Friday, December 31, 2021

Looking Back at 2021

Wow... where did THIS year go!? It seemed like it was going on for-EVER and now it feels like it never even happened!? 2021!? SERIOUSLY?! It feels like we just got through the 24th month of 2020... 

Still... my calendar says the year happened and now it's pretty much over. 

So... what did we do...?


As with the last two years, I developed Quarterly plans - which seems to work much better that the yearly plans I tried to do in the past. 

You can see them here:

Game Plan 2021 - Q1

Game Plan 2021 - Q2

Game Plan 2021 - Q3

Game Plan 2021 - Q4

Rethinking that plan...  (for Q4)


We played a lot of games this year. 

By "we" I mostly mean me and Amanda. I did get Finnegan playing a few miniature games with me. He actually got excited enough about 40K and Kill Team that he bought the Chalnath boxed set! I even got Keiran playing a few games, here and there, after a bit of a hiatus. 

The most played games were two new (to us) games - Warhammer Underworlds and Wingspan. 

I tried, with each Quarterly plan, to do a 5x5 Challenge - pick five games and play them five times within the quarter... Success was... variable... and the challenges remained... Fluid? I would change which games I would play part way through the Quarter - or I would simply declare retroactive challenge changes... 

By the Fourth Quarter I realized there were more than a few games that I had either already played ten or more times and enough others that were... well... close enough, that I considered a 10x10 challenge. That, too, was amended, MULTIPLE TIMES in the last three months...

10x10 Challenge

The ten games I played ten (or MORE!) times... 

  1. Wingspan x31
  2. Kingdom Builder x17
  3. Retro Loonacy x12
  4. Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm x12
  5. Azul x12
  6. Century: Golem Edition – An Endless World x12
  7. Terraforming Mars x11
  8. Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault x10
  9. Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team x10
  10. Codenames: Pictures x10

Technically Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm and Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault are the SAME GAME... just... different settings... (as are Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire, Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave, and Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep). Unlike a lot of other games, there isn't a CORE GAME to which all expansions are added, each year a completely new core game is published and the older ones go out of print. Though they CAN all be mixed and matched I've kept the boards from the different settings separate and logged the games set in Shadespire as Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault plays (because it was the first box I got for that setting) and games I play set in Beastgrave I log as Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm, for the exact same reason. I'm not sure how I'm going to do this going forward... I might continue to do the same... adding Harrowdeep as a third setting...? OR, I could just log all games as Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep for the next year, as it is the CURRENT set...? We shall see. I have them as two separate games here as I played it enough that I could... 

Codenames: Pictures and Retro Loonacy were easy "gimmes"... I would have liked two more miniature games or at least some more substantial board or card games to grace this list... but we played a LOT of Wingspan this year... Like, a LOT... I could have taken up three spots on it's own on this list... So that, at least, makes me feel a little less bad about including a couple of simple games, that can be played in minutes, on the list. 

I played a lot of other games as well... 


  • Kingdomino x7
  • Necromunda x6
  • The Castles of Burgundy x5
  • London x5
  • The Arrival x4
  • Century: Golem Edition – Eastern Mountains x4
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar (Third Edition) x4
  • Abyss x3
  • Carcassonne x3
  • Century: Golem Edition x3
  • Savage Worlds x3
  • HârnMaster (3rd Edition) x3
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound x3
  • Fate x3
  • Marrying Mr. Darcy x2
  • The Silver Bayonet x2
  • Splendor x2
  • 7 Wonders Duel x1
  • Dominion x1
  • Dragon Rampant: Fantasy Wargaming Rules x1
  • Habitat x1
  • The Hanging Gardens x1
  • Just Desserts x1
  • Lords of Waterdeep  x1
  • O Zoo le Mio x1
  • Patchwork x1
  • Sidereal Confluence x1
  • Viticulture Essential Edition x1
  • Warhammer 40,000 (Ninth Edition) x1
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Warcry x1


That's a lot of games... Can't complain... 


Going into the year, I had NOT been painting ANY miniatures for almost five months... part of this was due to chaos of renovations (that are STILL not complete) and general malaise (largely due to the state of things in world...) 

I DID get painting again... and here is what I painted.... Though not nearly as much as previous years. Not even as much as in 2020 - where I didn't paint for half the year!? But it was something, and something is not nothing!

In the end I managed to paint 231 28mm Foot figures and a handful of little terrain bits. 

