Saturday, January 30, 2021

Warhammer Underworlds: The Dread Pageant

The Dread Pageant is a Hedonites of Slaanesh warband included in Wahammer Underworlds: Direchasm. The box also contains Myari's Purifiers a warband of Lumineth Aelves, which I'll be doing next. As I already have a small, but growing, force of Daemons of Slaanesh - I was pretty excited when Games Workshop announced some announced some new Hedonite miniatures - which were previewed at the end of last year - and included a few as a new Warhammer Underworlds warband in the latest core set. 

I'd hoped to be done both these AND Myari's Purifiers earlier this week, so I'd be able to play a few games this weekend. Instead I only just finished these SAturday evening... Perhaps I'll get in a game with these  against Morgwaeth's Blade-Coven

The Dread Pageant

In the Direchasm anthology of short stories, the Dread Pageant were in beastgrave to try and perform some sort of ritual that would cause some sort of trouble across the Mortal Realms... 

Vasillac the Gifted - The leader of the Warband of Godseekers. 

Slakeslash - one of the new "Slaangor"...? Sort of like the Tzeentch Tzaangors... but bigger and badassier..? And more purple...? I don't know. It looks cool. Seems like it will be pretty nasty in the game. 

Hadzu - Blisbarb Archer? Seemed to think he was pretty badass warrior in the book... but I think he's rather a stand-back-and-shoot-in-the-back-from-a-distance kind of guy... 

Glissete - Murder Ballerina. 

Stay tuned for a game report after I try them out tomorrow! 

While I was working on the Dread Pageant, I also painted up this old Chaos Sorcerer... 

Friday, January 29, 2021

Warhammer Underworlds: Morgwaeth's Blade-Coven

Morgwaeth's Blade-Coven is a Daughters of Khaine warband for Warhammer underworlds - released as an expansion for Beastgrave - the third iteration (season? They seem to be referred to as seasons..?) of Warhammer Underworlds - and second setting. The first two Warhammer Underworlds games (Shadespire and Nightvault) were set in the city of Shadespire - or, rather, the ruins of the city of Shadespire - in the realm of Shyish. The third and fourth are set in the caverns beneath Beastgrave, a living mountain in the realm of Ghur. 

I actually originally picked these up last month when I picked up the Shadow & Pain boxed set, thinking I'd just add these to the general collection for use with Warcry and Age of Sigmar, and, if ever there was an opportunity to try out Warhammer Underworlds - I'd have my OWN warband to play with (though I'm not sure how useful the warband would be with just the cards that come with it!?).  But then as I got painting these (and the Skaven and Fyreslayer warbands for my friend John), I started thinking maybe Warhammer Underworlds might be fun to play here with the family. Then I began contemplating picking up Beastgrave or Direchasm. 

These took for-EVAR to paint (well.... a little over a month... while I was painting other things...). Most of that was tormenting myself over colour schemes... Go with the way GW paints and illustrates them? Use my own scheme? A lot of that is due to the fact that I have a PILE more to paint - in the aforementioned Shadow & Pain box I also picked up on Boxing Week. I guess I could have just painted these like the GW examples and figured out my own scheme later and just painted the rest how I like and not used these WITH them if I was THAT concerned... but the whole initial POINT of getting these was to add extras to the collection I was beginning!? 

The short version of an absurdly long story - recounting the rollercoaster ideas process - I settled on grey skin and white hair for the Witch Aelves and Sisters of Slaughter and decided to continue the colour of the snake scales up the rest of the body for the Melusai... for now... 

Morgwaeth's Blade-coven

I have been reading the Direchasm anthology of short stories that ties in with the most recent iterations of the Warhammer Underworlds sets. It's been fun and adds some more depth and background to the warbands involved. Coincidentally, The first three stories were about the two warbands included in the Direchasm box (which I'll be finishing up next), Morgwaeth's Blade-Coven, and Spiteclaw's Swarm, which I'd just painted! In the story it suggests (as is confirmed on the card included with the miniatures) that Morgwaeth and her warband were sent to Beastgrave on a fool's errand to recover the shards of Khaine because Morgwaeth had challenged or questioned or doubted Morathi, the Grand Matriarch/High Oracle of Khaine (turned Goddess herself!) of the cult to which the Blade-Coven belongs. Having searched for sometime, her own sisters start to question her worthiness to lead and a power struggle ensues with a climactic slap-down. 

