Wednesday, September 30, 2020

September Challenge - Part The Last

 As with the LAST THREE WEEKS, I've been "studying from the masters" - reproducing the works of John Blanche from a Black Library art book I have called The Emperor's Will. 

The original illustrations are, of course, © John Blanch and/or Games Workshop/Black Library and my studies  were done purely for my own private entertainment and education purposes and are presented here simply to share with the community a creative thing that I did. They are not now, nor ever will be, for sale. I do not take commissions of any kind. 

Just a reminder I post (most of) these (plus OTHER stuff!) daily on my Instagram as well:

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Wednesday's completed study. 

Thursday, 24 September 2020

I started on this one on Thursday, but didn't quite get it done. 

Friday, 25 September 2020

I finished it up on Friday... and HAD planned on doing another one... but then life happened some more and it just didn't work out. So I didn't end up doing a drawing a day - unless this diptych counts as two...? 

Saturday, 26 September 2020


Finished Study

Sunday, 27 September 2020

Sunday I had to head over to my folks to start helping them pack up as they're moving midway through October. 

I did get started on my drawing before heading over there at noon. 

Finished things off in the evening after I got home. 

Finished Study.

Monday, 28 September 2020

Got out for a ride on Monday. Like, a ride for FUN, not just to get some place... 

Nice and cool. Pretty colours everywhere. 

I took a LOT of photos - to many to slip into this post, and FAR to many to post on Instagram, so I dumped them all in a post over on the Bike Blog

Despite plans to do something a bit more challenging - as I, in theory, had a pretty free day... I didn't get started on this until a bit later.... like, a LOT later... than I'd expected. 

This is where I was at when Amanda called it a night and went off to bed. 

I got the inking done just before midnight and decided to call it a night myself.... 

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

I coloured the previous days Tuesday morning. AFter all those miles and miles of cross-hatching and dot-points... I was a little hesitant to add any colour to this one - I was pretty certain anything else I did would just ruin it. In the end, I was pretty okay with how it all turned out. 

Earlier in the day, I'd king of given up on doing ANOTHER drawing - one just for today - but after working with the electrician for part of the afternoon, I found I had some time on my hands and decided to try knocking off another easier one... 

The colour was a bit rushed.... But, hey - I DID another drawing... and I had fun and did some different things with the drawing, so.,,.

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

I did START one for today... but then... well... life happened. 

Renovation madness.

Helping parents get ready to move. 

Ugh... just so tired. 

I'm going to go and watch some TV and I'll finish this one up tomorrow...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

My plan had originally been, with the momentum started this month with the illustration-a-day challenge, to continue right on into October with Inktober - a similar challenge involving one drawing a day - in INK. I know a lot of people that have participated in this challenge in the past - and even tried a few times in the past (it's been going on since 2009). 

Not sure if I should showcase them here....? Or actually make use of my old Art Blog (which I haven't posted of for over a year)...? Or just post them all on Instagram and Twitter.... 

In some respects this COULD be easier than this months challenge, as each of these illustrations I did this past month started off as INK drawings that I then added watercolour to. (Of course there is nothing that says I CAN'T do the same through Inktober! The only stipulation is that it's a drawing in ink).


I might just do something altogether completely different. 

Orktober? Artober? 



so many October art/creative challenges!? 

We'll see how I'm feeling in the morning. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

September Challenge - Part Three

 Whew! Three weeks of this!? 

As with the First and Second weeks, all of the selections from this week are John Blanche illustrations copied from the Black Library book The Emperor's Will - Agents of the Imperium. The original illustrations are © John Blanch and/or Games Workshop/Black Library and my studies  were done purely for my own private entertainment and education purposes and are presented here simply to share with the community a creative thing that I did. They are not now, nor ever will be, for sale. I do not take commissions of any kind. 

Just a reminder I post (most of) these (plus OTHER stuff!) daily on my Instagram as well:

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Process - tried going for some darker pieces this week. 

Comparison - I always think I have the dark areas dark enough - sometimes I think they're even TOO dark - and then the watercolours dry (or the paper dries) and it never looks dark enough... 

Ah, well... 

Finished Study

In the process of this renovation, we're finishing the rewiring of the house - ran into this fun bit of craziness - some more modern wiring bodged together with some knob and tube wiring that was tied into two separate breakers and still live? The RETIRED electrician I'm working with on this project says this sort of thing predates his nappy days... He took pictures of it because he was so fascinated to see it put together this way. 