I did try to keep acquisitions down, again, this year. I already own more than I'll likely ever get around to painting, and, honestly, I'm running out of room to store the stuff! 

I acquired 328 foot, 37 mounted, and 78 terrain bits... that breaks down to: 

137 Warhammer underworlds - wow... all those little warbands add up! 

64 Cursed city - 60 that came in the box and four more to use with. 

58 x assorted Astra Militarum in a Big Used Imperial Guard Lot that I couldn't pass up!? Without this, I'd have been almost at 250 - the lowest in decades. Of course I could have said the same if I'd just not bought Cursed City.... 

37x 40K models for Kill Team - mostly the plastic from the two boxes (Octarius and Chalnath) 

20x Napoleonic Monster Hunters

and I think the rest were a few, assorted, fun things that showed up with the Reaper Bones

The 37 mounted were all for a Slaves to Darkness force for Age of Sigmar that I planned, but haven't even started, really... I've assembled a few and one is ALMOST painted... 

Few tanks and such from Big Used Imperial Guard Lot.

PILE of terrain bits - between two Kill Team boxes, two Warhammer Underworlds terrain sets, and a bunch of Reaper Bones V Kickstarter stuff that finally arrived.


28mm Foot


Q1 Total 28mm Foot: 76


Q2 Total 28mm Foot: 28


Q3 total: 59

Q4 Total: 68 

Total 28mm Foot: 231


Little Bits/Markers


(or otherwise acquired - gifts, trades, etc.)

28mm Foot


  • 7x Grymwatch (Warhammer Underworlds Crypt Ghoul Warband) 
  • 6x Grashrak’s Ravagers (from Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave) 
  • 5x Skaeth’s Wild Hunt (from Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave) 
  • 4x Myari's Purifiers (from Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm) 
  • 4x Dread Pageant (from Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm) 
  • 8x Khorne Reavers (Garrek's Reavers x2) 
  • 15x Stormcast Eternals (mostly from Warhammer Underworlds Warbands) 
  • 1x Gryphhound
  • 4x Khagra's Ravagers (Warhammer Underworlds Chaos Warband) 
  • 4x Nighthaunt Myrmourn Banshees (Lady Harrow's Mournflight) 
  • 5x Thundrik's Profiteers (Warhammer Underworlds Duardin Warband) 
  • 4x Ylthari's Guardians (Warhammer Underworlds Sylvaneth Warband) 
  • 4x Mathias variants (Hasslefree)
  • 7x Thorns of the Briar Queen (Nightvault) 
  • 3x Morgok's Krushas
Q1 Total: 81


  • 60x Warhammer Quest: Cursed City models
  • 4x Battle Mages
  • 1x Herald of Slaanesh
  • 4x Crimson Court
  • 3x Wurmspat
  • 6x Hrothgorn's Mantrappers
  • 5x Elathain's Soulraid
  • 10x Daemonettes of Slaanesh 
Q2 Total: 93

  • 7x Yokai (Reaper Bones) 
  • 4x Glaivewraith Stalkers (Warhammer Underworlds Starter)
  • 4x Castigors + Gryphound (Warhammer Underworlds Starter)
  • 7x Sepulchral guard
  • 4x Magore's Fiends
  • 3x MORE Steelhearts Champions
  • 3x MORE Garrek's Reavers
  • 4x Ironskull's Boyz
  • 4x Mollog's Mob
  • 10x Death Korps of Krieg (Kill Team: Octarius) 
  • 12x Space Ork Kommandos (Kill Team: Octarius) 
  • 5x Tempestus Scions - BIG USED GUARD LOT
  • 45x Assorted Imperial Guard infantry - BIG USED GUARD LOT
  • 8x Heavy Weapon Crews - BIG USED GUARD LOT

Q3 Total: 120


  • 4x Xandire's Truthseekers (Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep)
  • 5x Da Kunnin' Krew (Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep)
  • 10x Adepta Sororita Novitiates (Chalnath) 
  • 5x Space Marine Scouted (metal, used, ebay) 
  • 20x Assorted Napoleonic Monster Hunters
Q4 Total: 34

Total 28mm Foot: 328

28mm Mounted

  • 1x Chaos Lord on Daemonic Steed
  • 1x Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Daemonic Steed
  • 5x Seekers
  • 20x Chaos Marauder Horsemen
  • 10x Chaos Knights 
Total 28mm Mounted: 37