Morgwaeth The Bloodied - Hag Queen of the Hagg Nar Temple.

Kyrae a cruel, cold-hearted Melusai Blood Stalker. 

Handmaiden Khamyss of the Sisters of Slaughter. 

Kyrssa - Witch Aelf

Lethyr - another Witch Aelf - In the book she is described as "young and eager to impress her Hag Queen".

Because I was thinking this might be MY warband and that I might not actually buy the base game at the time I picked these up, I also bought a set of my own dice for them (yeah, they sell coloured dice for each of the warbands... and warband specific card sleeves... it could get a little out of hand, if you were REALLY into it ALL!?) 

The miniatures certainly are interesting and dynamic. The slightness and delicacy that lends to that dynamism, however, also means that they are a little on the fragile side. I actually broke (and LOST!) one of the Witch Aleves blades just taking int off of the sprue! I'm amazed the Hag Queen's pole arm or the Sister of Slaughter's whip weren't broken during the same process. I don't have a lot of faith that either will survive, unbroken, for too long, given what a lunk I am!? At least with the very light plastic, it in't TOO much trouble to re-glue bits back in to place... usually... sometimes... 

I am loathe to actually try and transport these anywhere. I'm not sure what I was thinking, given that I was considering this would be MY warband that I'd use if ever I went over to my friend John's or anywhere else I might find others playing the game...? It would suck to have these break in transport and have to play through a game (or gameS!)  with broken models!? I should have been looking for more solid CHUNKY minis for any warband I'm going to transport and play with outside of my house. Is there an Ogor warband...? 

As for Morgwaeth's Blood-Coven's use in other games... 

These aren't enough to make a Warcry Warband on their own. In total they come to about 520 points. When I get to the Shadow & Pain Box, I will be able to add a few of the Melusai and/or Khinerai to make a full Warcry Warband. Should be fun and interesting, with a bit of diversity. 

As for Age of Sigmar, which I'd also initially considered adding these to larger units, it turns out that adding one or two extras to a unit doesn't really work in competitive games. Beyond the skirmish game, where miniatures aren't in units and move around individually (just like Warcry... but on a larger scale...) units are fielded in standard sizes (10, 20, 30, etc) for a set number of points. BUT, as it turns out, Morgwaeth's Blade Coven can simply be added to an army as it's own special unit of mixed types!? 

While I was working on these, I also tried out the paint scheme on an older metal Witch Elf/Aelf (I mean, it was a Witch ELF when they were made... but now called Witch AELF...). I have a handful of these that I recently stripped to repaint and use as a Warcry Warband... Not sure I actually have enough of them for a complete 1000 point warband...? I think I need three more. I DO have enough to field them as a full unit of Witch Aelves in Age of Sigmar, though... Well... Once they're all painted... 

I'm not going to add these metal Witch Aelves to Morgwaeth's group to make a Warcry warband. I don't know... I'm just not keen on mixing metal and plastic figures in a warband. It's an aesthetic thing... or hang-up...?

I was really hoping I'd have gotten both the Warbands from Direchasm done this week so I could try them out today and/or over the weekend... Didn't really happen... I guess I could try and finish up ONE of them today and play them against Morgwaeth and her sisters... I'd though I should start with the Warbands in the box as they come with pre-constructed, playable deck, and I wasn't sure that was the case with Morgwaeth's, but looking through the cards it DOES have 12 Objective Cards and 20 Power (Upgrade and Ploy) cards, so... maybe I could give it a try... 

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Free Peoples of the Mortal Realms: Duardin

 So, I've gone down this Age of Sigmar rabbit hole and been busy reorganizing and rebasing old Warhammer Fantasy figures for reuse in the Mortal Realms. In some cases, I've even been repainting - or simply painting anew (figures I've had in storage forever and never got around to painting before!). Mostly looking for low-hanging fruit here - stuff that can be turned into a Warcry Warband - so we can get playing right away! Or, at least, sooner, rather than later... 

