Wednesday, November 26, 2008


A number of influences have converged and got me thinking about DBA and Hordes of the Things again… This past week I’ve been planning and plotting and figuring what I’d need to finish up a number of DBA and HOTT armies. I’ve even started some painting and rebasing of old figures to the new basing standards. All this has, of course, got me thinking, once again, of the megalomaniac dream of running a grand sweeping fantasy campaign of good versus evil (and all the confused and easily corrupted, volatile and fickle humans in between…).

Since the very first edition of DBA came out (I still have my first edition somewhere – ordered direct from England in 199 – after reading about it in a Wargames Illustrated article..) I’ve wanted to run a campaign. It’s just never seemed to work out – people involved never getting around to painting armies, moving away, unable to find people willing to play, etc… I imagine it would add so many new dimensions to the basic tabletop wargame. From the wheeling and dealing (and possibly back-stabbing) of international diplomacy to strategic planning and movement to new elements of tactical decision making – do I risk destruction of my army to win this battle or retreat and live to fight on another day…?

I reckon I could put together six or seven armies in the not too distant future; Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, possibly Undead and two to four Human Kingdoms. I’ve been considering two options for campaigns..

The first would be a simple one day or weekend long affair using the simple campaign system as presented in the DBA/HOTT books. All participants would be present and I imagine it would be a bit like a game of diplomacy with some games of HOTT in between to figure out the results of armies bumping into each other…

The second idea would be a longer, on-going campaign with a more detailed campaign system – possibly based on the old Mighty Empires game. For this campaign I would recruit players on two different levels. First I would need to recruit players, that would hopefully be unknown to each other, who would serve as the kings or leaders of the various countries. They would be players in a play-by-email campaign of politics and strategic decision-making – and so wouldn’t necessarily have to be from around here! On a local basis I would need a couple players to game out any battles generated by the strategic campaign movements – though, if needed, these could even be played solo – and these would be chronicled in battle reports on my blog… or maybe even a new one dedicated to the campaign…

These two options wouldn’t necessarily be mutually exclusive. I thought I might run a simple day or weekend long campaign whenever I get all (or even SOME) of the armies finished… maybe in February for m 6th Annual Wargaming Birthday Bash? Or alternatively (or additionally) I could potentially be convinced to drag the whole mess out to Edmonton or Calgary – either to Fallcon or Mayday or some other mutually agreeable weekend… (this might be tough this coming year as time and money for travel will be a bit tight as we really can not further put off some serious home renovations… maybe if I could carpool/split gas with others, this might be a bit more feasible…). The ongoing campaign could start anytime after I get all the forces finished.

I imagine the long campaign would be played with weekly campaign turns that could represent seasons (spring, summer, fall) or months of the campaigning season (six, approximately equating to April to September…?) depending on the system I use. At the very minimum players would be expected to send one email to me each week indicating where they would like to deploy their field army (or armies) at the beginning of the campaign season and which elements of their army they’d like to replace, and then where they would like the army to move each turn… It would be helpful, though not necessarily necessary, to read all of the campaign notices, dispatches from other players, and battle reports from the previous moves… There would be all sorts of opportunity for as muc or as little role-playing as one desired; sending secret messages to other kingdoms, or making public royal proclamations, challenges or ultimatums!

I might even tie the long campaign into my weekly Savage Worlds game night – for which the players have just made new fantasy characters… (BWA-HA-HA-HA-Ha-ha-ha…ha…heh… see? Megalomaniac slipping out again there…)


Who’s interested….?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Week of Terrain

I’ve been building terrain this week. So far I’ve finished some stuff for my mud-brick village. I am loather to refer to it as my “middle East” village because, really, it could be used for anything from Algeria to Chinese Turkestan, and Mos Eisley to Shadizar…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The new sections.

These will add some new dimensions and options for the village from a wall surrounding it to dead end alleyways…

more angles… and some 28mm modern figures for size reference

yet another angle… Hmmmm... I should have put figures in all of these pictures - each from a different era/region/genre... ah well, hopefully you will see the versatility in the AARs to follow!

