Wednesday, March 31, 2021

March Games - Part The Second

 Carrying on from March Games Part One... 

Finished up the month (and Quarter) with a few more games... 

Friday, 19 March 2021

Friday evening Amanda and I played Warhammer Underworlds again. I tried out the freshly painted Thorns of the Briar Queen, and, as it was a warband that came from Nightvault, we tried out the Nightvault boards. 

A full report of that game and loads more pictures can be found here:

Warhammer Underworlds: Game Nine - Into the Nightvault

Saturday, 20 March 2021

On Saturday I met up with the Saturday Online RPG group again, but we've kind of put the games on hold - more than a few of us admitted to not really being in the headspace to either play or run RPGs at the moment -but have decided to keep meeting up for a "paint and chat". I painted gold on a whole lot of Space Marines Stormcast Eternals - most for Warhammer Underworlds, but alsoo a few extra to flesh forces out into Warcry Warbands or small groups for Age of Sigmar Skirmish. 

Sunday, 21 March 2021

Another Warhammer Underworlds game in Shadespire. Trying out another newly painted warband, I played Lady Harrow's Mournflight

Again, a full report of that game and loads more pictures can be found here:

Warhammer Underworlds: Game Ten - Return to Nightvault

Monday, 22 March 2021

After the last few games Amanda expressed that she was tired of the same old cards and how the games were playing out and suggested she might be interested in "having a look" at some of the generic cards. On Sunday evening I pointed out I had a White Dwarf magazine with a tactics article for Morgwaeth's Blade-Coven that might be a starting point for her. Much to my surprise, she said she would look at it and even suggested bringing it to an appointment we had the next day (where we knew we would be sitting for some time). What was EVEN MORE surprising was SHE ACTUALLY READ THE ARTICLE!? 

I actually spent some time in the afternoon, doing a bit of an "audit" of the cards - writing them out and assessing their relative strengths and weaknesses for the varying play styles. There is quite the mix in Morgwaeth's deck - some are good for seizing objectives... some are good for an aggressive style of play... some are good for both.... others that are good for one, are absoloutely useless for the other... and a LOT are VERY situational - like if A, B, AND C, then D - so much so as to be a mostly useless card just taking up space in a deck unless the rare occasion when such an event might occur. 

Even CrAzIeR was the fact that, later in the evening, she asked me to help her find some of the cards mentioned in the article and help her construct a totally new deck!? Now, having helped her construct a new deck, it kind of gave me a bit of an unfair advantage, in that I know what went into it... I mean, my memory isn't THAT good, I can barely remember the cards that are in my OWN deck let alone be able to remember what's in hers... but I do get the general theme - taking and holding objectives and scoring objective cards relating to the holding of objective markers/hexes... so I told her she should use the deck against a couple of different warbands with the decks they currently have. I suggested Friday she play against Garrek's Reavers - an aggressive warband that gives zero fü¢ks at all about holding objectives, and maybe on Sunday she could play Thorns of the Briar Queen which ARE about holding objectives... 

So if we spend time working on constructing decks together for a game... do I log that as a game played on boardgamegeek? I mean, building the deck is PART of the game...? I suppose painting the miniatures is too... so... maybe not...? (in the end I DID log a "play" for Morgwaeth's, but marked it as "incomplete").

Friday, 26 March 2021

We played the first game with her new deck Friday evening - versus Garrek's Reavers. 

A full report of that game and loads more pictures can be found here:

Warhammer Underworlds: Game Eleven

Saturday, 27 March 2021

After a bit of a hiatus, I actually did some work in the basement... just a bit more finish sanding. The plan was to finish off the sanding Sunday morning and start PAINTING... 

CVT and Woody joined me for a bit of a Paint & Chat in the evening... Though Woody ended up working on rearamging his hobby space while CVT and i painted. CVT was working on some Shadow Elves for Warcry and I was working on FOUR different Stormcast Eternal warbands for Warhammer Underworlds - plus another group of three I picked up to join with one of the Warhammer Underworld warbands to make a Warcry warband of the Sacrosanct Chamber. 

Sunday, 28 March 2021

STILL more Warhammer Underworlds... 

A full report of that game and loads more pictures can be found here:

Warhammer Underworlds: Game Twelve

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

On Tuesday Amanda (or the space-alien/replicant/clone that has replaced her) actually took a LUNCH break... and not only that, she/it suggested we actually PLAY A GAME during her break... further suspicion was aroused when I actually WON the game!? 

But then, just to prove her it was really her, she challenged me to a rematch and just crushed me... 

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Just to get in a few last games, Amanda played a couple more quick games of Azul with me.

