Tuesday, October 31, 2017

More Tallarn Snipers

I finished up a second Astra Militarum Special Weapon (Sniper) Squad for my Tallarn forces this week. This was, admittedly, a bit of silly thing to do as not only do I have two other special weapon squads - one of the ones I already have is a sniper squad. There is no logical reason for me to have done these. I just did. I should probably get working on some bog standard Infantry Squads.

Here are all the infantry elements of the Tallarn force so far. I do also have a single roughrider that I forgot to bring out for the picture.

Actually I should get on with some of those Space Hulk miniatures.

I don't work well with "should"s though.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Tallarn Roughrider

I have a unit of nine Tallarn Roughriders on my painting desk. I started out doing them as a group, but then finished up this one just to see how it would turn out.

I decided to do them in black headscarves, like I did with the Command Section, to indicate some sort of elite or veteran status - though stat-wise, they really aren't...

I figure one would really have to be some kind of bad-ass to go charging into combat in the 41st millennium on HORSEBACK! So....

about half of them have that trim at the bottom of their smock. I wasn't sure if I should do them in camouflage - like the infantry - or really bling them up like the Officer. Ultimately I decided to go with camouflage like the infantry. I painted the trim up on this guy, but now I'm thinking I might carve it off the rest of them... I don't know...

They originally came on some crazy long narrow bases - that were rounded at the end. I didn't like the look of them and decided to go with round ones. Though I normally base my guys on washers, I'd previously based a GW plastic horse on one of these rounded plastic bases and didn't mind it so much, so I've gone with those instead. With the ones they came with I could probably pack them into a single tight line abreast and get more into direct contact with anyone they charged, but the close combat rules say as long as they're within 1" of another model that is within 1" of the enemy they can participate, so I'm not worried about the base making it harder to get into combat.

Originally I'd envisioned converting them so they'd be festooned with kit - like WW2 Desert SAS jeeps - but on horseback. But when I actually got to working on these I realized a lot of what I'd like to do would interfere with the tails of their smack. In the end I just added a couple small bags, rolls, or waterskis to each.

Up Next?

While I have another eight of these on the workbench, I may shuffle them to the side momentarily as they wait the arrived of another lot of Tallarn I picked up... yeah... ANOTHER one - and this one is almost as big as the last one and will basically double the size of the force I will have (because apparently I didn't have enough already!?). With the new batch I should be able to put together four platoons of four infantry squads, TWO units of 10 roughriders - each with an actual sergeant figure (so, waiting on that sergeant before I finish these) and adding a pile more heavy weapon teams - including NINE mortar!?

Maybe I should get some of the Genestealers done while I'm waiting...?

Actually I'll probably finish up Sniper Section #2 - as I have only two figures to paint to finish it up.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Elsewhere on Brind's World...

The kids' friend had another day off school on Monday and this time brought his Tyranids over to play....

Brind's World 3.810.017.M42

A meteorid slipped through the network of Imperial ships orbiting Brind's World. It had been noted on auspex, but figured to be a lifeless rock and small enough that it would burn up on entering the atmosphere. Indeed it lit up the sky as it came plummeting out of the heavens and streaked across the skies of Brind's World. It was even visible to the troops of #3 Commando, 222nd Guaiacan Commando Regiment that has recently been deployed to the surface. It did not completely burn up however. 

The wayward hiveship from Hivefleet Haemorrhoid  made landfall over a thousand kilometres to the east of #3 commando's current area of operations. It crashed into the surface with a thunderous explosion that could be heard hundreds of kilometres away and levelled an area of the equatorial jungle at least 20 kilometres in diameter. Almost immediately the mob began to disgorge it's contents onto the world: swarms of Tyranids which skittered out in every direction.

Warboss Blitzagg, who was in the area gathered up parts of his mob to go and check out the source of the bring light and big boom... 


Warboss Blitzagg's Mob
Warboss Blitzagg 
20 Boyz
Wazdigg's War Buggy
Power Level: 17, Patrol Detachment - 4 Command Points

Elements of Hivefleet Haemorrhoid
Tyaranid Prime 
2 Tyranid Warriors
20 Termagaunts
10 Hormagaunts
Power Level: 19, Patrol Detachment - 4 Command Points


It was agreed that we'd played enough of the Ambush scenario and they boyz decided to play a simple Patrol Scenario. Both would start with three units on the table, and extras started in reserve and could be rolled for starting on Round Two. Victory points were scored for each unit destroyed (an element in a few scenarios that I am not fond of as my Astra Militarum forces tent to have a large number of low cost units - even if I took out an equal part of an enemy force - points-wise - they would still win because my points are divided out into so many units...?) 