I am also in the process of making a bunch more ruins and rubble. This I planned on doing more grey to have a more “euro” masonry and concrete rubble look to it.... Or I could paint them all sand and add them to my mud brick village collection... nah, I want to do some Stalingrad street fighting and some rummaging through the ruins of Mordheim looking for Wyrdstone...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Painting Update

A few more things rolling off the painting production line…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

I’ve been mostly working on terrain this week. I want to make a ruined cityscape for playing any number of skirmish possibilities; Mordhiem, Stalingrad (or any other battle in a ruined city in Europe during WW2…), etc…

The one that I have completed, however, is for my generic mud-brick village set (usable from Africa to Afghanistan, and beyond! I’ve also been working on some free-standing walls to place between buildings and offer some more options for that set… They should be done in the next day or two – then I’ll get some shots of the village with all the new bits…

The final Commando of my cold war Canadian Airborne Regiment (shown here with the other two commandos in the background). Now all I need to do is make a CO stand and some observers and support stuff…. Mortars… ground mount TOWs… Those will all take some modeling so I might get working on the rest of the mechanized infantry battalion next. Or work on something completely different….

A combination of painting that last batch of John’s Descent figures, stumbling across a blog with some HOTT armies, and a desre to clean up my basement wargames bunker (there has been a stack of assorted GW Fantasy plastic sprues I got in a trade floating around the room that really needed a permanent storage spot – I decided they would be easier to store if they were assembled and based!) got me thinking about my own fantasy stuff. I started pulling out the drawers of stuff and seeing what I needed to finish up HOTT armies and get a general sense of how many left-overs I’d have to base individually for skirmishing and dungeon crawls… There were a couple things I took notice of that I thought would be quick and easy to “get out of the way” and this was one:

These are Trolls from West Wind Productions Dwarf Wars line. I picked them up dirt cheap in Edmonton a couple years back (like 75% off!). I should have bought everything in the bin – I did buy three regiments of Elves, but left a couple regiments of Orcs… fie… Anyway, I’m not sure how to classify these in HOTT, They’re not exceptionally “large” so I’m not sure about classifying them as “Behemoths”, “beasts” maybe…? “Hordes?” It's been too damn long since I've seriously looked at the rules, let alone played a game... I have two others; they’re on separate bases. I need two more stands for a Warmaster unit of trolls. I thought I’d pick up two more trolls from the local game store to fill out the remaining two stands (they have a lot of Reaper Stuff).

Finally an Epic Marine Drop Pod for my Future War Commander “Marine Corps” Force… should I ever get it done…

I'm hoping to have a productive week next week as the following Monday, I learned yesterday, I am going in for surgery (which I am more than just a little freaked out about) and might be out of commission for a while. Hopefully I'll be back to my usual manic productive self by the new year, maybe even the holidays...?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Big TO-DO List

Once again I’m not quite sure what direction to take. So much to do, so little time. I find if I just work a bit on this and that, here and there, I’m not nearly as productive as when I’m a little more focused.

Here’s a list I tried to compile of all the things I’ve been thinking about working on recently….

Repair hills
Make new hills

Make more coniferous trees!

Make urban rubble (20mm/28mm)
Make city buildings (European)
Make city buildings (modern North America)

Make subterrainian 28mm terrain bits (halls, rooms, etc) for dungeoncrawls, tomb raids, and bunkerstorms!

Finish trenches and/or make new/better ones (28mm)

20mm Modern Canadians
Finish 3rd Para Commando
Make Para CO stand + Para observer stands
Paint Grizzly(x2), M113(x1)
Assemble and paint Grizzly(x3), M113(x2), Cougar(x3), Leopard(x5)
TO GET: Lynx Recce(x1-2), Iltis(x4-7), M109(x1-2)

20mm Modern VDV
Assemble and paint BMDs (3xBMD-1, 3xBMD-2, 1xBTR-D, 1xSP-Mtr)

20mm Modern Russians
Paint T-72 (x5)
Assemble and paint BTR-60 (x3), SP Artillery, BRDM-Sagger,
TO GET: UAZ-469(x6-8), BMP-1(x3),

