host an entire campaign of SOME sort, with 6-7 complete armies. 

(I got a little out of hand buying these a few years back...) 

Regardless... I got to looking at them and thinking about the different clans (and other factions) in terms of Dragon Rampant forces and, when I was looking at the Shadowlands stuff, thought painting these up would be easy and fun! 

Could also be used as weird alien creatures in Xenos Rampant! 

Kamu No Oni

They are pretty big - here they are facing off against a band of Kuni Witch-Hunters.

I think the Kamu No Oni will be Greater Warbeasts (2 - Reduced Model Unit) for 6 points. As Greater Warbeasts they move pretty fast (10" - same as heavy cavalry), but not super fast (like Light Cavalry or Lesser Warbeasts - 12"). The get a Wild Charge and deal some SERIOUS damage with an attack value of 3+. They aren't so great on the defence (Defence Value 6), and only have 6 Strength points... but have Armour 4, so that will keep them in the game and charging. 

I was thinking of adding FEAR for another 2 points... Because they DO look terrifying... but I will probably have LARGER Oni in the Shadowlands force... And how will I differentiate them? Other than they will likely be Single Model Units. Also the fact that two models will be removing a lot of enemy from the field, one could assume more than a few of those would be those that flee in terror when the first members of their unit are shredded in the gaping maws of these demons! 

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Warhammer Underworlds - Morgwaeth's Blade Coven vs Da Kunnin' Krew

Morgwaeth woke with a start... AGAIN!? She had been slain, AGAIN, by one of Sigmar's golden warriors. She cursed Khaine and Morathi, they had escaped the nightmare of the Beastgrave, but not the curse! 

Lethyr sat nearby with bound wounds. She had clearly escaped the Stormcasts, but none of the others. The two gathered up the rest and set off through the labyrinth in search of answers. Surely there was some way to escape! They were so close to home! 

Amanda had to stay on campus late on Wednesday to teach a dog yoga class...? So we didn't end up doing Warhammer Wednesday this week (which worked out, because I didn't finish this week's warband - Da Kunnin' Krew - until FRIDAY!?). So, Saturday afternoon we sat down to play this week's game. 


I won the roll off for setting up boards, for once, and had Amanda choose her board first, then I set up. She chose the Profane Larder and I chose The Tortured Coil and set it up long edge to long edge with hers. 

Objectives and Gloom tokens were set up and warbands and we were ready to go!

I won the roll off to determine who goes first and let Amanda. 


Lethyr stepped onto Objective #3

I wasn't quite sure where to go or where to attack first... so I just had Krookgrin step onto Objectve #1, before one of the Daughters of Khaine danced over onto it and Amanda scored points for holding stuff in both territories... 

Kyrssa jumped onto Objective #4

I had to start attacking SOMEWHERE, so Grikit charged into a Gloom hex and attacked Kyrae. I totally wasn't expecting him to do anything of use... I just wanted him to get next to her and just survive her inevitable counter-attack, so he could provide support for... well...someone bigger and meaner to step in and kill her. 

(Grikkit counts as two fighters when providing support. Also, making an attack while being supported or supporting another friendly fighters attack is how Da Kunnin' Krew inspires!) 

Grikkit exceeded ALL expectations by rolling a crit and dealing TWO damage, leaving Kyrae with one wound remaining (vulnerable - an actual key word describing a fighter with only one wound remaining - DaKunnin Krew has all sorts of cards that give bonuses or Glory points for attacking or taking out vulnerable enemy fighters!) 

Well... Kyrae did not hit back... MORGWAETH danced onto Objective #5 and slashed at Grikkit. I figured it was all over  for him... but we TIED, with one success each... 

So Amanda pushed him away... and scored Bold Conquest (+1 Glory Point after an activation in which her leader made a charge action and was holding an objective) 

Being pushed away would have spoiled all my plans... except I had a handy plot card called Creeping Doubt, which allowed me to push one friendly fighter 1 hex closer to a chosen enemy fighter - so I pushed Grikkit right back into the Gloom Hex. Then, if that pushed friendly fighter is adjacent to the chosen fighter, I get to stagger the chosen enemy fighter. which he was... so I did... 

Then on my turn Torka Tuffskul moved up into a position where he could hit both Kyrae and Kyrssa and/or support attacks on either - because he can count as supporting an attack against an Enemy fighter that is within TWO hexes of him! 

First, however, he was attacking Kyrae, with help from Grikkit counting as two supporting fighters... the only result that could fail was SMASH (hammers) 

So of course he rolled two hammers... Oh, but wait, Grikkit Staggered Kyrae, I get to re-roll one attack die.... ANOTHER HAMMER!?!? FML.

BUT!!! Both Torka and Grikkit inspired... because the Inspire condition just says make an attack supported by a friendly fighter, or support a friendly fighters attack... doesn't say SUCCESSFUL attack!!