28mm Artillery

4x Weapon Platforms - Q3 - BIG USED GUARD LOT

28mm Big Beasties/Vehicles

  • Yogsothoth - Q3
  • 3x Leman Russ Tank- BIG USED GUARD LOT
  • 1x Manticore Self-Propelled Multiple-Missile Launcher- BIG USED GUARD LOT
  • 1x Valkyrie Assault Carrier - BIG USED GUARD LOT

Small Terrain Pieces

  • 11x Campground bits
  • 4x Walls of Stone
  • 4x Walls of Thorns
  • 6x Japanese Shrines
  • 3x Dock Bits
  • 4x Crates
  • 3x Barrel Stacks
  • 5x Larger Brinewind Bits (boats, etc) 
  • 17x Assorted Ork Scrap Fort Bitz (Kill Team: Octarius) 
  • 7x Ruined Basilica (Chalnath) 
  • 6x Beastgrave Primal Lair
  • 8x Nightvault Arcane Hazards
Total Small Terrain Pieces: 78

Welp, that's about it for this year's look back. On with 2022! 

(in case you missed it, I already posted my Q1 plans for the new year!) 

December Games - Part The Third

We played a LOT of games in the first two weeks of December. Even more in the Third Week of December. Here's what we got up to for the last week... 

We played games on more days that we didn't! Yay! 

Saturday, 25 December 2021

Christmas Day

It was a pretty low-key day. We'd already opened the few presents earlier in the week on the solstice. We slept in. I spent the afternoon painting miniatures and going for a bike ride. After that we played a few quick games of Codenames: Pictures while waiting for supper. 

Round One, I was partnered with Amanda and Keiran was partnered with Finnegan. Keiran and I were teh Spy Masters. They won, because Amanda accidentally selected the assassin... 

Round Two were the same teams, but Finnegan and Amanda were the Spy Masters. This time Amanda and I won... 

For Round Three we switched up the pairings - I was partnered with Finnegan and Keiran with Amanda. Amanda and Finnegan remained Spy Masters.  Finnegan and I won this one. 

For Round Four, we had the same teams, but Keiran and I were the Spy Masters. Amanda and Keiran won. Amanda and Keiran won. 

Originally we'd planned to play one of the Railways of the World on this day. It had been Keiran's suggestion... but then they bailed on the day. 

Everyone indulged me to play these four quick games, just so I could add Codenames: Pictures to the 10x10 challenge list.... it seemed kind of "cheap and easy"... but we played a LOT of games this year. and some of those other games on the 10x10 list were played a LOT MORE than ten times... so I substituted this one in as I thought it unlikely I was going to finish up a few more games of... whatever else I'd been thinking were going to go on that list...? Necromunda...? 

There had been plans to play games on Sunday... but everyone was feeling a little tired and maybe starting to feel a little "gamed out".

Monday, 27 December 2021

The games did resume on Monday though... 

Finnegan and I played a quick game of Kill Team, Monday evening. 

A full report and way more pictures can be found in the After Action Report, here:

Kill Team: Relic Recovered

Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Our friend Kurtis came over to play a few games Wednesday evening. 

We started off with Marrying Mr. Darcy. I forget to take a pic during the game.... so all you get is the box... 

Kurtis played Charlotte Lucas, I played Georgiana Darcy, and Amanda played Mary Bennet. Charlotte eloped with my brother Mr. Darcy early in the game and ended up winning with 22 points. I managed to land Mr. Denny - I just didn't have enough Reputation to tempt Colonel Fitzwilliam - I totally COULD have married Mr. Wickham... but that just seemed WRONG... It would have meant two more points... but I... I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Poor Mary put all her hopes into Mr. Collins, who passed her by and she ended up and Old Maid and a companion to a mean old lady... 

Afterwards we played a game of Wingspan. 

Amanda and Kurtis tied at 96 - but Amanda had more food leftover, so she took the win. 

I was only two points behind at 94. 

It always amazes me how we all end up SO CLOSE in points - despite going about it all in very different ways and scoring wildly different amounts of points in different categories!? 

Thursday, 30 December 2021

Despite it being rather chilly out this day... 

Yeah... that says -47°C windchill.... 

I got out to the Dragon's Den on the last day of their Boxing Week Sale. 

I think this is the smallest Boxing Day/Week haul EVER from the Dragon's Den. 