20mm Modern Americans
Paint M1 Abrams(x3), Bradleys (x5), Humvees(x2), Infantry,

20mm Modern British…
FN – 7 infantry stands and 1 HQ stand finished off battalion (less mortars… need to make as I have a feeling FAA isn’t ever going to send the ones I ordered…)
SA-80 – Assemble and paint Warriors(x10), Challengers(x6), Land Rovers(x6)…
(have enough infantry for a second battalion of light infantry/paras/marines…)

20mm Modern Africans….
Loads of trucks (die-cast) to paint and militia…

20mm Modern Aricraft – Assemble, paint and mount of flgith stands assorted jets and helicopters.

28mm WW2 Russians
Assemble and paint GAZ jeep
Paint last of the infantrymen…

28mm Modern Russians
GET: Heavy Weapons for Motor Rifles (TAG), More VDV (Mongrel)

28mm Partisans – there so few of them to finish up then I never have to think about them again…

Other 28mm Modern – like to get a few more Cold War British (with FN - finish a platoon…?) maybe a couple more Americans…?

20mm Sci-fi – Timashek Legion
Finish assembling and paint:
F’ngen heavy Grav Tanks (x3)
Kra G-IFV (x8)
Grav Command Cars (x4)
Grav Command Centre
Heavy Grav SP Rocket Batteries (x3)
Aero-Space Ground Attack craft (x3)
Drop Pods…?

20mm Sci-fi – Opposing Force
Infantry – modified Modern Germans
Attack Walker – crazy Japanese walker robot thingy…
Transport Walker – AT-AT

28mm WW2 Desert Stuff…
Commando/LRDG/SAS – need trucks/Jeeps
D.A.K. – Couple infantry to finish… need vehicles…?

28mm Victorian Horror/Sci-fi…
28mm Zombies…
28mm Fantasy skirmish heroes and HOTT/WM armies…

Micro Sci-Fi – Eldar and Marine and Battletech forces – to be painted (or, in some cases, REpainted)

yeah... and this is just the things I've been thinking about lately... I don't even want to think about all the other unfinished projects... because... well.. then I'll start THINKING about them and be even MORE distracted...

Since starting this list I have very nearly finished off the 3rd Commando of Canadian Airborne and have some ruined buildings for both European and Middle East well under way… I’m thinking the Victorian SF is going o be shelved as are the zombies for the time being….

What to do first…. Well I’m well into a terrain building spree so I should see that through… but then what..?

The Russians and partisans would, once again, seem the sensible thing to do – as there are few of them and I’m not buying any more (I SWEAR!!!). I have 8 Russian infantry and an AT gun and crew on the table right now, but I kind of don’t want to get started as I’m expecting a couple more in the mail next week (I’m not actually BUYING these things... long story…).

For some reason I’m totally stoked about painting up some of my Fantasy stuff!?
I’d like to make enough to field some armies for Hordes of the Things (which will eventually be expanded so I can field them as Warmaster armies…) and also some individual heroes and characters and monsters for some old school dungeon crawls.... This had probably come about because I’ve been working on some more Descent figures for John. Maybe it will pass before I put and paint on any of my own figures… It’s kind of stupid because I don’t really have anyone that would be really interested in playing… well the Saturday Night Savages would probably be down with some dungeon crawls…

I do have at least one person totally stoked to play Future War Commander… but that feels like “starting something new”, when I’m really in the mood to “finish things up” before going on to something new… Of course, I HAVE all the things I need for the Future War forces, they just need to be assembled and painted, whereas a number of the Cold War armies I actually need to pick up a few things to “finish” up some forces.


