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The Eldar were my force real force for Warhammer 40K. 40K figures weren't easy to get in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in the late 80s but I managed to put together a small force of them. Probably only a few squads worth of metal guardians - but they saw a lot of action back in the day. I sold them all for $40 and have regretted the decision ever since. Thank goodness I hung on to my harlequins.

(Sure, I had that very first box of plastic marines - where did they ever end up!? - But that was mostly because they were the first 40K figures to show up and at $20 for 30 dudes - it was a pretty sweet deal - the eldar were the first force I had a few units of, that I'd put some thought into  and a cohesive paint  scheme)

Over the intervening decades I have reacquired a number of the same miniatures - plus a fair few newer ones. Now I have enough amassed to field and entire "Brigade" Detachment of Assuryani (Craftworld Eldar) - If I ever manage to get them all painted.

More recently Amanda bought a force of Drukhari for me to paint for her to play with.


 A War Host of Assuryani from the Biel-Tymm fleet - an offshoot of the Biel-Tan craft world.

The fieldable force, so far...

With this I could field a "Battalion" detachment (or, two, actually) with an Autarch, a Farseer, two Warlocks, twenty Dire Avengers, fifteen Rangers, ten Warp Spiders, four Dark Reapers, six Wraithguard and three Wraithlords.


Asuryani HQ options - An Autarch and her Farseer and Warlock councillors.

Autarch Xidrilliel of the Biel-Tymm fleet. She doesn't often show up to lead a Battle Host, but when she does it is a mission of vital importance.

This Warhost of the Biel-Tymm is usually lead into battle by Eldar Seers and Warlocks.

Farseer Thymiltelyir

Warlocks Adrellewi and Broelwyn

More pictures of the Farseer and Warlocks can be found here:

The Farseer's Council


Almost a squad of Guardians (I finished them up for the Shadow War: Armageddon campaign I ran in February of 2018) I just need to finish up a weapon platform and crew to finish off the first squad. I should have three of these. The uniforms for all my guardians will be (mostly grey armour) with (mostly) Purple helmets - but the helmets might include some patterning or different coloured stripes to differentiate the squads from one another.

One squad of Dire Avengers.

I did the plumage/crests differently to more easily identify who was who in Shadow War: Armageddon.

Second squad of Dire Avengers.

I currently have six more Dire Avengers to paint up for a third squad. At some point it might be nice to pick up another four to field three full squads of ten.

First Squad of Rangers.

Rather than some sort of terrestrial coloured camouflage I went with something far more alien. The smocks are reversible (on a few you can see an alternate reddish/warm colour camouflage pattern peaking through)

More pics of them here: Aeldari Rangers

I have since added to the squad after acquiring another Big Batch of Eldar

Full Squad of Ten!

Second Squad of Rangers

Camouflage cape details. More pictures of this squad can be found here:

MORE Aeldari Rangers

I have another fifteen Rangers to paint up - five more for second squad and another whole squad of ten.


Howling Banshees - a mix of old and not-quite-so-old Banshee models. I still have an Exarch to paint of this squad. It would be nice to track down three more for a full squad of ten, at some point.

Wraithguard - they look small in this picture, but they are much bigger than the other Aeldari infantry (though not-so-big as the Wraithlords below!)

I also have Fire Dragons and Striking Scorpions to paint up for MORE elites...

Fast Attack

One squad of ten Warp Spiders

I have another ten Warp Spiders to paint up for a second unit.

I also have Swooping Hawks for Fast Attack options.

Heavy Support

Three Wraithlords. (from back when they were still called Eldar Dreadnoughts)

Dark Reapers.

At some point I would like to add to this squad. I could have up to ten in the unit... But I'd like to at least get ONE more (maybe one of the older Exarch that went with these!?) and then it could be fielded as a full strength unit in Apocalypse.

Lords of War

I have a few Lords of War to work on - enough for two complete Super Heavy Detachments, and then a third Super Heavy Auxiliary Detachment.

The first Super Heavy Detachment is a Detachment of Eldar Super Heavy Grav-Tanks. The models are older Armorcast Tempest Heavy Grav-Tanks. There are no longer rules for these, but the Forge Forld Scorpion looks like a newer (slightly larger) version of these classic models, so I'll just use the rules for those when playing with these. I have a third one to finish painting to round out the detachment.

