Sunday, October 8, 2017

40K Imperial Soldiers and Agents

I realized I haven't been updating the tally over to the left for some time - since I got the new computer and changed how I draft posts for this blog... Ah well...

I've been down with a cold since Wednesday so I haven't made much progress in painting toys, playing games, or rebuilding kitchens. In fact though we played at least one game every day in the month of September, we haven't played a single game this first week of October. Hopefully we'll get one in tomorrow. I also hope I'll get the pony wall in the kitchen built this week - assuming at some point I'm feeling more like a human and less like a festering, gurgling puddle of putrid shoggoth.

Here are a few things I DID manage to finish up over the last week....

Four Tallarn snipers - these are actually Cadian snipers that I simple converted by carving off part of their heads and adding the head scarves. I was thinking of fielding three in a Special Weapons Section and add the remaining one to the Company Command Section, but I think now I might just pick up another pack of them and field TWO Sniper Sections. I have no idea if this is useful in the game, but it seems to fit with the sneaky-beaky nature of Tallarn Desert Raiders...

Imperial Assassin. I actually had one of these miniatures waaaaaaaaay back, but was lost in one of the great purges (and I have been kicking myself ever since). I was picking up a few Catachan Heavy weapon teams off eBay and a seller happened to have one, so I picked it up. In the current 40K universe I think this guy would be called an Eversor Assassin - seems like they like to deal with stuff up close and personal - that huge gun thing he's carrying is a PISTOL!?

I also have an Inquisitor - that I have kept since waaaaaaaaay back and am currently repainting.

I wish I'd picked up Dark Heresy when it was still available in the FFG Black Friday sales... drat.

the Girl wanted to play a Psyker in the Only War campaign I'm planning to get going this month, so I went looking for a suitable girly-psyker figure and found one on Bad Squiddo Games website... and then realized I HAVE THAT FIGURE ALREADY!? Sure enough we received it as part of our Bones 3 rewards from Reaper Miniatures earlier this year - and I was utterly shocked when The Girl didn't even claim it for herself (she usually grabs everything that looks remotely female!)

To make her look the bit I thought I'd make the short cape look like a large bit of parchment, perhaps declaring her a GOOD PSYKER - NOT WITCH!

And here are some of the aforementioned Catachan (Guaiacan!) Heavy Weapon teams. With the 8th Edition re-org. I took most of the heavy weapons OUT of the command sections and formed them into Heavy Weapon Sections (to fill out the Heavy Support role). I have two more mortars and two more auto-cannons to finish up and then my Guaiacan Commandoes will be once again complete.


Because the Tallarn are all flash and new and I'm super excited about painting them, I'm having a hard time motivating myself to finish up the Guaiacan Heavy Weapon teams - even though the rational thing would be to finish off the force that is so very, very close to being finished. So I've had to make a deal with myself - NO MORE TALLARN UNTIL I FINISH THE GUAIACAN HEAVY WEAPON TEAMS!! For that matter, I'm also not going to paint any Tallarn until I finish up the Space Hulk miniatures that have been sitting in a box lurking near my painting station for WAY TOO LONG!!!

Perhaps that's a bit Draconian... I'll just end up resenting myself and rebelling against my own authority and just painting whatever I want willy-nilly! So how about this... Finish the Guaiacan Heavy Weapon Teams, then paint a unit of Tallarn. Finish the Genestealers from the Space Hulk set (because they're half painted already), Then paint another unit of Tallarn. Finish all the damned terminators from the Space Hulk set - then I can go crazy and paint all the Tallarn I want...

Yeah, that might work...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Guaiacan Commando Heavy Weapon Teams!

Perhaps a game report -as I am getting anxious to put these guys all into the field!

Space Hulk miniatures!

Tallarn minis! I'm pretty excited to get painting the roughriders, but I want to add some kit to them - saddle bags, large water skins, etc...


  1. Nice conversions on the snipers. Love the cape on the psyker. The exact same figure is a chaos psyker in my games!

    1. Thanks Preacherman! I will have to keep an eye out for this chaos psyker in your game reports!

  2. Nice imperial guard, I'm glad I'm not the only one to have the internal discussion as to what to paint! Get better and good luck with the kitchen .
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain!

      I am constantly bargaining with myself - the rational, have-a-plan side almost always loses out to the "OOH! SHINY!" side because "Ooh Shiny!" always plays the "this is a HOBBY, it's supposed to be FUN!" trump card when Rational, Have-a-Plan starts talking "Shoulds"...

  3. Quite like the cape on that psyker, and the head scarves, while simple, effectively transform the Cadians to Tallarns.

  4. Those Tallarn snipers are lovely - great work.