One at lunch again. 

Just before we began the last turn she looked over at my board and saw that I was almost finished two vertical rows, and stated "Wow, lunch just isn't my time..." somehow suggesting I was just going to win by a landslide - completely ignoring the fact that the game wasn't over, she was also close to finishing two rows and already had black in all but one of her horizontal rows... I did win... but by ONE point!? 

And a second in the evening. She won that one. By ten. 

That's it for this month. You can have a look at the Q2 Plan to get a sense of what's coming up in the next few months!

Game Plan 2021 - Q2

Well with the end of March here, and with it the end of the First Quarter of the year, I thought it might be time to have a look back at the success (or lack of success?) of the Q1 Plan and figure out what I'm going to do for the next three months. 

Looking at the actual Game Plan 2021 - Q1 post, it seems like I had a lot of vague ideas with not much of a defined PLAN at all... a plan sort of coalesced over the first month or so... 


In the initial rambling about English Civil War, Deamons of Slaanesh, Emperor's Children Chaos Space Marines, Valhallan Imperial Guard force for 40K, Blackstone Fortress, Daughters of Khaine, Skaven, TITANIC Units for 40K, Necromunda, Great War, and the Seven Years War... by the time I'd organized the 2021 Painted Versus Purchased page, that got boiled down to: 

  • Finish Wrath & Rapture box (Infernal Enrapturess, Fiends, Bloodcrushers)
  • Warhammer Underworlds Warbands and Frostgrave Miniatures for John
  • Shadow & Pain Box (Daemons of Slaanesh, Daughters of Kahine)
  • Start Collecting Daemons of Slaanesh?
  • Other Warcry warbands? 

and... I did almost none of that... 

What I DID do was...

1x Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne
1x Witch Aelf
1x Chaos Sorcerer
10x Tzeentch Horrors
5x Morgwaeth's Blad-Coven
4x The Dread Pageant
20x Khorne Bloodreavers
5x Khagra's Ravagers
4x Lady Harrow's Mournflight
7x Thorns of the Briar Queen
7x MOAR Thorns of the Briar Queen (for John)
2x Frostgrave Warrior Wimyn (for John)
4x The Chosen Axes (Shadespire Minis - for John)
5x Spiteclaw's Swarm (Shadespire Minis for John)
Q1 Total 28mm Foot: 76

In that same time, however, I acquired...

7x Grymwatch (Warhammer Underworlds Crypt Ghoul Warband)
6x Grashrak’s Ravagers (from Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave)
5x Skaeth’s Wild Hunt (from Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave)
4x Myari's Purifiers (from Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm)
4x Dread Pageant (from Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm)
8x Khorne Reavers (Garrek's Reavers x2)
15x Stormcast Eternals (mostly from Warhammer Underworlds Warbands)
1x Gryphhound
4x Khagra's Ravagers (Warhammer Underworlds Chaos Warband)
4x Nighthaunt Myrmourn Banshees (Lady Harrow's Mournflight)
5x Thundrik's Profiteers (Warhammer Underworlds Duardin Warband)
4x Ylthari's Guardians (Warhammer Underworlds Sylvaneth Warband)
4x Mathias variants (Hasslefree)
7x Thorns of the Briar Queen (Nightvault)
3x Morgok's Krushas
Q1 Total: 81

So I acquired a bit more than I painted. Unfortunately, a quarter of that painting was for someone else and didn't reduce MY pile of SHAME any.... MOST of that which I acquired was given in trade for said painting (and future painting).

Terrain and Other Hobby Projects

The plan for the First Quarter was to FINISH THE GAME ROOM!? 

It's... almost there....

5x5 Challenge

Originally I'd suggested I'd play five games each of a Role-Playing Game, a Miniature Skirmish Game, and Three Boardgames. Later I defined these to be:
  • Soulbound
  • Warcry
  • Warhammer Underworlds
  • London
  • Kingdom Builder

Later it became clear that I probably wasn't going to get in games of Warcry, as I was getting pretty obsessed with Warhammer Underworlds, but it didn't really matter as I was probably going to get in TEN (or MORE!?) games of Warhammer Underworlds. I thought Soulbound was going to be easy as I'd be running it EVERY weekend through February and March... but I had to cancel that.. for... reasons... I DO hope to return to that (and Wrath & Glory) later this year...

What I DID play in Q1:
  • Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm/Nightvault x12
  • Kingdom Builderx 8
  • London x5
  • Azul x5
  • HârnMaster (3rd Edition) x3
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound x3
  • Carcassonne Big Box 2 x1
  • Dominion x1
  • Splendor x1

In total 40 games.

