Monday, September 30, 2019

September Games - Week Four

Picking up where we left off...

Sunday, 22 September 2019

on Sunday evening Amanda and I played a game of Necromunda. Sunday evenings, in our fall schedule, were to be set aside for a Necromunda Campaign. I had hoped we'd get TWO games in each Sunday evening - and that's all we'd need to do for our campaign... that hasn't happened yet...

We got started a bit late this week as Amanda decided to drag Finnegan out for a canoe paddle in the late afternoon (instead of doing it earlier when Keira and I were out at dance classes...?).

My Delaque gang and her Escher gang fought for control of the Narco Den.

You can read a full report of the game here:

Wenz Pipe - Battle for the Narco Den

Monday, 23 September 2019

Monday, after Ballroom, was supposed to be our "back up" evening for Neromunda - if we didn't get two games played. No one was (well... the kids weren't) feeling up to playing necromunda, so Amanda and I played a quick game of pPatchwork... and then we went and started watching American Gods.

It was, seriously, my BEST GAME EVER!!! I had only four empty spaces and even had buttons left over!!! WOO!

Amanda has a pretty amazing game as well!

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Tuesday evening, Finnegan has his regular, fortnightly D&D game.

Amanda, Keira and I played a quick game of Retro Lunacy. Keira won.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Wednesday evening we all played a quick game of SET. Finnegan won this one - taking TEN sets. Keira and I weren't THAT far behind with seven and six, respectively... This just isn't Amanda's game... though she did collect two sets - which is pretty good, for her!

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Thursday Morning Bruce stopped by to play a few games. I'd invited him over to play 7 Wonders Duel, as I thought it would be a game he and his wife might enjoy, but it turns out he's apparently never played regular 7 Wonders... so we had to start with that. I recruited Finnegan to join us.

After that I played a couple rounds of 7 Wonders Duel with just Bruce. He did like it enough that we played two games and he borrowed it to take home and play with Adele.

The second game we played was one of my highest scoring games EVER - all this yellow cards!!

All the games were still pretty close - considering Bruce had never played either!

Friday, 27 September 2019

Friday evening we played a (relatively) quick game of Race for the Galaxy before watching a few episodes of American Gods.

We played with the Xeno Invasion expansion.

The Xeno Invasion was halted, largely due to my military-industrial complex... and that ended the game. I was a little worried we were all going to be hammered by Amanda who was collecting TWO victory points every turn (to everyone else's single VP) for surviving while having the lowest total military power. I just managed to squeak out a victory - thanks to the high military, I was able to put down a few high-point cards (Xenos forward Command - 9 points, Alien something-something for 8 points!). I ended with 48 points, Amanda and Keira were tied for second with 42.

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Well... I didn't get in a game... but there WAS a game going on at our place that 50% of the family played in!

Seems it was quite the epic adventure!

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Whoopsie... No games were played today.

It was a busy day. Keira and I had Irish Dance classes. Amanda did TWO Thai Yoga Massages, and in the evening Amanda and I went out to Glory - a play at the Persephone Theatre (which was amazing, by the way!)

Falling a little behind in our Necromunda campaign.

Monday, 30 September 2019

Last day of the month - Keira and I sat down for a quick game of Firefly Fluxx

An inauspicious start to the game, pulled a Creeper (REAVERS, no less!) on my initial card pull...

Things went better after I got rid of it. We were confused about one of Keira's cards (firearms) thinking it meant I couldn't STEAL any of her cards - when it actually referred to an ability conferred by a special rule card...

So many times I JUST ABOUT won... Hey look I'm filling that goal! Whoops forgot I had a creeper off to the side.

Eventually I got rid of the creeper and won the game. It was a longer game - actually went through the full deck once and had to shuffle the discards!

Well... that was quite a month!

The September 2019 Game-A-Day Challenge

Pretty close... Two of those Saturdays that are blank are days that I didn't play games, but there WERE games going on that 50% of the family played in (Finnegan's D&D 5E game), so I'd count them as "Game Days". The 19th and 29th were the only days where no games were played... but missing two days out of thirty... not bad... that's 28 days that we (at least SOME of us) DID play games! So that's definitely a win in my books!

