Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Assorted Stuff

An odd and unusual assortment of stuff rolling off the workbench this week...

Not all THAT odd and unusual: A couple of Necromunda figures - a Van Saar Juve and an Escher Ganger.

The Van Saar Juve was a test figure to see if I liked the purple body suit for them. I do. I didn't want to do th standard green as my Cawdor gangers are all in Green. I was planning to do the Orlocks in mostly blue. The Redemptionists are Red. Escher are multi-coloured and Selaqure are black. Yellow and Orange are just a pain in the ass to paint.... so... purple...

Speaking of Purple... an assortment of crates and drums in purple... just for a bit of variety.

A couple of Hired Guns/Bounty Hunters for Necromunda. The guy with the plasma gun will have to be a Bounty Hunter as Hive Scum can only have items that are Rare (7) or lower. The guy with the twin bolt pistols COULD be Hive Scum... but he just looks a little too bad ass... so I guess they'll both be Bounty Hunters!

Still 40K, but not necessarily for Necromunda... an old Psyker figure and a downed Navy pilot. The arms for the Psyker are from Victory Miniatures. The downed pilot, I think, is from the Schaffer's Last Cancers set, and I've seen him listed as a "tank commander"...? Looked more like a pilot to me, so that's how I've painted him and that's what I'm going to use him as...

Three more Mantic Verymn (with GW Ork arms) for John's Chaos Cultist Necromunda gang.

Reaper Bones Chibi Monsters.

Finally a Dwarf from the Lead Adventure Miniatures Dearf Gold Fever Kickstarter. I actually finished this guy months ago... but he's been sitting on the edge of the workbench waiting for a few other dwarves to be finished up to be photographed with... but they're probably not going to be finished any time soon, so I thought I'd slip him into an Odd and Sundry post...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More Necromunda minis (Escher and John's Rats are what are at the front of the workbench) and some background to the Bronze Gates: Necromunda Dominion Campaign the I alluded to in my Fall Plans...


  1. Lots of nice figures and brilliant paint work!

    Now that I am getting into more sci-fi skirmish gaming (or at least painting minis for it eventually hopefully) I can see a lot of potential in those Necromunda minis. Are yours mostly older models (mostly metal?)?

    I didn't go in on the Lead Adventures kickstarter, but did recently finish painting that same dwarf (although I sculpted a mustache onto mine just because I think dwarves look funny with full beards but no mustache).

    I have more Veer-Myn to do one of these days as well (I bought the starter/basic boxed set a while ago). I might have to steal your idea of using ork arms (or arms).

    1. Thanks!

      Yes, all of my Necromunda miniatures are older metal ones - at least the official Necromunda minis! I have a few minis I'll be using (also metal) that are from other companies... and there are the two cybersatifs I got from Artel W that are resin. I do have a set of the new Goliath plastic minis (they came with the boxed set - I gave the plastic Escher gangers to Keira) I may or may not get to assembling and painting them at some point...

  2. More nice Necromunda mini's,I really like the last chancer and the dwarf is great!
    Best Iain

  3. So, are you going to create a whole bunch of stair terrain for your Escher gangers to fight in?

    1. "stair terrain"? You lost me...

    2. Oh, is this a "looking up skirts" reference? None of them are wearing skirts, they all have long boots and tight pants.


    4. Sorry, but my art and art history background is showing.

    5. Ha! Of course! I should have made the connection. Yes, of course I will be making stairs - just like that! (and waterfalls!)

    6. Now that I've started to think about it, some magnets in their base and clad the terrain with steel sheeting...

    7. Well, they're already on metal washers... so maybe I just need some of the fridge magnet backing to cover the surface of the terrain!

      I think we're on to something here!! Ha!