I didn't get in five games of Soulbound... but between Harn and Soulbound I did play six role-playing games... As mentioned Warhammer underworlds kind of ended up being two of the five - replacing Warcry. I did get in five of London and EIGHT of Kingdom Builder and then a bunch of other games, besides?!

For me, the idea behind the 5x5 Quarterly Challenge (or 10x10 Annual Challenges) is to set out a number of games to play a bunch of times - too get to really plan then and learn them thoroughly. IN that, I'd call this quarter a success...

Q2 Plan

So.... the plan... 


I have started painting miniatures again - so that's good. Not PILES, but it's a start, right? Generally I would like to get back in the black - painting MORE than I'm acquiring. I don't have TOO many things I'm planning on picking up anytime soon, so that shouldn't be TOO hard. A few things I will likely pick up in Q2:

Crimson Court - Warhammer Underworlds Warband (+4)
Unnamed Idoneth Deepkin warband for Warhammer Underworlds (+??)
Warhammer Quest: Cursed City (+60 miniautres!) 
Maybe the Wurmspat, Hrothgorn's Mantrappers, and the Starblood Stalkers warbands...? 

What am I going to paint? 

Well, the Crimson Court will be released in a week and a half and for the forseeable future I will be focused on that - probably for the rest of the Quarter, at the rate I'm going! 

BEFORE that, I hope to finish up a few other things. First, the five of the Stormcast Eternal warbands I'm currently working on - they're just about done! Probably Morgok's Krushas and maybe one other Warhammer Underworlds warband...? Myari's Purifiers? Maybe the Grymwatch? 

WHILE painting all of those Cursed City miniatures, I'll be trying to finish up some more of John's Frostgrave minatures. 

I have no shortage of other stuff I'd like to paint... But, realistically, that's about all I can expect to get done. 

Terrain and Other Hobby Projects

The Game Room?! After a bit of a hiatus, I did get working on the Game Room this last week and hope to keep up that momentum to finish things up by the end of April. 

5x5 Challenge

For this quarter...? 

I have no idea when I'm going to get back to running a role-playing game. I think I need to stick to simple games that don't require much (or ANY!) planning and preparation (other than painting a few new miniatures, perhaps!). 

Obviously, Wahammer Underworlds is going to be at the top of that list... It could probably take TWO slots! Heck, the way we've been playing, I could just say I'm going to play 25 games of Warhammer Underworlds... the 5x5 Challenge could be I'm going to play five games with five different warbands!? 

Maybe Warhammer Quest: Cursed City could be thrown into the mix? I mean, I probably don't have to paint ALL of the stuff to get STARTED with playing, right? I could start with getting enough done in April that we could conceivably start playing in May and/or June? 

I was thinking I might get a game for Amanda for her birthday in a few weeks. Whatever that is, should probably go on the list. I was thinking about Wingspan or Sagrada...? I've heard their names and know they're popular and one has pretty dice and the other has pretty pictures of birds... but that's about all I know about them. Does anyone have any experience at playing them? Do they rock? Do they suck? Does anyone have any OTHER suggestions? She really likes Azul and the Century Golem Edition games and Splendor - stuff that doesn't take much time or preparation with pretty pieces... but ALSO really likes Terraforming Mars...!? 

(Cursed City will be arriving a week before her birthday... but I think she'd be unimpressed if I called THAT her birthday present - though she is totally happy to PLAY those with me... I think she'd definitely see it as a Tim-kind-of-game rather than an Amanda-kind-of-game... if that makes sense?)

So for now... lets say...

  • Warhammer Underworlds
  • MORE Warhammer Underworlds
  • Warhammer Quest: Cursed City
  • Amanda's New (TBD) Board Game
  • Some Other Game(s)

I put (S) at the end of the last as I'm open to the idea of a theme or series of games - like "Games By Martin Wallace That We Haven't Played (in a while)" - which could include, say, Brass, Princes of the Renaissance, Via Nebula, Hit Z Road, or The Arrival (I've played Brass and Princes of the Renaissance, but Amanda hasn't - and we have the other three, but haven't gotten around to trying them out!?) 

Monday, March 29, 2021

Warhammer Underworlds: Game Twelve

 Another Sunday. Another game of Warhammer Underworlds. 

Thigs tim Amanda was trying out her new deck for Morgwaeth's Blade Coven against another warband that focuses on taking objectives - Thorns of the Briar Queen. I think I'd originally suggested Lady Harrow's Mournflight, but then let her choose between the two, and she randomly determined the Thorns.

