Tuesday, May 30, 2023

May Games

With demolition going on in the basement, the Game Room has been closed and will probably remain so until the fall... but that didn't stop us from playing games! I ended up playing games at three friends houses and even managed a few at home - where we could. 

Finnegan has shifted his D&D games back to the kitchen table. I kind of forgot how loud they can be! It's probably a bit louder still as a couple players have returned from University in other cities for the summer and attendance at game nights has been up! He's currently running TWO different campaigns - one on Saturday evenings and one on Monday evenings.


Friday, 5 May 2023 

Friday evening Amanda and I rolled over to our friend Shannon's new place to check it out and play some games. She was actually having a house-warming party the following evening, and had invited us... but I don't love parties, especially where I don't know who is going to be there and a large proportion of them are likely not going to be people I know... so we went over the evening before and played some games with Shannon and her boyfriend, Kevin. 

We started with a tiny little game called Tinderblox, which Shannon had brought over as a gift for Amanda's birthday a few weeks earlier. 

It's a fun little dexterity game that fits in a little tin box that can fit in your pocket. 

You draw a card from a deck which shows the orintation of one or more blocks which have to be stacked in the orientation specified on the card, and then added to the fire without knocking anything over. 

We played a few times! 

Afterwards Shannon and Kevin introduced us to Boss Monster. You play a Boss Monster (like, in a video game) and build dungeon to lure adventures into and try to kill them. I ended up with a pretty kick-ass dungeon (largely due to luck of having drawn some powerful cards that worked really well together!?) 

Saturday, 6 May 2023 

As I mentioned, with the renovation well underway, and the game room is closed for the next few months, Finnegan was back to running his Saturday D&D game on the kitchen table, amidst all the mess of stuff in boxes that were dragged out of the basement. That's left the rest of us unsure what to do... THIS Saturday we ended up playing a few games on the corner of the desk upstairs... 

Amanda and I started off with a game of Century Golem Edition

Keiran joined us for a second game. 

Afterwards we played Azul. 

Finally we played a game of Splendor. 

We didn't play any games the following week, but the week after that... 

Thursday, 18 May 2023

Finnegan and I rolled over to Brent and Barbs to play a few games. Jasper joined us there as well. 

The first game we played was Clank! In! Space! Neither Jasper nor I had ever played the game and Finnegan had played it once, years ago, at ToonCon. It was an interesting game - there's deck-building element and moving around a board doing stuff and kind of a race and trying to keep yourself alive... a LOT of moving parts. I died... Then Finnegan did. Both Jasper and Brent made it out alive and scored. 

It was a bit of a bummer as when I died, it was my move next and I easily would have gotten to a place and healed half my injuries... and into the end area where, if I then died, I'd have still scored points... I only had 65 points accumulated. I guess making it to an escape pod would have gotten me another 20 and I might have picked up a card or two with points in the final round or two it would have taken me to make it TO the escape pod... would have been close... alas. 

Afterwards we played Cyptid. The name sounded cool and both Finnegan and I had visions of cool cards with pictures of crazy monsters on it... Unfortunately the only monster illustration was on the cover of the box and it turned out to be a very abstract game of deduction... 

It kind of hurt my brain. We accidentally played with the ADVANCED RULES (by selecting a black bordered card, instead of a white one) It's a little like clue, everyone has ONE clue about where  the Crytid could be hiding in. You win by figuring out what everyone's clue is... and then finding that ONE HEX on the board that meets everyone's criteria!? 

Saturday, 20 May 2023

Saturday I wandered over to Kurtis' to play some games. Eli drove into town for his birthday to play some games. They're played a few before I got there. 

Brent had also showed up and the four of us played a game called Beyond the Sun. We each played a faction trying to develop technologies and/or colonize other planets.

There are a lot of moving parts to the game. 

By the end of the game I felt like I was starting to get a sense of what was going on and how to play the game... but then it was over. Probably should have leaned a little more into developing technology and worried less about snatching up planets earlier in the game. 

After that Eli had to take off... 

We were joined by Joe and played Castles of Mad King Ludwing. 

I love Castles of Mad King Ludwig. I just love making weird castles - that are strangely reminiscent of the hundreds of castles I drew on graph paper in my youth. How did I not end up being an architect?! 