It was determined that the Tyranid Prime's name was Chcczkhch (sounds like someone with bronchitis clearing their throat) - to which Finnegan responded "Funny name, must be Greek!" (only I laughed...). Warlord traits were rolled for - Warboss Blitzagg got Tenacious Survivor and Tyranid Prime Chcczkhch got Legendary Fighter. 

The Field of Battle - again with the jungle ruins - ruins seem to feature pretty prominently amid the equatorial jungles of Brind's World. Who built these? Where did they go?

The Girl decided she didn't want to play today - she was more interested in getting some more figures painted (which we did do in the afternoon after the game!). But she hung out and watched and cheered on her brother's Orks. 

Finnegan deploying his mob go Orks. 

Horde of Termagaunts from Hivefleet Haemorrhoid.

Lead elements of the patrol from Hivefleet Haemorrhoid.

Overview of things, just before the sh!t got real. 


The Tyranids won the dice off and decided to take the first turn. 

Termagaunts charging though the jungle towards the Orks - they could smell the tasty, tasty ork flesh... 


End of the Tyranid Turn - all moved and advanced - no shooting. 

Finnegan starting to move the Orks out of the ruin they were hanging out in.

With a gout of black smoke and squealing of tires, Wazdigg's War Buggy roared onto the scene launching missiles at the surging mass of Hormagaunts. The swaying bumping buggy made the missiles spray wildly off in different directions - none of which were populated by enemy - but they made a great WHOOOSHing noise followed by a loud CRACK upon detonation - and that's all Wazdigg really cared about.... 

The Ork boyz and Warboss Blitzagg, having advanced out of the ruin and into a stand of trees they could barely make out the advancing enemy and so all began shooting. 

The ferocious crackle and loud banging of many, varied firearms announced the advance of the Orks. leaves rustled and trees shook and bullets impacted them, but none found their way beyond the wood to where the tryanids paused for but a moment... 


Round two saw the arrival of the two Tyranid Warriors from reserve. They lumbered onto the table, but could not spot any enemy to charge or shoot at. 

The Hormogaunts did charge the Orks. Overwatch fire killed many more trees... and one hormogaunts. The Hormogaunts may have knocked out an Ork or two, but for some reason I made no note of it...? Then the Orks got to hit back. Two of the Hormogaunts were crushed in Warboss Blitzagg's fearsome Power Klaw, and the rest were killed by the rest of the Boyz... 


Meanwhile the Tyranid Prime, leading the horde of Termagaunts, continued it's advance. 

On the Orks turn, Warboss Blitzagg and the Boyz advanced, crushing the remains of the hormogaunts under their boots as they trompled though through the woods. As they lead elements got to the edge of the stand of jungle they spied the Tyranid prime leading the Termagaunts and unloaded on the "Big'un Bug"... with little effect... 

Seeing the Hormogaunts disappear into the woods and hearing their the sounds of their demise at the hands of their bother orks, Wazdigg set off in search of other prey. His driver pulled a few doughnuts, spitting up turf and showering the trees with dirt and brought them around to face the advancing Tyranid Warriors. Again, Wazdigg, to his own delight, launched rockets off into the jungle destroying much flora, but leaving the Tyrannids completely untouched. 


Chcczkhch, Tyranid Prime of Hivefleet Haemorrhoid, shuffled forward and spewed forth some biological atrocity into the surging mob of Orks, infecting (and ultimately killing) two of them. The Termagaunts caught up with their leader and also spit grossness into the woods, but the Orks were unaffected by this. 

The Tyranid Warriors skittered towards Wazdigg's War Buggy, which had finally screeched to a halt, and unleashed a torrent of venomous goo at Wazdigg! Though part of the buggy was splashed with the foul gunk (and would eventually cause some considerable corrosion), Wazdigg and his driver remained unharmed and the buggy remained in operation.

On the Orks turn Wazdigg fired back at the Tyranid warriors, now that the buggy had halted his missiles were a bit more accurate and hit one of the warriors. The initial wound roll failed, rolling a one. As it was 2+ to wound, Finnegan decided it was totally worth using a Command Point for a re-roll and succeeded. The Tyranids wasted two command points re-rolling saves... Tyranid warrior still died in an explosion of smoke and fire and pinkish-green goo. 