The short version of this tanks name is "T'chylmylwynbil". The literal translation of the long name is "The Five-Legged Beast That Stalks Its Prey by Night, Which Lasts Forever"

This one is "Dilytichylmywil"  (again, the shorter version - or nick name). The full translation is "Flowering Plant with Excessively Large Sex Organs That Makes the Mon-Kee Blush, But is Very Sustaining and Tastes Good in Soup".

Finally, we have the Command Tank in the Detachment: "Mwalatacyndil" or "Dancer of the Daytime That Promises Fertility and Spins Eternally but Never, Ever Gets Dizzy"

As mentioned I have a third Tempest to finish off a complete Super-Heavy Detachment of tanks. I also have three Eldar Titans to paint up which will fill out a SECOND Super-Heavy Detachment. The Detachment will be made up of one Phantom and two Revenant Titans. Additionally I have a solitary Wraithknight which could be fielded as a Super-Heavy AUXILIARY Detachment... unless... you know...I bought two more... at some point...

Still To Do...

I have enough prepped and primed Eldar that I could field an entire "Brgade" detachment of them once they're all painted (and then some!). When it is complete the force will look a little like this:

1x Autarch 4 PL
2x Farseer @ 6 = 12 PL
4x Warlocks (Individuals or in a Conclave) 8 PL
1x Baharroth 6 PL
1x Fuegan 8 PL
1x Jain Zar 7 PL
1x Karandras 8 PL

3x Guardian Squads (10)  @5 = 15 PL
1x Storm guardians (8) 3
3x Ranger Squads (10) @ 6  = 18 PL
2x Dire Avenger Squads (10) @ 6 = 12PL
1x Dire Avenger Squad (5) @ 3 = 3 PL

2x Striking Scorpion Squads (5) @ 4 = 8PL
1x Howling Banshee Squads (10)  6PL
1x Fire Dragon Squads (10) 12 PL
1x Wraithguard (5) 11 PL

Fast Attack
2x Warp Spider Squads (10) @9 = 18PL
1x Swooping Hawks (10) 6 PL

3x Wraith Lords @8 = 24 PL
1x Dark Reaper Squads (3) 4 PL
2x Falcon @9 = 18PL
1x War Walker (1) 4 PL

Lords of War
1x Wraithknight 27PL
3x Tempest/Scorpion Heavy Grav Tank @32 = 96 PL
2x Revenant Titan 60 PL
1x Phantom Titan 140 PL

That's about 175 miniatures and 7 vehicles adding up to almost 600 Power Level (That's 40K Power Level, which should be about 12000 points!? Apocalypse Power Levels will be slightly different). It is unlikely they will EVER be fielded all together - but it will give me a LOT of options to play around with!

EPIC Eldar!

I also have a load of Epic Eldar for when the Biel-Tymm gets into some REALLY big engagements...

I was originally planning to use these with Future War Commander. Each stand representing a platoon of infantry or vehicles. So this would represent about company sized detachments of Fire Dragons and Striking Scorpions - with their own organic Falcon AIFVs... Some additional Falcons - with no infantry to carry about just yet. a couple platoon-sized groups of jet bikes - likely recognizance elements. And some Warpspiders and allied Harlequins.

A large company-sized force of Striking Scorpions.

Dedicated transport for he above Striking Scorpion aspect warriors - Falcon Grav "tanks". Despite being referred to as "tanks", they do have the capacity to transport infantry, so I think of them more as AIFVs.

A Headquarters Element for the above Striking Scorpions.

Dedicated Transport and HQ element for some Fire Dragon aspect Warriors.

Three Warpsider aspect warrior elements with an HQ Element.

Still To Do...

I have loads and loads of Guardians and Falcon grav tanks to do - as well as a few more aspect warriors and other stuff. I also have THREE Eldar Phantom Titans and two smaller Revenant Scout Titans (though they are not the same style as my larger 28mm Armourcast Revenant Scout Titan).


These are some of the oldest minitures I own with their original paint jobs.

The Original force. I painted these over 20 years ago. Not bad for teenage Tim.

