Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Big TO-DO List

Once again I’m not quite sure what direction to take. So much to do, so little time. I find if I just work a bit on this and that, here and there, I’m not nearly as productive as when I’m a little more focused.

Here’s a list I tried to compile of all the things I’ve been thinking about working on recently….

Repair hills
Make new hills

Make more coniferous trees!

Make urban rubble (20mm/28mm)
Make city buildings (European)
Make city buildings (modern North America)

Make subterrainian 28mm terrain bits (halls, rooms, etc) for dungeoncrawls, tomb raids, and bunkerstorms!

Finish trenches and/or make new/better ones (28mm)

20mm Modern Canadians
Finish 3rd Para Commando
Make Para CO stand + Para observer stands
Paint Grizzly(x2), M113(x1)
Assemble and paint Grizzly(x3), M113(x2), Cougar(x3), Leopard(x5)
TO GET: Lynx Recce(x1-2), Iltis(x4-7), M109(x1-2)

20mm Modern VDV
Assemble and paint BMDs (3xBMD-1, 3xBMD-2, 1xBTR-D, 1xSP-Mtr)

20mm Modern Russians
Paint T-72 (x5)
Assemble and paint BTR-60 (x3), SP Artillery, BRDM-Sagger,
TO GET: UAZ-469(x6-8), BMP-1(x3),

20mm Modern Americans
Paint M1 Abrams(x3), Bradleys (x5), Humvees(x2), Infantry,

20mm Modern British…
FN – 7 infantry stands and 1 HQ stand finished off battalion (less mortars… need to make as I have a feeling FAA isn’t ever going to send the ones I ordered…)
SA-80 – Assemble and paint Warriors(x10), Challengers(x6), Land Rovers(x6)…
(have enough infantry for a second battalion of light infantry/paras/marines…)

20mm Modern Africans….
Loads of trucks (die-cast) to paint and militia…

20mm Modern Aricraft – Assemble, paint and mount of flgith stands assorted jets and helicopters.

28mm WW2 Russians
Assemble and paint GAZ jeep
Paint last of the infantrymen…

28mm Modern Russians
GET: Heavy Weapons for Motor Rifles (TAG), More VDV (Mongrel)

28mm Partisans – there so few of them to finish up then I never have to think about them again…

Other 28mm Modern – like to get a few more Cold War British (with FN - finish a platoon…?) maybe a couple more Americans…?

20mm Sci-fi – Timashek Legion
Finish assembling and paint:
F’ngen heavy Grav Tanks (x3)
Kra G-IFV (x8)
Grav Command Cars (x4)
Grav Command Centre
Heavy Grav SP Rocket Batteries (x3)
Aero-Space Ground Attack craft (x3)
Drop Pods…?

20mm Sci-fi – Opposing Force
Infantry – modified Modern Germans
Attack Walker – crazy Japanese walker robot thingy…
Transport Walker – AT-AT

28mm WW2 Desert Stuff…
Commando/LRDG/SAS – need trucks/Jeeps
D.A.K. – Couple infantry to finish… need vehicles…?

28mm Victorian Horror/Sci-fi…
28mm Zombies…
28mm Fantasy skirmish heroes and HOTT/WM armies…

Micro Sci-Fi – Eldar and Marine and Battletech forces – to be painted (or, in some cases, REpainted)

yeah... and this is just the things I've been thinking about lately... I don't even want to think about all the other unfinished projects... because... well.. then I'll start THINKING about them and be even MORE distracted...

Since starting this list I have very nearly finished off the 3rd Commando of Canadian Airborne and have some ruined buildings for both European and Middle East well under way… I’m thinking the Victorian SF is going o be shelved as are the zombies for the time being….

What to do first…. Well I’m well into a terrain building spree so I should see that through… but then what..?

The Russians and partisans would, once again, seem the sensible thing to do – as there are few of them and I’m not buying any more (I SWEAR!!!). I have 8 Russian infantry and an AT gun and crew on the table right now, but I kind of don’t want to get started as I’m expecting a couple more in the mail next week (I’m not actually BUYING these things... long story…).

For some reason I’m totally stoked about painting up some of my Fantasy stuff!?
I’d like to make enough to field some armies for Hordes of the Things (which will eventually be expanded so I can field them as Warmaster armies…) and also some individual heroes and characters and monsters for some old school dungeon crawls.... This had probably come about because I’ve been working on some more Descent figures for John. Maybe it will pass before I put and paint on any of my own figures… It’s kind of stupid because I don’t really have anyone that would be really interested in playing… well the Saturday Night Savages would probably be down with some dungeon crawls…

I do have at least one person totally stoked to play Future War Commander… but that feels like “starting something new”, when I’m really in the mood to “finish things up” before going on to something new… Of course, I HAVE all the things I need for the Future War forces, they just need to be assembled and painted, whereas a number of the Cold War armies I actually need to pick up a few things to “finish” up some forces.


What to do, what to do…

guess I’ll go prime that next batch of descent figures and work on the ruins… maybe by the time I’m done those things will be clearer…


  1. I often face the same quandry- too many interests, periods, armies, etc... and I'm a slow painter. One method that seems to work with me, is to plan for a specific game/scenario at least a month away, then work to make sure I paint/create scenery or units for that battle. That way, the little tidbits or units add up over time.

    Just a thought. Good Luck!

    Mark in Utah

  2. yeah, I've been pretty good at planning in the past and sticking to the program... but then I get moments like now where my interests seem so volatile and all over the place. I could plan a game a month from now and in a week be totally sick of the idea... or just way more interested in something else that to complete the planned task seems like... well... "work" - and hobbies are supposed to be about "fun", not "work".

    Often I feel tom between doing what I'D really like to do... and what I know the people I actually play games with are interested in...

    You're right though, there's only so much time. picking a game I'm going to run, committing to it and getting stuff done for THAT might get me on track... now just to decide what that might be...