40K - Forces of CHAOS

I've decided to put together a force of assorted Chaos stuff - with a slight bent towards Slaanesh! I was mostly thinking a Daemon army, but there will be a few Chaos Space Marine elements - and a couple of Knights - mostly because I happen to have them...



Daemons of Slaanesh

These are old metal Keeper of Secrets and Fiend miniatures - as the Keeper of Secrets is tiny compared to the current model, I thought I'd use this one as a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh!

The FIRST unit of Daemonettes.


(It COULD be a Fast Attack unit or an HQ unit - if I wanted to call that a Herald of Slaanesh on the platform!) 


I have two (or three?) more squads of Daemonettes to assemble and paint at some point. In the LONG term, I think it would be fun to have SWARMS of these - like, three units of thirty of them!

I also have Seekers (five more of them!), and more Fiends (three of the new plastic ones), and an Infernal Enrapturess, and an Exalted Seeker Chariot to assemble and/or finish painting AND Syll' Esske - ANOTHER Daemon Prince... At SOME point I might also add one of the new Keeper of Secrets.  And maybe a few other characters (Masque and Herald)...?


Daemons of Khorne!

Karanak, the Hound of Vengeance! Headquarters for a small detachment of Khorne Daemons.

Bloodletters of Khorne. Troops. At some point I might pick up two more such units - just so they can be fielded as a full "Battalion" detachment.

Flesh Hounds - Fast Attack

I also have a unit of Bloodcrushers to finish painting...


Well, there's this guy... from Kill Team: Rogue Trader. He has some friends I should finish and include at some point... 


The Chaos Space Marines will largely be Emperor's Children - servants of Slaanesh - but I will also have a small detachment of Death Guard.

Emperor's Children

The Emperor's Children Chaos Marines.... so far... 

The force is currently led by Deamon Prince Garfongdong - who also currently leads my Slaanesh Daemon force...

Garfongdong's Chief lieutenants are Chaos Lord Felzik  and Sorceress Xoilaz Gafar

Emperor's Children Chaos Space Marines (that's an old possessed model that I'm currently using as the unit champion - he's actually armed with items a champion would have - chain axe and bolt pistol!) 


They count as Troops in Emperor's Children forces. Probably see these on the table more often than the regular Chaos Space marines above. They can be fielded in squads of 5 or 10 (or more, actually... but I'll probably do them in 5s or 10s). I have enough for 30 - eventually - but currently only have half painted. Though they may at times be fielded in squads of 10, I've sort of trying to be working on them in "bands" of 5...

Band #1 - Soroibus Tortus - from left to right; J'Frer, Marcus, D'Snydr, Ajax, and Fingur.

Band #2 - Mortuis-Lac-Hominibus - from left to right; Mundus, Sanguis, Talci, Sinomine, Haec

Band #3 - Sabbatum Nigreos - from left to right; Pincermarum, Dios, Ozimandus, Iominus, and Equisolis

Only a few cultists, so far... I do have 15 more of these to finish painting... plus a bunch of others from Blackstone Fortress that could be fielded as Cultists...

Master of Possession and two Greater Possessed. The Master of Possession is actually an HQ unit and the Greater Possessed are Elites... but I only have the one picture of the three together at the moment.. 

I have a squad of Raptors to do... so far I have only completed two... three to go! 

Venomcrawler - for some Heavy Support 

I also have Terminators, more regular Chaos Space Marines, two Obliterators, and a few more Noise Marines to finish up for this force!

Fabius Bile

Bile used to be Chief Apothecary of the Emperor's Children... but I think he's off doing his own thing these days... sort of like Paul McCartney... so he's listed separately... 

Black Legion

I also have a few Black Legion items that all came with assorted Blackstone Fortress sets - but can all be fielded in regular 40K

Obsideus Mallix - Black Legion Chaos Lord. 

Three Black Legion Chaos Marines... Need two more for a squad of five... 

Chaos Beastmen

Traitor Guard

More Traitor Guard

STILL MORE Traitor Guard

Negavolt Cultists

Traitor Commissar and Chaos Ogryn


I do also have these two Rogue Psykers from the Blackstone Fortress game that could be added to the Emperor's Children forces...

Death Guard 

Death Guard

Never intended to ever do any Nurgle stuff... but I found a lot of these and they were just way too cheap to pass up!?

In totally I've ended up with a Chaos Lord and 31 Plague Marines - including one with a standard. A few  are metal, but most are monopose plastics. 