Some forces I have enough that I might actually be able to play full games of Age of Sigmar - at least a smaller meeting engagement of 1000 points... Definitely the Skaven, Hedonites of Slaanesh, and possibly the daughters of Khaine and Blades of Khorne - though all will require some significant amounts of painting - and I might need to pick up a unit or two for the latter two to make 1000 points. Others I might be able to put together a force for Age of Sigmar Skirmish. 

For Warcry I definitely have Slaanesh and Khorne Daemon Warbands and enough Skaven for at least two ready to go. I have a few more organized, but need some painting - Ogors, Orrucks, MORE Free Peoples (Darklings, possibly Wanderers), and maybe some sort of Undead mish-mash... (I have Vampires and Ghouls - which are, technically, part of different factions - Legions of Nagash and Flesheater Courts, but might be able to work together as allies...?) 

For now, however, here are the Duardin of the Free Peoples I've cobbled together... 


The Duardin (Dwarves) seem to be in three main factions; Disposesed/Free Peoples, Fyreslayers, and Kharadron. The Fyreslayers are like the old Troll/Giantslayers of old - muscled, unarmoured manias with axes. The Kharadron are like dirigible-riding steampunk dwarves. The Duardin of the Free Peoples, the Disposesed, are more like the Dwarves of the Old Warhammer Fantasy world and live among the Humans and Aelves in the Cities of Sigmar, so thats what I'll be using these as. 

Four Longbeards and twelve Irondrakes (old Thunderers). The current Irondrake models seem to be a bit more heavily armoured than the old Thunderers... but... whatevs... 

I don't really have a figure that I'm calling their leader just yet. Ideally, I'd like to find an old metal Dwarf Lord or Runesmith or Cogsmith or at least some sort of old unit champion to lead them... 

Four Longbeards with Ancestral Weapons and Gromril Sheilds. 

These were all rebased from washers I'd had them on and two of the shields were replaced - so they could all be of the same type. The ones I replaced were flat and had handpainted runes that just didn't look as nice as the embossed symbols - and also I happened to HAVE two extra embossed shields, so that's what they got! 

One I did a little differently - did gold embossing (though it looks like in my haste to get these done, I forgot to go back in and highlight the gold after doing a wash!?). This is so, in a pinch, I might be able to use him as the leader of the warband - calling my an Old Guard with Ancestral Weapon and Gromril Shield. 


If using all four Longbeards, I really only need five of these for a Warcry Warband. 

Because I had so many Thunderers, I put one of them on a larger base - to identify it as a Leader, of some sort - but then realized it wouldn't really work as a leader... It doesn't really look like a Cogsmith, and The Irondrake leaders are armed with GRUDGEHAMMER TORPEDOs... that don't look much like a Torpedo he's holding... I guess I could always say it's a super powerful and accurate gun that is as powerful as a Grudgehammer Torpedo...? I don't know. I like the idea of a leader of Dwarves being a WARRIOR that's cool with getting into it hand-to-hand... 

Maybe I should go in and touch up some of the gun with some brass - to look fancier than the rest of the gunners guns... and maybe remember to paint those eyes!? 

I do need to decide which city they're from. That, rather than race, determines which abilities can be used. 


Now, the Duardin Free Peoples are all part of the Cities of Sigmar list and, technically, any of them can all be put into the same warband together... So, also technically, I COULD have a Human or an Aelf leading them!? I'm not sure Duardin would be entirely cool with that... unless it was some very RICH and powerful Human (or ever RICHER Aelf) that hired them as mercenaries to accompany on them for a personal quest of some sort...? 

Here are a few of the others I have ready for battle. 

Old Empire Hero... He's got a flail and a great big book strapped to his back... I was thinking of calling him a Prophet - leader of flagellants (of which I DO have a few that could be painted up). Maybe the Duardin are serious converts to Sigmar and have been radicalized and follow this most devoted of his prophets... not so radicalized to have given up their axes or gun in favour of flails and bare chests, though. 

Or I could just call him a Freeguild Sergeant. 