Leading the Troupe is the Troupe Master - armed with a Shuriken Pistol, Power Sword, and Prismatic Grenades. He also has a Flip Belt and a Holo-suit (are are all the Harelquins in this force). Power Level 4 - HQ

Next is the Shadowseer - a powerful psyker - This fellow is supposed to be armed with a Shrunken Pistol, Halucinogen Grenade Launcher, and... a Miststave....? Well... we'll just PRETEND he is! Power Level 7 - HQ

The Solitaire stalks the battlefield alone with his Harlequin's Kiss and Harlequin's Caress... (the figure is actually carrying a Kiss and a Neuro Disruptor... but that apparently isn't allowed with the rules anymore, so we'll just call it a Harlequin's Caress...). Power Level 5 - Elite

Three Death Jesters provide some heavier firepower for the Troupe. These are three separate Character models that rove around the battlefield laying down pain. They are armed with Shrieker Cannons. Power Level 3 per model (9 total) - Elites

Finally the Troupe. Most are armed with a Shrunken Pistol and a Harlequin's Blade. One has a Fusion Pistol and a Harlequin's Kiss, another is sporting a power fist - which aren't allowed anymore so I called it a Harlequin's Embrace as it was close to the power fists stats... Power Level 6 - Troop.

Currently this force could be fielded as a Vanguard Detachment. When I get around to painting up two more Troupes I could field it as a "Battalion" detachment and get a few more Command Points! (I do have another three troupes worth of old metal harlequins to add to this force at SOME point!)

I doubt they will ever be a serious force unto themselves. I could see them showing up as a detachment allied to some other Aeldari. I guess if it were a small game (1000 points or less) I could field them on their own - or certainly they could be fielded as a Kill Team!

Still To Do...

I have recently acquired a handful of more harlequins of the same vintage - three more Troupes of six players. The trick will be to match the paint jobs of the older minis...


The Dark Eldar of the city within the web ways.

In spring of 2018 I saw a complete force of Drukhari posted for a price I just couldn't walk away from and picked them up to put together a force that Amanda could play. So far, I have only managed to finish up a Kill Team worth of them and a "Battalion" detachment of Wyches for regular 40K.


First I painted up a small for Amanda to use in Kill Team

Kill Team of the Crimson Wave Wych Cult. These were done on different bases from the rest of the Drukhari force.

to read more about the Kill Team check out this post:

Drukhari Kill Team


The force so far...


Lelith Hesperax - a named Succubus character from the Cult of Strife.


I also have one other Succubi and an Archon to paint up.


Wych Cult Squad Number One

Wych Cult Squad Number Two

Wych Cult Squad Number Three

I have another of ten Wyches and about 25 Kaballites (most of them are the older models) still to paint up


I don't think we actually have ANY elites...?


All the Fast Attack - Hellions and Reavers.

The first of these are 12 Reavers - I have another nine to do at some point but for now it is time to move on to Wyches, Hellions, and some Succubi to lead them. More pics here: Drukhari Reavers.

First batch of Hellions.

Second batch of Hellions

Massed Murderpack of TWENTY!

10 more to go...

More pics here: Hellions, MORE Hellions

I have a single metal Khymerae. I picked it up to use in Wrath & Glory. Unfortunately, in 40K, there fielded in pairs...


I have a single Venom to paint up at some point as transport for the succubus leading the Outrider Detachment.


Objective Marker #1

I plan to make a total of six - each with a different number of skulls on it to indicate the marker number (1-6)

Still To Do...

I figure we have enough to do a Wych Cult "Battlalion" detachment, a Kabal Patrol Detachment, and another Wych Cult "Outrider" Detachment - with a combined Power Level of 97 - probably just shy of 2000 points. It will look a little like this:

Wych Cult "Battalion" Detachment 

2x Succubus @4 = 8 PL

3x Wyches (10) @4 = 12 PL

Fast Attack
1x Hellions (10) = 7 PL
2x Reavers (6) @6 = 12 PL

Kabal Patrol Detachment

1x Archon = 4 PL

2x Kabalites (10) @4 = 8 PL
1x Kabalites (5) 2PL

Fast Attack
1x Scourges (5) = 5 PL

Wych Cult Outrider Detachment

1x Succubus = 4 PL

1x Venom = 4 PL

Fast Attack
2x Hellions (10) @7 = 14 PL
1x Reavers (9) = 10 PL

The only thing I'd suggest adding to this in the near future would be giving the Kabal Patrol a Ravager to give the force a bit more hard-hitting, anti-armour and make it an even 100 Power Level (and just over 2000 points)...

Maybe some more venoms or Raiders to get her troops onto the objectives quicker... if she really gets into it.

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