Khamyss danced right past Torka to attack Krookgrin (it just occurred to me, writing this, that Krookgrin should have counted as supported for defence, due to Torka being adjacent to Khamyss... not sure it would have changed anything... But I'm pretty sure I forgot about that). Khamyss hit with the first part of her combo attack, dealign two damage to Krookgrin, but luckily missed with the second (or he'd have been dead!) 

Mannock charged and attacked Khamyss - and was supported by both Torka and Krookgrin - and took out Khamyss! This scored me +1 Glory Point, inspired both Krookgrin and Mannock, and I was able to upgrade Krookgrin with a potion he was able to use to heal the two wounds Khamyss had dealt. 


In the round end Amanda scorred Ritualized Formation (+3 Glory Points for holding three objectives... 

So Amanda was down one fighter, but lead in points 4-1... 


Round two started with a LOT of fighters within attack range of each other... I won the roll-off, so thought I best start the stabbing!

Torka attacked Kyrae again, and this time finished her off. I got +1 Glory for taking her out and then scored two Surge Objectives; Malicious Blow (+1 for taking out a vulnerable fighter) and Gristle for the Mill (+1 for taking out a fighter with a wound characteristic of 3 or more). This tied up the game... 

Until Amanda scored Hidden Purpose (+1 Glory for holding two objectives)... 

Then Amanda started upgrading everyone... Morwaeth got Great Strength (+1 Damage) and Duellist's Speed (push one after an attack action) and Lethyr got Great Fortitude (+1 Wound) and Grim Tenacity (cannot be driven back) 

I played Intimidating Phosphor on Gikkit making all attacks against him -1 attack dice until the end of the phase, he's the target of a gambit or dealt damage (I figured if anyone deals him damage, he'll be dead anyway... but -1 attack dice is pretty good) 

Morgwaeth tried to attack Gikkit anyway... and missed. 

Standing right where he was, Mannock attacked Kyrssa, supported by Torka, and took her out of action! (+1 glory for me!) 

Morgwaeth Attacked Gikkit again...  and missed.... again...  

Torka charged Lethyr and took her out! (+1 Glory for me!)

Morgwaeth attacked Gikkit again... and this time tied and pushed him back one...  

Mannock charged Morgwaeth - and I got to use Mannock's special ability. After the move action part of his super action, he make Grikkit take a move action and move back into contact with Morgwaeth (providing support again!). Mannock's attack hit and dealth two damage! 

Morgwaeth attacked Gikkit AGAIN!? This time she managed to take him out! (+1 Glory for Amanda!). She also scored Swift Sacrifice (+1 glory for Morgwaeth making an attack that takes someone out of action)


In the round end I scored two Objective Cards: Mind of Mork (+1 if Mannock is alive and I'd scored two or more objective cards during the Round) and Born Survivors (+1 Glory if the number of Friendly Fighters out of action is equal to or less than the Round number!) 

I managed to just squeak ahead with 8 glory points to Amanda's 7... but things were looking DIRE for Morgwaeth at this point....


Torka charged Morgwaeth and missed, Morgwaeth scored Steadfast Defender (+1 for being attacked while on an objecive and still holding the objective at the end of the activation - game is tied 8-8) 

Morgwaeth attacked back and missed - Tuffskul rolled a crit for defence which trumped Morgweaths two successes! She then pushed one off the objective. 

Krookgrin moved up one and then I played a Gambit - FIRE BOMB! it missed exploding right on Morgwaeth... but it blew up close enough to deal one damage - she was now at one wound remaining (Vulnerable!)


Morgwaeth charged back onto the objective and attacked Tuffskul... and hit... and would have dealt enough damage to kill him... but I played Skin of their teef - a reaction played when a friendly fighter is attacked and dealt exactly the amount of damage needed to take them out, -1 damage... so Tuffskul survived. 

I upgraded Tuffskull with Dirty Fighter (Used after a friendly fighter's failed Attack action, if Tuffskul was supporting that fighter. Deal 1 damage to the target of that Attack action). Then I proceeded to attack Morgwaeth with Mannock - supported by Tuffskul - even if Mannock missed, Tuffskul would automatically finish her off. 

(at some point I'd also upgraded Mannock with Practical Joke - used as a Reaction after the fighter's activation in which the fighter made one or more Attack actions, if a target of one of those Attack actions is vulnerable, this fighter makes this Attack action. It must target a vulnerable fighter)

But it was Mannock's attack that did her in. None of the back-up plans were needed... (+1 Glory for me!) 

and that left Da Kunnin' Krew alone on the board. 