What to do, what to do…

guess I’ll go prime that next batch of descent figures and work on the ruins… maybe by the time I’m done those things will be clearer…

Monday, November 17, 2008

More Future War stuff

I was briefly considering putting the micro sci-fi stuff up for trade and started cataloguing everything when I had a little tinge of nostalgia… fond memories of playing Battletech in high school with JC and the boys, then later Adeptus Titanicus (I don’t even remember who I ever played that with…? Tod…?!) and later Space Marine with Cory and Meshon and all the other acid-heads at their house on University… yeah, it’s stupid to hold on to them… but I’m going to for now. I even started painting a few more…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Some older falcon grav tanks and bikes getting a repaint…

That’s not to say I’m giving up the 20mm Future War stuff… I finished assembling the hulls and turrets of my G-AFVs for the Timashek Legion. I just have to do all the little details on them now(hatches, etc..). I also have the rest of the infantry based and ready to be painted…

I’ve also been thinking about a second Future War mercenary unit. I’ll probably use some of the Revell Modern Germans I have – just cut the barrel off of their crazy looking assault rifle…

What’s on the workbench right now, however, is the final company of the Cold War Canadian Airborne Regiment. Once their done I’ll just have to make a CO stand and then I’ll have to get modeling again to make a mortar and crew so I can make some elements of an Airborne Support Commando… I wonder if they dropped with ground mount TOWs…? Hmmmmm… I’ll probably Finish up my last two mechanized infantry companies before I get to that, though.

I've also been working on some terrain for 28mm skirmishing.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Descent Batch #2

John sent me another batch of Descent figures… a while back… I finally got around to finishing them:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These didn’t suck to paint quite as much as the last batch – I think the plastic was a bit harder. They’re still small and the detail not very clear in some parts…. But they still turned out pretty darn okay. (wish he'd get back into Heroquest or Mordhiem and send me some actual 28mm figures to paint.... hint... hint...).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Canuck Command

Finally I have a CO stand for my Cold War Commander Canucks. (now to get the rest of the infantry… and APCs… and tanks… etc… finished!)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

the M577 is from S&S Models. I had a bit of a wait for this as when I ordered it Shaun told me the mould had just broken down and he’s have to remould it. I’m not sure he ever did, as there were an awful lot of bubbles and amorphous blobs bulging from the model – not to mention a LOT of bubbles in the casting….

So I had a lof of carving to do… and filling of bubbles. I mostly filled the little ones by painting on loads of extra gesso. There’s a couple bigger ones that I didn’t bother with… if they bug me too much I may go back and fill them in. All the bush is to hide some of the nasty bits. I’m not sure it makes it look all that great. I may go back and add a rolled up cam-net on top… maybe take some of the buches off… I don’t know. Once I get playing with it I probably won’t care so much – there’s too many other things yet to do to be going back and nit picking about details on ones that are “finished”

While that was all pretty disappointing, I do like the model, and there aren’t many M577 models out there in 1:76-20mm-1:72 scale. Britannia does one for Vietnam, but it’s got grunts hanging off of it and something that looks like an ACAV turret on it!?

Hopefully this will see some action soon commanding my Cold War Canucks about. It will probably to double duty as Norwegian and maybe American…

Despite my disappointment with the model I’ll probably be ordering from S&S Models again as they do an Iltis and a Canadian Lynx recce vehicle!!??

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tales of the Legion #1: Assault of Sulu Station

This is the first in a series of scenarios involving The Timashek Legion.

Sulu Station, Marrisef – Duran Sector, 237-1128


Marrisef was colonized by MORG Corporation generations ago to exploit the planets resources. MORG is still the largest employer on the planet and technically still “owns” the planet and governs it – even though a whole society and separate economy has developed around the settlements that were originally just for workers brought in from off-world to run the mining, refining and manufacturing plants.

A downturn in the interstellar economy in recent decades has meant massive lay-offs in the MORG plants on Marrisef – but the corporation refuses to return workers to their “planet of origin” as most were born on Marrisef, as were most of their parents and grandparents… At the same time the corporation refuses to recognize or allow local governance…!?

This situation has left thousands of families without jobs on a planet with no self-government and no social support structure. Dissent has grown rapidly. First there were terrorist attacks against MORG corporate offices and installations. This was followed by outright rebellion.

The rebels seem to be supplied by VORPCO Industries, MORG’s corporate main rival in the Duran sector – given that captured rebels have been armed with equipment from Zuarmco (a subsidiary of VORPCO Industries).