The 'Family' 10x10 Challenge

A few games were checked off this month - Splendor, Century: Golem Edition, and Race for the Galaxy... Not quite the eight games a month we needed to play (every month) to complete this challenge - let along the 10-12 we'd have needed to do to catch up... Ah, well... as long as we're still having fun, right?!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

ummm.... not sure...

hopefully I'll be posting drawings for Inktober over on my Art Blog... or Instagram... or maybe Twitter...? Check those out later today or tomorrow.

Space Rats, Melta Guns and Spooky Chibis

A few things rolling off the workbench this week...

Superdeformed (or "chibi") spooky characters from Reaper bones. More experimenting with Contrast paints. How I've been doing a lot of these are undercoating with black gesso, then doing a heavy dry brush with a white gesso, and THEN applying Contrast paints - it keeps the dark recesses DARK - even if the contrast paint is... not-so-dark...

It's fast... I'll say that. And if it means more people get more painted toys on the table, then I'm all for it. I wouldn't mind facing warriors painted this way - better than unpainted grey plastic!! But I don't love the look of them....

Another ganger for the One-Eyed Red Snakes Delaque Necromunda Gang. The figure is a conversion, I think he had a lasgun or autogun originally... and I already had TWO of that figure, so I decided to convert it to have a special weapon of some sort... and I had a Meltagun that seemed like it would be easy to fit in there...

Give then state of my gang in the current campaign, it will be a LONG time before he ever gets recruited...

A few more Mantic Vermyn for John's Chaos cultists Necromunda Gang/Kill Team.

The Gang so far. The old Rat Ogre is the Cult Demagogue (or Cultist Champion in Kill Team). The old Poison Wind Globadier will be used as a Cult Witch. There is a Disciple (Champion) with a Heavy Stubber. I have another ten or so to paint, but I think this would probably be enough to get him started. Among the others are another heavy stubbed and two rats with Flamers (or HEAVY Flamers...?) I got a couple weeks to get the rest finished up.

The gang, so far, might look a little like:

Cult Demagogue (the old Rat Ogre) - Filter Plugs, Auto Pistol, Sword - (Leader/Cunning/Ferocity Skill - 140 credits

Cult Witch (the old Poisoned Wind Globadier) - Sword, Respirator - Psyker - Wyrd Power - 105 credits

Cult Disciple - Heavy Stubber, Respirator, Fighting Knife - (Cunning/Ferocity Skill) - 205 credits

Cult Helot - Autogun, Fighting Knife, Respirator - 80 credits

Cult Helot - Autogun, Fighting Knife, Respirator - 80 credits

Cult Helot - Autogun, Fighting Knife, Respirator - 80 credits

Cult Helot - Auto Pistol, Chainsword, Respirator - 85 credits

Cult Helot - Auto Pistol, Chainsword, Respirator - 85 credits

Cult Helot - Auto Pistol, Sword, Respirator - 80 credits

Cult Helot - Auto Pistol, Fighting Knife, Respirator - 75 credits

Cult Helot - Auto Pistol, Fighting Knife, Respirator, Frag Grenades - 105 credits

1120 credits so far... more than enough to start a Dominion Campaign! Some of those Hellots could just as easily be Disciples - for a few less, but more powerful starting dudes...

Coming soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Final game update for the September 2019 Game-a-Day Challenge... Maybe a necromunda game report...?

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wooden Peg Warriors

Because I don't have enough projects on the go, I thought it might be fun to paint up some wooden peg characters. I thought the kids might be into it as well, especially Keira. She is ALL ABOUT making things these days. Every single day she sews or knits something. At times I wonder if they're too intimidated by all the miniatures they've purchased over the last couple years - and not yet painted! Like, maybe they are self-aware enough to realize that there skills aren't at the level to make the miniatures they own look they way they want them to look when they're done? If that makes any sense?! I mean, I'M intimidated by the details on some models, and I've been at this for 35+ years!!

So I ordered some pegs from Amazon. They batch it got was about 60 of them in three different sizes (55mm, 43mm, and 35mm) for about $17CAD (can't go wrong with the price!) - of course then I went out and bought some Milliput to add bits - but that was only about $12 and it will go a long way!