Amanda had actually wanted to try a 3-player game on Sunday, and was trying to convince Finnegan to join us. Then I pointed out that would take longer and she also really wanted to finish watching Season One of Sense8 and so decided to just play with me, but made Finnegan promise to play with us later in the week. 

Getting things going, Amanda won the roll for board selection and actually make ME go fist! I picked "The Ruptured Seal" from the Nightvault Core Box as it had three lethal hexes... and was different from the standard "Arcane Nexus" that I usually pick... Of course I realized, as soon as she placed the board, that THIS was not the time to pick a different one, when SHE was deciding the orientation. With two Lethal hexes, bunched together at one end, it would have been cool to have them on the boarder between our territories.. Of course, with Amanda choosing second, and dictation the board orientation, they ended up and teh back end of my territory.

Amanda went with her favoured  "Cursed Oubliette", the one from the Nightvault Core Box with NO Lethal or Blocked hexes. She placed them end-to-end again, which I wasn't sure if it was really necessary, as she was not fighting a terribly agressive/dangerous warband...? It would mean, as in the previous game, that there would be objectives, which MIGHT be ones she NEEDED to score for particular objective cards DEEP in my own territory. 

My initial card draw. Not great... not totally useless. As things were, I had three Objective locations in my territory, each next to a start location - so I could move chainrasps onto all of them in the first activation with Varcalv the Cruel's special action (Push ALL chainrasps up to 2 hexes!) Objective 2 was the objective furthest from Enemy Territory which was good and bad - it meant I had to hold a Chainrasp back to try and score that at the end of the Round... but having done so, I could ignore that Objective for the rest of the game and push forward, knowing it wouldn't be coming up later! 

Two were surges, which is good, but not necessarily surges I could easily score in the first round, but I can't remember If I was holding a reaction gambit... I think I was...? So I MIGHT have been able to score that and had to keep in mind I might draw one of the other hold objective cards. 

With seven in the Thorns of the Briar Queen, it's less a question of which starting spaces I'm going to make use of as where are Varclav and the Briar Queen going to go... because ALL of the starting spaces are going to be used! 

I placed Varclav and Teh Briar Queen back a bit - so they weren't so far away that they wouldn't be able to join in a fight, but far enough back that they couldn't be charged on the first turn. Spread the rest of the chainrasps about. 

Amanda kept Kyrssa and Lethyr back - to hold objectives in her own territory and the rest were placed up close to my territory - to charge in and grab objectives? Placing Morgwaeth at the fore was a bold move. She probably did that because I'd assured her that there was no one that did much damage in my warband (when she was moaning about how many there were!) 


Amanda won the roll off and made me go first. 

Varclav the Cruel used his special action to make all of the Chainrasps move up. The can all be pushed up to two, but three of them I only puched one hex - onto all the objectives in my territory! Teh other two moved up as far as they could. 

I was also holding Drifting Advance - a gambit that allowed me to push ALL chainrasps two, but they had to move closer to the nearest enemy. I tought I'd hold onto it until I had a chance to put three into contact with a single enemy and score Death Sentance. 

I also played Spectal Parry on The Ever-Hanged, giving them a Guard token, as they were holding the objective closest to Enemy Territory (and TOTALLY in range of Kyrae's long-range attacks!) 

For Amanda's first activation, she moved Lethyr onto Objective #1 and played Forward Planning - giving Lethyr the Guardian Glaive. 

I moved the furthest back Chainrasp (that wasn't on an objective) up - on hoped to swarm forward next round. 

Kyrae took a shot at the Ever-Hanged and tied... but couldn't drive them back because of the Guard Token - not that I NEEDED to keep them on there. I t's not like I could score that objective with the cards I was holding. I guess I thought IF any of the murder elves did move forward and I was able to score one of the surge objective it was possible to draw something that could. 

Varclav the Cruel moved forward. 

Kyrssa jumped onto Objective #5. 

The Briar Queen moved up. 

Khamyss moved up. 


well... not a lot of action for the first third of the game... kind of just setting up for Round Two. 

I did score Hold Objective 2 for ONE Glory Point and upgraded the Ever-Hanged with Face of Death - an upgrade that gave a chance of reducing an enemy's attack dice - hoping it might keep them alive... being the least awful of the Chainrasps. 

So, at this point, I was winning.... with ONE Glory Point... pretty sure that wasn't going to last long...

I kept the surges I'd had, as the seemed very possible to score in Round Two and would be replaced by new Objective cards anyway. The only new Objective I drew was Hold Objective 3 - conveniently being held by the Ever-Hanged... but they lost their Guard token at the end of this round, so I'd have to come up with some OTHER way of keeping them on there. 