Regardless, it's occurring to me I could re-rebase this guy onto a 32mm base to make him stand out as a leader. Not required, but I like the idea of leaders that immediately stand out from the rest of the warband. 

A pair of Shadow Warriors. 

These guys definitely saw action in Mordheim. Shadow Warriors are still a thing... unfortunately I only have the two of them... so... not enough for a Warband of their own. Maybe with some other Azyrite Aelves.

Aelves of the Scourge Privateers or Darkling Covens?.

They used to be called Dark Elf Marauders. Darkling Coven Bleakswords? 

I do have a fair few other Aelves (Wanderers, Darklings, and others) and Humans to put together into Cities of Sigmar warbands. 

I could probably put together two just of Aelves from the Darkling Coven. One of old assorted metal minis - like the Marauder/Bleakswords above - including some with halberds that could be passed off as Black Guard. Another could be made up entirely of plastic Darkshards (crossbow-armed Dark Elves). 

I have a few old Imperial types that can be used as Freeguilders and Flagellants. Again, I probably have enough for two! One could be entirely Freeguilders - a mix of Handgunners and Greatswords, led by a Sergeant of General - or a Battlemage! The other could be mostly Flagellants - with the Prophet above and a bunch of old metal Flagellants I'd originally picked up to convert for use with my Red Redemptionists in  Necromunda!? Together they'd make a nice small force for Age of Sigmar! 

I have an assortment of other Wood Elves and High Elves... but I'm not what to call them in Age of Sigmar... I have PILES of Lothern Sea Guard, for example, which don't seem to be a thing anymore... I'm sure I'll figure it out when I get around to painting them.  

Other Stuff

The state of the workbench. I've acquired Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm and have been working on the warbands within - hoping to maybe get those finished today or tomorrow, so I can get in a few games over the weekend! They might also be expanded into Warcry warbands at some point....? Stay tuned for those!

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Shadespire: Spiteclaw's Swarm

STILL more Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire miniatures for my friend John. He dropped these off for me to paint for him at the same he dropped off The Chosen Axes (about two years ago)...

Spiteclaw's Swarm

Skritch Spiteclaw, the leader.

Krrk the Almost Trusted - Spiteclaw's Bodyguard 

Most Warbands in Warhammer underworlds seem to be made up of named characters - I'm not sure how the fluff in Shadespire worked - but I imagine it is much the same as the fluff for Beastgrave - a cursed place where one can never truly die - you can be killed, but the mountain just keeps bringing you back to fight and be killed over and over again...  

The rest of this warband, however, are actually just "generic" skaven - totally disposable/replaceable minions that don't even get a name... 

The Hungering Skaven


The Lurking Skaven


The Festering Skaven

That's it for these guys... I am trying to finish up some outstanding items I promised to paint for other people in this first quarter - there are some more for John and a couple of things for my friend Rick. I think I need to do something for myself before I get to any more of those, though. I'm not entirely sure what that might be just yet. If I had to guess, I'd probably say Morgwaeth's Blade-Coven - the Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave warband I picked up for myself - primarily for some unique characters I can add to the others I have to form a Warcry warband - or another unit in the Daughters of Khaine Age of Sigmar Army I seem to be building now!? 

I am tempted to pick up Beastgrave or Direchasm for myself to give it a try... 

The next batch of things for John will be a bunch of Frostgrave miniatures. Twenty-Two of them, to be precise! (a box of 20 plastic ones - to be assembled and painted - and two metal minis just needing painting) 

Monday, January 11, 2021

Shadespire: The Chosen Axes

More Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire miniatures for my friend John. 

He dropped these off for me to paint for him... probably around the time I finished the last batch... Yeah, that was two years ago. Good Thing he's a patient guy! I got work on these because part of my Q1 Game Plan was to finish off a few things I have to paint for others AND it seems I've gone down the Age of Sigmar rabbithole, so this worked in with my current interests. (I find it REALLY hard to paint anything I'm actually interested in at the moment - which is why I generally DON'T do commission work!)

