2022 Painted Versus Purchased

 Stuff I purchased (or otherwise acquired) versus stuff I actually painted in 2022. 

The TO DO List

GAME PLAN 2022 - Q1

I did not really specify any particular things I felt I NEEDED to do in the plan. Seems likely I will continue to work on a few Napoleonics and Monsters... but that could easily switch up. I have Warhammer Underworlds and elements of Frostgrave warbands in the ON-DECK boxes, along with 40K Kill Teams and a strange assortment of other things... 

Q2 PLAN -  Done with Napoleonics and Monsters for the Silver Bayonet. Trying to focus on 40K for the quarter, perhaps the rest of the year...? Working on Aeldari Craftworld and Harlequins - trying to get playable 40K Detachments ready. Also Kill Teams - Corsairs, Imperial Guard, T'au, and Orks. 

(or... maybe some Warhammer Underworlds...?) 

Q3 PLAN - not much of a plan... maybe some Warhammer Underworlds...?

Q4 Plan - again, not much of a plan... maybe some Warhammer Underworlds...? Kill Teams...? Or Epic stuff...? 


28mm Foot


Q1 Total: 23

Q2 Total: 4


Q3 total: 12


Q4 Total: 18 

Year To Date Total: 57

28mm Mounted/Smaller Beasties

28mm Big Beasties/Vehicles

Micro Foot

Total: 181 Mirco Foot

Micro Mounted

Total: 19 Micro Mounted

Mirco Tanks/Vehicles

Total: 39 Micro Vehicles


Little Bits/Markers/Tokens

Total Bitz: 14


(or otherwise acquired - gifts, trades, etc.)

28mm Foot


  • 1x Regency Monster Hunter
  • 5x Blackpowder's Buccaneers
  • 10x Corsair Voidscarred Kill Team (Nachmund)
  • 10x Chaos Space Marine Kill Team (Nachmund)
  • 8x Harlequins
Q1 Total: 34

  • 4x Shadeborn (Nethermaze)
  • 5x Skittershank’s Clawpack (Nethermaze) 
  • 7x The Exiled Dead

Q2 Total: 16 

  • 6x Hexbanes' Hunters 
  • 12x Imperial Navy Kill Team (Into the Dark) 
  • 12x Kroot Farstalkers (Into the Dark) 
Q3 Total:30

Total: 80

Small Terrain Pieces

  • 18x Sector Mechanicus Terrain Pieces (Nachmund)
  • 54x Gallowdark Terrain Birz (Into the Dark) 
Total: 72

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