It their boldest operation to date, a company-sized force of rebels, along with a half-dozen obsolete wheeled AFVs, have seized the Sulu station, just north of the Gaardavaar mountains. The Sulu Station is a smelting and refining plant for Kirkidium.

The Timashek Legion has been hired to “remove the squatters”.


This is a standard All Round Defence scenario right out of the Future War Commander book. The Rebels start on the table using static deployment around the Sulu Station. The Attackers (the Timashek Legion) start on any tableside using mobile deployment. A minor objective for both sides is to cause 25% casualties, the major objective is to break the opposing force.

The attacker (the Timashek Legion) is NOT to call in orbital strikes, air strikes or artillery anywhere within 20cm of any of the Sulu Station (“This installation has a certain dollar value attached to it…”)


The forces are rather small as this was our first game and I didn’t have a lot ready and it’s always nice to just play a quick game then read the rules and figure out everything I had wrong, lied about or just simply made up on the spot….

Timashek Legion

CO – Colonel Andrak Worbn.

Kra Recce section

Timashek Armoured Cavalry Squadron, with:
HQ - Captain Pladna Amninit
2x F’gen heavy Grav Tank
3x Kra IFV
4x Legion Infantry
1x Support Section (Smart Missile)
1x Support Section (Mortar)


CO Jarad Mershkah

6x Rebel Infantry
1x Infantry Upgrade (Smart Missiles)

2x Wheeled AFV

3x 10cm sections of trench


Mr. Miller cut out of work early and made his way by bus halfway across the city on this cold and snowy evening to join me playing my first game of Future War Commander. Such determination in the face of adversity is the sort of stuff the Legion is made of, so I let him play the The Timashek Legion tonight.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

I started off by deploying the rebels in trenches around the station.



Mr. Miller split the Legionnaires into two formations; the two heavy grav tanks in one under direct command of the CO, and the infantry and their IFVs in another under the HQ. The recce unit deployed. The Infantry failed to arrive.

Not so the tankers! They charged onto the table with two moves setting themselves up on a dune out of range of anything the rebels could have, ready to open fire on any available targets.


I considered whether I should try to get my wheeled AFVs to turn around and face the tanks…. Or head over to where the IFVs would be entering – as they were coming on pretty much from opposite ends of the table. It didn’t take much thinking… I decided on the IFVs, of course, as it would take me away from the heavy grav-tanks, which meant certain death and took me towards things I might actually be able to take out… with soft juicy infantry inside to go with them… All of this plotting was for naught as I couldn’t pass a successful order on to them and they sat where they were, asses facing the heavy grav tanks….



The recce unit passed on vital information on the enemy’s dispositions (+1 CV).

The Infantry STILL failed to arrive!? Mr. Miller was starting to wonder if they might have been accidentally been paid in full before the operation….!? The tankers got tired of waiting and tried to assault the infantry.

The two grav tank troops lit up one of the rebel AFV units. Then one moved while the other lit up the second unit… 25% casualties, minor objective achieved.


Having on one in range and LOS of my infantry weapons I had little I could do.



The Recce unit redeployed thinking the infantry HQ might need some help…. Didn’t quite get close enough.

Glide on to the table they did! For one move. Then they stopped behind a dune and had tea or something…

The Grav tanks sat and waited. They didn’t fail issuing orders or anything; they just thought they’d wait for the infantry….


The rebel infantry sat in their trenches, watching the grav tanks, that were watching them… it was a pretty tense situation… what WERE they up to…!?



The recce unit redeployed again.

The infantry continued having tea or sorting out their ammo or whatever it was that caused them to fail to act this turn… again!?

The Grav Tanks got tired of waiting and decided to assault the rebel infantry in the trenches.

FWC Lesson #1 – FWC infantry are deadly don’t go within 30cm of them with an expensive tank. The first tank went in, saved all hits from the infantry response fire (Ah, oh yeah… there’s no “*” by that 3/30… they cause hits to hard targets – no matter they were all saved….) fought three rounds against the infantry in trenches. Each of the first two rounds could not hit them, took one hit, and saved it. Round three, same thing, except didn’t save the single hit so had to retreat and be suppressed…. The other tank took one hit on the way in, failed to cause any hits in close assault, took one themselves and were destroyed!?!?! GAH!!??