Fun times... 

(It's all fixed now and up to Code!)

Thursday, 17 September 2020


Further Progress

Finished Study

Friday, 18 September 2020


Finished Study

I did actually go out to Art Placement - local gallery/art supply store and treated myself to a few new things to play with. Mostly more of what I've already been using. Moslty reds and browns, as Blanche does seem to like his reds... 

(I also got a few liquid acrylics for some future painting projects) 

Kind of reminds of this meme I saw floating around Facebook a while back:

I don't think anything I buy is QUITE that outrageous... 

It does kind of make me wonder when everyone starts bleating about the price of Games Workshop games... Do they live in a bubble and exist on Kraft Dinner? They've clearly never bought any art supplies... or bicycle parts (like, GOOD bicycle parts) or golf clubs or custom RC car parts or lingerie or real wool for knitting or dance shoes or motor boats or jet skis or gasoline for motorboats or jet skis or ANYTHING else anyone ever spends money on for their other interests or hobbies...? 

Saturday, 19 September 2020

My little painting station - currently in our bedroom as the basement is currently a disaster area in the middle of a never-ending renovation. 


More Process

Finished Study

Saturday I also helped Amanda haul home a new chair she decided we needed. Not sure why we had to pay money for this thing whern there are so many just laying around in the alley for free? 

Saturday evening we made some Traveller Characters for a game my firend Woody is going to run from time to time, while the Wrath & Glory game is on haitus. 

I may also run some one-shots or short campaigns using Fate or Fate Accelerated - as it looks rather fun.


Sunday, 20 September 2020

Ugh... Sunday... 

Sunday was a rough day - there were so many distractions and I was just NOT having a good time with this piece. 

Eventually I had to just call it a day. 

Finished Study. 

Monday, 21 September 2020

Sunday's chaos reverberated well into Monday, so I needed something a bit mroe simple and straightforward. 

Finished Study. 

The cause of much of the distress and distraction of the last few days. Amanda decided to pull this wall apart - NOT part of our original plan for the basement renovation... but now it is... It's not as bad as it looks (and it looks a lot better than when she first pulled the panel off... Previous owners had put it up to cover up crumbling plaster - it LOOKED like the whole WALL was crumbling - but after clearing away the plaster it became more clear that the wall itself IS pretty solid... it's just a MESS... and I'm not sure HOW this is going to be dealt with now BEFORE the people coming to do the ceilings are due to arrive in a few weeks...!? Apparently we're just making this shit up as we go instead of sticking to the plan. 


I almost gave up on the painting project this week. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Today... I admitted to myself that there is going to be no painting of miniatures for some time... the renovation has kind of killed that... and what little time I have, I spend on THIS project... so I cleared all those paints off the desk and made a little more room for painting pictures! 

I decided to ignore the basement today and clear my head out and just concentrate on the painting. 

Things are looking a bit better. STILL not sure how the Fü¢k Amanda thinks we're going to get this all done by October and get the heating hooked back up before the basement is freezing... but I'm trying to not worry about it too much... 

Process - Bit of a Diptych today....  

Finished Study 

This evening, Amanda and I got out for a ride with a friend we haven't really seen for a few years. 

Beautifully warm fall evening with lots of colour. 

I need to get out for MORE rides this week - especially while it's still so warm and colourful! 

Fresh air is good. 

Gets me out of the house and away from the basement. 

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

September Challenge - Part Four...?

Doesn't seem to me much else going on around here these days... 

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

September Challenge - Part Two

Carrying on where we left off after Part One ...

Once again, all of the selections from this week are John Blanche illustrations copied from the Black Library book The Emperor's Will - Agents of the Imperium. The original illustrations are © John Blanch and/or Games Workshop/Black Library and my studies  were done purely for my own private entertainment and education purposes and are presented here simply to share with the community a creative thing that I did. They are not now, nor ever will be, for sale. I do not take commissions of any kind. 


Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Starting Week Two, I wanted to do something a little more challenging - so I selected this piece with more than one figure and a much more detailed background than any of the works I copied from in Week One 

Comparison - I don't know if it's the pigments in the watercolours being more reflective than those in the ink of the book, but the study looks WAY more washed out and bright in this picture than it does in real life - compared to the original I was working from!? 