Both of us spend the rest of our activations discarding and drawing objective cards - hoping for something we coudl actually SCORE


I did manage to score two more Objectives: Showy Taktiks (+1 Glory - Scored in an end phase if two or more friendly fighters are Inspired) and Superior Skulkers (+1 Glory - Scored in an end phase if one or more surviving friendly fighters are in cover hexes that are not in your territory).

Despite taking out Morgwaeth's entire warband - and losing only one grot in the process, it was a pretty close game! I ended up with only 11 Glory to Amanda's 8! 

There are a few less than entirely useful cards in Da Kunnin' Krew's deck. If they were replaced with cards that made them more maneuverable - cards that push friendly fighters or enemy fighters, anything that can bring more into contact to gain those bonuses for and inspiration from supporting other friendly fighters - they could be really NASTY! 

Won't be trying that out any time soon, though, I have OTHER WARBANDS TO PAINT AND TRY OUT!!!! 

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Warhammer Underworlds - Da Kunnin' Krew

I have to admit, didn't get these done until Friday afternoon ( a little late for Warhammer Wednesday!). Amanda was very obliging and played on Saturday instead. 

These, along with Xandire's Truthseekers, were one of the two warbands that came with Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep - which was released just over a year ago! 

Da Kunnin Krew. 

Having a brief look through the cards, they actually look not too terrible, on paper. They have a pretty strong them of mutual support and killing things. They all inspire if there are 3 enemy out of action (not always easy... especially against the harder hitting warbands that only HAVE three in them), OR they inspire after an attack action in which they were supported or were supporting another friendly fighter... 

Mannock the Kunnin'

Five wounds is nice. His special ability is a reaction that allows an adjacent fighter to move after some other friendly fighter has made a move action. 

Torka Tuffskul

four wounds Attacks from two away with ensnare and grievous AND counts as supporting if within 2 hexes of the target of an attack action... NASTY!!


Meh... lies somewhere between Mannock and Torka... 3 wounds.. deals two damage... but, honestly, the minions below seem more useful.. 


Gikkit, and Shank below, both have only two wounds and deal one damage... BUT both count as TWO fighters when supporting! Which is pretty cool! 


Overall looked pretty interesting - just with the starter deck... filtering out some of the weaker cards and adding in some stuff to make them a bit more maneuverable - pushing to get them within support range - could make them downright NASTY! 

Not sure which I'm going to do next... Feeling a little distracted by Astra Militarum rebasing projects. Myari's Purifiers seem like they'd be a good idea, as they are partly painted... and now it's Saturday and I only have half a week to get another warband done... if I want to have it ready for Wednesday! There are others Id be more interested in doing at this point... but they're ones I'd like to actually do a good job on, and so, don't want to rush... like Elathain's Soulraid (which seems like it would fit right in to this setting!) or The Crimson Court or The Shadeborn or Blackpowder's Buccaneers... I don't know.... 

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Reaper Miniatures- Bones: Disapproving Hand Spell Effect

I actually finished this AGES ago... sometime between now and last July when the Reaper Bones V Kickstarter arrived. But I'm pretty sure I never got around to posting a picture!? 

Disapproving Hand Spell Effect

I'm not really sure when I'll EVER use it... Maybe I could use it as some kind of proxy Endless Spell in Age of Sigmar...? or some summoned thing in Frostgrave...? 

It made me laugh, so... 

It's also kind of huge, which makes it all the more hilarious... 

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

40K -Assorted Imperial Guard - Rebased and Touched Up

 With renewed interest in 40K - brought about by a mix of actually getting to play Wrath & Glory and the whole 40 Days of 40K thing AND the imminent release of a new Astra Militarum Codex... I've been pulling miniatures out of drawers and considering things and reorganizing and dreaming. No interest in BUYING anything NEW - just wondering what I can DO with what I already have... 

First I rebased and partially repainted some Astra Militarum tank crew. They were all painted at different phases and had a mix of colours and I just made them more uniform and looking like they were part of a Tallarn tank crew - in case I needed them for the in-person Wrath & Glory campaign. 

I also wondered about reorganizing and possibly rebasing some of my Astra Militarum forces... In case I wanted to actually PLAY Warhammer 40000. The Guaiacan Commando jungle fighters seemed most likely - as they are pretty much COMPLETE - and weren't so HUGE a force that slowly re-basing and touching up would be too arduous... 

Also they're a good size that could be used in a Crusade force for a smaller Narrative Play campaign. If I fielded EVERYTHING, I'd have 115 models and a 69 Power Level force (according to the 8th Edition Codex). 

To get things going, over the weekend I rebased a few character figures... 

Guaiacan Commando officers and... their equivalent of Sly Marbo... 

I've started basing Astra Militarum character models on 32mm bases - so they could stand out a bit more and not get lost in the units. As Company Commanders have been character models for the last two editions of the game, I based all the officers on 32mm bases... THEN I started reading some of the rumours about the new Codex... It seems like Company/Platoon Commanders may now come with Veteran Command Squads and might not be Character models anymore!? GAH!?