Initially I'd thought these would be fun to use for custom characters in role-playing games - and then making a bunch of very simple generic baddies to oppose them - or maybe some smaller scale skirmish games (like Song of Blades and Heroes). Of course when they arrived and I saw the big bags of them, I suddenly started having delusions of grandeur - entire armies for Dragon/Lion Rampant or any of those other games by Dan Mercy! (Because, y'know, having scores of armies for each of those games in regular ol'28mm metal wasn't enough!?)

Before I'd even ordered them, I'd done a few doodles of ideas in my sketchbook.

Just a few very generic characters - mostly medieval/fantasy... but I was thinking about so many others things as well.

I also found a few web stites and blogs that were very inspirational:

Zen Wood Peg People Page

Funny Little Wars - Molatero

Wooden Warriors

Some great stuff on these pages - varying from very simple/paint only - to very elaborate with either painting detail or adding on bits and bobs of wood or putty...

Here is my first stab at it:

Baron Phillipe do Lapin

(because why have the same character in only one scale/medium)

detail of bunny on back of tabard.

Just gave this guy a belt pouch. Now that I'm thinking about it, I probably should have given him a scabbard as well.

Dungeon crawlers could be given elaborate backpacks festooned with kit and rope and 10' poles...

SUPER simple ninja...

HAvent' decided which size will be standard adult male human. I was thinking the middle one (like the ninja here) so the larger ones could be for larger creatures - big orcs, ogres, trolls, etc... But I could always get some larger ones (I think I saw ones that were 65mm) as these 55mm ones are a nice size for getting details on...

I have a pile of others cluttering the workbench that are in various stages of paint and/or modelling...

I should really just STOP and finish up a few more Necromunda things before the game weekend!!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hopefully more Necromunda...

Who am I fooling? It'll probably be loads more wooden peg warriors - at least until I run out of the current batch and have to order more!?

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

So... I Had an Idea...

... and a weak moment on Amazon...

Because, you know, I didn't have enough projects on the go...

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I just...

I can't even...

A Few More Genestealer Cultists

Just a quick post - I cranked out a few more Genestealer Cultists for Finnegan the other evening. His cult has been slightly more successful in our Necromunda Campaign and was in need of new cult members, but just wasn't getting to painting them up.

They're not the prettiest minis I've ever painted... but they were super quick to paint and now they're done and the dude has painted minis on the table... These were painted (almost) entirely with GW Contrast® paints.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

If I had to guess, I'd say it was probably going to be:


Monday, September 23, 2019

Epic Space Marines for Apocalypse

Here are the Marines I have (painted, so far...) organized for use in the current version of Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse!  

The entire force (so far!)

As with the Eldar, these were previously organized for Future War Commander - where an element is an element and the number of figures on each stand wasn't really important, so I wasn't really fussed about having the correct number of itty-bitty warriors on each stand. Consequently, a number of these elements have less than the basic number of models that should be on a stand - in these cases I assume that it represents the basic/minimum number that would be in a squad - for example,  you can field Terminators in squads of five or ten, my stands have only three on each of them (because I only had a handful of them and I wanted more than just two squads (plus a few spares left over) and needed something I could use as a CO/HQ element - so I did four stands of three plus a smaller stand of just one - which would represent the HQ element.

Marine Vanguard Detachment

This was meant to be my overall command detachment (well... at least until I get a Supreme Command Detachment sorted out... ), but I've come to the realization that it is NOT a legit detachment. I have four Land Raiders in it as Transport for each of the Terminator squads... but those are actually classified as Heavy Support - not Dedicated Transports - and, as such, only two are allowed in a Vanguard Detachment.... The alternative - fielding it as a Spearhead Detachment also doesn't work as only two Elites are allowed in such a detachment...

I've also realized that, if we're assuming that each of these elements is a "Counts As" full-sized squad of FIVE Terminators... there is no room in the Land Raiders for the Captain... I'd need a fifth, just to ferry him around!

Feh! they're all MY toys, I can make up whatever rules I want, right?