Again, I started off and used Varclav's special action to move everyone up. Rather than keeping those holding objectives ON the objectives, I shuffled all forward, realizing those further back could easily move forward to capture objectives left open by others. I've come to realize it's often better to wait and jump onto the objective later in the round as there is less opportunity for enemies to attack and drive a fighter OFF of an objective, who then can't move back ON because they already have a move token. 

AT the beginning of Amanda's activation, the Ever-hanged and another Chainrasp inspired (Starting an activation adjacent to an Enemy Fighter is what inspires them). 

Khamyss attacked Ever-Hanged twice - I was actually able to use his new Upgrade reaction - and thus able to score Treacherous Foe (+1 Glory for making a reaction). The second attack of her combo hit, causing one damage. 

In the power step I played drifting advance, brining more chainrasps up into contact with enemies.

On my activation, another Chainrasp inspired. One of the other chainrasps charged THROUGH the enemies and attacked Khamyss from behind - with TWO supporting chainrasps. I actually hit and caused one damage... but I actually didn't want to take her out as I was hoping to score Death Sentence (+1 glory for having three Chainrasps adjacent to the same enemy fighter).

I upgraded The Briar Queen with Drive by Hatred (+1 attack die when charging) and upgraded Varclav the Cruel with Shaklegheist Chains (+1 Glory if Varclav takes an enemy out of action) 

Morgwaeth attacked and took out one of the adjacent Chainrasps on her activation, scoring her first Glory Point and inspiring Khamyss. She scored a second with Swift Sacrifice (for Leader or Kyrae taking an enemy out of action) With those she upgraded herself with Great Strength and Kyrssa with Formless Key. She also played a gambit that allowed her to count as holding one more objective

Another Chainrasp charged THROUGH Khamyss and missed, but I was able to score Swarming Spirits (+1 Glory Point when a second Friendly Fighter moved through a hex occupied by an enemy in a round). I upgraded the Briar Queen with Inescapable Vengeance, which allows her to, when moving or charging, to simply move to any unoccupied start hex. 

Khamyss attacked the Ever Hanged, missing on the first attack and tying on the second, driving them back. 

Varclav the Cruel moved onto Objective #4 with my final activation. 

Khamyss attacked a Chainrasp and took it out of action. 

Morwaeth's Blade Coven


I scored one more point for holding objective #3 bringi my total, so far, to 5 Glory Points. 

Amanda was able to score Ritualized Formation for holding three objectives (even though she only held two - but had played a gambit that allowed her to count as one extra) gaining three more for a total of 6 Glory Points... 

Going downhill for me... 


I forgot to take a picture of the Objectives I started with, but I was had Hold Objective #4 (easy-peasy -that was the last one in MY territory), an Objective requiring I held ALL objectives in one territory (not going to happen as I was rapidly running out of Chainrasps and couldn't even GET fighters to all three in MY territory and the ones in Enemy Territory were already held) the final one required there being no enemy in MY territory... which COULD happen... I would just have to keep them occupied in their own territory. Amanda often gets caught up in fighting and forgets to work towards objectives... So I thought if I coudl keep the pressure on, they might just stay were they are and continue murdering my Chainrasps. 

For the third time, I started off the round using Varclav's special ability to move the three remaining chainrasps up - to try and keep Morgwaeth, Khamyss and Kyrae surrounded and busy, Thinking I'd move in the Briar Queen to try and take some of them down and move Varclav back to take Objective #4 later in the turn. I also upgraded the Everhanged with Chill Touch. 

Morgwaeth attacked the Ever-Hanged, who successfully used their reaction to reduce Morgwaeth's attack dice pool - and she missed! Woo! Then I played Maddening Cackle - Played after an enemy fighter's Attack action that fails - that fighter is no longer Inspired, and cannot be Inspired AND the effect persists... 

Amanda then upgraded a couple of fighters with Upgrades she'd drawn on the previous End Phase and forgot to do in the previous Power Phase; Khamyss got Great Fortitude (giving her an extra wound!?) and Morgwaeth got Hunter's Tenacity (which allows her to push herself into a hex an enemy fighter was in after driving them back with an attack action - an upgrade that RULES if you're a warband wanting to take objectives AWAY from another warband that is trying to hold them!).  After wards she played Confusion, pushing Varclav off Objective #3 - which didn't matter because I already SCORED the Hold Objective #3, but this is exactly why I like to wait until later in the turn to seize objectives, because that exact kind of card can ruin your day if you've already moved onto one you NEED to hold and have a move or charge counter and nothing to push them BACK on. She also played Fanatical Faith - which would reduce any damage I did to any fighter I attacked in the next activation to one - thus making it impossible to take anyone out. 