Okay... so maybe no more reorganizing or rebasing UNTIL I actually SEE the new codex!? 

Looking at the Tallarn Infantry (and not including the armour)... I have about the same number of painted models and Power Level as the Guaiacan Commandoes... PAINTED models... but I have SO MUCH MORE Tallarn still to paint... Though I AM running a role-playing campaign involving Tallarn... So MAYBE I'll be getting to these sooner rather than later...? 

ANOTHER force that is, more or less, complete is a small collection of old metal generic guard/Cadians I have... Like the Guaiacans, I decided I'd start with rebasing the character models... who may not be character models anymore... 

Since the jungle fighters will have greenish-jungley bases. The Tallarn will have dry-brown-desert bases... I decided I could probably do this small force of Cadians on urban Sector Imperialis bases for fun... 

Assorted Cadian(-ish) Characters - officers and commissars. I also did weapon swaps on the officers. They all had laspistols, which are useless... gave two of them plasma pistols and the other got a bolt pistol. 

Also, Grim Jack... 

Not Imperial Guard. I just decided it was time to rebase him. I thought it might be fun for him to show up as a bounty hunter in Nercomunda or something like that... 

Epic 40K - MORE Orks


Another batch of Orks for the Tallarn on Xoxigar to deal with.... MWA-HA-HA-Ha-Ha-ha-haaaaaaaa....

The latest batch - another 8 elements of Ork Boyz and a Warboss.

The entire Waaaaagh! (so far...) 

As I laid these out, I wondered what I'd been thinking - there weren't enough trucks for all the Orks!? Had I miss counted something?! I think what happened was I just painted up ALL the Boyz I had based and ready and, because I'd painted way too many trucks before, it didn't occur to me that I didn't have enough... Not a problem, I have PILES of trucks I can paint up! More than I'll likely EVER need - even IF I painted up ALL the Boyz I have... and I think I have several hundred... I think I figured I'd have enough for all the Boyz and enough left over that every character model I have could have their own truck to ride around in... 

Lots to play around with here. Easily two Battalion detachments and probably a Vanguard Detachment... 

On the workbench I still have a Stompa and a few ministompas (gorkanots or morkanots?) Now that I have spare Ork Boyz done... I feel the urge to base up another four and enough trucks for all and do a THIRD Battalion Detachment!? 

We shall see... I should really get going on the Warhammer Underworlds stuff!!!

Monday, November 14, 2022

Campaign on Xoxigar - 3rd Squadron - First Contact

We played the first session of the in-person Wrath & Glory campaign that I'm running this winter. The campaign focuses around the crew of  an Astra Militarum Leman Russ Battle Tank in a Tallarn Armoured Regiment (451st Tallarn Tank Regiment 3rd Squadron, #3 Troop). We made characters on September, but just kind of haven't been able to get together since to actually PLAY! 

I forgot to take any pictures DURING the game... 

The Story so Far... 

4.666.013.M43 451st Tallarn Tank Regiment is founded on Tallarn and recruitment begins.  

Fatima Zara, who will become the tank's Commander, is from minor nobility. Her family forces her into the Military to learn some respect. Fatima owns her new existence and is determined to be one of the few that returns a victorious commander who will raise her OWN regiment... 

Farah Vasquez, that will become the tanks driver, is a dock worker that is conscripted. 

Antoin "Bey-Bey" Bey is the tank's main gunner. 

013-014.M42 The better part of a Terran Standard year and a half is spent training. Beginnning with basic military training, followed by specific roles within their chosen trades 

4.016.015.M42 The entire regiment begins to embark for warp transit to some distant part of the galaxy to serve the Emperor in defending humanity from the scourge of Xenos or the corruption of Chaos

4.124.015.M42 The flotilla begins the first leg of Warp Transit

4.216.016.M42 One squadron of tanks from a Reserve Squadron is disembarked for all the other squadrons to participate in planetside maneuvers on an agriworld. Unfortunately, The timing of the warp passage was off and the flotilla arrived a month later than planned and instead of doing maneuvers on dry freshly harvested fields, they ended up tearing up, and getting utterly mired in, fresh tilled and seeded (and very, very WAT) fields.

It was a highlight of the journey for all involved - to set foot on a planet completely different than the one they's spent their entire lives on filled everyone with wonder! What would the next world be like!?

5.600.017.M42 Will all reembarked aboard their respective transports, the flotilla begins the second leg of its Warp Transit. 

6.150.018.M42 Through the “Gaulntlet” – The portion of the warp passage through the Cicatrix Maledictum begins and things get... Weird.  

