Thursday, August 11, 2022

RPGaDAY 2022 - Days 10-12


Day 10 - When did you start Gamemastering? 

Right away! 

My dad and I sat down to try and figure out the rules to this game we’d bought, and right away (despite having virtually no ability to actually, y’know, READ rules…), I knew I wanted to be the one running the game. He made two characters and we started blundering our way through Keep on the Borderlands. 

Day 11 - If you could live in a game setting where would it be?

Ummmm… no. 

Probably, no. 

I can’t think of any that I’ve played in that would be any better than now. Not that now is perfect… but it could be so much worse… and that’s where all the RPGs are set.

Maybe Star Trek. Sure, it’s a TV/Movie setting… but there have been RPGs…? 

The only Star Trek RPG I've played was the one by FASA that came out in the 80s. I had a friend that was a super huge fan of the series and had all the books and insisted on running it. I think I played a security ensign (NO, I DIDN'T DIE EVERY SESSION!)

A couple years ago there was a PILE of the FASA Star Trek RPG books at the SSO Book and Music sale. Like, 15-20 of them. I ended up buying them all... because... nostalgia... and they were ONE DOLLAR EACH!?!

Day 12 - Why did you start RPGing?

It was the miniatures… Totally the miniatures. 

I was at the point where I was feeling like I was probably too old to still be playing with G.I.Joes and Star Wars figures, and the miniatures that seemed to go with the game might be a more “grown up” version of the same. 

Beyond that, it seemed like a really fun thing and was totally unlike any other game I’d ever played or heard of (at that point, I’d played Monopoly and snakes and ladders and uno and a few other shitty 70s board and card games…). 

I like the idea of freely being creative and just making shit up! 

This was also before there were computer games!? Or at least before I had access to computer or video games. 

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