After that we played Imhotep. 

I've played it once before (also at Kurtis'). I could take it or leave it... 

Finally, Brent and Kurtis and I played Shakespeare. 

This was kind of interesting. You have to recruit artisans and actors to build a set make costumes and put on a play. 

Wednesday, 24 May 2023

The following week Jasper and I rolled over to Brent's again and played some more Clank-In-Space! We had talked about playingVinci, but Brent suggested it was better with four and we should wait for a week when Finnegan was available. 

The first game I was just one move away from scoring any points... when I died... Had I been able to play one more hand I'd have made it across and scored around 125 points. Instead I scored ZERO and Brent won with 95. I think Jasper also died without scoring. 

We had time, so we played a SECOND game adding in stuff from the Apocalypse expansion. 

The second game I died one move away from an escape pod... 


So, I won this game with 76 points... because no one else made it far enough to score before they died!? 

The game is pretty brutal. 

Tuesday, 30 May 2023

This week Finnegan was available so we arranged to play Vinci... but then Jasper sent a note at the last minute saying he couldn't make it... Since Brent had set it up, we played with three anyway. It was interesting. I've never played, but I'd heard about it. It's a moderately historical game that Small World was based on (a game I have played a LOT of!) I had thought there might be specific empires - Greeks, Romans, Celts, Saxons, Vikings, Franks, etc, etc - like History of the World and a few other similar games - instead each new empire just had some random generic strengths or abilities - VERY MUCH like Small World! 

Finnegan found Brent's d100 in a container full of odd dice and delighted in trying to roll it... or... more to the point, getting it to STOP rolling!? 

We got through Vinci quick enough that it was decided we should play Clank-In-Space! AGAIN! 

Once again, I died just before making it to an escape pod. Brent AND Finnegan both escaped! 

And that's about it for this month... That's 32 games I've played so far this Quarter and 76 so far this year! I'm pretty excited about this Kill Team: Ashes of Faith box, I'm hoping in the next month I'll be able to knock out enough figures to play the campaign included in the box! I hope I can convince Finnegan to play out the campaign, I think it's seven games... six campaign games then a finale...? Seems doable through the summer! 

What's everybody else been playing? Let me know in the comments below!

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Kill Team: Ashes of Faith



I SWEAR this is the last one... I.... I... just couldn't pass on this one. I've been waiting for an Inquisition box since they released the Rogue Trader box for the PREVIOUS edition of Kill Team!? 

Honestly, I'm not WOWed by the new inquisition miniatures, per se... I have ones in metal I'd be happy to use. If that were the ONLY thing of interest in the box, I could have let it go... All together it is an iNsAnE deal like, less than half the cost of buying all these things separately... Do I need ALL THESE THINGS...? Well, I can make use of them for sure.  I mean, I have inquisition stuff for 40K... I have Guard... I have Chaos Space Marines - and all Cultists are the new(-ish) cultist minis they released with the latest Chaos Space Marine codex (last year?)... which... I never bought (I wasn't playing THAT much 40K and wasn't working on the CSM and I'm still holding out that there's going to be an Emperor's Children Codex at SOME point!?) 

What really drove me to get this was the campaign - it includes a new campaign system that pits an inquisition force against a Chaos cult... and you know I LOVE campaigns!? Well, I love the IDEA of campaigns!? 

Speaking of campaigns... 

I also discovered that there are a few Age of Sigmar models that are STILL produced in METAL!? So I picked up a few Skaven that I don't have any of... yknow... for the upcoming (SOMEDAY!?) Warcry Under-Carngard Challenge... 

Now to get assembling and painting some of this stuff!? 

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Imperial Naval Breacher and Hearthkyn Salvager Theyn

 I've been assembling and priming ALL THE KILL TEAMS and even started assembling and priming some of the Gallowdark Terrain. 

What the workbench looks like these days - a little overcrowded. Might be time for a purge of all the things I'm not "actively" working on... 

Breacher Swanson

Last week I finished up a Naval Breacher Axejack...? I think they're called Axejacks...? Not totally happy with how it turned out... but I don't totally hated it, so I'll probably just do the rest the same, just to get some stuff DONE!? 