The Orks fired on the Termagaunts. The torrent of bullets took down SEVEN of them! 


The Tyranid Prime and Termagaunts returned fire and took out four more Orks. The Tyranid Warrior spouted another blast of venomous goo and it managed to eat through one of the tires (1 wound!) not that that ever slowed Wazdigg's War Buggy!?

Then the Orks went... 

Wazdigg hit the remaining Tyranid Warrior with TWO missiles causing SIX WOUNDs blowing to bits. 

The Boyz unleashed another torrent of fire at the Termagaunts, killing another four and then charged in. Overwatch fire proved ineffective and the Orks overran and utterly destroyed the Termagaunts. The Tyranid Prime, who had done a"heroic intervention" to enter the fray, used two command points to preform a counterattack - allowing it to attack before the next charging unit (Warboss Blitzagg). It's scything talons, slashed down FOUR Ork boys. Then Warboss Blitzagg took a chunk out of the Tyranid Prime with his Power Klaw. 


The Tyranid Prime was still standing and would not give up! It stood and fought to the last. It took down one more Ork Boy before Warboss Blitzagg caught it up in his Power Claw and utterly crushed it, severing it's head, spurting foetid yellow ichor all over the place... 


I did not expect that engagement to be quite so... one-sided... I had a feeling the Orks would come out on top, but still... Regardless, fun was had and everyone was still smiling at the end of the game and vowing vengeance.

We probably won't get in another game until some time next week, however. When we do, though, it might be time to notch up the Power Level a bit. Maybe 20-25? I don't want to jump right up to 30 or 40 and have game bog down and end up being boring... 

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have been working on some Tallarn Roughriders. I finished one as a sample and will hopefully get some pics up here soonish.

I did take pictures of each unit in my (now completed!) Guaiacan Commando force, but most of them turned out pretty grainy and/or out of focus... I think I'm going to discard the lot of them and wait for a day with better lighting conditions to try again.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Last of the Guaiacan Commandoes

Just a quick post this morning - yesterday I finished up the last two heavy weapon teams for the Guaiacan Commandoes!

Pictured there with a previously painted team, these are the very last figures I needed to paint to complete this force (well... for now...).

Technically it WAS completed some time ago... but then Warhammer 40,000 8th edition came along and changed how everything was organized and the force required a bit of a reorg so I could field it as a "Brigade" detachment.

Here's what the entire force looks like.

I'll be posting more new pictures of the entire force (along with a breakdown of what's in the force) at some point ( hopefully later today) as well as another battle report between Finnegan's Orks and his friends Tyranids!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Again With The 40K

Finnegan and I played another game of 40K on Saturday afternoon. After the success of our smaller games on Thursday I wanted to strike again while the iron was hot and hopefully keep some momentum going... I was curious to see how the Orks would do as the defender in the ambush scenario - especially against a numerically superior force with weaker weapons lower strength and toughness (i.e. my Imperial Guard). Having seen the same orks utterly devastate The Girl's Eldar a few weeks back, I was a little frightened of them - could I pour on enough fire to reduce the mob before they got into close combat - because I was quite certain, if they DID get into close combat, that would be the end of my Guard!

Brind's World 3.805.017.M42

The colony on Brind's World is less than 100 years old. The world was brought back into the Imperial fold by Rogue Trader Gaius Armonius Brind in 946.M41. At the time it was described as habitable, but devoid of sentient life. A colony of only a few thousand souls was officially established in 952.M41. Over the next decade the colony grew steadily. The primary industry has been listed as "Primary Resource Extraction".

In 959.M42 as a new settlement was established on a new continent it was discovered that the initial assessment of "devoid of sentient life" was incorrect. A large number of seemingly indigenous Orks lived on the continent and  have been in a constant low-level guerrilla conflict of raiding and harassment ever since. As the colony didn't have the population to form a defence force large enough to deal with this threat, the Brind family, at their own expense, has regularly brought in off-world mercenary forces to protect the settlements.

At one point the Imperial Navy was brought in to pinpoint the major Ork settlements and bombard them from orbit. Only a few surface settlements were discovered and they, and all land around them for 100Km were utterly destroyed. But the Orks continued to harass the colonists. 