The Chosen Axes

Fjul-Grimnir - the leader of the gang

Tefk Flamebearer 

Vol Orrukbane 

Mad Maegrim

These are for Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire - the first in the series of Warhammer Underworlds series of games, released in 2017. There have been three more major, stand along expansions Nightvault (2018), Beastgrave (2019), and Direchasm (2020) each with numerous warband expansions, such as this. 

I've actually been looking at possibly picking up Direchasm to try it out. I have to admit, initially, I was uninterested in Warhammer Underworlds..... but for it to have survived THIS long, it can't have sucked THAT much.

Also, it's a way to pick up a small number of Age of Sigmar figures from a variety of factions - which could be used in Age of Sigmar (stats are available to use each of these warbands as a unit in the game) or Warcry (the figure types are all useable in Warcry - though not as specific names characters, as they are in Age of Sigmar AND they are not enough on their own to make a complete Warcry warband) or the Soulbound role-playing game or, y'know, the game they were actually MADE for - Warhmmer Underworlds. (I've already picked up Morgwaeth's Blade-Coven - since I already have a bunch of Daughters of Khaine in the Shadow & Pain box I picked up in December

I have one more of these to paint for John - Spiteclaw's Swarm - SKAVEN! 

Friday, January 8, 2021

Warcry - The Skaven's Prize

Below Carngard, the Reaver City, the largest settlement on the Bloodwind Spoil the ancient sewers and catacombs never sleep. Hordes of Skaven scrape and skuffle constantly. Their numbers are legion and could easily dominate the city, possibly the entirety of the Bloodwind Spoil, and threaten Varanspire itself, if ever they could just stop fighting each other! 

Finnegan and I tried out Warcry Thursday afternoon - a skirmish game set in the Age of Sigmar. Initially the game involved only Chaos warbands - drawn to the Eightpoints to battle each other and find glory and treasure and possibly earn a place in Archaon's innumerable legions of the Everchosen. Eventually rules were added so other Warbands could be used in the game. 

I've been working on getting a couple of Skaven Warbands ready to play. 

Warbands need to include a minimum of three and a maximum of 15 models totalling no more than 1000 points and there can only be one leader model. 

The Squeekhawg Scurrypack - played by Finnegan, - are lead by the vicious Clawlord Skreekmaw and consists of a band of Clan Rat and Storm Vermin warriors of Clan Verminous. The lot of them are Natural Born Schemers - ready to stab another skaven in the back (even one of their own warband) to get ahead.

The Silent But Deadly Scurrypack - played by myself - is lead by Grey Seer Krektkata and consists of a gang of Gutter Runners, a Night Runner, a Scryre Acolyte, a Plague Monk, and a Pack Master with its Giant Rats. They are dirty fighters that don't know the meaning of honour. Like, literally. To be honest, though, I'm not entirely sure there's even an equivalent word in the skaven language...? Calling them "fighters" might be a bit of a stretch, as well. "Murderers" would probably work better, being the sort that would rather strike an entirely unsuspecting foe from the shadows, rather than actually face the possibility of combat. 


To start the game off we rolled off for priority - and I won. 

Then starting with Finnegan (Not Priority) we split our forces into three battle groups - Dagger, Hammer, and Shield - which will determine where (and when) they are set up. There must be at least one model in each battlegroup, no more than half the force can be in any one battlegroup and at least one third of the force must be in the Shield group. 

Finnegan put the Clawlord, two Storm Vermin and two Clan Rats in Shield, a Storm Vermin and two Clan Rats in Hammer, and the remaining two Clan Rats in Dagger. I put the Grey Seer, the four Gutter Runners and the NIght Runner in Sheild, the Pack Master and three Giant Rats in Dagger, and the Scryre Acolyte and Plague Monk in Hammer. 

After that we deal out cards from the Battleplan Card Deck.

According to the rulebook there are supposed to be four decks - Terrain, Deployment, Victory and Twist decks. But I only seem to have the latter three in the pack of Battleplan Cards I bought last spring or summer...? Seemed to work out, though, as we would have ignored the missing Terrain deck card, anyway... 

