Thursday, October 26, 2017

Elsewhere on Brind's World...

The kids' friend had another day off school on Monday and this time brought his Tyranids over to play....

Brind's World 3.810.017.M42

A meteorid slipped through the network of Imperial ships orbiting Brind's World. It had been noted on auspex, but figured to be a lifeless rock and small enough that it would burn up on entering the atmosphere. Indeed it lit up the sky as it came plummeting out of the heavens and streaked across the skies of Brind's World. It was even visible to the troops of #3 Commando, 222nd Guaiacan Commando Regiment that has recently been deployed to the surface. It did not completely burn up however. 

The wayward hiveship from Hivefleet Haemorrhoid  made landfall over a thousand kilometres to the east of #3 commando's current area of operations. It crashed into the surface with a thunderous explosion that could be heard hundreds of kilometres away and levelled an area of the equatorial jungle at least 20 kilometres in diameter. Almost immediately the mob began to disgorge it's contents onto the world: swarms of Tyranids which skittered out in every direction.

Warboss Blitzagg, who was in the area gathered up parts of his mob to go and check out the source of the bring light and big boom... 


Warboss Blitzagg's Mob
Warboss Blitzagg 
20 Boyz
Wazdigg's War Buggy
Power Level: 17, Patrol Detachment - 4 Command Points

Elements of Hivefleet Haemorrhoid
Tyaranid Prime 
2 Tyranid Warriors
20 Termagaunts
10 Hormagaunts
Power Level: 19, Patrol Detachment - 4 Command Points


It was agreed that we'd played enough of the Ambush scenario and they boyz decided to play a simple Patrol Scenario. Both would start with three units on the table, and extras started in reserve and could be rolled for starting on Round Two. Victory points were scored for each unit destroyed (an element in a few scenarios that I am not fond of as my Astra Militarum forces tent to have a large number of low cost units - even if I took out an equal part of an enemy force - points-wise - they would still win because my points are divided out into so many units...?) 


It was determined that the Tyranid Prime's name was Chcczkhch (sounds like someone with bronchitis clearing their throat) - to which Finnegan responded "Funny name, must be Greek!" (only I laughed...). Warlord traits were rolled for - Warboss Blitzagg got Tenacious Survivor and Tyranid Prime Chcczkhch got Legendary Fighter. 

The Field of Battle - again with the jungle ruins - ruins seem to feature pretty prominently amid the equatorial jungles of Brind's World. Who built these? Where did they go?

The Girl decided she didn't want to play today - she was more interested in getting some more figures painted (which we did do in the afternoon after the game!). But she hung out and watched and cheered on her brother's Orks. 

Finnegan deploying his mob go Orks. 

Horde of Termagaunts from Hivefleet Haemorrhoid.

Lead elements of the patrol from Hivefleet Haemorrhoid.

Overview of things, just before the sh!t got real. 


The Tyranids won the dice off and decided to take the first turn. 

Termagaunts charging though the jungle towards the Orks - they could smell the tasty, tasty ork flesh... 


End of the Tyranid Turn - all moved and advanced - no shooting. 

Finnegan starting to move the Orks out of the ruin they were hanging out in.

With a gout of black smoke and squealing of tires, Wazdigg's War Buggy roared onto the scene launching missiles at the surging mass of Hormagaunts. The swaying bumping buggy made the missiles spray wildly off in different directions - none of which were populated by enemy - but they made a great WHOOOSHing noise followed by a loud CRACK upon detonation - and that's all Wazdigg really cared about.... 

The Ork boyz and Warboss Blitzagg, having advanced out of the ruin and into a stand of trees they could barely make out the advancing enemy and so all began shooting. 

The ferocious crackle and loud banging of many, varied firearms announced the advance of the Orks. leaves rustled and trees shook and bullets impacted them, but none found their way beyond the wood to where the tryanids paused for but a moment... 


Round two saw the arrival of the two Tyranid Warriors from reserve. They lumbered onto the table, but could not spot any enemy to charge or shoot at. 

The Hormogaunts did charge the Orks. Overwatch fire killed many more trees... and one hormogaunts. The Hormogaunts may have knocked out an Ork or two, but for some reason I made no note of it...? Then the Orks got to hit back. Two of the Hormogaunts were crushed in Warboss Blitzagg's fearsome Power Klaw, and the rest were killed by the rest of the Boyz... 


Meanwhile the Tyranid Prime, leading the horde of Termagaunts, continued it's advance. 