Early in 017.M42 the Astra Telepathica received a distress cry from Brind's World - settlements had been overrun by Xenos. As the cogs of the great machine that is Adeptus Administratum began to grind to life and develop a response to this crisis, it was discovered that a fresh regiment of the Guaiacan Commandoes, ten thousand strong, had just been tithed to the Astra Militarum and were embarking on Imperial void ships ready for assignment to a war zone. As the Guaiacan system was in the same sector of the Segmentum Pacificus that Brind's World was located, they would be the first to respond. Others would follow. 

After a few months of travel, The 222nd Guaiacan Commando Regiment arrived in the Brind's World system around 668.017.M42. During the journey to the planet no contact was made with the colony's settlements. After settling in orbit no signals from the colonies could be heard. 

On 3.784.017.M42 elements of B Squadron, 4 Commando, 222nd Guaiacan Commando Regiment, under Captain Trent Marvos, were deployed to the surface to establish a firebase near one of the largest settlements on the planet. From there patrols could be sent out to reconnoitre the area and  determine the fate of the colonists and the presence of any hostile xenos. On 786.017.M42 a distress signal was received from the dirtside force that they were being overrun by metallic armoured xenos. Captain Marvos' final signal was to fire on his position. A 50Km diameter region around the last know position of B Squadron, 4 Commando was levelled by an orbital bombardment. 

It was later concluded that these xenos were, in fact, Necrons! 

Thought there was still no contact with he colonists, renewed auspex sweeps determined that there was much activity on the surface, and possibly conflict between different xenos factions.  

Though the regiment was shaken by the loss of an entire squadron, It was determined that another force should be dispatched to the surface immediately - but in much greater strength. The entirely of #3 Commando was dropped en masse. Pickets were established widely around the area of operations to warn of any approaching xenos threats to prevent another disaster, such as that that befell B Squadron, 4 Commando. 

First contact was made by 2 Troop, C Squadron, #3 Commando. Just before dawn on Brind's World 807.017.M43, scouts from 2 Troop reported to their OC (Lieutenant Rogers) that a force of Xenos was approaching their area of operations. Lt. Rogers moved quickly to establish an ambush along the Xenos projected line of advance and waited....


2 Troop, C Squadron, #3 Commando, 222nd Guaiacan Commando Regiment

Company Commander (Lt. Rogers - actually only a troop commander in the fluff, but in game terms he's a bit of a heroic character and an HQ element is required for battle-forged forces and a platoon commander ISN'T an HQ element!? So...) PL 2
Warlord Ability: Master of Command (issue one extra order each turn!) 

3x Infantry Squads (1, 2, & 3 Section) @PL 3 = PL 9 

Command Squad (2 Troop Command Section) PL 2 
Ratling Sniper Squad (attached elements of Reuzenbol's Ratling Rifles) PL2 

Heavy Weapon Squad (mortars - from C Squadron support Troop)PL 3

Power Level 18
Patrol Detachment, 4 Command Points. 

Warkurr's Mob

Warboss Warkurr PL 5
Warlord Ability: Inspiring Leader (again!? or.. STILL!?)

Ork Boyz (30) PL 13

Patrol Detachment, 4 Command Points


As with the two previous games we played the Ambush Scenario straight out of the 8th Edition Core Rulebook. This time the Astra Militarum were the attackers and the Orks the Defenders. The Orks objective was to escape the ambush by exiting units off the opposite table edge. The Astra Militarum's objective was to prevent this.


Finnegan setting up Warkurr's Mob in the kill zone of Lt. Roger's Ambush. 

Fresh from their own successful ambush of the clankies, Warkurr's mob was feeling pretty invincible and gave not a care for what lurked in the woods around them....

Sgt. Jack lead his Ratling snipers, silent as ghosts, to their firing position to the west of the Killzone in the faint, pre-dawn light. Just as they arrived they spotted the xenos, careless to the point of folly, lumbering through the clearing completely unaware of the doom about to befall them. Without even a word between them, the Ratlings adjusted their sights and prepared to fire on the signal from the Patrol Commander...

Everyone all set up. The orks set up as close to their escape route as possible. I set up three infantry squads and the command squad along the exit edge of the table and the ratings and mortars on the flanks - hoping they would be able to fire down on the Orks, but not likely be a target as the Orks just focused on getting the heck out of there.

Lt. Rogers quickly set up his three commando sections across the path of the advancing Orks and waited for them to enter the kill zone... 