The Mutant Crawl Classics was the only impulse buy - and it's for Finnegan's Birthday (next week! I'd never even heard of it, but I know he is a HUGE fan of Dungeon Crawl Classics - having run a few campaigns and a few more one-shot adventures. The rest was just general hobby supplies I needed and figures I might as well grab them while it was 20% off. Wasn't really even TEMPTED to buy anything else... 

Okay... I was BRIEFLY tempted to pick up the new Twilight: 2000 box from Free League... but it was a bit much for a game I doubt I'd ever get around to actually playing. The first edition was one of my favourite - and most played games - of my high school years... I STILL HAVE a pile of stuff for that, which I could totally use (though I'd use a different system - Savage Worlds... or FATE...?) 

I also got in my tenth game of the new Kill Team - running Amanda through her first game with the old Crimson Wave Wych Kult

Full Report and loads of pictures of that action can be found here:

Kill Team - Drukhari Ambush

Friday, 31 December 2021

New year's eve... Kids didn't seem intersted in a game when I talked with them the night before, so Amanda and i set up a game and started before they even got up. At 1pm. Because Teenagers. 

We played one last game of Terraforming Mars on Hellas with Prelude

Amanda played Cheung Shing Mars with Mining Operations and Ecological Experts. Took Energizer Milestone and Cultivator and Contractor Awards.. Just crushed it - ending the game with 120 points. 

I played Saturn Systems with Aquifer Turbines and Polar Industries. Took Diversifier and Rim Settler milestones... I ended with 100 points. 

This evening we're planning to watch Cobra Kai Season 

And that wraps up December and 2021, I guess.... 

Thanks for popping in, I hope you all have a fabulous, healthy and game-filled new year! 

Next I'll be posting a little Look Back at 2021 - I'll let you know there how the 10x10 Challenge worked out.

Kill Team - Drukhari Ambush

 I do like that Ambush scenario... 

Ages ago, back in August, I painted up a few Kabalites to make Amanda's old Crimson Wave Wych Cult Kill Team ready to play - in anticipation of her getting in on the game. She played a few games of the old Kill Team with them. She'd played Shadow War Armageddon before that. She played LOADS of Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress. She even played a bit of Necromunda... but until this week, I wasn't able to get her to play a game of the NEW Kill Team. 

This week, however, she relented and joined me and Finnegan for a game!

This scenario followed on from our previous game earlier in the week, in which Kill Team Coranos seized an important Ancient Aeldari Artefact from the Ebony Vipers Genestealer Cult (Which a Biel-Tymm Combat Patrol had failed to do!). 

Lurking, undetected in the deep shadows of the jungles of Xoxigar Tertium, a team of Drukhari took all of this in... and decided they couldn't just let the Deathwatch Kill Team make of their their own ancestors relics.... 

We did not bother with Tac Ops as this was a learning game for Amanda and we just wanted to focus on the mechanics of the game on the table. (We'll add in Tac Ops next time...) 

All set up according to the scenario... Death watch on one half of the table and needing to get off the opposite. 

Half the Drukhari waiting in ambush on one flank. 

The rest quietly wainting on the other flank. 

Turning Point One

Kill Team Coranos was trudging though the deep jungles of Xoxigar Tertium towards their extraction point, when Brother Benatos Diodexious, glancing at his auspex said; "Hey guys, I'm picking up some funny readings..." 

Thrixxesh Xoshut, the Kabalite Heavy Gunner, started things off, filling the jungle with a blinding purple beam of light...

She blasted a hole clear through Brother Diodexious' chest with her Dark Lance - evaporating one of his hearts... Luckily, the Emperor, in all his benevolence, graced the battle brother with two! It still dropped the marine and he would take no part in this action at all... 

Reacting quickly to the ambush, Brother Borealis Issolis unleashed a torrent of bolter rounds in the general direction of where the lance shot had come from, shattering the Dukhari's weapon and dropping the gunner. 

He then rushed forwards and, spotting another waiting in ambush, flushed the underbush with another volley of explosive rounds (Finnegan had used the Bolter Discipline Strategic Ploy - allowing all bolter armed troopers to be able to shoot twice).Peiythia was taken out of action before she could even lash out at the Marine with her Shardnet and Impaler... 

Maleyk took cover and shredded many jungle plants with their splinter rifle... but little else. 