Though I had picked these (and the Slaanesh cards) last spring or summer, I never really had much of a look at them. I didn't even really look at them when I was reading the rules in the Core Rulebook... So I surprised a little when I read that the games lasts THREE ROUNDS!? I don't recall anything in the rules about how long the game lasts - other than the length of the game was determined by the victory card!?

Well... now I knew why they didn't bother with morale rules - this was going to be fast and furious! a quick and brutal fight that ends as quick as it starts. 

Having Quickly glanced at the deployment card and our terrain, we noted that we'd have to adjust it slightly as one group would have had to set up inside a solid rock, and one of the reserve groups would have to enter on an edge where there were no entrances!? We said the reinforcements could come on at either of the entrances nearest the edge they were supposed to show up at, and the group that started on the board we just moved a little closer towards the center of the table so as not to be deployed in solid rock. After the game, I realized that we probably should have shifted the OTHER group and equal distance away - as the deployment card had them set up 12" away from each other (6" from the center of the table) but as we'd moved the one group's deployment location closer to the center by about 3-4" the two groups started much closer - with in range of charging and fighting in the first round!  

According to the Victory card, one group was carrying some treasure that the other wanted. According to the fluff I came up with for the two Scurrypacks, it seemed more likely that the Squeekhawg Scurrypack would be attacking the Silent But Deadly Scurrypack - as the latter would be more likely just to sneak in and steal it - rather than openly trying to rob another group at knifepoint. In fact, we decided that the Silent But Deadly Scurrypack had done just that - stolen some shinies from Skreekmaw stash and the Clawlord was determined to get his stuff back and punish those audacious enough to try and steal his things. 

Finnegan setting up his warband. 

Starting positions - each of us only started with our Shield battlegroups on the table. 

Clawlord Skreekmaw ofthe Squeekhawg Scurrypack confronts Grey Seer Krektkata and the Silent But Deadly Scurrypack that he suspects stole from his stash of Warpstone.... 


At the beginning of the round is the Hero Phase, which we start with rolling six initiative dice... These are then organized as singles or groups of like dice.  

Finnegan (top) rolled four singles and one double (the two ones), I rolled two doubles, and two singles. The Groups - Doubles, Triples and Quads are used to power abilities throughout the turn, but the number of singles determines who gets initiative during the turn (ties rolled off).

After this initial roll, each player gets a wild die that they can use to either add to a group or add another single - to try and seize - or secure the initiative. The player that starts with the initiative goes first. 

Finnegan added a third one two his Double, making it a Triple. I had no chance of seizing the initiative, so I added a six to the single six making it a double. I could have powered THREE double abilities this turn... y'know... had I REMEMBERED to!?  So many things to keep track of!? 

Starting things off, the excessively violent Clawlord Skreekmaw charged and attacked the nearest Gutter Runner - Bladow - and caused four damage! he also used the Triple to power the Lead From the Back ability... though he seemed to be doing the opposite!? The ability meant, for the rest of the battle round, any friendly fighters within 3" would add half (rounded up) the value of the ability (the number on the dice powering the ability) to their attacks characteristic! Luckily it was only a one (halved, and rounded up, still one) had the dice been sixes, he'd have been adding THREE attacks to any friendlies that got up there... 

Initially I'd wanted to use my Grey Seer to blast the Clawlord, but, it turned out, he was TOO CLOSE... AND I'd positioned the Grey seer poorly as he couldn't move through other models to get clear!? 

So, Shadow moved out of the way, sneaking around the side of Clawlord Skreekmaw (which, I just now, noticed I missed one "K" on his base!? GAH!?) and stabbed him - causing one damage. 

Krashk - one of the Storm Vermin rushed to its master's aid - scoring two critical hits and taking Shadow out of action! YIKES!

I moved Quiritikmikza out of the way - and it chucked stuff at some of the Squeekhawg rats still standing in their deployment zone doing one damage to one of them. Greshk moved up, but couldn't quite get close enough to attack. Greshk COULD have gotten into contact with  a Pair of Gutter Runners - which would limit where they could move... OR they could just attack TWICE - with four rolls per attack... 