Captain in Terminator Armour 7 PL

4x Terminator Squad (5) @11 = 44 PL

Heavy Support
4x Land Raider @13 = 52 PL

Total: 103 Power Level

Marine Battalion Detachment #1

Captain 5 PL

5x Space Marine Tactical Squad (5) @4 = 20 PL

5x Rhino @ 5 = 25 PL

Total: 50 Power Level

Marine Battalion Detachment #2

Captain 5 PL

5x Space Marine Tactical Squad (5) @4 = 20 PL

5x Rhino @ 5 = 25 PL

Total: 50 Power Level

Marine Outrider Detachment #1

Captain with Jump Pack 7

Fast Attack 
4x Assault Squad with Jump Packs (5) @5 = 25

Total: 32 Power Level

Marine Outrider Detachment #2

Captain with Jump Pack 7

Fast Attack 
4x Assault Squad with Jump Packs (5) @5 = 25

Total: 32 Power Level

Marine Outrider Detachment #3

Captain with Jump Pack 7

Fast Attack 
4x Assault Squad with Jump Packs (5) @5 = 25

Total: 32 Power Level

Marine Spearhead Detachment #1

Heavy Support
4x Vindicator @9 with Siege Shield @10 = 38????
2x Whirlwind  @ 6 =12

Total = 50 Power Level

Marine Spearhead Detachment #2

Heavy Support
4x Vindicator @9 with Siege Shield @10 = 38????
2x Whirlwind  @ 6 =12

Total = 50 Power Level

So that's about 399 Power Level. Just like I have for the Epic Asuryani Warhost.

I do have this Warhound Titan painted up (and Epic version of Pardus Purpura, that could be added to this force as an Auxiliary Super Heavy Detachment - that's another 60 Power Level...

I have at least three or four more Battalion detachments worth of Tactical Marines to paint up. One of which I have enough Rhinos to mechanize - although I may not and instead use those rhinos to ferry around HQ elements for some of the other detachments... I also have five older pattern Land Raiders that I originally planned to use as transports for one of the Marine Battalions... but as I've recently realized - they're Heavy Support, not DEDICATED TRANSPORT - and as such, I shouldn't really HAVE that many in a Battalion or Vanguard Detachment.

I also have enough bikes to put together another Outrider detachment with those.

I also have a few Land Speeders... not sure if I have enough for a detachment of their own...?

I do have a PILE of drop pods. I could probably drop two of those Marine detachments directly into battle in drop pods! I could probably also do what same with all the Termites I have!

I also have large forces of Orks, and Squats and Imperial Guard and even some Chaos... as well as a few titans about 8-9 Warlord titans 3-4 each for Imperial/Chaos. I also have a Reaver and two or three war hound titans - all Imperial. And then there are three Eldar Phantom Titans!? It could get CrAzY!? for now I guess I should just get in a game with these two forces to start with and see if it even works out...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hopefully MORE Necromunda games... but before that there will probably be some more painted Genestealer Cultists

A Few More Epic 40K Minis

I finished up a few more Epic minis over the weekend...

Four plastic Whirlwinds.

Seven metal Vindicators (I already have another painted for a total of eight). not sure if any of those things out front count as a Siege Shield...?)

All of these will probably be organized into two Spearhead detachments of four Vindicators and two Whirlwinds. I can't seem to find my Apocalypse rules. But I'm pretty sure Spearhead Detachment can have a maximum of six Heavy Support - of which all of these are... (so I can't put ALL the vindicators in one big detachment!)

Here's something odd... I have a detachment with four squads of Terminators... and a captain n terminator armour. To transport those Terminators I thought I'd use Land Raiders... unfortunately Terminators are Elites and land raiders are NOT considered Transports - they're considered Heavy Support! A Vanguard Detachment can have up to SIX Elites, but only two Heavy Support... A Spearhead Detachment can have up to SIX Heavy Support... but only two Elites!? WTF!?

I also finished up a couple more Eldar bikes. The two smaller elements will be more Warlocks on Skyrunners to lead Squadrons of Windriders. The larger is a Vyper I've painted up in motley to use as a Voidweaver for my small detachment of Harlequins.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I should have a post with pictures of ALL the marines in the force - just shy of 400 Power Level - just like the Eldar.

Wenz Pipe - Battle for the Narco Den

I totally thought this game was going to be played between the grrrlz... last week...

