Monday, August 8, 2022

ROGaDay 2022 - Days 7-9


Day 7 - System Sunday: Describe a cool part of a system that you love?

kind of drawing a blank here... There are lots of bits here and there that I like... but nothing that stands out as something I LOVE more than anything... 

I really like a LOT of what's presented in FATE and I want to try that out some more. 

There are lots of things I really like about a lot of different system, but then there ends of being something else within that system that just DOESN'T work... at all... and ends up overshadowing everything else and I end up just dropping in and looking for something new...?

Day 8 - Who introduced you to RPGs?

No one, really.

As I kind of already explained on Day 3, I had heard about Dungeons & Dragons through mentions in popular media and advertisements in comics, but kind of started in a vacuum. I did’t know ANYONE that played when I convinced my parents to buy that first D&D box set.

I did later discover two guys at my school that played near the end of the year… and we played a few times over the summer. But then one moved away and the other went to a different school in the fall…

Day 9 - What was the SECOND RPG you bought?

It was a used copy of either Star Frontiers or Top Secret. One was second the other was third. I maybe paid $4-5 for just the core book of each - not the box set.

Either way, that was the most fun per dollars spent on RPGs EVER!!! We played with just the basic rulebook with both of those systems for AGES…

In other news, I actually finished some miniatures! a whole warband for Warhammer Underworlds... which is just four miniatures... and I'd done most of the painting ages ago... BUT THEY'RE DONE!!! So I should be posting some pics of them soon! 

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