Thursday, August 18, 2022

Warhammer Underworlds: Morgwaeth's Blade-Coven vs The Wurmspat

Thought the Glaivewraiths had bested them in their previous encounter, they seemed unconcerned about preventing the Blade-Coven's advance, having drifted off in search of other quarry. The Daughters of Khaine continued their quest to the deepest, darkest part of the Direchasm and the dark, swirling vortex of water of which they'd been hearing rumours. Their hope was that it might have some connection to a similar feature off the coast of Hagg Nar, their home citadel in the heart of the Realm of Ulgu! 

As they pushed deeper into the Direchasm and into the very bowels of the mountain, they were overcome with an unreasonably vile stench. Such a revolting, foetid stench could only presage the presence of the servants of Nurgle. The Daughters of Khaine were on their guard as they proceeded... 

I finished up The Wurmspat this week, so that's who Morgwaeth's Blade-Coven was facing this week, in their quest to find a way out of the Beastgrave! 

This report is, once again, a bit briefer than I'd intended... The heatwave has returned and Amanda did a bunch of overtime on Wednesday trying to get caught up with stuff after her meeting and ended up getting home quite late, so the game was a bit rushed and I didn't take any notes and only a few pictures - the start of the game and the end of each round. 

I won the first roll off, for once, and had Amanda pick the first board. She selected the Hive of Sacrifice. I picked the Shade-Cursed Lair and I lined them up long edge to long edge so I wouldn't have too far to go! 

All set up and ready to rumble. 

As with the previous week, I just used the Wurmspat deck, straight out of the pack, without really even looking at it much... There are a few cards I'd definitely toss if I were building a deck for them - and I would like to try and build a deck for them, they seem like they might be fun to play, despite all the challenges of of a warband that STARTS with only three! 

I went first and just drew a card... I'd have three activations to do stuff with the Warband... I also kind of needed the Wyches to go first, as none were really in range of my short move. Kyrssa stepped onto a objective Marker at the back, so Sepsimus lumbered forward and seized an Objective in Enemy Territory and stabbed at Kyrae.

There was some more dancing about and stabbing.  By the end of the first round, Ghulgoch had slain Khamyss, and Kyrae had been wounded, but Fecula couldn't quite finish her off. 

Morgwaeth started the round off by finishing off Sepsimus, getting stabbed herself, and then running off and seizing and objective in my territory and brutally slashing Fecula! Fecula vomited on Kyrae, finishing her off at some point... or maybe she just bashed her with her staff...? NO, it was a card... Rancid Visitations! Fecula farted near her and she died... 

I attacked Morgwaeth twice more only needing to do ONE WOUND to finish her off - and that would have gained me bonus victory points from a Kill the Leader-type objective cards... just she just... wouldn't... DIE!!!

So Frustrating... 

Starting off the third round, Fecula tried the Power Vomit attack again and finally finished off Morgwaeth! Then, with two each and everyone spread out... we mostly just discarded and drew objective cards... 

Ghulgoch did charge and take a swing at Kyrssa, but missed. 

AT the end of the game it looked like we'd tied at EIGHT! But then I remembered I'd forgotten to grab the Primacy Token on Round One, when Ghulgoch one-shotted  Khamyss, and again in the Third Round when Fecula took out Morgwaeth! Which would have gained me two more points! So The Wurmspat ended up winning; 10-8!!

I had a lot of fun with this game - I ended up reading all the flavour text on the cards as I played them with a gurgling, hoarse voice - like one might imagine one of Grandfather Nurgles followers might have! 

There are a few garbage Objectives that I think I'd lose if I played them again... add in something a bit easier to achieve. Most of the Power Cards seemed pretty okay... There might be a couple I'd drop and replace with something a little more useful, but I didn't feel like NONE of them worked together - as I've felt like with other warbands decks in the past.

I feel like maybe I'm going to work on Hrothgorn's Mantrappers next... just because they LOOK fun! Myari's Purifiers are probably half done... but it's a lot of whites and light colours and small fiddly details and I'm just not ready to deal with that yet... (which is probably why they've sat in that state for over a year and a half!)

After I knock those off, I'll sit down and do Myari and his followers - mostly because I really want to do Mollog's Mob next... but am feeling a little intimidated by that one too! 

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  1. Hey another win!

    And any game where you "do voices" can be fun, or perhaps terrifying (maybe both) ;)