Wednesday, May 4, 2022

I Did a Thing: Nethermaze

 I did a thing... 

It was a little hard to justify this one to myself... 

Especially considering I haven't been painting much lately...

Especially considering I haven't even been playing many games the last month... 

Especially considering I haven't even PLAYED Harrowdeep, the game that this is an expansion for!? 

Especially considering I haven't even painted the miniatures for Harrowdeep

Especially considering I haven't even played ANY Warhammer Underworlds at all in the last five months since Harrowdeep came out... 

Especially considering I haven't finished painting any of the dozen or so warbands I have yet to paint from the PREVIOUS editions of Warhammer underworlds... 


But I did it anyway... 

There wasn't a TONNE or warbands for this "season" like there have been for previous ones... Harrowdeep seems utterly collectable 0in that it is within reason to be able to collect all expansions and warbands without it being too absurdly expansive, or impossible to paint all the minis - at least in theory). I'm not sure if I'm going to buy the last one, though (The Exiled Dead). 

I DID buy Harrowdeep... so I was king of feeling like "in for a penny, in for a pound"...?

I do LIKE Warhammer Underworlds. I think the reason we stopped was because in November and December of last year I was really focusing on playing OTHER GAMES to get in enough of those to complete a 10x10 Challenge and I had played WAAAAAAAAAY more Warhammer Underworlds than I "needed" for the challenge... So we kind of stopped and fell out of the habit. Downside of such "challenges", I guess. 

The warbands... Daughters of Khaine Shadowstalkers and Skaven... how could I not!? I really like the look of the Shadowstalkers and would like to get a Warcry Warband of them at some point (y'know, if I ever got playing Warcry or Age of Sigmar again...) and I figured Amanda would be keen to try them out (as she'd been a big fan of Morgwaeth's Blade Coven). Also, the ubiquitous Skaven seem like the perfect faction for inhabiting the underworld settings of Warhammer Underworlds. I'm a little surprised it took THIS LONG to release a new Skaven warband - the only other one being Spiteclaw's Swarm (which I never managed to track down a copy of...) 

These things are seasonal - sure, it will be available for a little bit, at least, in theory... but within a year, these will be out of production and out of stock and if/when I got back to playing Warhammer Underworlds, I'd have only the Harrowdeep boards to play on in this setting... 

At this point I am feeling like I very definitely will NOT be buying any more Warhammer Underworlds when the new season starts... UNLESS we a) start playing again, b) REGULARLY, and c) I get caught up on painting warbands.... at least a little... Like if we started playing again and had a weekly Warhammer Underworlds night and I got at least HALF of the warbands I have to paint, painted... I might CONSIDER buying into the new season... if it was a really cool setting AND the warbands looked interesting. I kind of have a LOT of stuff for this game with a LOT of really cool options and possibilities.... so... 

New Necromunda box also came out this last week... As super cool as all that looked, there was just no way I could justify that one to myself (let along Amanda!)... 

One thing I DID do in the last week was clear off the workbench entirely. I picked ONE UNIT to put back on - hoping that without all the clutter I might be able to focus and get something done. The ONE UNIT also happened to be a Warhammer Underworlds unit )because it was small and almost done and I needed a break from Eldar and Harlequins) 

For reference, this is what it looked like before... except this is only showing a small portion of the desktop which was FILLED with at least 3-4x as many half-painted miniatures... They're ALL gone - stored away into little transparent boxes in the "on deck" areas adjacent to the painting area. 

Will it help?

Will I finish up the Blood Warriors of Magore’s Fiends?!

I don't know. 

We shall see. 

I'm a little behind on my Birbs of Saskatchetoon drawings... so, maybe not this week... 


  1. At least the miniatures are great, even if you never played the game again, you would get some value from the figures alone. However, I think you will play the game again sometime!

  2. For sure! That was what initially drew me to the game - small batches of a wild variety of different miniatures from different factions - if actually thought they'd be great for using in ROLE-PLAYING games!?

    The latest Tome of Champions for Warcry actually has STATS for all the Warhammer Underworlds characters - y'know, in case I ever played that again... and I WOULD actually like to have another try at that game. I recall the one game I played with Finnegan being super fun for both of us...?

    As you say, I'm sure I'll get back to it at SOME point. I find it's a hard game to just play a one-off game of - because there is so much going on with the cards. I feel like I'll need a few games just to remember how to play the game. So we need to set up an evening for Warhammer Underworlds once a week or something like that...

  3. I think it's totally reasonable to get it as they come and go and you were super interested in it for a while and maybe again, at least you didn't go all in for the Necromundia set! Smart move on the painting desk, I've done that in the past, the last thing you want is to be depressed when you look at the weight of miniatures to do, I seem to have a sweet spot of about three units on the go at varying stages at the same time that keeps me going, any more and it becomes overwhelming, any less and it feels less efficient!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain!
      The last time I tired this - clearing EVERYTHING off and only having one thing at a time - I very quickly decided i should try doing two or three units/warbands/gangs - so I can go back and forth between them... and that very quickly turned into six units... and then a dozen... and within days the painting desk was COMPLETELY covered in miniatures again...
      We shall see... I will probably end up with one two more units on there - and will try VERY HARD to keep it that way!

  4. You ought to check out Warhammer Underworlds on Steam. Pretty faithful rendition of the original Underworlds!

    1. Thanks! I have heard about it and did have a look at one point. I'm not much of a computer gamer and have never used steam... and I feel like when I looked there might have been some computer compatibility issues, so... kind of just didn't look much further into it.

  5. HAHA Tim, at least you've painted a majority of the sets you've gotten, so your allowed a pass now & again. Mine are all just stashed on a shelf atm, as I am busy with other projects to get ready to return to my monthly game at my place (the basement tables are covered with projects & kickstarters that need sorting). I do like the small number of figures these games & expansions have, as it makes it more likely to get finished vs painting an entire army! The closest I am likely to get painting an army is my Early War for Chain of Command games & thats just likely to be a company at most! As well as far as pricing goes, these are certainly more attainable as everything rises in costs. Between Gas & utility bills, I am seeing the squeeze on expendable funds!