Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Last of the Guaiacan Commandoes

Just a quick post this morning - yesterday I finished up the last two heavy weapon teams for the Guaiacan Commandoes!

Pictured there with a previously painted team, these are the very last figures I needed to paint to complete this force (well... for now...).

Technically it WAS completed some time ago... but then Warhammer 40,000 8th edition came along and changed how everything was organized and the force required a bit of a reorg so I could field it as a "Brigade" detachment.

Here's what the entire force looks like.

I'll be posting more new pictures of the entire force (along with a breakdown of what's in the force) at some point ( hopefully later today) as well as another battle report between Finnegan's Orks and his friends Tyranids!


  1. Great looking army mate. I've had to look at re-jigging mine to since 8th came along which is a complete PITA as I'd painted headbands to match the setup.

    1. I like that the game is a bit more streamlined, but some of the organizational changes really sucked - and actually made it harder to field a force that follows the fluff...

  2. There is actually only about 800 Great War Canadians in my collection... and, sure, I COULD have used them... but the thought of converting all those Lee-Enfields to M35 lasguns... well, I'm just to lazy to do that much converting!

  3. Don't think the thought didn't cross my mind!

  4. Great looking heavy weapons and complete force, because I used to paint at a glacial speed the codexs kept changing before I'd finish the army, usually more than once, one started off with rogue trader lists and still isn't finished!
    Best Iain