Then, finally, the Grey Seer Krektkata moved out far enough away to do his Blast attack - but BEFORE that I used the six pair to power the Consume Warpstone Token ability - as they were sixes I got to roll six dice - for each 1 the Grey Seer took one damage, for each 4+ they added +1 damage to each hit with its next ranged attack.... Krektkata took two damage, and the blast at the Clawlord caused six!

Clan Rats Nik and Tik moved up and stabbed at Quiritikmikza, each scoring one hit for a total of 2 damage. The rest of the Silent But Deadly rats attacked the Clawlord. Blador did one damage. Jawn, the Night Runner did one damage. The Blade attack and caused THREE Critical hits for a total of nine more damage - finishing off the clawlord... on the first turn!? 

I forgot to use my other dice pairs to make abilities go... 



Round Two started out with another Hero Phase and dicing for Initiative. This time, Finnegan rolled two doubles and two singles, and I rolled a Triple, a double and one single. Finnegan used his Wild Die to make one of the singles into another Double - which also meant he now, also, only had ONE single and we would dice to see who had the initiative... Unless I used my Wild Die to make another single - which would Seize the Initiative! Which is what I did. 

Next was the Reserve Phase and the rest of our Battlegroups (Hammer and Dagger) showed up at their respective locations. 

Then, at the beginning of the Combat Phase of this second turn, I had to declare who, among my scurrypack was holding The Goods. Whoever held these at the end of the Third round would win the game. The SMART thing to do, would probably have been to say the Pack Master held them - as he was furthest from any of the enemy and had three rats to use a meatshield - blocking any that might TRY to get there. But it made more sense to me, narratively, to have the Grey Seer holding the prize.

So, on my first activation, the Grey Seer RAN FOR IT! Trying to get as far from any of the opposing scurrypack as possible. (Luckily, they had no ranged weapons!). There were the two newly arrived Clan Rats from the opponent' Dagger battlegroup nearby. 

Also a Storm Vermin and two more Clan Rats were in a position to chase. 

And chase they did - the Storm Vermin, Niktriq, followed the Grey Seer into the adjoining cavern into which he had fled. 

Bladow moved to the passage and squeaked "NONE SHALL PASS!" (Though it should have been "None MORE Shall Pass" as Niktriq had already run through there! Then chucking many things at one of the approaching Clan Rats (using an Onslaught ability) - scored a critical hit on Dik and caused 3 damage! 

Krashk attacked Blade - also making use of the Onslaught Ability - and caused 6 damage! 

Blade attacked back - twice, using both actions - and did a total of 10 damage - taking the Storm Vermin out of action! 

Greshk then moved in and also attacked Blade - and was able to finish off the Gutter Runner. 

The Scryre Acolyte, Lemsldab, having just arrived, moved to aid his leader and three poisoned wind globes at the newly arrived Clan Rats causing 3 damage to Other Mik (originally I had named two of the Clan Rats Mik and Xik... but when I painted the names on them, I ended up painting Mik twice... so one ended up being Mik, and the other was Other Mik).

Rik, who had arrived with Other Mik, rushed forward - using both actions to move - came into contact with the Grey Seer. Having used both actions, he couldn't attack, but the Grey Seer would have to use a Disengage action to move away rather than run at full speed, if I wanted to try and just get away from the enemy ratlings. 

The Plague Monk moved past the Scryre Acolyte, into the cavern, and Other Mik gave chase - stabbing poor Nervim and causing four damage! 

Quiritikmikza moved to join Bladow in the gauntlet, to prevent other members of Squeekhawg from getting to their leader - blows were exchanged with Dik and Mik. 

Two of the Giant Rats tried to chase down Nik. Nik turned and took out one of them. 


This round I rolled one Double and four Singles and used my Wild Die to secure the initiative. Finnegan rolled one Triple and three singles, as I'd added a fifth single, he couldn't even contest it, so he added his wild die to the Triple to make a Quad. 

The beginning of Round Three... 

First off, Grey Seer Krektkata, made a run for it! He Disengaged from Rik and ran as fast as he could, as far as he could. 

Finnegan used his Quad to use the RAMPAGE ability with Niktriq - effectively allowing him an extra move followed by an attack... and then Niktriqs two regular actions - which would also be attacks (unless the Grey Seer was killed with one of the first two - in which case that last action could be used to step up and pick up the treasure. He managed to do a total of eight damage - but it was not nearly enough. 