5.608.018.M42 Arrive in Xoxigar System. Though only 3.5 years have passed in realspace during the regiment's warp transit, due to the vagaries of Warp Travel, the subjective time experienced by the travellers was close to FIVE years! 

Once in system, the troops finally receive information about their destination and mission. The regiment is to be deployed to Xoxigar Secondus, a Forge World in the Xoxigar System. Part of the mission will be to defend it from external threats... but also to help out with a small Ork infestation that has been troubling the planet for a few generations. 

There seems to be much confusion about specifics. At least every cycle there is a complete change in plan for where precisely they are to be deployed. At first the regiment was to be deployed en masse. They individual squadrons were to be parcelled out to different factorums across the planet... then just to different factorums in one region... 

5.713.018.M42 3rd Squadron disembarks to Xoxigar Secondus. Chaos ensued. It was almost as if the Cult Mechanicus Council ruling the planet had no idea they were even going to be here, let alone any sort of plan for where they were to stay or, perhaps. 

After a few dozen cycles of being bounced around from location to location, living in tents that provided wholly inadequate protection from the toxic wastelands that surround the factorum. to sleeping in their tanks for days, or vast empty warhouses and storage facilities. Eventually the powers that be find and assign some, at least semi-permanent, living quarters and storage for tanks and other equipment. 

After that patrolling began in earnest. First they were small troop patrols, shadowing the PDF to get the lay of the land around where they were based. Then longer patrols out deeper into the wastelands to get a sense of where they would need to got to find Orks

During the briefings, it was suggested that the Ork population was very small and the raids were little more than a nuisance, raiding the occasional distant, isolated outpost. Talking to some of the PDF members (the Cult Mechanicus locals wouldn't even acknowledge the Tallarn's presence, let along speak to them) it was hinted that the Ork might be a bit bigger of a problem that the Mechanicus Council led the imperial authorities to believe... but even the local PDF was unwilling to discuss specifics. 

4.860.018.M42 Squadron Fighting Patrol into the Fellbunk Wastes. 

Rolling out on their first longer patrol deep into the wasteland. I laid out Epic scale miniatures I had. The spacing is not necessarily to scale, and we did now roll for what everyone else was doing. They were set out to show the relative locations of the rest of the Squadron and give a greater sense of what was going on in the bigger picture.

The entire Squadron rolled out for this 

Leading the formation was #1 Troop, lead by Lt. Dalil. Immediately behind #1 Troop was the Squadron Commander, Captain Gilani in her Leman Russ Vanquisher. To the left of the formation was #2 Troop, commanded by Lt. Yousefi. On the right was #3 Troop, commanded by Lt. Arbab. On the extreme right of the formation was Leman Russ #333 (Alaintiqam), crewed by the player characters! 

In the middle of the formation was a Gorgon Heavy Transporter carrying an entire platoon of the 382nd Tallarn (Desert Raider) Regiment. The 382nd were mechanized infantry... but a significant number of their Chimera armoured troop carriers were lost in transit. Luckily, one of the products of this forge world, is Gorgon Heavy Transporters... so a few of the Companies have been outfitted with them. 

Taking up the rear are the tanks of the Regimenatal Sergeant Major and the Squadron Commissar (the latter being a Leman Russ Executioner armed with a Powerful Plasma Cannon (no, the model in the picture is not an actual Executioner... All I have is standard Leman Russ Battle tanks (and one or two Executioners) 

There were a handful of Sentinel walkers from the regiment's Reconnaissance Squadron ahead and to the flanks of the formation (There were more than two, but I only have two models... )

The crew spent days sitting in their tank rolling through the near featureless wasteland. After the excitement of the maneuvers on the Agriworld, it was a huge letdown to be deployed to a dismal world not all that different from their own. The sand and dust and sky were tainted a different colour. The toxic wasteland was poisoned by factorum emissions rather than persistent remnants of millennia old virus bomb residue... but it was all pretty much the same. 

All passed their Wil checks to avoid dozing off! 

After the first 12 hours, there was a sudden squawk of "CONTACT LEFT" from the Sentinel on the left flank and then the distant sound of an explosion could be heard reverberating through the hull of their Leman Russ. 

The Squadron ordered #1 and #2 Troop to turn to engage the enemy and #3 Troop was to watch the rear. 

Sounds of heavy combat soon followed... 

Shortly after a mob of horrifying, monstrous green beings loomed out of the smog shrouded dunes in the distance, accompanied by ridiculous-looking, giant walking cans festooned with weapons. The Troop commander had not issued any orders and clearly hadn't seen them, so Sgt Zara reported the contact and ordered her crew to engage! 

While making evasive maneuvers LCpl Vasquez ran the tank over a large rock she had not seen and nearly toppled the tank over, all were shaken for a moment. 

