Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Warhammer Underworlds: The Wurmspat

True Story: The Wurmspat got their name because when Grandfather Nurgle decided The Beastgrave... for... whatever reason...? He sent forth Fecula Flyblown and her attendants; Ghurlgoch the Butcher and Sepsimus Plaguesworn, in the bowels of a monstrous wurmaggot and when the wurmaggot got to Beastgrave it just burrowed it's way right into the middle and SPAT them out and fucked off back to the Gardens of Nurgle... or... wherever... 


These were, like, 90% done some time ago and I just put them in a box and forgot about them for a bit because I needed LESS STUFF on the table and... well... MOST of the stuff on the table was 90% done... so, something had to go... 

The Wurmspat - Servants of Nurgle. 

I've been painting characters names on the back - and will probably start adding names to ones I've previously finished. I know Amanda's appreciated it on the Blade-Coven and it might be helpful for anyone else, if ever I was to introduce someone new to the game.. 

Fecula Flyblown, Sorcerer

Ghurlgoch the Butcher

Sepsimus, Plaguesworn

Hopefully, these rotters will see some action against the Blade-Coven! Seems like Wednesday has become our night for playing Warhammer Underworlds. Warhammer Underworlds Wednesdays! Maybe just Warhammer Wednesdays.

That's it for now... 

What will I do next...? I had been thinking Myari's Purefiers (actually I had thought I'd do them FIRST, but then just wasn't feeling it and these looked way cooler - and way closer to being finished). I had also wanted to do Hrothgorn's Mantrappers and maybe Mollog's Mob, but very little of them are painted... They are assembled, at least, and primed. I think I did the flesh on Hrothgorns gnoblar helpers...


  1. These look great! and/or gross!

    The play style should be interesting against the Blade-coven, since they are few in number and beefy.

    1. Thanks! They were kind of fun to paint... I can kind of see why Nurgle is so popular! Finnegan has a few more Nurgly dudes from his Warhammer Quest games I'll probably do up at some point and then we might have enough for a Warcry warband!

      Warbands with less than four to start are always a bit of a challenge. You can't just CHARGE with all of them or you end up with a spare activation and nothing to do (I guess you can draw a Power Card? Or discard a useless Objective card and draw a new one...?). Once they start losing bodies it gets worse!

      Fecula is a wizard, though, so she can stand around and cast spells... I guess. If I had time to go through the deck and binders of cards, I could probably come up with a plan and add in some more spell cards and better objectives... They look like they'd be fun to play more, but I'm going to try and stick to the plan of a new warband each week for the rest of the year. Maybe in the new year I can replay some of these warbands and see how nasty they can get.

      It would be nice if there were a pool of a few more players, that had a couple of favoured warbands, instead of ONE opponent, with ONE warband that they want to play! On the flipside of that, I'm a little reluctant to seek out new players as it's a game that I imagine attracts a lot of VERY COMPETITIVE players, and I hate games where I end up feeling like the game was lost before it even started simply because other people are WAY BETTER at building decks (and have access to way more cards!). It's why I never got far with CCGs...

    2. Yes, painting Nurgle forces seems very fun... if an experiment goes wrong, you can just say they were supposed to be gross looking!

      And I would think that with your numbers of warbands, you probably have a lot of the "good" cards... you just need to have the time to sort them all out and understand their synergies.

    3. The first miniatures I got for my kids to paint was a box of plastic zombies... I figured no matter how badly they ended up... it would probably still work!?

    4. Yes, we've been out of practice. Amanda's still trying to remember HOW to play the deck she built for the Blade-Coven, which was pretty unbeatable for a while. As you say, I feel like it's definitely a game that needs time and to be played regularly to remember all the stuff and be able to read cards and understand what they do and how they would work with others... and we've had too long of a break. It's why I'm trying to get us to start playing weekly - hopefully in a few more weeks we'll know what we're doing again and can start editing decks!