A Mortar section from the Commando's Support Squadron quickly set up in a ruin that gave them a secure position to fire from. Cpl. Daal, the section commander wondered at the ruins - they obviously weren't part of the colony - they were ancient. It didn't seem likely they were constructed by Orks either. He was sure in the briefings they had said when the planet was settled there had been no evidence of sentient life one the planet - but there was plenty of evidence everywhere they went...?


Mortar team in position awaiting Lt. Rogers signal... The Ratlings also held their position while the three infantry squads moved forward into stands of trees to gain a firing position. I spent two command points to give both the Ratings and the Mortar team Spectrum Enhanced Wargear -a stratagem foe this scenario that allows a unit to ignore the -1 to hit penalty due to darkness on the first turn.

Drunk from their success against the "clankies", the Orks trundled forward. When the small ball of glowing green light (presaged by a soft popping noise in the distant woods) rose up above the tree canopy they all stared in dull wonder. Only Warboss Warkurr suspected something was amiss, but his troops stared blankly back as he roared at them. Only when the first mortar shell landed amongst them with a thunderous BANG, launching Orks - or parts of Orks - into the sat and showering the rest in dirt, shredded foliage, and black ichor of their mangled comrades, did the reality of the situation sink in. 

As the signal flare rose into the still half-dark sky, Sgt. Jack looked to his men, left and right, still, silent, determined and already lining up their first tartgets. He then pressed his eye to the rifles spectrum enhanced sight and lined up his own first target. Just as the first mortar round fell amongst them he gently squeezed the trigger, felt the shock of the recoil and watched as a small hole appeared on the near side of his target's head  and could barely make out the spray as his head exploded out and away, showering those next to him with skull bits and brain. He continued to watch, not without some satisfaction, as the hulking brute slowly teetered and crumpled forward, gouts of black blood spurting out of his head. He then lined up his next shot. 

Trooper Gand, gunner for 2 Section's rocket team also launched his frag missile into the mass of Orks. There was a small flash as it detonated in their midst and showed them with metal fragments. More orks fell. Then the rest of the three sections opened up with everything they had. 

Mortars took out an Ork, the Ratings snipers another. A single shot from 2nd sections Missile Launcher team took out THREE! The rest of the firing was largely ineffective. Toughness 4 is tough, yo! (But Finnegan also rolled an unbelievable number of sixes when rolling saves this turn!)

I realized at the end of the round I'd completely forgotten to issue any orders!?

On their turn the Orks lumbered forward - advancing 8". They din't even bothering to shoot - BS 5+, -1 for firing Assault Weapons after advancing, -1 for darkness on Round One...


Despite the robustness of these massive hulking xenos, the weight of fire was telling one after the other fell as they rushed forward at their attackers!

This turn was particularly brutal The Mortars claimed FOUR more and the railings another two. This time I remembered to use orders! 1 Section was given the "Front Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire" order which effectively makes all lasguns in the squad Rapid Fire 2 - as the Orks were now within half range that meant 24 lasgun shots! 1 Section took out one Orks with their missile team, the Flamer knock out another two and the 24 lasguns shots... took down another three. 2 Section took down another four Orks, as did 3 section. The Plasma gunner in the Command section roasted another two!?

16 Orks downed in one turn. Finnegan spent two Command Points to automatically pass his morale test (a wise move).

On the Orks turn they moved, but did not advance. They lit up the jungle in front of them with everything they had left (which wasn't much), but the Guaiacans kept their heads down and took no casualties. Then in they went....

The Orks crashed into the woods with savage fury! The guardsmen fired as they came on - the lasguns were entirely ineffective as stemming the green tide, at the last moment Trooper Gundstoff let off a blast from his flamer and managed to immolate two of them before the remaining few fell upon the guardsmen. Only the two biggest Orks were left, but they fought with the strength of a dozen men and a ferocity the guardsmen had never experienced. One of them - slashing wildly left and right with it's vicious power klaw, killed Troopers Jenkins, Ross and Abernathy before Sergeant Maloney tore it asunder, from shoulder to hip, with his chainsword. The biggest one - Warboss Warkurr - scooped up both Nabinda and Taft with one fell swoop and crushed them both in his might Klaw. 

When the dust and leaves settled, all that was left was Warboss Warkurr and five Guardsmen. I had used a Command Point to use the Vicious Traps stratagem as they charged into combat, but failed cause any wounds with it. Miraculously, my guardsmen passed morale!