I didn't get them all done thought, because I picked up Kill Team: Gallowfall and started assembling the Hearthkyn Salvager team... 

Theyn Gunhild Brennasdottir

I started with the Theyn - the leader of the Hearthkyn Salvager Kill Team. They all have the option of having their visors up and I was seriously tempted to have ALL of them closed... But I left this one (and maybe one other...?) open. 

I got all the terrain from the Kill Team: Into the Dark box pre-assembled and primed "Wolf Grey". The plan is to just rust it all up and pick out a few details that wouldn't be rusty (I mean, it's kind of ridiculous that any of it would be rusty at all - why would they be using iron-based steel in the 42nd millenium!? Anyway, it's just to make it all visually apparent the neglect of the long-vacated derelict spacecraft that make up the spacehulks. 

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Warcry Campaign - The Under-Carngard Championships

The UNDER-CARNGARD CHAMPIONSHIPS is the working name I’m giving to this in-person, Warcry narrative campaign weekend I’m planning to run at some point. (If anyone has a better idea for a team, I’d love to hear it!?). I’ve mentioned it before, in other posts about other things, but thought I’d do a post just about the campaign - to have a place to out all the thoughts and be able to refer back to. I haven’t worked out ALL of the details. I haven’t worked out MANY of the details. What I do have is this…

The campaign would take place in the city of Carngard. Well, BELOW the city of Carngard. Cargard its located on the Bloodwind Spoil - a region in the Eightpoints between two highways from the Varanspire to the Realmgates leading to the realms of Chamon and Ghur.. Carngard, also known as Reaver city, is run by a cabal of Chaos warlords and has slave markets and gladiator pits and all sorts of sordid nastiness. Below the streets and alleys of Cargard, however, a massive infestation of Skaven lurks in a sprawling warren of caverns and tunnels. 

Players in this campaign would each control a Skaven warband that is vying for control of the Under-Carngard. 

I have a fuck-tonne of old metal Skaven miniatures. Forty-three are painted, I still have about sixty still to do. I should have enough to make almost NINE Warcry Warbands when I'm done! I may or may not attempt to acquire a few more just so there are a few more options... 

Ideally I'd like to have EIGHT players - nice even number. Hopefully if we got through six rounds MOST players would get to play MOST of the others...? 

I have a BUNCH of cavern terrain. Enough to make a few Warcry battlegrounds and have materials to make a few more (maybe mid summer terrain week out in the garage) . 

We made good use of the cavern terrain in the Shadow War Armageddon campaign! I think the Warcry boards are about 22"x30". The modular cavern terrain are based on 30cmx30cm squares - a little less than 12"x12" so six would be needed for a Warcry battleground - just the stuff on the table in the picture above would make three of them. I'm sure I have more than just this! 

Initially I though I’d organize all the Skaven into warbands myself, maybe with themes running through them - all from one of the Great Clans (Scryre, Verminus, Eshin, etc) or colour coded - like sports teams - with their raggedy clothes using teh same palette and names printed in different colours on their bases to denote which warband they are in... But now I’m thinking I’ll just have them as a big POOL and at the beginning of the campaign all the participants will DRAFT their warbands at the beginning of the campaign! (Then no one can complain I made shitty warbands and they lost because of said terribly made-up warband - which would be fair, I’m okay at making up stories and background fluff and themes and colour coordinating… any army or warband that I’ve made that was actually competitive, was entirely a fluke…)

I’m not certain about the first round, it might just be a roll-off… But there might be a bidding round - bidding for how many points LESS than the normal 1000 points you’re willing to start with? Lowest bider goes first, ties roll off? (OR maybe it will just be whoever commits/signs up first!). Regardless, after the first round, drafting would take place in order of least total accumulated points to highest. Rounds continue and players draft until they’ve reached the point total they bid to start the campaign with (or 1000 points if we’re not bidding). 

It’s been a long time since I read the Wacry rules… and those were the rules for the previous edition… I’d LIKE there to be a narrative element to it, whether using parts of the actual Narrative Campaign rules presented in the game.