We realized after that we messed up on the first tank as technically after the first round it should have fought as if the infantry was in the open… but this brought up some questions – does a grav tank fighting on a second turn then lose it’s harder to hit ability in close assault? The hit as if in open on the second round of close assault is suppose to simulate the fact that the assaulters are right there “in it” with the defenders… how can a grav tank floating above be right “in it”…?


The two teams that survived the close assault by the tanks fired on the remaining tank unit with initiative fire and knocked it out!? KA-BOOM!!! A glorious victory for the revolution!



Recce sends tactical information to the mechanized infantry HQ… that’s what they were waiting for…

The infantry deployed!

Then they fired on the Rebel infantry in the town as the IFV moved around to the flank to support an advance on the station. I tagged one of the infantry stands with some op fire (one hit, no suppression) but suppressed an IFV! A second order had the infantry, the unsuppressed IFVs and the mortar team all firing into the station. The net result: 1 rebel infantry section knocked out, one suppressed.


The rebel leadership managed to issue one successful order this turn. it might have been the first one in the game… it might have been the ONLY one in the game… one team moved, two others turned around in their trenches, and a fourth fired on the Legion infantry.



The legion surged forward with four successful orders taking the trench at the south end of the station – having knocked out the remaining infantry there through weight of fire alone.


Initiative fire caused two hits on an IFV suppressing it. NO orders were issued.



The legionnaires charged into three separate assaults on the first order! The first one went terribly wrong. The Infantry section directly engaged was wiped out, the support unit supporting retreated into a suppressed IFV knocking both out, and the supporting IFV retreated away fro the station quite suppressed themselves. The other two assaults knocked out two more units of rebels.

On their second order the Legion carried on with another assault – rolling up the trench on the west end of the station – knocking out another unit of rebel infantry and the CO which had been attached to it by an overrun.

Two more successful orders were issued which saw the legion shoot up and surround the remaining unit of rebel infantry at the station….


The remaining rebels surrendered…



FWC is much deadlier. This will probably make for some quicker games. Of course we haven’t tried any shields or anything. That might make a few things a bit more survivable…

Alright, now that I’ve got that out of my system I’m going to try and get back on track with finishing up some of my forces for Cold War Commander. I’ll slip in another grav tank here and there, but I want to finish up the Canadians and some more of the Soviet equipment I have. Then there’s The Americans… Africans… Norwegians… I have no shortage of East Germans to paint… I’d also like get modeling and casting again; finish off the modern French and get going on my generic commie figures (at which time I’ll probably work on some power armoured troops for FWC….).

A couple new things

I finished up a few more Timashek Legion infantry and support stands (enough for this evenings game – to be posted shortly!) and a 28mm BTR-80 for my Cold Warriors.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This BTR-80 is from S&S Models. Their “28mm” vehicles are 1/60 scale. I was a little worried that it might be a touch on the small side, but it turned out to be pretty darn OK. There were a number of bubbles in the resin body and a couple of the tires weren’t entirely cast, but overall I’m pretty happy with it. (The supporting infantry are from Mongrel Miniatures)

I think the next “28mm” modern vehicles I get will have to be some armour from Chieftain Models… maybe a Russian tank of some sort…

Here’s the Legion infantry and support. Well a couple of those pictured are the ones I did earlier. These are all old Firefight 20 East Germans.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Military-Industrial Complex

A couple more Grav vehicles rolled off the line at Duran Armaments Industries, candidates from Tim’s Enemy Forces Sniper School graduate and the Federal Army of the Republic of Timbogo (F.A.R.T.) received some new machine-guns….

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

F’gen Heavy Grav Tanks for the Timashek Legion.

Kra Gav Infantry Fighting Vehicles.

Here is the legion at the moment. I just have to finish up some more Legion Infantry for Monday’s inaugural Future War Commander game! I plan to make three more Grav tanks, five or six more AFVs, four more HQ vehicles (some will be FAOs/FACs)... there's a few more infantry and infantry support to do.... I might do some self-propelled artillery and some space fighters (to swoop in and do ground attacks...).