I mean Finnegan and I got in a game on Sunday, but by the time we were done, Amanda and Keira just weren't up for playing a game - and I'd just picked up Stranger things Season Two from the library the day before - and we'd only watched one episode so far!! Monday they planned to play their game after Amanda and I got back from our Ballroom Dance class... but then we ended up missing our class and by the time we got home everyone was too tired... and... STRANGER THINGS! Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings are now filled with scheduled activities (at least for Amanda and Keira!)... So, Friday they said they'd play... but then we had an appointment with someone who was to come between 5:30 and 7pm... but then ended up staying past 8pm and by then we were almost done How I Met Your Mother Season Nine... and so... back to Sunday... our Necromunda game night. Though everyone had been saying since Friday that the Escher gangs would finally meet in battle, no one seemed motivated or interested to getting their game on... and we got started late (because Amanda decided that she was going to make Finnegan go canoeing with her, and instead of doing something sensible like going out with him while Keira and I were out at dance class... went out AFTER we got back!?). By that time Keira was really into some book she was reading and when queried as to whether she's still like to play responded with a melodramatic "I guess" (Which is passive-aggressive teenage girl talk for "No, I do NOT want to play, but I WILL because I'm a passive-aggressive teenage girl...") and so I suggested that maybe she shouldn't...

In the end Amanda suggest that We play... This would me at three games, Amanda and Finnegan at two, and Keira only one... but considering the state of my gang... I took the chance to earn some extra credits and maybe another territory!

Prisoner Release

Earlier last week, before this game took place, I arranged for my two prisoners to be released from their captives. In the rules it specifically states you can make any arrangement you want with the captors - exchange for prisoners or credits or territory or equipment... of course, I have NONE of these to offer... BUT it also says if a gang challenges another gang for control of a territory and the challenged declines, the challenger automatically takes over the territory. So I made both kids a deal - if they released my ganger that they each held captive, I said they could challenge me for ANY territory and I would decline and they could just have it... on the surface, it seems a little gamey, but I figure it's something a Delaque gang might do in a desperate situation - offer to use their network of informants to start a whispering campaign that those regions were now under control of a particular gang, so that everyone in the Bronze Gates knew who was in charge without there ever having to be any bloodshed...? I don't know...

The Average Joes Denestealer Cult gained The Furnace - a smelting works next to the mine they already owned. Blast his socks - the kid took something that made narrative sense over something that would have benefitted him more... He probably SHOULD have taken The Bronze Gates themselves - a Toll Crossing - as Orlocks/Genestealer Cults gain an enhanced boon from that location. but in the description of the locations The Furnace was described as "Next to The Pit", so he figured that was what he should take next....

The Pink Punchers took control of Doc Clemens - the Rogue Doc. She even has her own figure for the doc! I know Amanda had had her sights on the rogue doc, but honestly, she already had enough reputation and cash, she could just recruit one outright...

So my gang was back to... well... not floundering so much... I still have two gangers out from wounds, but with the return of Partem and Glacies, at least I'm back up to seven boots on the ground! (Though Glacies, who was captured by the strange gang that controls the mine came back looking a little "green around the gills" and had large sections of time that he did not remember at all... from time to time he is heard muttering about "The Patriarch"... The gang is a little concerned.


Originally I'd planned a fun narrative scenario with Madame Wenz filling the tunnel with exotic them smoke and as each fighter was activated they'd have to do a make a cool test (+1 if they had filter plugs, +2 if they had a respirator) or would end up Prone and Pinned (from a case of the giggles) - and would essentially miss an action, having to stand up. Anyone that rolled a 2 would be "seriously injured" (having a really bad trip!). As I ended up PLAYING in this game, AND we started a bit late, I decided to forgo the silly rules...

In the end we just ended up playing another Tunnel Skirmish - which is what we rolled on the table - except with 6 tiles and Custom (10) Crew Selection...

We tried out some of the tiles from the Badzone Delta-7 set - the Archaeotech Device and the Furnace Floor. Because of where it was placed, the Furnace Floor wasn't even entered, but having read the rules, Amanda though she'd try her luck with the Archaeotech device.


Before getting things going, we both petitioned our houses for aid. Clan Escher coughed up a Juve for the Crimson Wave... but they had no equipment to equip said Juve with.... so she was just left behind at the Convent. Clan Delaque sent some equipment (2d6x10 credits worth - but that involved me rolling dice so I turned out to be only 40 credits).... four pairs of filter plugs it is... A couple of the lads jammed them up their noses and headed down to Wenz Pipe...