I tried anyway - Everhanged attacked Khamyss and got two successes - as his Chill Touch upgrade meant she didn't count dodge results and had no support, so the ONLY thing that could save her was a crit... so... of course, she rolled a crit. Mind you, it only saved her fro one damage and she now had THREE wounds, so... 

The Morgwaeth danced past all Chainrasps and seized Objective #4... 


Well that just potentially ruined my two possible Objective Cards - Holding Objective #4 and keeping enemy out of my territory...

It hadn't even occurred to me that anyone COULD get to it...?

And now, as I type this report, I realized that Morgwaeth COULDN'T have gotten to it... When I'd played Maddening Cackle earlier in the round and uninspired her, she reverted to a move of four and that Objective counter was FIVE away from where she started... Ah, well... She could EASILY just gotten to Objective #3 which would have still denied me the ability to score Denial... and it all would have played out the same, otherwise... 

I had ONE chance to get her off of there... (and potentially score two glory) 

The first move was the Briar Queen charging with the Inescapable Vengeance to move to an adjacent Starting Hex, then attacked with some extra dice thanks to Driven By Hatred! The Briar hit and did two damage! 

Khamyss used her combo attack to knock out the Everhanged and another Chainrasp!? (+2 Glory!) 

She'd complained about my numbers... but seriously, half of those Chainrasps do ONE damage and/or have only ONE attack die. It would take multiple turns to whittle down even her two wound fighters, whereas Khamyss is a murdering machine that can take down two per activation!? 

For my final activation, Varclav moved in and attacked Morgwaeth - and took her out! Because Varclav had  Shacklegiest Chains, I scored TWO Glory for taking her out! But I had no way to get either of them onto Objective #4... Well... if Amanda didn't move anyone into my territory for her last activation, I might still score Denial!?

No such luck. 

Khamyss danced over to Objective #3, flailed at the last of the Chainrasps and took it out of action with her barbed whip (+1 Glory). 


I had nothing... 

Amanda scored Purposeful Strike - Scored in an end phase if a friendly fighter with one or more Charge tokens is holding an objective - for one Glory and then gained one more for Kyrssa still being alive and holding a Formless Key...


So Morwaeth's Blade-Coven won 12 - 7... 

Guess that new deck is working out. 

So that's twelve games of Warhammer Underworlds we've played in the last two month - and twelve game reports I've written! I have a few questions for you, my dear reader... 

a) Is anyone still reading these?

b) How do you feel about the activation-by-activation, blow-by-blow format describing all the cards played and such? Do I keep this up? Do I switch to a more narrative description of the action?

c) Would anyone be interested in a post about how we put together Amanda's first customized deck? I thought about doing that... but then it seemed like a bit of work for something that no one at all might be interested in!? (and I'd rather spend the time painting, if that was the case!). 

In other news, still chugging along on a PILE of Stormcast Eternal Warbands. Thought I might have them all done by the end of the month, but... distractions happened... 

I went into my FLGS yesterday. I was in the neighbourhood and had recently had a $50 cash windfall, and it was two weeks about I'd asked them to get in a copy of the Wurmspat warband for Warhammer Underworlds. Usually GW stuff shows up pretty quick. They receive orders weekly. I checked with The Minion (His name is Jordan, but I always think of him as "the Minion" as he is the only staff member that isn't an owner... as far as I know...?). He said they'd got it in... but sold it!?  I mentioned I had specifically asked the owner to get it in FOR me and asked if he knew why would it have been sold? He said they have been getting shorted on a lot of stuff and sometimes don't get as many of a thing as there are people asking for it...?! Which left me wondering... Who else asked for a copy of Wurmspat, in Saskatoon, in the last week or so!? I didn't get the impression from Darren (one of the owners) that there were that many people playing it - and when I've asked on the local Age of Sigmar forum if anyone was playing I got exactly zero responses!? Weird. Hopefully they'll be getting another in sometime... 