Brother Nasirdan Cannistus, like Issolis, shot at ambushers on one flank, moved and shot at more ambusher on the other flank injuring Draeven...

...and seriously injuring Shixane. 

Draeven shot at Brother Icasos Scamedes, injuring him. 

She then repositioned to get a better field of fire as the Marines moved through the Kill Zone. 

Sergeant Laescos Coranos charged Rushed forward, determined to lead his marines out of this ambush by cutting a swath straight through them... 

Saphusykh Vhrex cut down Brother Icasos Scamedes with her Splinter Rifle.

Brother Cannistus did some Overwatch fire at Shixane, but missed. 

Hekatrix Vulvatrix, leader of the Crimson Wave Wych Cult, charged directly into close combat with the burly leader of the Deathwatch Kill Team. She dealt him some grievous injuries, to be sure... but he took her out of action... 

Brother Issolis let rip with some punishing overwatch fire, shredding trees and bushes and finishing off Shixane. 

Khatryx Charged the injured sergeant and finished him off... 

Vaivel Wisp and Asphyxa Noiyr both advanced and shot at Canistus with their Splinter Pistols, finishing him off as well... 

Turning Point Two

Brother Borealis Issolis and Khatryx faced each other down... who would get the initiative... 

Finnegan rolled a one... so... 

in she went, Razorflails flashing to and fro... 



Amanda rolled a crit and four regular successes 

Finnegan... not so much... 

The Wych dealt the gunner 16 damage - taking him out, removing both arms... 

(They're marines, they grow back... or something...) 

Post game recovery checks were made and everyone was just fine... relatively speaking. I'm sure they spent a lot of time in the surgical wards back on the Inquisitor's Battle Barge, regrowing lost limbs and having new second hearts reimplanted and such... but they would fight again. 

Amanda's fallen Drukhari likewise recovered and were able to fight another day... 

Amanda admitted she quite liked this new version of Kill Team - especially liking the streamlined combat resolution. She had found the Roll-to-Hit, Roll-to-Wound, Roll-to-Save process somewhat tedious.

Drukhari are NASTY. 

Perhaps we'll get Amanda playing a bit more in the new year. 

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Royal Navy Landing Party

 As with the Royal Marines I finished up earlier this week, these are all old RAFM Jack Tar Miniatures. The two officers I've had since the 80s and recently stripped of their original paint job. The other sailors I picked up somewhere along the way... 

Royal Navy Officers and Sailors

Adding in the Royal Marines, that makes a pretty substantial landing party! WAY more than I need for The Silver Bayonet!? 

I actually have enough for two units in Rebels and Patriots! 

I haven't sorted out who will make up the Naval Landing Party just yet. 

For sure Captain Black will lead them (the chap on the larger base - with the Telescope). 

All of the crew and marines have actually been named (and the names painted on the backside of the bases). but I'm not going to list them all here. 

Technically, a "Special Unit" in The Silver Bayonet consists of one officer and 100 Requisition Points worth of troops, and that's it. If you want someone different for a different game, you have to dismiss one of the current group (losing all their experience) and recruit someone new. As we're not really playing "competitively" I'm saying these are ALL members of Captain Blacks crew. There ARE other crew members - but they stay on the ship and take no part in the action against supernatural entities. This is just the pool that can be drawn upon for "special unit" missions.

ALSO, technically, sailors in The Silver Bayonet are only ever armed with sword and pistol... but I clearly have a few here that are armed with muskets and blunderbusses... I'll just say they have the different weapons for the same cost. I had thought I'd call the one with the musket a "marine" - but marines have slightly different stats... So I think I'll just go with Sailor with Musket! 

I should have a small landing party of French sailors and marines finished up soon-ish. Perhaps not THIS year... but early in the new year! 

I imagine Captain Black and the officer of the French ship are being bitter rivals chasing each other around the world always trying to one-up the other - both certain that the other is trying to recruit supernatural entities to their cause and desperately trying to foil said plans, oblivious to the fact that they are both fighting a common foe! 

I need a name for this British ship. 

And the French one... 

I think they French captain will be Capitaine Leblanc...

British Riflemen (and Line Officer)

 earlier this month... or... maybe at the end of last month...? I placed a small order with Minifigs/Matchlock Miniatures - mostly for the Regency Zombie Hunters, but also to fill in a missing guy from a unit... and while I was at it, I picked up a few other things for fun. 