Woo! Gang all ready to rumble! All SEVEN of them! Only one in recovery!


Then those witches spiked my leader's drink!

Stacked and ready to charge the door which formed a bit of a bottleneck in the battlefield.

Half of the Escher Gang was deployed in a large, cavernous room - to try and catch the Delaque interlopers...

The other half were in the hall just outside the room with the Archaeotech Device.

On the first turn the Escher gangers rushed forward to take cover behind barricades.

Then she maneuvered the rest into the room with the Archaeotecch device.

Most of them got to the device, but the Juve lagged behind, having spent an action opening the door for them all.

The Delaque Gangers just rushed forward to the bottleneck gate.

On the following turn they all got up on that archaeotech device. The special rule is that if one ganger is within 1" of the console and spends and action trying to activate it - they make an Intelligence roll and, if successful, all the weapons of all the gangers on the platform gain the Shock trait for the rest of the game.

If they don't succeed...


All are prone and pinned and took d6 S2 hits...

Yeah, that was bad. I think one was knocked out of action right there, two others were seriously injured. It was a bad scene. Amanda was pretty certain that was the end of the game right then and there.

Apparently she forgot who she was playing...

Things did look like they were going from bad to worse when I played my Delaque tactic that knocked out all the lights and plunged the rooms and corridors into utter darkness. Only my gangers could see anything - as they ALL had Photogoggles!

Unfortunately they couldn't hit or wound a damned thing. And as they started shooting, the Escher gangers could see where they were and shoot back... and they COULD hit AND wound things!

My leader did get in there and take down few girlie gangers - before getting shot by Mad Donna's plasma pistol! Another was shot by Mutatio...

They had numbers though and I quickly bottled out, lost my leader and things quickly went downhill from there.

So the Crimson Wave Escher Gang claimed Wenz Pipe - the Narco den. Now everyone had three territories and I just have the one starting Settlement... Between scenario rewards and income collected, Amanda brought in 130 Credits. I got 15.

Oh, and three of my four gangers that were taken out of action, were grievously injured, including my leader. And because he was in recovery and I have no other champions, when Glacies rolled a critical injury, there was no one to take him to the Doc's... Not that I would have had the credits to pay for the Doc's services... and because I bottled and fled, no one was able to recover his gear...

The Escher gang also suffered a critical injury - conveniently, because she just hired on a Rogue Doc, she neither had to use a Leader or Champions post-game action to take the injured ganger in, or had to pay for it... unfortunately, there were complications and the ganger died anyway (rolled a one!)!

Amanda decided to save her credits for now - saving up for another champion -preverably one with a Heavy Stubber! Her leader did end up with enough experience to gain an advance and increased her Weapon Skill... She is an absolute close-combat monster - three attacks at WS2+, Plasma pistol and chainsword and nigh impossible to hit with the Step Aside skill (rolls initiative of 2+ to just step out of the way of any hit) and if anyone DOES land any blows she's sporting Mesh Armour with an armoured undercut (4+ Save!)


One-Eyed Red Snakes (Gang Rating: 1095, Reputation: -1, Credits: 15)
The Snake Den - Settlement

Pink Punchers (Gang Rating: 1120, Reputation: 3, Credits: ???)
Punchville - Settlement
Doc Clemens - Rogue Doc Shop
D52 - Gambling Den

Crimson Wave (Gang Rating: 1100, Reputation: 8, Credits: 130)
The Sisters of Mercy Convent - Settlement
Bung’s Hole - Drinking Hole
Wenz Pipe  - Narco Den

Average Joes (Gang Rating: 1285, Reputation: 5, Credits ???)
The Smelly Pit - Settlement
The Pit - Mine Workings
The Furnace - Smelting Works

Uncontrolled Territories
Slop Pile  - Refuse Drift
The Bronze Gates - Toll Crossing
Shrine of the Sinners Past - Bone Shrine
The Machine - Archaeotech Device
The Burn Tanks - Promethium Cache
Rock Pile - Wastes

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Maybe another game of Necromunda...? If I can talk anyone into playing after Ballroom tomorrow evening.

I also have some Epic Marines I'm going to post pictures of at some point... and I finished off a few more Genestealer Cultists for Finnegan... because he can't seem to get around to painting them himself!?