In the meantime, that $50 bill was burning a hole in my pocket, so I picked up Morgok's Krushas... it was a toss up between Morgok's and The Starblood Stalkers, the new brand new Seraphon warband for Direchasm... The Starblood Stalkers look cool and, being lizards, presented some opportunities to paint some fabulously patterned minis... but then... that seemed like a lot of work... and there was twice as many of them as Morgok's and, from what I've seem, those Brutes in the Krushas are some hard-hittin' muthafukkas.... So.. I have some Orrucks I'm painting now... because new is shiny! Will I have them done by Friday? Will the Stormcast Eternals be done by Friday? Stay tuned to find out! 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Warhammer Underworlds: Game Eleven

 As Amanda was getting really tired of playing the same old cards in our last game (well... few games). So, on Monday I sat down with her and we sorted out some new cards for her to play with in her deck - focusing on holding objectives. Because I kind of knew what was in the deck I said the next two games I'd play against her I'd play with decks I already had for a couple different warbands. I thought we could start with 

Amanda won the roll off for board set up and made me go first. I selected The Arcane Nexus board (yeah, they have names) from the Shattered City Board Pack - it has three lethal hexes, and I knew she might be charging deep into enemy territory to nab my Objective markers, so I wanted to make it dangerous for her. She picked The Cursed Oubliette from the Nightvault Core Box and set it up end-to-end with mine. An interesting choice... it would make it harder for her to GET to those objectives, which, as I would get to place first, would be DEEP in my territory... but, she DOES have a very fast warband. 

That wasn't what she was thinking about when she set it up, though. I did show her the tactics article for Morgwaeth's Blade-Coven in the White Dwarf... and she DID read it... and it DID suggest that, when fighting against an aggressive warband (which Garrek's Reavers most definitely IS!) to set them up deep like this, set up away from the board edges and let the enemy come to her, so she could set the pace of the engagement... 

Why did I show her the White Dwarf!? GAH!? Curse these people that actually LEARN things from what they read!? 

My first draw of Objectives. My plan was to make use of All or Nothing - If you an't read it, it is an Objective cards scored in the third end phase and gaining you FIVE Glory points if you have scored NO OTHER objective cards the game! Had I not drawn it, I would have exercised the option to discard the whole hand and draw again - and do so at the end of each round to guarantee I'd get it before the end of the game! I figured the Reavers would take out 2-3... maybe 4 (If i got lucky)... and I had a few other non-objective-card ways of gaining a few more glory and with that and five more for All or Nothing... I could end up with 8-10 points...? I've won games with less! 

I wasn't TOTALLY locked into the All or Nothing scheme - If I managed to get a few Objectives that WERE easy to pull off in the first round, I might have played them and went with that... 

I won the roll-off for warband set-up and made her go first - even though it meant I was more likely to lose the roll-off for who went first in the first round. (She even placed Morgwaeth last - just like the tactics article suggested!?) 


Despite setting up last, I won the roll off and had Amanda go first. 

Morgwaeth moved onto a nearby Objective. Then Amanda played Forward Planning, which allowed her to give one of her fighters with no Charge tokens an upgrade and a Charge Token. She gave Kyrssa a Charge token and the Rapturous Defence upgrade. 

I played BLOOD OFFERING - giving Blooded Saek a damage token - and +2 dice on his next attack action! 

And then Saek charged Khamyss! 

Looking for Smash results (Hammers) - I got TWO! WOO! 

And on Amanda's single defence die... she rolled a crit... which trumps all successes.... 

I mean, that happens... one in six times, in theory... 

Lethyr moved onto Objective #3 and Amanda scored Hidden Purpose - a Surge Objective scored immediately after an activation if a warband holds two or more objectives... Boom +1 Glory for Morgwaeth's Blade-Coven. Amanda used the Glory Point to upgrade Lethyr with Survival Instincts - which effectively put her On Guard... always...

Garrek went next and ALSO charged Khamyss! 

Two dice, looking for Smash (hammers), crits, or One Support.... Again, I got TWO successes! And... Amanda rolled ANOTHER freaking crit... AGAIN....

I mean.. that happens... like, one in thirty-six times... 

Khamyss finally decided to attack back - both times at Blooded Saek - hoping to take him out. She missed with the Barbed Whip, but did one damage with her Bladed Buckler combo action. 

Targor then charged - across a Lethal Hex, taking one damage to get in there and attack... Looking for swords, crits, one support, or two support.... and actually hit... of course, he only does ONE damage... so... 

Khamyss hit back again, missing with the Whip again and tying with the bladed buckler - and so she pushed Saek back. 

In my final activation of the round

Neither of us scored any Objectives in the End Phase, so we discarded some cards and drew some new ones and carried on! 

The two new objectives I drew to replace the two I discared were also not fantastic, so it looked like I'd be going with All or Nothing. 


Rolling off Amanda won and decided to go first. 

Kyrae charged Targor and attacked (with the aid of Khamyss)... and missed... 

Hey! I can roll crits too! (but only once in every six rolls...) 

Saek Charged back in attacking Khamyss - getting support from both Targor and Garrek - and... 