Two of those extras were British Napoleonic Riflemen. One from the Old Minifigs line and one from the newer Matchlock Miniatures Peninsular line. 

The matchlock Miniatures Peninsular line is... rather small.. as in the number of items available - the miniatures themselves are solid 28mm chaps. There are TEN miniatures in the entire like - two Brunswickers (officer and infantryman advancing), a Hessen officer and infantryman, three Portuguese (Officer, Infantryman advanincing and Cacadore), THIS BRITISH RIFLEMAN (reaching into his cartridge box), a French Cantiniere, and a Female Guerilla...  I ordered the Riflemen, Cantiniere, and Guerilla. 

The Matchlock Miniatures Riflemen has been added to Dulles Rifles.

The Minifigs Rifleman was needed to finish up a second unit of twelve riflemen I'll be using with Rebels and Patriots (and possibly other games). Both units are made up of a mix of old Minifigs and older Wargames Foundry Napoleonics - which aren't TOO out of scale.

I have a third unit of twelve Riflemen - though that unit is made up of a mix of Warlord Games and Perry miniatures models and, like the rifleman from Matchlock Miniatures are a tad bigger than these. As they are in a separate unit, my hope is that if there is enough space between the units the difference in scale shouldn't be too noticeable. 

I also ordered a British officer from the Matchlock Miniatures War of 1812 line... He's on a larger base, as I have done for all the leaders of my "Special Units" for The Silver Bayonet. He will lead another new until. Perhaps I'll take the Rifleman back from Dulles to serve with this fellow...? 

I also finished up some Royal Navy Officers and sailors... But I think I'll save those for another post. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Kill Team: Relic Recovered

 Finnegan and I FINALLY got back to playing Kill Team on Monday this week. 

The story here picks up from The Aeldari Assault on the Genestealer Cult stronghold in a cave system under the jungles of Xoxigar Tertium. Farseer Thymiltelyir lead a Beil-Tymm Combat Patrol (including Maesenir's Rangers). The attack was an utter debacle. The Assuryani were surprised and overwhelmed by the unexpected numbers of cultists they faced and were unable to recover the ancient Aeldari artefact they had gone there to recover. 

Kill Team Coranos has been operating in the region, under the direction of Lord Inquisitor Drusilla Kyros and monitoring both the Aeldari and Genestealer Cultists. The sudden appearance of the full combat patrol tipped off the Deathwatch Kill Team that they were after something very important. In the immediate aftermath of the battle, Sergeant Laescos Coranos led his battle brothers into the cavern to take advantage of the cultists while they were still reeling from the violence of the aeldari attack. 

We just made up our own scenario here, and ignored Tac Ops. It was simply whoever controlled the artifact at the end of the fourth Turning Point won. 

Both of these forces are Finnegan's (through I painted both) and I have to admit, I wasn't really familiar with all the Genestealer Cultists tricks and probably didn't play them... optimally...? (It's also been three months since we've played this relatively new game and we kept confusing rules - "Is this a thing..?" - "No, that's Necromunda...")

All ready to go. 

Kill Team Coranos enters the Caverns...  

Brother Icasos Scamedes, Brother Nasirdan Cannistus, and Brother Borealis Issolis advancing on the Deathwatch's left flank report the first contact with sentries in the cavern complex. 

Sergeant Laescos Coranos and Brother Benatos Diodexious on the right also encounter sentries. 

Turning Point One

The alarm is raised and panic spreads through the team guarding one of the cults stashes. 

Before the cultists could react, Brother Icasos Scamedes, formerly of the Thunder Chickens Space Marine Chapter, charged at the first barricade, blasting the sentries behind it with his Deathwatch Shotgun. Bother were grievously wounded.

Despite their injuries, the cultists answered with their own shotguns... injuring The Thunder Chicken, slightly. 

Brother Nasirdan Cannistus, of the Silver Skulls, followed his Battle Brother down the tunnel. As Scamedes peeled away, drawing the sentries fire, Cannistus finished off the both of them with a double tap from his Stalker Pattern Bolt Gun. 

The Cultists sentries on the other flank were terrified by the sudden appearance of Brother Scamedes in the side tunnel and the violence of the Deathwatch's assault on their compatriots. One blasted at Scamedes with a shotgun and the other fired on the advancing Sergeant Coranos. 