The writing was kind of on the wall at this point and we could have called it a day, but Finnegan agreed to play out another round (or two) just to see how long his warboss could survive.

Sergeant Maloney shouted into his headset Vox-caster "FIRE ON MY POSITION!" Then he called to his men: "FALL BACK!" As they retreated away from the massive Ork Warboss the first mortar rounds dropped into the wood! 

The Guard in the woods fell back from the close combat and everyone fired into the woods (I later realized I forgot to -1 to their hits for him being in cover... doooohhhh....). The mortar caused a wound. 1 Section was ordered to "GET BACK INTO THE FIGHT", which allows a unit that fell back to fire this turn. Their close up fire caused another wound. 2 and 3 Section were given the "Front Rank fire, Second Rank Fire!" order and, despite over 20 lasgun shots each (plus their Missile Launchers and Grenade Launchers) caused a total of two more wounds.

On the Orks Turn Warboss Warkurr fell on the Guardsmen again. Warkurrs fire caused no casualties, the Overwatch fire was ineffective as well. I spend my last command point on another Vicious Traps stratagem - and scored one mortal wound! Warkurr took down two more guardsmen! The Guardsmen passed another round.


Sergeant Maloney and two other troopers came sprinting out of the woods, covered in blood and mud and soot, and they were screaming "IT'S STILL ALIVE IN THERE! KILL IT! KILL IT!" The two remaining sections poured all their fire into the woods for a full five minutes until Lieutenant Rogers called for a ceasefire. All was quite for a few minutes, save for a few rounds cooking off on the burning bodies in the woods. Cautiously 2 Section moved out and entered what remained of the stand of trees and bush, covered by 3 Section. There was nothing but bodies in that wood. Seven of their comrades lay dead - mutilated by the vicious Ork Power-Klaws. Men some of them had know and trained with for years. Along with their comrades were the wretched smelling Orks - a trail of thirty of them leading all the way back to the kill zone they'd originally been caught in. 

It was a fun and interesting game. Finnegan took the crushing defeat rather well. I honestly thought they'd have done better. Orks are BRUTAL in close combat - but the weight of fire the guardsmen can bring down on them can make it VERY difficult for them to get INTO close combat!

I did have some crazy-lucky rolls in the first turn or so - I couldn't stop rolling fives for all my Heavy D6 weapons (Mortars and Missile Launchers). Lasguns not super effective - but when each squad has 6 guys with them and those six guys are taking 24 shots each when they're within 12" and give the "Front Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire" order... SOME of them are going to hit and wound!

The kids' friend has another day off school tomorrow and so he's coming by again. We'd originally planned to have a painting day, but he emailed over the weekend and said he'd bring some stuff to play with and this time he's bringing his Tyranids.

I've spent a bit of time this weekend working out more background for this theatre of operations to give a bit more narrative to our battles and might even set an Only War role-playing campaign here and/or a Shadow War: Armageddon campaign (although I guess it would be Shadow War: Brind's World) and possibly a future Rogue Trader role-playing game campaign...

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ambushes on Brind's World

The kid's friend had a day of school on Thursday and so came over for the day to play a couple more games of 40K with us. After the previous disappointment of playing for hours and only just finishing the first turn, I suggested playing with MUCH SMALLER FORCES! I suggested the kids all come up with forces that were 15-20 Power Level, and at least 1/3 of the force should be Troops and no more than 1/3 be characters. This worked out MUCH BETTER. Not only did we play a game to conclusion - we got to play TWO games to conclusion AND everyone was engaged and having fun the whole time!!

Yes, there is a stove and dishwasher in our living room... renovations are still underway...




Warboss Warkurr PL 5
Warlord Ability: Inspiring Leader

Ork Boyz (30) PL 13

Patrol Detachment, 4 Command Points


Overlord J.O.E. PL 7
Warlord Ability: Legendary Fighter

Necron Warriors (10) PL 6

Deathmarks (5) PL 5

Patrol Detachment, 4 Command Points


For both games we played the Ambush Scenario. It seemed like one that could be played at a lower power level and had an objective other than simply utterly destroying you opponent - although, that is an option, I suppose... The attacker sets up around the fringe in cover, then the defender sets up in some relatively open space. If the defender can get units of Power Level (regardless of how many are actually left in the unit) equal to one third of his force or greater off the far end of the table they win. We discussed the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two forces and decided it would probably be a lot harder for the Orks to attack as they had fewer units and the Necrons could slip past on one flank or the other. After this we decided to roll for it. Necrons won and decided to defend.