Khamys attacked Targor with her barbed whip - and tied, pushing him back. Then she attacked Blooded Saek and took him out of action... (+1 Glory for Margweath's and Morgwaeth inspired herself)...But then I played Final Blow - a gambit reaction that allows one of my fighters to deal one damage to their attacker when they are taken out of action - conveniently Khamyss already had one wound, and so she too was taken out! (+1 Glory for Garrek's). Amanda used her Glory to upgrade Lethyr with the Guardian Glave and I used mine to give Garrek with Grisly Trophy which gains him a bonus Glory whenever he takes someone out of action. 

Karsus charged Kyrae ... and missed... 

(whoopsie -in all teh excitement, it looks like I forgot to remove Saek!?) 

Morgweath charged up and stabbed at Karsus from two hexes away and, with Kyrae's aid, took him OUT! (+1 Glory for Morgwaeth's). Morgwaeth was able to inspire Kyrae with her special action, and I inspired my whole warband as three fighters were out of action - two were mine... but the Blood God cares not whose blood is spilled... Again she upgraded Lethyr - this time with a Formless Key. 

Targor charged back inot the action and shanked Kyrae, causing two damage. Amanda realized she still had an unspent Glory and more upgrades in her hand, so she upgraded Kyrae with Grim Tenacity. 

And then she used Headlong Fury to send Lethyr scurrying down the center of the map.

On her activation, Kyrssa jumped onto Objective #4. 

Garrek then charged in and took down Kyrae (+2 Glory - due to Grisly Trophy) 

Going into the END PHASE we were tied at three, but then Amanda scored Dominant Position - gaining her two more Glory for holding more objectives than any other warband.


All of the remaining fighters in Morgwaeth's Blade-Coven inspire at this point (if they had't already)

Arnulf feeling very lonely and left out... or... maybe he was preparing some dark blood ritual to gain the Blood Gods favour!? 

Lethyr making a run for the end zone - which objective is she headed for? Will this be Arnulf's Chance to Prove his worth to mighty Khorne? 

Where all teh other action is - in the Daughters of Khaine's own territory. 

Becoming kind of a spread out battle....

I won the roll off and went first! 

Targor charged Morgwaeth... if he could just do ONE damage... it would give Garrek a chance at taking her out - and maybe Kyrssa (as I was holding Fueled by Slaughter, which allows a warrior that takes an enemy out of action to make ANOTHER attack action!?)... but he missed. 

Amanda upgraded Morgwaeth with Great Strength and I upgraded Garrek with Slumbering Key.

Amanda then played Drilled to Perfection to give a Guard token to Kyrssa. 

This was his chance! Arnulf Charged Lethyr... sure she was always on guard - but better to take her down before she got onto an objective and started stabbing people with that Guardian Glaive... IF he gets a crit, Arnulf does one extra damage - which would have been enough to take out Lethyr... No such luck... 

She stepped out  of his way and onto Objective #5 and sliced him in half with the Guardian Glaive... and then scored Blood Rite - whic awards one glory when a friendly fighter holding an objective makes an Attack action that takes an enemy fighter out of action... (+2 Glory for Morgwaeth's).

There might have been more upgrading...? 

Morgwaeth attacked Targor...

 and took him out... I mean... can she NOT roll crits!? (+1 Glory for Moargweath's)

As garrek watched Targor slide off of Morgwaeth's Glaive, he realized it was going to be impossible to take her out at this point...  Lethyr had already charged and could not attack back.... whereas both Kyrssa AND Morgweath would be able to attack if he went  in that direction. So, Garrek changed his mind and went after Lethyr...

She... Just... Can't... NOT... roll... CRITS... in defence!? 

With no one to cleave with her flahsing glaive, Morgweath danced over to Objective #3... 

And that was that... 

I did score All or Nothing in the Third End Phase - and gained the bonus Glory Point from the Slumbering Key I'd given to Garrek. That brought my total to NINE. Not bad, right about what I expected... If Amanda could even NOT roll a crit in defence and Garrek had taken out Lethyr, I'd have scored another two... 

As it was, Amanda scored Ritualized Formation for three more Glory Points - for holding three Objective markers - and a bonus Glory point for the Formless Key that Lethyr held. That brough her total to TWELVE. 

Yeah... had I taken Lethyr out, that would have been FOUR less points she would have scored. A close game. 

Sort of. 

Amanda was a little happier about how it played out and did a bit of post game analysis - discussing her initial draws and how useless they were, but just discarded them and moved on with scoring the ones she could. 

I am curious to see how she does against the Nightgaunts with her new deck of cards. The games against Lady Harrow's Mournflight and Thorns of the Briar Queen last week didn't go so well... We shall see on Sunday! (and you can probably read about it Monday morning!)