Chaos Lord Slugbottom the Vile, Belcher of Woes, Duke of Downright Dirtiness, Prince of Decay, and an overall Cool Dude (so named by Finnegan) 

Death Guard as a Patrol Detachment - with Necromunda Plague Zombies passing for Pox Walkers (they're basically the same thing!) 


A Traitor/Renegade Cerastus Knight-Acheron from Forge World.

More pics and details can be found here:

Renegade Knight Acheron (and Other Chaos Goodies!)

I do have a second Knight that will be painted as a Renegade Knight Despoiler. At some point I wouldn't mind picking up a third (probably a Knight Desecrator/Rampager.




the plan needs some re-jigging for the new edition of 40K 


I still have a lot to complete. And I've added lots since this plan was conceived. But, originally, I figured when everything I have was all assembled and painted, I would have:

Emperor's Children Battalion Detachment
HQ - Sorcerer - 3PL
Troops - Cultists with Heavy Stubber (10) - 3PL
Troops - Cultists (10) - 2PL
Troops - Cultists (10) - 2PL

Emperor's Children Battalion Detachment
HQ - Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour - 7PL
Troops - Chaos Space Marines (5) - 4PL
Troops - Noise Marines with Blast Master (5) - 5PL
Troops - Noise Marines with Blast Master (5) - 5PL
Elite - Terminators With Reaper Autocannon (5) - 12PL

Death Guard Vanguard Detachment
HQ - Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour - 7PL
Elite - Plague Marines (5) - 4PL
Elite - Plague Marines (5) - 4PL
Elite - Plague Marines (10) - 7PL
(in regular 40K these would be three units of seven... but for some reason in Apocalypse they're only foldable in units of 5/10/15/20...?)

Khorne Daemon Patrol Detachment
HQ - Karanak - 4PL
Troops - Bloodletters (10) - 4PL
Fast Attack - Flesh Hounds (5) - 3PL
Elites - Blood Crushers (3) - 6PL

Slaanesh Daemon Battalion Detachment
HQ - Infernal Enrapturess - 5PL
Troops - Daemonettes (10) - 4PL
Troops - Daemonettes (10) - 4PL
Troops - Daemonettes (10) - 4PL
Fast Attack - Seekers (5) - 6PL
Fast Attack - Seekers (5) - 6PL
Heavy Support - Exalted Seeker Chariot - 9PL

Slaanesh Daemon Vanguard Detachment
HQ - Daemon Prince of Chaos - 9PL
Elite - Fiend of Slaanesh - 3PL
Elite - Fiend of Slaanesh - 3PL
Elite - Fiend of Slaanesh - 3PL
Elite - Fiend of Slaanesh - 3PL

Chaos Knight Auxiliary Super Heavy Detachment
Lord of War - Renegade Knight Acheron - 26PL

Chaos Knight Auxiliary Super Heavy Detachment
Lord of War - Knight Despoiler (with Stormspear Rocket Pod) - 25PL

Black Legion Battalion Detachment (From Blackstone Fortress) 
HQ - Obsidius Mallex - 4PL
Troops - Traitor Guardsmen (7) - 2PL
Troops - Traitor Guardsmen (7) - 2PL
Troops - Cultists of the Abyss (8) - 2PL
Troops - Cultists of the Abyss (8) - 2PL
Elite - Rogue Psyker - 3PL
Elite - Rogue Psyker - 3PL
Elite - Negavolt Cultists (4) - 2PL
Elite - Chaos Beastmen (4) - 1PL

200 Power Level in total... a pretty decent size for an Apocalypse army (though a little light on the Heavy Hitters!)... Or a smaller one with a few options... Ideally, at SOME point (probably NOT this year) I'd like to add a few things to these forces.  One of the new Keeper of Secrets models, for one! A third Chaos knight might be nice - just to make a full Super Heavy Detachment of three. I do HAVE A third knight I COULD paint up as a Chaos Knight... but I had plans for her... and if I got a third knight for this force, I think I'd rather get a Knight Desecrator or Rampager. Also, I love the idea of having SWARMS of Daemonettes - like, three units of thirty of them! Also, another two units of Bloodletters might be fun - just to upgrade the Khorne patrol into a "battalion" detachment... And maybe some Nurgle character to lead the Deathguard detachment.

Battlefleet Gothic

I picked up a few Chaos Vessels for the old Battlefleet Gothic game - that could ferry around the above forces from world to world...

Emperor's Children Fleet.

Nurgle Daemon Ship for the Death Guard detachment.

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