I like the idea of having an area control element. I’d make a map of locations under Carngard. Each location controlled might give some sort of bonus - during the campaign and/or as extra victory points at the end of the campaign. Each round different warbands could challenge each other for control of various locations. Players would start with one area. There would be other uncontrolled regions at the start. The first few rounds players would be challenging other to take control of uncontrolled regions. Thereafter, they would be fighting to retain their own regions or take over regions controlled by others. I’ve sketched out a few map ideas, but was generally thinking if there were regions equal to two or three times the number of players, in two to three rounds (assuming players were only fighting over uncontrolled regions) those regions would be snapped up and the remaining campaign could be fought over ones controlled by players. 

Rough-doodly-sketch ideas for maps... areas controlled wouldn't necessarily have to be contiguous! 

I’ve used a Swiss-draw format to determine opponents at weekend campaign/tournaments in the past and that didn’t always work out. During the Ronin campaign two of the players that did the best ended up playing each other three times!? They got along and had a great time, so that was okay… Conversely, the two players that were at the bottom of the standings all weekend ALSO ended up having to face each other three times and were absolutely SICK of each other. 

I though this time we might use standing to determine who gets to challenge other players. The players with the lowest standing get to choose who they challenge each round. They can either challenge a warband to fight over a Narratively, those that are winning need time to consolidate their new holdings and the losers are desperate to attack and gain (or regain) control of locations? Functionally, at least those that are losing have some choice in who they face and can switch things up if they’re not having fun losing to the same player time and time again! 

Or maybe warns that LOST in the previous round, get to choose first, in order of lowest overall standing to highest. The CAN challenge someone who also lost, that would just mean that later challengers would include someone who won in the previous round, but they would go after all the players that lost, and would choose in order from lowest overall standing… though they’d likely be the last to challenge another player and the last to challenge won’t really have any choice in WHO they challenge, just WHERE they challenge them… 

What if a player ends up challenging someone who doesn’t control any territory, and there is no uncontrolled territory…?! Hmmmmm… things to think about. 

WHEN will I run this…? I don’t know yet. Obviously I need to paint the rest of the Skaven… and need to finish the basement renovation (which is on track to be completed by the end of the summer!). If I got REALLY motivated, I could potentially run it this fall. Or I could run it for next February’s Winter Wargaming Weekend/Wargaming Birthday Bash. Or maybe next summer… 

I mean, once I get the stuff DONE, there’s no reason I couldn’t run it multiple times!?  (Of course when have I ever done that? Still have all the armies for a 1066-ish DBA campaign… Still have all the armies for the Ronin campaign…) Or maybe I could find a use for the rats in some OTHER type of event. Maybe something more like a co-operative tabletop series of adventures or role-playing weekend campaign - where players are all members of a party of heroes sent to deal with a Skaven infestation below one of the cities of Sigmar in the Mortal Realms!? (Hmmmmm… I really like THAT idea…) 

I guess I best start with actually READING these current Warcry rules I’ve picked up and play a few games with the rats I’ve got painted! 

Friday, May 12, 2023

The Skaven

A number of years ago I kind of inherited an army of old Skaven. Among them are a LOT of old metal ones - like almost enough for an army of their own. Mixed in were plastic ones of various vintages (including some of the original plastic Skaven!) and a pile of metal Ral Partha Ratlings. 

Most of the painted plastics and Ral Partha ratlings were rebased to form a Horde-based Hordes of the Things army of rat-peoples. They are still based as such. 

The old metal GW Skaven all got stripped and rebased and I've been slowly plucking away at them from time to time. I got a bunch done a few years back to play Warcry with them. 

I've been thinking about working on them again and contemplating a few possibilities. 

First, I've got it in my head that I want to host a weekend Warcry campaign/tournament - The Under-Carngard Championship (?) where all players select a warband of Skaven supplied by me to vie for control of the Under-Carngard. 

(it's a city in the Bloodwind Spoil at the Eightpoints - above ground the city is ruled by a bunch Chaos Warlords, but below the surface of the streets there is a massive Skaven infestation!) 

Second, I've wondered if, when all painted, I'd be able to make some sort of Dragon Rampant Army out of them. 

Third... there are a lot of them... I wondered if I might be able to cobble together an AGE of SIGMAR army out of them. I don't actually HAVE the Skaven Battletome (and am in no rush to run out and buy one!? I was just curious to see if it was a possiblitity and use the online Warscroll Builder to see how much I could cobble together!?) 