Effectively I won the game right there, as there was no one else that could to the Grey Seer in time to take it out and collect the loot. We played out the rest of the round, though, just to see what would happen. 

the Plague Monk took out Other Mik with its first action and them moved to engage Rik - to prevent it from chasing down the Grey Seer. Rik took out the Plague Monk, and chased after the Grey Seer anyway - even though there was no chase of getting there. 

Greshk attacked the Night Runner and did 2 damage, and when the Night Runner fought back, Greshk took 5 damage and was taken out of action. Quiritikmikza and Bladow were both taken out by Clan Rats, but heal that bottleneck long enough for the Grey Seer to escape. Nik took out another rat, but was bit by the last one for 5 damage! 

And that was about it... 

Finnegan had to scurry off to an online appointment, so I ran both Scurrypacks through the post game sequence.. 

The Silent But Deadly scurrypack claimed Eight Glory (5 for winning and 1 each for participating, taking out a third of the enemy and taking out the leader). The Squeekhawg Scurrypack scored two (participating, taking out 1/3 of the enemy). 

Both of the Giant Rats taken out died, but the rest survived their wounds and were able to fight another day. Dik, technically "lost favour", but as it had not GAINED any Destiny Levels... it didn't really matter. 

Checking for Destiny, the Pack Master and the surviving Giant Rat both gained destiny levels... which seemed odd, as they seemed to do the least out of all the Skaven on the table!? 

Searching for Lesser Artifacts, the Silent But Deadly pack found a Skin of Flame Ale... I figured that is what they stole from Clawlord Skreekmaw. The Squeekhawg Scurrypack found nothing... 

And that was Warcry. 

I like it. It is quick - or, I imagine, it WILL be once I have the rules all solid in my head and not having to look things up and remind myself how things worked - I got a few things confused and mixed up in my head as I also recently read the core rules for Age of Sigmar... and then there are bits of Kill Team and Necromunda rules floating around in my head. 

The dice rolling and Wild Die mechanic in the Hero Phase is interesting - sometimes being presented with gaining the initiative or doing more cool abilities in a round. 

Looking at the Victory cards - it seems a LOT of the games are only played for THREE rounds - fast and furious - there are a few that could take more - or possibly less! But most seem to be three rounds. It's been a while since I played either, but I feel like Kill Team and Necromunda were more open ended with the turn limit and could go on for ever if both sides hunkered down in cover and just plinked away blindly at each other. I guess there is not a lot of missile weapons here - so you have to get in there and get it done!

Looking at the number of wounds characters had 4 for rats, 8-10 for Skaven, about 20 for each of the leaders - when I'm used to models in GW games having ONE for rank and file and maybe 2-3 for heroes, it seemed like it might be hard to take ANYONE out - but that just wasn't the case - with 2-3 (or more!) dice being rolled for each attack action and the possibility of using BOTH actions to attack - if a model starts its activation in contact - a lot of damage can be dealt out in a single turn. 

I like that attacks are streamlined down to a SINGLE roll - gone are the roll to hit... roll to wound... roll to save... (and in the other skirmish games - like Kill Team and Necromunda - ANOTHER roll to see if they are taken out or just had a flesh wound)! In Kill Team pick a weapon and a target, check the range, check the strength of the weapon, versus the toughness of the target, roll dice equal to the number of attacks the fighter has with the chosen weapon - if the strength is higher than the toughness a hit is scored on 3+, if they are equal hits are on 4+, if the targets toughness in higher, hits are scored on 5+, a 6 is always a critical - apply damage for each hit or critical hit (critical hits generally cause more - like a LOT more). No more saving throws - armour is factored into the fighters overall toughness - very clever, super streamlined. I like it.

With 36 different Deployment cards, 36 Victory cards and 36 Twist cards... that adds up to a LOT of different combinations - giving wildly different scenarios each time. 

I'm looking forward to playing more of this. Luckily, Finnegan said he liked it too and is keen to try more - so I don't even have to wait for the Plague to end before I get in another game.