There was constant pattering of small arms fire bouncing off the hull. Occasionally a larger machine gun would trace its fire across the bow armour, which sounded like it might damage things, but didn't. Twice during the brief engagement the tank was hit by rockets with explosive warheads. Though the detonations nearly deafened all within, the hull remained unbreached (The Emperor Protects!)

It took the main gun four shots to finish off the two armoured walking cans. During that time the three Heavy Bolters in the bow and two sponsons mowed down nearly two dozen Orks that madly charged at their tank, clearly without a shred of selfpreservation and a deep, deep desire to overrun it and pull them apart with their bare hands. 

Near the end of the engagement there was near blinding flash of brilliant white light, followed by a deafening explosion that physically rocked the entire tank. 

Shortly after wards the "ALL CLEAR" was given and the infantry disembarked to finish off any wounded and drag all the Ork corpses into a pile to be burned. 

The equally long and dreadfully boring trip back the their base was, relatively uneventful 

During debriefing, they learned that most tanks of the squadron survived the engagement with only a few tanks sustaining minor damage and only a handful of crew sustaining minor injuries. So minor were these injuries and damage, that all tanks made the return journey unassisted... Except for one... 

The Squadron's Commissar had insisted having his own tank to accompany the Squadron on patrols. He had somehow procured a Leman Russ Executioner tank (with it's massive plasma cannon - that could blast apart a fleeing Leman Russ battle tank, if need be...), which are normally saved for the likes of Regimental or Squadron commanders or esxtremely elite crews... 

Near the end of the battle, the Commissars tank exploded in a great white ball of fire, instantly killing all within and utterly destroying the tank itself. 

Few were saddened by this turn of events. Some had a really hard time suppressing their jubilation at hearing the news. 

Since the 3rd Squadron was formed, FIFTEEN of their original sixty had died and been replaced. Three died in accidents. Four had died of disease (mostly during the transit through the Cicatrix Malledictum). The remaining EIGHT had been executed by the brutal Commissar Comsarius...

I had a lot of fun. I got to use all the Epic 40K stuff I've been painting up - not that I was keeping track of what ALL the tanks were doing - playing out the ENTIRE squadrons battle, but it was a helpful visual aid to set them all out in the formation of advance and explain what was going on around them. 

Using the Wrath & Glory system (including the vehicle rules from Church of Steel and a few tweaks I came up with myself - including a few new actions for various crew to take, beyond the standard DRIVE and SHOOT presented in the published rules), we resolved the combat between the Leman Russ tank and Two mobs of 10 Ork Boyz and two Killa Kanz. Orion and Nic seemed like they were having fun too...? Hopefully we'll get in another game sometime in December!? 

This is one of TWO, casual (once-a-month) games of Wrath & Glory going I've tried to organize this fall. To save on preparation, both were to involve tank crew of a Tallarn Armoured Regiment deployed to the Xoxigar System. The plan was to run, more or less, the same campaign for both groups - one, members of 1st Squadron, was to be run online with friends who do not live in Saskatoon, the other, members of 3rd Squadron run in-person for friends that do live in Saskatoon... Initially, both groups had four players. 

There was a bit of enthusiasm in August/September. Characters were made For the first group in August. The first game was planned for a time when everyone was available in September... two showed up... 

The second group got their characters made in the third week of September and we even planned to start playing the next weekend... that one had to be cancelled (because I was sick, so that one was on me...). 

No games got played in October... Just could not seem find a day where anyone seemed to be available - for BOTH groups!? At least, among those that responded to messages...!? it was all pretty discouraging. 

Honestly, if it weren't for the 40 Days of 40K Drawing Challenge I probably would have lost all interest. 

As November drew nearer, i reached out to see if anyone was available to play in either group. 

Group One (1st Squadron, Online), two people responded and both were available one day in November... and it wasn't the same day... After a bit of discussion, another player chimed in and it was decided to try on the second Saturday. Never heard from the fourth. 

The other group two responded and were available the second Sunday, one of the players later admitted they were just too busy with other stuff this fall and weren't going to be able to play and officially dropped out. Never heard from the fourth..

Mid way through the second week of November I checked in to see if things were still a go. One person responded from Group One with an enthusiastic "YES!" No one else responded. This is all done through facebook messenger, so I can see who has SEEN the message (everyone!?)... Checking in on Friday... still no response, so I cancelled that game Saturday morning. Aye-yi-yi!

Sunday rolled around... Orion and Nic actually showed up and we played this game! Yay! Enthusiasm restored!

It was pretty much the same adventure I ran for the two players from the other group that showed up in September. Establishing the setting a bit more and setting the stage for some future DRAMA and then ran then through a patrol and their first contact with the Orks infesting the wastelands of the Forge World they've been tasked with defending - mostly to test out the vehicle combat system. 