Of course they could also be used for any number of other skirmish wargames of role-playing games, including (but not limited to) Soulbound (Age of Sigmar RPG), Song of Blades and Heroes, Frostgrave (maybe? Two of the Grey Seers could be Wizards and the other soldiers - or they could be used as monsters), Rangers of Shadowdeep (? - maybe? haven't read the rules yet... I'm hoping just about anything could be used)

So What do I HAVE....?


All of the painted stuff so far... 

I recently touched up the bases - blackening the sides, for a bit more contrast (they had been grey, previously, and it was a bit much with most of the top being grey!) - and picking out a few stones on each base to make into Warpstone - just to break up the monotonous grey a bit more. 

Two Grey Seers and a Plague Priest. All three are Leaders/Heroes in Warcry and Independent, Leader-Character models in Age of Sigmar. 

Clawlord and a Scryre Acolyte. 

The Clawlord is a leader/Hero model in Warcry and an Independant Character Model in Age of Sigmar. 

Perhaps it could be fielded as Elite infantry in Dragon Rampant - along with a few other similar minis (I have a few I'm calling Clawlords!?) 

The Scryre Acolyte is not a leader - I just have the one and it somehow ended up in the picture with the Clawlord... there are four more to paint which would make a unit. 

Not sure what to call this one... Warlock Bombadier? They're the only hero/character model with a longer range weapon (though in Warcry it's range is 6-15" - suggesting it's an indirect weapon - like a mortar or grenade launcher... I guess I could say it's too long and unwieldy to aim at anything close?

In Dragon Rampant, it could be added to the Elite Foot unit with the other Clawlords. Use it as an excuse to give them missile attacks. (I guess Grey Seers could be added to the unit as well, adding to the argument for a ranged attack) 

Six Stormvermin. I'm not sure if any of these were ever called Stormvermin... they may just supposed to be Clan Rats. I decided to differentiate them by saying any of them that are wearing helmets are Stormvermin, those without helmets are Clanrants. 

Probably call them Heavy Foot in Dragon Rampant? Realistically, these would be at best, light foot and the Clanrats would all be Ravenous Hordes... but I just don't think I have nearly enough models to call all the Clanrats Ravenous Hordes!? 

Six Clanrats! 

Five Gutter Runners and one Night Runner. 

Conveniently, Gutter Runners are fielded in units of five for Age of Sigmar.

For Dragon Rampant, I could add in the Night Runner and call them a unit of Scouts! 

TWELVE Giant Rats and a Pack Master! 

Fielded individually in Warcry or in units of 6 or 12 in Age of Sigmar. Teh Packmaster is a separate character, I guess...? 

Not sure what I'd call it in Dragon Rampant... How effective are giant rats!? Maybe just call them Ravenous Hordes? 

Two Plague Monks. Unfortunately, the one on the right of the picture, is the same model I used as a Plague Priest above. It seemed silly and unnecessary to have TWO plague Priests... though I may yet rebase it and call it such. I could also call it a "Bringer of the Word" - which is the leader of a unit of Plague Monks - which is still on a 25mm base, but is a Leader/Hero model in Warry. 

Two Warp-lock Jezzail teams. Fielded individually in Warcry, in Age of Sigmar they are fielded as units of three teams. I would likely field them similarly in Dragon Rampant (as a reduced model unit of Heavy Shooters) 

So, in total, that was...

  • 1x Clawlord
  • 2x Grey Seer
  • 1x Plague Priest
  • 1x Warlock Bombardier?
  • 1x Scryre Acolyte
  • 2x Warplock Jezzail Teams
  • 12x Giant Rats
  • 1x Packmaster
  • 6x Stormvermin
  • 6x Clanrats
  • 5x Gutter Runners
  • 1x Night Runner
  • 2x Plage Monks


All of the minis still to do. 