Having trouble getting the contrast just right... How dark do I go!? Usually erring on the side of NOT DARK ENOUGH! 

Also... on Tuesday I backed the Lost Tomb of the Bitchin' Chimera - Dead Milkmen RPG Module on Kickstarter. I'm not a guy that backs a LOT of Kickstarters - compared to many I know (or follow)... but I had to jump in on this one... 

It's.. a long story... 

The short version of which is I am a HUGE Dead Milkmen fan - have been since Big Lizard and it's probably not too much of a stretch to say I only survived high school because of the Dead Milkmen... and then this... my favourite band in the world, and an official role-playing game adventure!? How could I NOT!?

 I also assembled these beasties... 

Other than this, however, there was ZERO work done on any miniatures this week...

Wednesday, 8 September 2020

Not sure what this guy is... Tech-Priest...? Kind of like an Omnissian Axe...? 

I wanted to do something with a simpler, but darker background. 

A little happier with the tone and contrast today. I've been using gouache to do the smokey-highlighty-bits on all of these so far - this one I used a bunch more (red, yellow and a touch of blue) on the background to get that deeper colour. 

This paper... yeah... so not meant for gouache... 

I am pretty happy with how this one turned out. I mean, every one of them could be like one of those Spot the Differences puzzles - there are hundreds that I see... I need to shift from seeing what didn't work to what DID WORK!!!

I do want to play with gouache more.... 

I should probably go grab a few more tubes while Art Placement still has their sale on!

Thursday, 9 September 2020 

As Wednesday's study was SUPER warm in colour, I wanted to try out some cool colours - and I wasnted to try out this blue watercolour stick I got ages ago as a free sample... 

Things were too bright and blue and I tried adding in brown and it got WAY TOO BROWN before I realized what I should have been adding was a red and make it a washed out purple... and then  I tried to fix things and it just got overworked... and... well... I called it a day. 

Lessons learned (maybe). Time to move on (regardless). 

Friday, 11 September 2020

Imperial Assassin - probably from the Eversor Temple. A friend on facebook said "that outfit does not whisper sneak-sneak-stealth-stealth..." I'm not sure the Eversor Assassins are all about the sneakiness. I'm no master of the 40K lore, but my understanding is that they're not really big on subtlety or stealth. They're more about murderifying their targets (and anyone in the way of getting TO their target) in the most showy, horrific fashion, so that none of the witnesses are left thinking that what the deceased did was in anyway something that the Imperium would tolerate, and following in their fashion would greatly reduce one's own life expectancy.

This one is a little simpler than some of the other studies for the week - largely because I had a LOT to do on Friday. Electrician coming - that I was to work with on the basement wiring... An appointment downtown in the afternoon... Hurrying back to meet with a plasterer, because we're now adding wall repair to the list of things Amanda wants done by October... 

This is as far as I got before Steve the Electrician showed up at 10am... not a bad start. 

I didn't get to work on this again until the evening... I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out in the end. Got the darks dark enough. Had some fun with the background - which isn't TOO far off the original. It was a good end to the day... 

I did get out for a short ride in the countryside today. Amazing how much things change in just a couple weeks - especially if you're not paying attention... 

Saturday, 12 September 2020

ANOTHER quick one today because... you know... things to do. This is as far as I got on this Tech Priest before I had to take Keira to her first Tap Class this (school) year. 

Unfortunately that new Tap class is in one of the worst parts of towns to get to now. She used to dance at the University of Saskatchewan School of Dance - but in the spring the entire program was shut down and all the staff unceremoniously turfed. A few of the teachers banded together and started a non-profit Dance Collective and determined to carry on teaching classes... But had to find a new space. I guess rent must be cheap out here. Not only is it not a great place to get to - by bike, at least - there is no place anywhere nearby to kill 45 minutes while she's IN the class - at the university, there were all sorts of lounges and cafeterias that I could sit and read or draw or write in... Not sure WHAT I'm going to do once the snow starts flying!? 

Saturday's finished study. 

Amanda and I actually played a game today - Terraforming Mars! We played on Hellas with Prelude.