We might look for another player for this in person game... I'm not sure if I should give up on the online players or give it one more chance in December...?

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Warhammer Underworlds - Morgwaeth's Blade Coven vs Xandire's Truthseekers

She was certain it was a Realm Gate of some sort. Through the swirling portal Morgwaeth could see only darkness. But there was something... The tiniest hints of dark grey light that could only be the Umbral Veil, the darkest regions of Ulgu, the Realm of Shadow... a smell that reminded her of the sea off the Helleflux where her home, the Temple of Hagg Nar stood. It had to take them home. Even if it didn't, it would surely take them away from this cursed place!  

Morgwaeth beckoned her Blade-Coven to follow and she passed through the Realm Gate... 

Beyond the Gate it was clearer than ever to her, that they've arrived back in Ulgu, but where. It seemed like they were in underground caverns... under the sea!? 

Before she could ponder it further, there was a shout from down the hall... more of the God-King Sigmar's Golden Warriors, their erstwhile "allies". Morgwaeth had slain (and been slain by) enough of them in the Beastgrave. She was curious to see if THESE ones would STAY dead... 

This week Amanda and I started playing Warhammer Underworlds set in Harrowdeep, cavernous labyrinth situated deep beneath the seabed of the Shadowsea in the Umbral Veil of the Shadrac Convergence in the Realm of Ulgu - so very, very close to their home at Hagg Nar... and yet so very, very far... 


I was playing the newly painted Xandire's Truthseekers, which seemed apropos, as they came with Harrowdeep... Amanda played her favour Morgwaeth's Blade-Coven.

Amanda won the first roll off to determine who selected boards first, and made me do so. I chose  The Tortured Coil (Actually from Nethermaze, the expansion to Harrowdeep) and then Amanda selected The Hall of Sublimation and set it up short-end-to-short-end... as she does. Objective tokens were placed. 

Amanda also won the roll for setting up and decided to start, even though her numbers would mean I would finish before her (and get the bonus to the roll-off to go fist in the first round). 

Xandire's Truthseekers set up in The Tortured Coil 

Morgwaeth's Blade-Coven set up in The Hall of Sublimation


I won the roll-off to go first and started off with Dhoraz Ghiant-Fell Charging Kyrae. We tied and I pushed Kyrae back - lest she provide support for stabby-stabby Morgwaeth who was standing behind her with her Range Two weapon. 

Morgwaeth tried stabbing at Dhoraz anyway, but totally missed.

Taros flew up from the midsection of the board. 

Morgwaeth stabbed at Dhoraz again, but this time tied... and pushed him back. 

Xandire moved up... just to... move up. 

Not sure why I put a Charge token on her. She hadn't charged, just moved. There was no one within range to attack. 

Amanda was considering stabbing this new target that had appeared... 

But then remembered objectives... and decided to move Lethyr on to Objective #1

Luxa Stromrider moved up, along with Taros, and took a shot at Khamyss, and hit, dealing 1 Damage. I was also able to play Flawless Strike - gaining me one SPENT glory point for making an attack roll that contained only successes.. It's SOMETHING, I take it! 

Kyrae slithered past the Stormcast warband and shot at Luxa, but missed... 


No one scored a damned thing... so I sat there winning with one spend glory point... 

An underwhelming start. We both discarded all remaining objectives and Power Cards and drew a new hand... Hoping for something better... 


Amanda won the roll-ff to go first and Kyrae slithered further off into my territory and Jumped on Objective #3.

She then scored Swift Capture (+1 Glory for holding an objective in your territory and one in your own). Amanda used the Glory Point to upgrade Khamyss with Great Fortitude (+1 Wounds).

In the Power Step I played Advance as one, allowing me to push ALL of my fighters one towards the nearest enemy. This brought Xandire into contact with Morgwaeth. 

On my first activation, Dhoraz charged Morgwaeth, with Xandire Supporting. He hit with his mighty Great Hammer, dealing three damage and staggering Morgweath. Staggering is a new condition in Harrowdeep - if hit with a weapon that staggers a stagger token in placed on the target fighter. If attacking a target with a Stagger Token, attackers may re-roll one attack die. 

Morgwaeth danced around behind them onto Objective #4 and stabbed Xandire in the back, dealing two damage! It was refreshing only taking two damage from Morgwaeth... usually she's been upgraded or inspired to deal 3-4?! 

Amanda also scored Bold Conquest for her leader making a charge and holding an objective (+1 Glory) 

Luxa Stormrider shot at Morgwaeth - having two support (Xandire and Talos - who provides support whenever she is within 2 hexes of Luxa). The arrow finished off Morgwaeth... +1 Glory for me and I upgraded Xandire with Indomitable Will (one time heal one wound when taking damage) I also played Drilled Efficiency and gave Dhoraz a Guard token. 