Arch-Warlock and Thanoquol (a named character in Age of Sigmar, though the current iteration of the character is riding atop a giant, four-armed mutant Rat Ogor named Boneripper... and must be fielded as such... So, I guess I could just call him anohter, fancier, Grey Seer)

In Dragon Rampant I am fond of fielding Wizards as Light Missile, Single Model Units (the shooting representing a ranger attack of sorts, and all the strength points representing magical defences. Though, perhaps, since I have them, they could be fielded as Reduced Model Units along with a few of the Grey Seers...?

If I were to field these as a Frostgrave warband, either of these could be the Wizard and the other Grey Seers would be their apprentices. 

Two Clawlords. Independant Character models in Age of Sigmar and Leader/Hero figures in Warcry. 

Two more of these minis... but on smaller bases. I could rebase and call them MORE... Or they could be Clawleaders or Fangleaders (leaders of Clanrats and Stormvermin, repectively) they are just part of units in Age of Sigmar, but are considered Leader/Hero figures in Warcry. 

Not sure what I'm going to call these two Skaven with warp-lock pistols...? Warlock Engineers? They have a short 8" range attack in Age of Sigmar...? 

Nineteen more Clanrats!  The one up front, with two had weapons held aloft, could probably be a Clawleader (the leader of a unit of Clanrats in Age of Sigmar and a Leader model in Warcry) 

Five More Stormvermin... I think two of them are supposed to be Fangleaders (leaders of units of Stormvermin in Age of Sigmar and a Leader model in Warcry... but I think I'll just use them as regular Stormvermin and use one of the pointing rats as a Fangleader) 

These are two more Beast Masters. I was tempted to take the larger one and put it on a 32mm base and call it a Master Moulder...

Packmasters are fielded in units of three, however... and three is what I'd have here, if they all got painted... so maybe I'll keep them as such. 

Two Rat Ogors

The Dragons Den has a bunch more of the more recent metal Rat Ogors... I am tempted to pick a few of them up... 

Four more Scryre Acolytes. 

Adding these to the one I have painted makes five - and these just happen to be fielded in units of five in Age of Sigmar! 

I forgot to take pictures... but I have another FIVE of these... but don't have the backpacks for them... Not sure what to do with those. 

I made another into a sci-fi mini by giving it a spare space marine backpack and swapping out the globe in it's hand for a bolter... 

This is also an old, OLD Poison Wind Globadier (so, now a Scryre Acolyte) - it's a bit smaller than the others. 

A sixth, then... not much use for Age of Sigmar... but perhaps it could be added to the unit for Dragon Rampant! Maybe a Reduced Model unit of... something with short ranged weapons (Light Foot, perhaps, with mixed light missiles) 

One more Plague Monk with Foetid Blade and Woe Staff. 

Not enough Plague Monks to make any units in Age of Sigmar or Dragon Rampant - unless I thought of a use for the Plague Priest in DRagon rampant and these ended up being attendants (to make it a reduced-model, rather than single-model unit?) 

ONE Plague Censer Bearer

Two more of these guys I was calling Grey Seers - but on smaller bases... I'm not sure what to do with them. I guess I could put them on larger bases and call them MORE Grey Seers - just in case EVERYONE Really wants one for their Warcry Warband - eiher as a leader or a champion/hero

Four Warp Fire thrower Teams. One of the later models, the other three are the original warp fire throwers. 

Unlike the Jezzails below, it looks like the teams are individual units on their own in Age of Sigmar. 

For Dragon Rampant these could all be glommed together into a single, reduced-model unit of either Heavy or Light Missiles? I'm not sure - but with reduced range, but maybe something that makes them a little more BRUTAL. 

I do have four more Jezzail teams as well - currently based for Hordes of the Things (not sure if they were used as "Artillery" or "Shooters"). These could, at some point, be removed, stripped, rebased and repainted... 

In Age of Sigmar, these are fielded in Units of three teams - and count as "Artillery" - so if ever I wanted to include a unit of Jezzails in an Age of Sigmar Army, I'd need at least one of these to complete one unit (and could use the other three as a second unit!) 

For Dragon Rampant, I feel like they could be Heavy Missile, Reduced Model Units (Three teams being one unit, each base being worth four strength points) 


I have a handful of things needing repair (or assembly) before they can be painted. 

Three more Clan Rats and four more Gutter Runners. 

