Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Warhammer Underworlds - Magore’s Fiends

I did a thing!

I finally finished up Magore's Fiends - a Warhammer Underworlds warband - that I picked up with a bunch of other Shadespire stuff last summer. I started them ages ago and they were almost entirely painted... when... distractions happened!? And they hovered on the periphery of the ever-overcrowded paint table. When I cleared it all off a few weeks back - this was the only one left on the table... well.. and one rebasing project... and another that just needed to be primed... but this was the only one I was PAINTING, and I piced it because it WASN'T Eldar or Harlequins and it was nearly almost done... AND I'd just picked up Nethermaze... anf felt like I should finish off a Warhammer Underworlds warband, hoping it would get me motivated to play again, which, in turn, might motivate me to PAINT MOAR!? 

We shall see. 

I think this is the first Warhammer Underworlds warband I finished since I did a little Stocktaking back in November

Magore Redhand, a pair of Blood Warriors and a Flesh Hound named Riptooth make up Magore's Fiends. Devoted to the Blood God Khorne, they are giant armoured murder machines that live for combat. 

They entered Warhammer Underworlds in the First Season - Shadespire. 

Magore's Fiends

Magore Redhand 


Ghartok Flayskull

Zharkus the Bloodsighted

Now to get them on the tabletop... 

Warcry Warband!? 

The warband can also be joined up with Garrek's Reavers to form a Warcry Warband. 

Warcry Tome of Champions 2021 gave us states for ALL of the named characters from all the Warhammer Underworlds warbands - no more guessing at what different models could "count as". 

Actually, it's Magore's fiends plus four of Garrek's Reavers (Everyone BUT Garreks) makes 1000 points - though one of Arnulf or Targor has to be taken as a regular old Blood Reaver

Magore's Fiends Khorne Bloodbound Warband 

  • Magore Redhand 180
  • Riptooth 180
  • Zharkus the Bloodsighted 115
  • Ghartok Flayskull 115
  • Blooded Saek 135 
  • Karsus the Chained 130
  • Targor 80
  • Bloodreaver with Reaver Blades  (Arnulf) 65

Total: 1000 points

Maybe I'll get another actual Bloodreaver from somewhere instead of using Arnulf... just in case anyone gets confused thinking I'm fielding 85-point Arnulf 

Age of Sigmar!? 


Adding in All mu Khorney stuff makes for potentially a sizeable force for Age of Sigmar (if you ignore the fact that all my Daemons are on 40K Bases!? Maybe I need to rebase them onto something a bit more generic...) 


  1. I would not want to meet them in a Dark Alley! Looking good.


    1. It is naught buy dark alleys in the twilight city of Shadespire!

      Thanks, Neil!

  2. oooh the skin on the Hound of Khorne is fantastic.

    1. Thanks Phil - it's the Flesh Tearers Red Contrast paint! I primed the black, did a couple thick drybrushes of white, and then slathered on the Flesh-Tearers Red. They (and the Boodletters I did in a similar fashion) were the easiest minis I ever painted?! I should have done a whole army of them - instead of buying all this slaanesh stuff!?

  3. Good to see them done at last, and having them match up with the other Khorne-ites seems useful indeed.

    1. Yeah, if I can remember how to play... I mean, I remember the basics, it's all the strategy with the cards - figuring out what they all do and how they work together and such... maybe it will all come back in a game or two, but right now THAT is what feels so daunting about getting started up again...

  4. Excellent painting! Great dark color scheme with the blood red and dark metal.

    I played another solo game of Wingspan today - didn't do very well. I only managed to get 5 birds out, and lost to the automa 68 to 63. Not my best showing so far. There is so much going on and so many variables with the different player goals end of round goals, all the different birds (even with just the base game), and the variability of the automa, as simple as it is. I have yet to figure out good strategies. It's still a lot of fun though.

    1. Thanks!

      I should try out the solo version sometime. Even with the regular game I often feel like I'm at a loss most of the time - Do I go for round end goals? Do I focus on points I can get from the green bonus cards? Do I just put out as many easy to play, but low point value, birds as I can... or do I work towards high point value birds... SO MANY MOVING PARTS!? But, that's probably what keeps it so interesting, right? Well, that and BIRDS!

  5. Splendid looking warriors of Khorne! The contrast paints works really well,I still have a geriatric 40k Khorne army in the loft somewhere, I remember being told by someone at GW that bases don't fundamentally matter but that was 20 years ago!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain!

      Yeah the bases don't matter at all. Unlike a lot of games there is NOTHING IN THE ACTUAL RULES that says any particutlar model has to be on any particular size of base... There seem to be a few people out there that really get worked up about models that aren't on whatever they imagine is the "correct" size of base... but I generally avoid playing with them!

      GW itself isn't even consistent with the bases they provide. Flesh hounds generally come with 60mm oval bases. Riptooth, a flesh hound, came on a 50mm round base!?

  6. Any one remember the name of the owners (a couple) of Books Unlimited that became wizards corner? I remember getting my Players Handbook there in 1978? And biking to books unlimited to get the latest copy of the JTAS.