Brother Borealis Issolis having no immediate targets, moved up to join Scamedes and Canistus. 

Targets would present themselves soon enough - more cultists came running down the tunnel to see what was the cause of all the ruckus. Spotting the Marines advancing thought the gloom, they immediately opened fire. Brother Cannistus was peppered with shot and bullets. One of them found their mark and wounded him slightly. 

Brother Benatos Diodexious advanced past his sergeant blasting at the sentries before them. One was taken out, the other lingered, briefly. Sergeant Coranos charged past Diodexious and finished off the filthy xenos-tainted cultist behind the barricade. 

A cultist carrying a special weapon moved up to the barricade on the left and fired it at Brother Cannistus. Canistus was able to duck the relatively slow moving blast of sticky goo meant to entangle slow it's target. 

The rest of the cultists repositioned themselves to try and get cover and good sightlines to defend their stash. 

Turning Point Two

Situation at the beginning of the second turning point. Four of the Cultists were taken out, but ten more remained! Cannistus and Scamedes had both been injured but the ceaseless firing of the defenders, but not terribly so... 

The Battle Brothers resumed their assault - The two cultists that had rushed to regain the barricade on the left went down in a hail of rounds from Brother Issolis' Infernus Heavy Bolter. Issolis, himself, then rushed forward to take cover behind the sentries barricade. 

Other Cultists ducked and took pot shots at the Deathwatch marine, but whether it was the Cultist's own Barricade, the Marines Mk VIII Power Armour, or Brother Borealis' unshakable faith in the Emperor... no bullet could harm him. 

Brother Cannistus moved forward past Brother Issolis tracking targets, but was unable to bring fire on them 

Brother Cannistus drew some fire from the defenders, but was unscathed. 

Brother Scamedes followed Brother Cannistus and took another of the cultists down with a single blast from his shotgun. 

A cultist armed with a Grenade Launcher seriously damaged Sergeant Coranos with a Krak Grenade. The Deathwatch Sergeant was undeterred and charged forth and chopped a cultist clean in half .

A Cultist with a seismic cannon repositioned to get a clear shot at the invaders. 

Turning Point Three

Terrified Cultists scatter for cover as the Deathwatch Kill Team enters the cavern containing the cults stach , that they were tasked to defend. Nearly half of their number already gone! 

Sergeant Coranos pressed his attack, charging another cultist. This one was a slippery customer and ducked and dodged all of the sergeants swings of his Xenophase Blade. 

The Cultists' leader rushed to the aid of the cultists being attacked by the Deathwatch Sergeant. Springing out from his concealed position in the rubble, he drover his Power Pick into the Sergeant's side, dropping the mighty warrior!

The Cultists' Leader's triumph was short-lived, however, as he went down in a hail of Bolter fire from Brother Diodexious. Diodexious followed up his fusillade by charging the same cultist the sergeant had attacked, but he too found it hard to land a blow on the dexterous cultist!? 

Another Cultist joined the melee, only to have his head stoved in by a backhand blow from Brother Diodexious' power armoured fist. He then finished off the original target of his charge, when the cultist exposed himself while trying to land a blow on the Marine, thinking him distracted by the dead cultist's assault.

Bother Scamedes continued forward, taking down another Cultist. 

Brother Cannistus moved forward and secured the target of their adventure and prepared for extraction. 

A foolhardy cultist took shots at the marines... only to be blasted apart by Brother Borealis Issolis's Heavy Bolter when he poked his head out from cover.

Turning Point Four

The cultist with the seismic cannon finally got off a shot and slightly damaged Brother Cannistus and Bother Scamedes, as they prepared to depart with their prize. The latter was heard to moan "Oooh, right in the Neuro Glottis... that smarts!" 

Finnegan references the weirdest things in his banter between the Deathwatch Brothers. the Neuro Glottis is, apparently one of the dozen, or so, specialty organs Marines have implanted in them... Neither of us are sure what they hell it does, but it sure made me laugh when he uttered it! 

Brother Diodexious covered their extraction, taking down the Cultist with the Grenade Launcher and then charging the other cultist with the Seismic Cannon. this gave the others some time to get away with their prize and drag their fallen sergeant out of the dank cavern. 

Thanks to the many aforementioned specialty organs implanted in the marines, Sergeant Coranos survived his injuries. 

As these were Finnegan's Kill Teams, I left if for him to update fighter cards and experience and such.