Khamyss charged Xandire and missed... used Zealot's Rage to attack again... and missed... and then missed with her combo attack...? What is going on!? 

Xandire stabbed back at Khamyss... and missed... Thus, still being alive, Kahmyss scored Steadfast Defence +1 Glory for surviving being attacked while standing on an Objective! She was immediately upgraded with Champion's fortitude. 

Kyrssa danced onto Objective #2 and stabbed at Dhoroz... who was standing in a Gloom Hex... with a Guard Token... so... 5/6 chance of a success. Of course she hit him.


Xandire attacked Khamyss AGAIN... and MISSED AGAIN?!?!


Amanda scored Supremacy, +3 Glory for holding three objectives, bringing her to SIX GLORY! 

I managed to score Stubbourn Advance, +2 glory for having three fighters in enemy territory, bringing me to a total of four... 

I upgraded Luxa with a Keepsake, which made her always count as having support... and with Talos withing 2 hexes of her, she had 2 support! 


I won the roll-off, but let Amanda go first... 

Khamyss attacked Xandire and dealt 2 damage - but the Indomitable Will allowed her to heal one. Her second attack was a tie, and so she pushed Xandire back one. Amanda then played Jealous Defence, allowing a fighter on an Objective to make a single attack action. both rolled crits for another tie, and Xandire was pushed back further. Amanda scored Hidden Purpose (+1 Glory for holding two objectives) 

I played Blazing Arrow (Making Stormrider's next attack action +1 Dice and Grievous - +1 damage if Crit rolled) and upgraded Xandire with Tempered Sigmarite (allowing a re-roll of one defence die). 

Stormrider shot Khamyss, but only got three successes!? I even re-rolled one of those successes hoping for a crit... no such luck, the shot only dealt one damage, so Khamyss persisted... 

Amanda played Distraction, pushing Dhoraz away from Kyrssa, so he'd have to charge to attack again.

Khamyss attack Dhoraz dealing two damage. 

Xandire charged Kyrssa and took her down with one mighty blow of her broadsword. (+1 Glory) I upgraded Luxa with Staggering Charge. 

Khamyss attacked Dhoraz AGAING and missed. 

Luxa Stormrider moved to Objective #2 and shot at Khamyss. Talos moved into contact, just in case she missed, Talos might have to peck her damned eyes out to take her down... Luckily, Luxa hit and that THIRD shot finished her off!  (+1 Glory) 

I played Sigmarite Wardens, giving Guard Tokens to all Friendly Fighters in Enemy Territory 

Lethyr snuck up behind Dhoraz and stabbed him in the back, taking him out... 

Guard tokens... WTF!? I don't ever think they've ever done me a damned bit of good... In dying, however, Dhoraz inspired everyone in remaining. Inspired, they're kind of bad-ass... of course this was now the last activation or the last round... so all those bas ass inspired upgrades didn't matter at all... 

Also in dying, one fighter within two hexes of Dhoraz could be pushed up to two hexes... I pushed Xandire onto an objective... in case Amanda had some sneaking objective card for scoring piles of points again for holding more objectives than the enemy. Having charged, she couldn't have attacked Lethyr, even if I had pushed her into contact. 

For my final activation, Taros Swooped at Lethyr. Inspired, Taros had three attack dice and her attack is upgraded to Grievous, so... if I rolled ONE CRIT on those three dice, I'd score two and take her out... That did not happen, I did hit and deal damage... but not enough to take her out. 


Amanda gained another Glory Point for Kyrae holding a Formless Key, bringing her total to NINE Glory Points. 

I scored all three Objective Cards I was holding, bringing MY total to NOINE Glory Points! 

A TIE!!!

Considering it was the first time playing and used the deck that came with it... not bad... 

The plan is to play again next Wednesday, and I hope to have another new warband finished by them... I'm not sure which, however... 

I have about sixteen I could paint, but I'm probably only going to be doing one a week for the rest of the year... maybe a bonus one over the holidaze... 

I think the top of the list would be:

  • Myari's Purifiers
  • Da Kunnin' Krew
  • Blackpowder's Buccaneers
  • Hexbane’s Hunters
  • Elathain's Soulraid
  • Shadeborn
  • Skittershank’s Clawpack
  • Crimson Court

But which to do next...? Da Kunnin' Krew was the other one that came with Harrowdeep... but there are five of them and they look like they have fiddly bits... 

Myari's Purifiers seem like a good choice, there are only four and they're half painted! 

Balckpowder's Buccaneers look FUN, though... 

And Elathain's Soulraid seem like they'd fit RIGHT IN to the setting! 

Probably one of these.

The Shadeborn look really cool, too, though... and there are only four. 

Same goes for the Crimson Court... 

I guess I better decide SOON, so I have time to get them done before next week!