Two sections of machineguns for the F.A.R.T.

I painted up a pile of generic commie snipers. From left to right; F.A.R.T., North Vietnamese, East German, mercenary, Timashek Legion, Soviet Air Assault Forces.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Timashek Legion

The Timashek Legion is an elite mercenary unit originating from the Timashek system. They have a formidable reputation throught the Duran Sector as being unstoppable. Their mere presence in a combat zone will often cause an enemy to come to some sort of terms. Those that don’t often face total annihilation.

The peoples of Timashek have always had a fearsome reputation as warriors. For as long as there is recorded history before their first interstellar contact they warred upon one another. Shortly after first contact, however, they settled most of their differences and unified to deal with the new perceived external threat.

The Timasheks continued their warrior tradition by, first, making war with their interstellar neighbors. Then, later, as the neighbors were subjugated or otherwise brought to terms, Timashek provided forces for the defence of the sub-sector and many, many prized recruits for the armed forces of the Imperium.

Timashek has also maintained a large standing armed force for defence of the homeworld and occasional interstellar expeditionary forces.

For thousands of years the Timashek home world and surrounding system operated as a system wide democratic republic. Regional governments, based on the original tribal homelands, elected representatives to a world council which then elected a president for 10 year terms.

About fifty years ago there were a series of terrorist worldwide attacks against citizens of Timashek. The worst saw an entire city vapourized in a nuclear explosion. The President used a long forgotten law to extend his term of office indefinitely in a “Time of Emergency” and the system has lived in a state of marshal law under a despotic dictator who has dismissed most regional governments and had many, many political opponents assassinated or executed on trumped-up charges of plotting terrorist activites.

This is when the Timashek Legion came into being. After a few years of this new order a few of the military commanders didn’t like this new system and tried to oust the president in a coup, planning to bring back free and democratic elections. The main military force involved in the coup was the 32nd Timashek Hussar Regiment. The coup was crushed, many of the leaders were captured and executed as would the entirety of the 32nd Hussars if it had not been for some members of the System’s navy being involved in the plot, which lifted a large portion of the survivors and transported them out of the system.

This group of outcasts became the Timashek Legion. For a while the Legion was able to recruit more members from Timashek political refugees and exiles, but their numbers have dwindled in recent years from a full regiment to just a few mixed companies.

The leadership of the Legion is entirely elected and the eventual hope is to return to Timashek and lead a worldwide revolution against the tyrant, but with the current political climate, and the ever diminishing strength of the unit, that hope seems further than it ever has…


The Timashek Legion is an Armoured Cavalry force with organic armour, mechanized infantry, and assorted support elements. There are no permanent company/squadron groupings, rather company/squadron formations are deployed on an as needed basis. The most common formation is a Squadron HQ element with two tank troops, two infantry troops and a direct support troop

Current Order of Battle:

CO – Headquarters and Signals Squadron with Mobile Tactical Operations Command Centre (G)
4x Squadron HQ Elements
1x FAO Element from Artillery
1x FAC Element from Space Fighter Squadron

9x Tanks Troops (Heavy Grav Tanks)
8x Infantry Troops (IFV+2 Infantry sections)
3x Infantry Support Troops (IFV + mortar and smart missile sections)
2-3x Recce Troops
4x S-P Artillery Troops

Space Fighter Squadron – 4 flights capable of atmospheric operations
8x Drop Ships
4x Interstellar Troopships

Symbols and Insignia

The Timashek Legion uses very little insignia or symbols. The original symbol on the colours of the 32nd Timashek Hussars is the Utnamarnopushtim – an all but extinct fercocious beast native to Timashek. Some crews still paint the symbol on their vehicles. Utnamarnopushtim, like most names in Timashek, is descriptive and roughly translates to “one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater”.