On the Orks turn, Warboss Blitzagg and the Boyz advanced, crushing the remains of the hormogaunts under their boots as they trompled though through the woods. As they lead elements got to the edge of the stand of jungle they spied the Tyranid prime leading the Termagaunts and unloaded on the "Big'un Bug"... with little effect... 

Seeing the Hormogaunts disappear into the woods and hearing their the sounds of their demise at the hands of their bother orks, Wazdigg set off in search of other prey. His driver pulled a few doughnuts, spitting up turf and showering the trees with dirt and brought them around to face the advancing Tyranid Warriors. Again, Wazdigg, to his own delight, launched rockets off into the jungle destroying much flora, but leaving the Tyrannids completely untouched. 


Chcczkhch, Tyranid Prime of Hivefleet Haemorrhoid, shuffled forward and spewed forth some biological atrocity into the surging mob of Orks, infecting (and ultimately killing) two of them. The Termagaunts caught up with their leader and also spit grossness into the woods, but the Orks were unaffected by this. 

The Tyranid Warriors skittered towards Wazdigg's War Buggy, which had finally screeched to a halt, and unleashed a torrent of venomous goo at Wazdigg! Though part of the buggy was splashed with the foul gunk (and would eventually cause some considerable corrosion), Wazdigg and his driver remained unharmed and the buggy remained in operation.

On the Orks turn Wazdigg fired back at the Tyranid warriors, now that the buggy had halted his missiles were a bit more accurate and hit one of the warriors. The initial wound roll failed, rolling a one. As it was 2+ to wound, Finnegan decided it was totally worth using a Command Point for a re-roll and succeeded. The Tyranids wasted two command points re-rolling saves... Tyranid warrior still died in an explosion of smoke and fire and pinkish-green goo. 

The Orks fired on the Termagaunts. The torrent of bullets took down SEVEN of them! 


The Tyranid Prime and Termagaunts returned fire and took out four more Orks. The Tyranid Warrior spouted another blast of venomous goo and it managed to eat through one of the tires (1 wound!) not that that ever slowed Wazdigg's War Buggy!?

Then the Orks went... 

Wazdigg hit the remaining Tyranid Warrior with TWO missiles causing SIX WOUNDs blowing to bits. 

The Boyz unleashed another torrent of fire at the Termagaunts, killing another four and then charged in. Overwatch fire proved ineffective and the Orks overran and utterly destroyed the Termagaunts. The Tyranid Prime, who had done a"heroic intervention" to enter the fray, used two command points to preform a counterattack - allowing it to attack before the next charging unit (Warboss Blitzagg). It's scything talons, slashed down FOUR Ork boys. Then Warboss Blitzagg took a chunk out of the Tyranid Prime with his Power Klaw. 


The Tyranid Prime was still standing and would not give up! It stood and fought to the last. It took down one more Ork Boy before Warboss Blitzagg caught it up in his Power Claw and utterly crushed it, severing it's head, spurting foetid yellow ichor all over the place... 


I did not expect that engagement to be quite so... one-sided... I had a feeling the Orks would come out on top, but still... Regardless, fun was had and everyone was still smiling at the end of the game and vowing vengeance.

We probably won't get in another game until some time next week, however. When we do, though, it might be time to notch up the Power Level a bit. Maybe 20-25? I don't want to jump right up to 30 or 40 and have game bog down and end up being boring... 

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have been working on some Tallarn Roughriders. I finished one as a sample and will hopefully get some pics up here soonish.

I did take pictures of each unit in my (now completed!) Guaiacan Commando force, but most of them turned out pretty grainy and/or out of focus... I think I'm going to discard the lot of them and wait for a day with better lighting conditions to try again.


  1. Sounds like great fun, orks seem more effective than I remembered!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain!

      They are nasty - and nastier than I remember them too (but, I haven't really played in over 35 years, so....)

      They are S4 T4 and the Termagaunts/Hormagaunts were, I think, S3 T3 - like Imperial Guard. Plus the Orks get two attacks in close combat at WS3+... and if they're carrying Choppas they get another attack... and if there is more than 20 of them in the unit they get ANOTHER attack... so 10-20 orks, doing 2-3 attacks (or potentially 4 if they get into combat before losing too many) each hitting on 3+ and wounding on 3+... is going to lay down a lot of hurt on the table... Also they had a bunch of shooty weapons were Assault 2 or 3 if you put enough bullets in there air, you're going to hit with SOME of them!? It's not the bullet with your name on it you need to worry about - it's all those labelled "to whom it may concern..."