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At some point (when they are ever painted) I will be posting pictures of my Astra Militarum Valhallans.

My Valhallans are part of the 4th Company, 275/341st Valhallan regiment. It is an amalgamated regiment – originally the 275th Valhallan Infantry Regiment and the 341st Valhallan Armoured Regiment. The two regiments have served together for nigh two decades over countless war zones. They have both been greatly reduced in strength over the years. The Infantry regiment, once ten thousand strong, has been reduced to a couple of understrength companies of less than 200 each. The Armoured component, once boasted over twenty squadrons of battle tanks plus reconnaissance and support vehicles, is now reduced to a single, under-strength company of a dozen or so tanks and a few support vehicles. Currently they are operating on the frozen world of Xoxigar Prime.

Eventually I should be able to field a brigade of them.

Here's what I've got so far...

Company Headquarters

Commanding the 4th Company is Captain Vasily Putin and his command squad (technically two separate units in 8th edition Company commander - an HQ element - and a Command Squad - and "Elite" element)
Company Commander – Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades, Power Sword – PL2 – 35points

Command Squad
Veteran with Lasgun, Frag Grenades, and Voxcaster
Veteran with Grenade Launcher
Veteran Heavy Weapon Team with Heavy bolster
 PL 2  - 40 points

First Platoon

First Squad, First Platoon - Commanded by Sergeant Stanislav Gorky
Sergeant with Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades, and Chain Sword
Guardsman with Flamer
8x Guardsmen with Lasguns and Frag Grenades
PL3 –  46 points

Well.. that's all for now... These are more likely to see action as a Kill Team than in regular 40K until I get a few more elements painted. It is my plan for 2019 to get this force to a point where it can be fielded as a Brigade Detachment! Stay Tuned!

Still to Do:

I think I have all the stuff I need to field a "Brigade" detachment of these. In the end it will look a little like this:

Headquarters (3-5)
3x Company Commanders @2 = 6 PL
(fluff-wise these will actually be the Company Commander and two Platoon Commanders - as the rules stand it makes ZERO sense to field actual Platoon commanders - which don't even sound as HQ elements!?)

Troops (6-12)
6x Infantry Squad (10) @3 = 18 PL

Elites (3-8)
3x Command Squads (4) @2 = 6 PL
1x Special Weapon Squad (6) Meltaguns = 2PL

Fast Attack
3x Sentinels @3 = 9PL
These are actually converted 1/48 WW2 Soviet BA-64 or Aerosan

Heavy Support 3-5
4x Heavy Weapon Squads (6) 2x Mortar, Heavy Bolter, Lascannon @3 = 12 PL
1x Tank Troop (3 Ragnarock Tanks - as Leman Russ) @10 = 30 PL
The "Ragnarock Tanks" are actually converted 1/48 WW2 Soviet KV-2 tanks. They'll be armed with a battle cannon and a heavy bolter and use the rules for Leeman Russ tanks.

A total of 83 Power Level - 104 troops, 12 guns, 3 light vehicles, and 3 tanks.

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