I had Point Luna with Supply Drop and Loan and took Rim Settler and Space Baron. Amanda had Phoblog with Galilean Mining and Experimental Rainforest - took Deversifier, Energizer, Magnate, and Contractor. I only lost by 15 points, and Amanda didn't even make any dick moves... so it was a pretty good game! 

No Wrath & Glory this week, though... I did pop on to Discord briefly to have a chat with a couple of the guys. I'll probably be shelving the Wrath & Glory game for a bit. Just too much going on and I'm feeling just to scattered and listless to keep a game like that going... 

Woody, on of the guys playing in the game said he'd run some Traveller for a bit and I'm keen to try and run a few one-shots with Fate Accelerated. 

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Sunday I tried out some Speedball coloured acrylic inks - the inks, unlike watercolours or gouache - won't reactivate once they're dry. I thought i'd try using them for a background wash, hoping I'd get cleaner misty/cloudy bits instead of muddy messes. I found it a little unforgiving and hard to control... but since it was largely being layered over with the gouache, I wasn't TOO concerned. 

Not too bad. I'll definitely have to experiment with the coloured inks more in the future. I may have also used them for some of the reds in here...? 

In the afternoon, Brent and Kurtis joined Finnegan, Amanda and myself for another game of Sidereal Confluence. 

This time I played the Faderian Conclave (Which Brent had played in our last game). Amanda played the Im'Dril again - she is DETERMINED to figure them out. Likewise, Finnegan played the Kjasjavikallim for a THIRD time... having only marginally better success. Kurtis tried the Eni Et, which was one we hadn't seen before. Brent played the kt'Zr'Kt'Rtl this time, which is rated as the easiest. 

Brent won - but, strangely, this was a MUCH lower scoring game than the previous game. I think, partly, it was due to no one playing the plants (I forget their name, but I played them in the last two games) - they increase (like, DOUBLE!) the production of any colonies they acquire, so perhaps there was just less resources available in the game - and less of certain types - food, for one. Also, it felt like there was a lot less trading. Everyone just tried to run their own little engines as best they could and wouldn't give up anything... 

Part of my would like to try with seven or eight players... part of me thinks it would just be MAD!?  

Monday, 14 September 2020

I got started on this pretty late in the day. I was up pretty late the night before and then the electrician was coming to work on some of the rewiring we need to do in the basement. I had said I'd have a few more walls opened up and so I had to get up and do that before he came, and then worked with him for a few hours... and then I was utterly distracted reading about the Fate Accelerated RPG... and... stuff... I didn't actually get started on this until the evening. 

I tried using some red (and a dash of yellow) inks in parts - the star in the background and the turn-backed part of the clothes. 

(I actually had to finish this off Tuesday morning...) 

I only had the white highlights to finish up... 

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Half Way.

I made it this far, seems likely I'll finish the project!

(I feel like I should not have made such a bold statement...) 

Immediately after finishing up the previous days work I got started on this one. This is how far I got before the Electrrician showed up, again, at noon. 

more background washing with inks. 

The finished study. 

Tool of the Trade

In case anyone is interseted, this is the stuff I've been using for this project so far...

I guess I should have included the sketchbook itself... and maybe the ruler. 

Iv'e been using staedler lead-holders to sketch things out, the do the majority of the ink drawing with Rapidographs. I started just using the watercolour pencils (I'm not sure when or where I actually got these?) and then adding the Windsor & Newton watercolour markers to darken things up. the White Gouache is used afterwards to add a few highlights and "smokey/misty bits". Teh last few days I've been trying to use the Speedball coloured acrylic inks - mostly for washes in teh background - in hopes that when I try to do the smokey stuff over top it doesn't pick up the colours (as it does - sometimes - with the watercolour, and makes a muddied mess!). 

(the blade is for sharpening the pencils as a traditional sharpener just breaks the watercolour lead). 

Coming Soon To Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably Part Three of the September Drawing/Painting-a-Day Challenge. Doesn't seem to be much else going on around here... well.. other than the renovation... Not much in the way of miniature painting or gaming. I don't think I've finished painting any miniatures in the last three weeks... which... is... kind of unheard of for me!? 

Hopefully I'll get out of this slump when the reno is over and I can set up a proper hobby/paiinting area in the basement again. Unfortunately, I have my doubts that that is going to happen any time soon - despite Amanda's assurances to the contrary...