2024 Painted versus Purchased

Stuff I purchased (or otherwise acquired) versus stuff I actually painted in 2024. 

(Let's see if I can't keep those purchases to a minimun!) 

(I will NOT be proclaiming anything so foolhardy as I WILL NOT BUY ANY MINIATURES THIS YEAR!? Because that would be ridiculous and doomed to fail... but an intention to BUY LESS and PAINT MORE, seems a little more doable!) 


As I mentioned in GAME PLAN 2024 - Q1 I'll probably start the year working on some Tallarn armour for an upcoming tournament I signed up for in February along with some Warhammer Underworlds warbands, as I've started playing that again (and will hopefully continue to do so throughout the year!). I could, possibly, also work on Age of Sigmar fantasy stuff for Warhammer Quest or Warcry or to use as characters or foes in a Soulbound role-playing game campaign... Or just to use as generic fantasy heroes or enemies in Five Leagues from the Borderlands...? There's also a possibility that I might get to painting some Sci-fi stuff for Five Parsecs From Home... though interest in that is waning at the moment. 

(IF I did buy anything, it would probably be Warhammer Underworlds Warbands - i like the look of Skabbik's Plaguepack, Gryselle's Arenai, and Grinkrak's  Looncourt... I wouldn't mind picking those up before they disappear - Darn GW and it's FOMO-based marketing system of making stuff available for a limited time before making it disappear FOREVER!?)


Based on Q1 I'd say it's pretty safe to say, I will mostly be painting Age of Sigmar miniatures and mostly miniatures for Warhammer Underworlds... (This is reflected in the Game Plan 2024-Q2

I will be buying the new Warhammer Underworlds box: Wintermaw... but, other than that, probably not much - unless there is a new warband or two that I'm interested in... 

If I can, I'd like to try and paint ONE WARBAND EACH WEEK until they're all caught up.. which would probably take until sometime in September. By the end of this quarter, however, I should be caught up with painting more than I've purchased, though!  


28mm Foot


Q1 Total: 38


Q2 Total: 40


Q3 total: 


Q4 Total: 

Year To Date Total: 78

28mm Mounted/Smaller Beasties

28mm BIG Beasties/Vehicles

Total Vehicles/Beasts: 5

Micro Foot

Micro Mounted

Micro Artillery

Mirco Tanks/Vehicles

Micro Mechs

Micro Titans


Little Bits/Markers/Tokens

Total: 17

Buildings and Larger Bits

4'x4' Game Boards

3'x3' Tiles

2'x2' Tiles

1'x1' Tiles

3-D Dungeon Tiles


(or otherwise acquired - gifts, trades, etc.)

28mm Foot


Q1 Total: 73


Q2 Total: 13


Q3 Total: 0


Q4 Total: 0

2024 28mm Foot Total: 86

28mm Mounted

Small Terrain Pieces


(Traded or Sold)

28mm Foot (painted)

  • 6x Plastic Lothern Sea Guard 

28mm Foot: (unpainted)

  • 28x Generic metal Elf Archers

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