The table we used for both games. The relatively open area to the left of centre is the defenders set up area.

General J.O.E. plots his escape from this ambush. The attacker sets up some hidden deployment markers to start with (the red dice #1 and #2), then the defender sets up in their deployment zone.

The Orks then sets up their forces around the appropriate deployment marker.

Ready to RUMBLE!!


The Orks moved up to the front edge of the woods they were hiding in and lit up the Necrons... well... most of them lit up the air and ground in front of the Necrons, but the Big Shootas were actually in range and scored a few hits taking out two of the Necron Warriors.

...and on the Necron turn those two warriors came back (Ugh... Necrons... they're like a bad case of herpes... Mechanical Space Herpes!). They then slowly began to trundle up the table, shooting as they went. The Deathmarks managed to tag one of the Ork Boyz.


The Orks held their position and continued to fire on the Mechanical Space Herpes... er... I mean... NECRONS, and knocked one down again....

The Necron warrior did not get up again thus preventing this game from turning into a song by Chumbawumba. The Necrons continued their ponderous advance blazing away with their pew-pew guns. Their shooting was a touch more effective, taking down three more Boyz.


More of the same - except the Warboss and some of the Boyz with Shootas got in on the action... though the Orks, with all that extra shooting, still only knocked one Necron Warrior down.

On the Necrons turn one of the downed warriors got back up again (officially turning the game into a song by Chumbawumba...). Realizing this game was likely half over and his troops were barely at the middle of the table, Overlord J.O.E. started to lead his Herpes... I mean... Warriors off to the flank - but not so fast they couldn't shoot up five more Orks.


The Orks moved out to intercept the fleeing... I'm not sure "fleeing" is the right word... Fleeing, to me, indicates some haste or desire to move quickly away... they were more like "moving slowly to the side"... so... The Orks moved out to intercept the "moving slowly to the side" Necron Warriors. The big Shootas took down two more warriors. The regular shootas, with their 10 shots, only hit once and, though it managed to cause a wound, it was saved...

Two Necron warriors got up again and fled with their Overlord... well... shuffled off behind the woods. The Deathmarks covering their... shuffling... managed to take down another Ork By and inflicted two wounds on Warboss Warkurr... which, really, I think it only made him angry...


The Orks chased after the Necron Warriors, blazing away in all directions! someone managed to kill one of those pesky Deathmarks that were harrying them.

The downed Deathmark got up again (but somehow didn't get back on the table...?) The Necrons and the overlord moved a little and then lit up the Orks at close range - which took out two more of them - and the Deathmarks took down another two as well...

It being the end of the Fifth Turn in a variable length scenario, Finnegan rolled a die.... and the game was over and the Necrons, having gotten NONE of their force off the table, lost...

Well... that was a little anti-climactic, so everyone decided to play another round "just to see"


The Ork mob surged forward and unleashed some terrifying close range fire! Their prep fire alone took down five Necron Warriors.

Then they charged in.

Nekron Overwatch fire took out one Ork, which was just not enough to stem the green tide. The Orks utterly wiped out the remaining Necron Warriors - before they even got to finish all their attacks.

The Overlord had done a "Heroic Intervention" and joined the fray. He even spent a two Command Points to fight before the Warboss. While he (it? it's a robot right?) scored three hits, not one wounded. Finnegan figured he swung his big green scythe and the warbles grabbed it in his Power Klaw. Then the Warboss hit back and landed some telling blows with the aforementioned Power Klaw - scoring FOUR WOUNDS! OUCH! (or not... because it's a robot, right?). Still... that's got to leave a mark.

On the Necron turn Overlord J.O.E. fell back from the combat and continues his stroll towards the table edge... The Deathmarks moved and shot a few more Boyz...

At that point they decided that was enough. There was no way he'd make it off before the end of Turn Seven... even if the Orks DIDN'T for some reason charge him on their next turn and finish him off...




Farseer Jiharrien Moonemnlookhe  PL 5
Warlord Ability: Tenatious Survivor
Psychic Abilities: Smite, Fortune, Guide

Harlequins (5) PL 7
(Narook, Millim, Loemenia, Rallensha, and... Stabpants?)