Not quite enough Gutter Runners to field a second unit in either Age of Sigmar or Dragon Rampant. I see on the GW website, they still sell them (new models) as METAL miniatures...? Maybe I should order one pack - as that would be enough to make a second unit of these in both games...? 

Old Skool DOOM WHEEL!? 

Stuff needing to be painted includes... 

  • 2x Clawlord
  • 3x Grey Seer
  • 1x Arch Warlock
  • 2x Warlock Engineer? 
  • 5x Scryre Acolyte
  • 4x Warplock Jezzail Teams
  • 4x Warp Fire Thrower Teams
  • 2x Packmaster
  • 6x Stormvermin
  • 20x Clanrats
  • 4x Gutter Runners
  • 1x Plague Monks
  • 2x Rat Ogors
  • 1x Plague Censer Bearer


So what CAN I put together with ALL of this Once they are all painted!? 

I would have:

  • 3x Clawlords
  • 5x Grey Seers
  • 1x Plague Priest
  • 1x Warlock Bombardier
  • 2x Warlock Engineers 
  • 6x Scryre Acolytes
  • 6x Warplock Jezzail Teams
  • 4x Warp Fire Thrower Teams
  • 12x Giant Rats
  • 3x Packmasters
  • 11x Stormvermin
  • 26x Clanrats
  • 9x Gutter Runners
  • 1x Night Runner
  • 3x Plage Monks
  • 2x Rat Ogors
  • 1x Plague Censer Bearer


I actually just picked up the new edition today... I hope there isn't ANOTHER new edition before I get around to running a tournament... 

As i understand it, the basics of warband construction is... you get 1000 points to spend on 3-15 fighters, no more than three can be heroes (unless you're starting a Narrative Campaign, then you only get ONE!?), at least one must be a hero and is your leader. 

Of the painted models I have five heroes totalling 775 points. There are 36 other fighters totalling 2890 points. I have a grand total of 3665 points and 41 miniatures. I should be able to make THREE warband out of these! 

adding in all the unpainted miniatures I would have... 


  • 3x Clawlord @175 = 525
  • 5x Grey Seer @140 = 700
  • 1x Plague Priest @150 = 150
  • 1x Arch-Warlock @170 = 170
  • 1x Warlock Bombardier @170 = 170
  • 2x Warlock Engineer @130 = 260
  • 2x Fangleader @150 = 300
  • 1x Bringer of the Word @130 = 130
Total - 15 Heroes, 2405 Points

Other Fighters
  • 6x Scryre Acolyte  @80 = 480
  • 6x Warplock Jezzail Teams @150 = 900
  • 4x Warp Fire Thrower Teams @110 = 440
  • 12x Giant Rats @70 = 420
  • 3x Packmaster @70 = 210
  • 8x Stormvermin with Halberd @95 = 760
  • 2x Stormvermin with Halberd and Shielf @80 = 160
  • 25x Clanrats @70 = 1750
  • 9x Gutter Runners @90 = 810
  • 1x Night Runner @75 = 75
  • 2x Plague Monks @80 = 160
  • 2x Rat Ogors @225 = 450
  • 1x Plague Censer Bearer @105 = 105

Total - 81 Fighters, 6720 Points

The Grand Total being... 96 fighters, 9125 points

So... it is conceivable, that I could field up to NINE warbands!? Y'know, if they were ALL painted and it kind of worked out. I think it more reasonable that I could have seven or maybe eight playable ones. At seven warbands there could be two Heroes per warband.... but that would be an uneven number and not really work out for a tournament. EIGHT would be ideal... Ehhhhh... maybe, if it actually seemed like I might get these done, I could pick up a Master Moulder (they're still apparently metal miniatures) and that would make 16 heroes - two for each warband. 

I need to finish painting another 60 miniatures or so... Doesn't seem SO hard. Mind you I only painted that many in all of last year... Of course, I've painted almost that many so far THIS year... Hard to say. If I did five a week,  I'd be done in 12 weeks. I COULD be done by the end of July... IF I stayed focused and got five miniatures done each week. 

Is this stupid? Probably. 

Do I have enough cavern terrain to make four little battlefields...? Maybe... a few of the rounds could be larger four-player mega-battles...? 