Utnamarnopushtim Device


(click on the plate for a more detailed view)

From Armies of the Duran Sub-Sector 2356 to now (Kestrel Military Publishing’s Men of War Series #23587)

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Weapons and Equipment of the Timashek Legion and BATTLE REPORTS!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Timashek Legion Heavy Grav Tank

Here it is:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

I’m going to have to sit down and read the rules at some point and come up with some stats for these bad boys. I imagined them being pretty heavily armoured. That’s supposed to be a big ass MDC on top of the turret there (Mass Driver Cannon – Gauss cannon, Rail Gun, you get the idea, right?)

Any suggestions from those of you familiar with Future War Commander?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Just a Quick Teaser Update

....before I'm off to bed!

Here’s a couple quick pics of the first prototypes of my homemade 20mm Future War AFVs:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

A shot of the workbench with assorted AFVs in varying states of production.

Timashek Legion HQ stand.

Timashek Legion Grav IFV

Timashek Legion IFV and infantry

I’ll have a force finished by next Monday for Game Night. Expect a Future War Commander After Action Report shortly thereafter.

I need to come up with some names for my AFVs....

Graduates from the F.A.R.T. Officer Academy

The government of Timbogo announced today that the first class of officers from the new Federal Army of the Republic of Timbogo (F.A.R.T) Military Academy will be holding their graduation parade today. This is a move to modernize the F.A.R.T. Previously officers were selected through the traditional practice of following the biggest meanest most aggressive of thugs. After some stuffy of the more effective Western Powers militaries it was decided that perhaps some educated officers might help the efficiency and effectiveness of the F.A.R.T. (It surely couldn’t have anything to do with that ridiculous, inefficient democracy rubbish!)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These, like the Timasheck Legion are some more surplus Firefight 20 East Germans tha I got in a trade. The stand on the right isn’t an HQ stand, they’re an SA-7 SAM unit (also being trained at the Academy).

There hasn’t much need for anti-aircraft units in the past as the only threats to Timbogo have been internal: the People’s Revolutionary Army of Timbogo (P.R.A.T.). P.R.A.T. never had anything quite so modern as air power. There has been some concern about external threats lately. It has been rumored that trouble may be brewing on Timbogo’s eastern border with Zutu. It seems that Zutu is planning to reassert it’s traditional claim to the disputed territory of Zutim (which, it has recently been discovered, has vast untapped oil fields below it!). Backed by western powers (or at least western oil companies) the Western Horse Infantry of Zutu (W.H.I.Z.) is sure to be fully supported by the latest in killing technology should a shooting war break out!

I guess I better start "recruiting" (Painting!) some new regulars for these officers to command!

Timashek Legion

I had started digging out all my old Battletech and Adeptus Titanicus/Space Marine “epic” stuff (even picking up a few extras off ebay…) to form some units to play Future War Commander! I spent a lot of time (before even getting the book) planning and trying to figure out how I would organize my legions. I even started painting them. Then I remembered; I HATE micro-scale stuff!? To tell you the truth, I’m not particularly fond of anything smaller than 20mm?!

Then it occurred to me that, this being sci-fi, there aren’t any particular rules about what anything MUST look like! In a modern game a BMP really ought to look something like a BMP… Sure there are a number of ready-made back grounds there are certain defined looks, but I don't have to use any of those. This is Science FICTION; I can make up any damn thing I want! I can make up new armies equipment and design whole new galaxies for them to fight it!

So then I thought I can make my own 20mm modern figures for Cold War Commander… why couldn’t I make 20mm sci-fi stuff for Future War Commander!?

So here are the first stands of Timashek Legion Infantry:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

I didn't make these ones... These figures are old Firefight 20 East Germans (Hmmmmmm… Does this mean I’m going to have to get some MORE East Germans from Mongrel Miniatures to do Timashek Legionaires in 28mm for skirmishing…?!) I got a LOAD of them in a trade. I got a LOT of them. Oh I've still got an entire regiment of them based and ready for painting as gen-u-ine historical East Germans.... these, and the figures for the rest of the legions two companies were surplus to my needs.

At some point I'm going to start modeling and casting again and I'll make myself some 20mm troops in power armour and some more lightly armed futureistic-looking troops. But for now these will get me rolling!

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History of the Timashek Legion and pictures of their Tanks and IFVs!