Howling Banshees (5) PL 5
(Fritz, Shan, Khara, Allren, Shaefha)

Patrol Detachment, 4 Command Points


Overlord G.E.O.R.G.E. PL 7
Warlord Ability: Legendary Fighter

Necron Warriors (10) PL 6

Deathmarks (5) PL 5

Patrol Detachment, 4 Command Points


Same as before, except this time the Necrons were attacking and the Eldar were defending.


All set up and ready to go. Learning from the previous game, The Girl decided he best option was to set up as close as possible to the far end of the table and SPRINT for it!


The Necrons decided to spend a Command Point to keep the dark rules going for an additional turn. I'm not entirely sure why, as THEY are the ones with long range weaponry...? But spend them they did. They also spent two do have two of their units ignore the dark rules for a turn. And so to start off the game they rained down withering pew-pew gunfire on the Eldar. Millim was grazed in all this and stumbled and broke a nail and had to tell the rest of the troope she was out for this one and wandered off.

On their turn, the Eldar didn't wait around - all moved and advanced as quick as they could for cover on the flank and to make for the escape route!


Overlord G.E.O.R.G.E. was utterly confused by this move and chased (well... trundled after them). The Warriors got far enough around the corner that they had a Harlequin in their sights and shot them up - causing FOUR WOUNDS - Leaving Rallensha alone to carry out whatever mysterious mission they were tasked with carrying out.

The Harlequins checked morale - not a big concern, they'd only fail on a 6... which is, of course, precisely what The Girl rolled (thank goodness for Command Points and re-rolls!). Rallensha thought about it a moment and decided "THE SHOW MUST GO ON!"

So on the Eldar turn, Rellensha, the sole remaining Harlequin took off like a bat out of hell and hauled flip-belt for the escape route.

The Farseer wasn't far behind her, and conjured up some Smiteness to blast away one of the Necron Warriors. The Howling Banshees moved up and fired off their shrunken pistols and took out another Warrior (they'd actually caused FOUR wounds with their five shots, but the Necrons saved three). They declared their charge, dodged all the Necron overwatch shots and in they went.

howling Banshees, WS 3+, 10 attacks... took out one Necron... The Necrons fought back and Khara stubbed her toe and decided to call it quits for the day.


Overlord G.E.O.R.G.E. and the Deathmarks were hauling robobutt to try and block that Harlequin from escaping off the table - as that single Harlequin making it off the table would mean a loss for them. Despite some pretty amazing advance rolls, it was clear they were just not going to make it... 2 of the Necron warriors got up again... so... there was that going for them...

...and then the Necrons and Banshees fought again...

Oh, those Banshees... Luckily they hit on a 3...

They still took out one Necron Warriors. Or perhaps they were just tipping them over like cows or something... The Necrons didn't manage to score any wounds. It was like they were having some girl-eldar-robo-slap-fight... I don't know.

On the Eldar turn the sole Harlequin scarpered and that effectively won the game for the Eldar. They decided to play it out.

the Farseer moved up and blasted General G.E.O.R.G.E., Necron Overlord, with some smite and caused two wounds. She also shot at him with her Shining Spear, but it saved those wounds.

the Banshees and the Necron Warriors kept up their slap fight shouting "STAAAAAWWWWP! STAAAAAWWWWP! " at each other.


Two Necron Warriors got up again.... I think The Girl was getting rather tired of that...

The Overlord moved and shot at the Farseer, causing one wound, Then charged into close combat in a desperate bid to try and stop her from getting off the table as well!

The Overlord attacked the Farseer, no wounds. The Banshees took out another Necron Warrior. The Necron Warriors finally took out another Banshee (it was Fritz, one of them tripped her and she bruised her knee and took a time out...). Then the Farseer caused two wounds on the Overlord... but the Overlord saved them...

On the Eldar Turn the Farseer danced out of combat and off the table edge.

At that point they called it...

As I said at the beginning this worked out WAY better than last time! Everyone stayed engaged and excited about the game and were super stoked to actually FINISH a game! I'm hoping over the weekend I can get the kids to have battle with me and my Power Level 18 force (I did have one ready, just in case we got through two games and had time to spare...).

The kids friend has another day off skewl on Monday so he's coming over again, but I think we're going to set up for a day of painting!

Speaking of painting, I've been up to a bit...

Another Special Weapon Squad for the Tallarn force. Up next I should have a Catachan/Guaiacan Heavy Weapons team.