As I said, I don't HAVE the Battletome and have no strong desire to get one at this time... but I quickly threw things into the online Warscroll Builder at the Warhammer Community website and here's what I came up with (assuming all the miniatures I have got painted)... 


  • Arch-Warlock (150) 
  • Clawlord (110) 
  • Clawlord (110) 
  • Grey Seer (120) 
  • Grey Seer (120) 
  • Plague Priest (100) 


  • 20 x Clanrats - Rusty Spear(100)
  • 12 x Giant Rats (120)
  • 5 x Gutter Runners (100)
  • 3 x Packmasters (60)
  • 2 x Rat Ogors (140)
  • 5 x Skryre Acolytes (70)
  • 10 x Stormvermin - Halberd (130)
  • 1 x Warpfire Thrower (70) 
  • 1 x Warpfire Thrower (70) 
  • 1 x Warpfire Thrower (70) 
  • 1 x Warpfire Thrower (70) 


  • 3 x Warplock Jezzails (120) 
  • 3 x Warplock Jezzails (120)

TOTAL: 1950/2000








ALLIES: 0/400



I'm not sure how the Clans all work. It seems like if it's declared for a particular clan, certain other units might count as "Battleline"... but I'm not sure how that might restrict other units? Otherwise I'd have to find another unit of Stormvermin or Clanrats - trying to find old metal ones might be prohibitively expensive... Do they do "Open Play" in Age of Sigmar? 

Oh, apparently I didn't even add in the Doom Wheel!? That's another 160points. So I have MORE than I need for a 2000 point army!? 

I wonder if there is a rule in Age of Sigmar (like in 40K) where you can't take more than three of any one type of unit that isn't a core unit? This would only really affect the Warp Fire Throwers.


And then how would I field them in Dragon Rampant... I have to admit, I haven't given it a tonne of thought. But just quickly, I could potentially field something like:

Arch-Warlock and attendants (6) - Elite Foot, Missiles - 8AP

  • Stormvermin (12) - Heavy Foot - 4AP
  • Clanrats (12) - Light Foot - 3AP
  • Clanrats (12) - Light Foot - 3AP
  • Giant Rats (12 - 11 rats, 1 packmaster) -  Ravenous Hordes - 1AP
  • Gutter Runners (6) - Scouts - 2AP
  • Rat Ogors (2) - Offensive Heavy Foot, Reduced Model Unit - 6AP
  • Skryre Acolytes (6) - Light Foot, Offensive, Short-Ranged Missiles, Reduced Model Unit  - 6AP
  • Warplock Jezzails (3) - Heavy Missile, Reduced Model Unit - 4AP
  • Warplock Jezzails (3) - Heavy Missile, Reduced Model Unit - 4AP 
  • Warpfire Thrower (2)  - Light Foot, Short-Ranged Missiles, Fearful, Reduced Model Unit  - 2AP
  • Warpfire Thrower (2)  - Light Foot, Short-Ranged Missiles, Fearful, Reduced Model Unit  - 2AP
  • Doom Wheel (1) - Greater Warbeast, Single Model Unit - 6AP
That's a total of 43 Army Points - LOADS to play in a campaign with! 

So.. What to Do... What to Do... 

If I could wave a magic wand and decide what I was going to paint for the next year and stay focused on that - and wave another magic wand that would conjure up players that could commit to playing in a game... As of writing this, I'd like to start cranking through these and plan to host a Weekend Campaign, either in the fall or for a revived Winter Wargaming Weekend/Wargaming Birthday Bash next February...?

Ideally I'd like to get a few Kill Teams (and some terrain!) done and play a bit of that over the summer... but also mix in a few games of Warcry - just to get some experience playing that (I wonder if I have enough Daughters of Khaine painted for Amanda to play... I could knock off a few more to make that happen, maybe!?) 

I guess if the Under-Carngard Warcry campaign wasn't until next February, I could alternate between batches of Skaven and Kill Teams - just to mix it up, keep it fresh...?

Also I'd like to get a BUNCH more rebasing done - moving into the fall - and finish up a few more units for a few of the other Fantasy armies so they could be used for a campaign over the winter. It would be similar to the Back of Beyond campaign, but using Dragon Rampant to play out the tabletop games and using a campaign system based on the original Mighty Empires!