Tuesday, June 11, 2019

MORE Hellions

Here they are, finally, the last of the Hellions (Well... that we need for the upcoming tournament - I still have ten more to paint for Amanda at SOME point!).

I've had a few distractions in the last week or two (Lelith Hesperax and some Dwarves, Kal Jericho and Scabbs). I've also been doing a LOT of riding!

Ten more Drukhari Hellions for Amanda's Crimson Wave Wych Cult.

The massed horde of Hellions!

All the Wych Cult fast attack units (so far)

I still have THREE UNITS of 10 Wyches and a Succubus to paint in the next week and a half... Yikes!

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  1. That is a hella lot of hellions. (to use the vernacular)

    30+ wyches seems like a lot to get through, they have so much skin, but are not all skin, all the different weapons and such... good luck!

    1. Thanks!

      Ehhhh... The Wyches are basically just like the hellions without the sky-skateboard... Should go a little quicker. And nothing motivates me like a hard deadline!

  2. Excellent work!

    My word, what a scary sight to behold!

    1. I know, right!?

      It's going to be scary just trying to move them around the table! I might have to make some movement trash for these!

  3. A dark yet somehow colourful bunch of flying nutters. My Dark Eldar assault army hit hard when it hit but died horribly if caught out in the open, deepstriking heavy flamer terminators and bikini psycho chicks do not mix well. For domestic bliss paint your wife's figures sooner rather than later. ;-)

    1. Thanks Phil!

      I am curious to see how these play. I have a feeling they will shred my guard (if they're anything like the Drukhari in Kill Team). I was thinking of considering suggesting she use the Cult of Red Strife rules for them - which allows charging after advancing. With the speed they can advance, I think some of these units could be in melee on round one, tying up forward units and giving the Wyches a chance to catch up and join the fray! We'll see. We should probably get them on the table soon and see how they play before the tournament!

      Once I get all the stuff she has painted up, I think I'm going to suggest she get a Ravager - for some hard-hitting anti-armour. conveniently it will bring the entire force to exactly 100 Power Level and just over 2000 points.

  4. Great looking bunch of Dark Eldar skate boarders!
    Best Iain

  5. Great work Tim! Sorry I have been missing so many of your posts...lots of great stuff.