Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Kill Team Coranos - Deathwatch Kill Team

 This is the Death Watch Kill Team Finnegan will be using in our little narrative campaign we'll be playing through the fall and winter this year. It won't be the ONLY team he's playing... But it's the one he used for our first game this afternoon 

From left to right we have:

Brother Borealis Issolis - Deathwatch Veteran [Heavy Gunner] - Infernus Heavy Bolter - Originally from the Minotaurs Space Marine Chapter 

Brother Nasirdan Cannistus - Deathwatch Veteran [Warrior]- Stalker Pattern Bolt Gun - Originally from the Silver Skulls Space Marine Chapter 

Sergeant Laescos Coranos - Deathwatch Veteran Watch Sergeant - Xenophase Blade and Storm Shield - Originally from the Flesh Tearers Space Marine Chapter 

Brother Icasos Scamedes - Deathwatch Veteran [Warrior] - Deathwatch Shotgun - Originally from the Thunder Chickens Space Marine Chapter 

Brother Benatos Diodexious - Deathwatch Veteran [Gunner]- Combi-Plasma  - Originally from the Balck Templars Space Marine Chapter 

We haven't yet sorted out Bases of Operations or extra Equipment yet... 

Kill Team Coranos travelled to the Xoxigar System some time ago with a number of othe Deathwatch Kill Teams along with Lord Inquisitor Drusilla Kyros of the Ordos Xenos - who came to Xoxigar with one of the first flotillas to make it through the Cicatrix Maledictum. They came Xoxigar to investigate rumours of Genestealer Cultists being part of the general uprising against the local Imperial commander. 

August Games

Mondays and Thursdays, amirite?

Sunday, 1 August 2021

Amanda and I played another game of the Arrival. 

That's four times I've played it, so I think that's going on the 5x5 challenge. 

Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Finnegan and i played a game of Age of Sigmar... I'd have a link to a game report here... if ever I had FINISHED the game report... still sitting as a draft.... 


Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Another game of Necromunda with Orion and Nic. Full report can be found here:

Necromunda - Of Spiders and Scavvies

Saturday, 7 August 2021

After a year and a half, Finnegan finally got to run an in-person D&D game. I think it was a bittersweet reunion, as it was one of the players last game. She graduated from High School this year and will be going off somewhere to college in the fall and just got a job for the rest of the summer and has to work on Saturdays... 

He's currently running two other D&D games - every week - but not all the players in those games are fully vaccinated, so he's not inviting them over just yet. Maybe in September. Or, maybe we'll all be isolating in September again and he'll be back to running ALL his games online again... 

I'm trying to stay positive and hopeful, but there are SO MANY people refusing to get vaccinated around here, and it seems like everyone just thinks it's "over". There have been festivals every week since restrictions were lifted and there have been just crowds and crowds of people and hardly a mask in sight... Numbers going up...

Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Keiran actually suggested playing a game and I wasn't about to pass up that opportunity! 

We played Just Desserts which is a quick and fun little game, though it makes me very, very hungry... 

After nearly a month of 30+°C temperatures, it dropped into the 20s this week and suddenly it's all sweaters and toques! 

Friday, 13 August 2021

Friday Night - Game Night

I've been trying to re-establish Friday Nights as GAME NIGHT around here. Around supper time, as I was about to ask if anyone wanted to play, Keiran actually asked if we could play Retro Loonacy!? 

We played six games in the end. Usually I take a moment and organize my cards, but this time I just started throwing down the first ones I saw and the game was over in less than a minute!? Everyone was just kind of shocked. I actually ended up winning three of the six. 

Keiran won this last one. Won it before I even put a card down. Mind you, I was busy trying to take a picture! 

After Loonacy, we played a game of Splendor. Amanda won. Of course, if you know anything about us and our history of playing Splendor, you would have already known that by the fact that Amanda is sitting at the table with a game of Splendor in front of her. Keiran was close... but I had, like, 7 points...? 

Saturday, 14 August 2021

Saturday evening i finally got in a game of Warhammer Underworlds. I think it was the first game we've played since Amanda got Wingspan in May.... There are more pictures and a brief report here:

Warhammer Underworlds - Return to the Nightvault

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Speaking of Wingspan... 

We introduced some new friends to Wingspan - super fun to play some new people - and birders! 

This was the 21st game we've played since May. 

Friday, 20 August 2021

Friday Night - Game Night

Kids weren't interested in playing anything, so Amanda and I played another game of Warhammer Underworlds. This time I tired out Ironskull's Boys. They played a little better than the Sepulchral Guard, straight out of the box.... but I still totally lost... More pics and a full report can be found here:

Warhammer Underworlds 

Saturday, 21 August 2021

Saturday evening I got the gang back together and we made some new characters...

We were using the Savage Worlds Fantasy Character Generator Toolkit. It's a book that lets you roll up a totally random character for a Savage Worlds fantasy game. I've always had a lot of fun using this - it doesn't always make playable characters - and you can't really use it hoping it will create a party that has any business knowing each other - let alone adventuring together... but we're making them for a one-shot adventure that I'm expecting will be rather tongue-in-cheek... 

I backed the Lost Tomb of the Bitchin Chimera sometime last year (I've been a HUGE Dead Milkmen fan since Big Lizard in my Backyard came out when I was in high school... so... how could I NOT!?) and I was just notified that it has finally shipped (I've actually had the PDF for some time.. but haven't really bothered to look at it..). The adventure is written for D&D5E, but I figured rather than learning a whole new system, I'd just use Savage Worlds which I used for years for every setting I felt the urge to run a role-playing or skirmish game in!

The plan is to do another round of character making the following week and maybe pick the best one - or the one that seemed funnest - and I'm going to run the game in September. After that, I'm kind of hoping to get back to Wrath & Glory - possibly picking up the campaign where we left off. 

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

And look what showed up on Tuesday. (Well... technically it showed up on Monday... but they didn't bother delivering it to me, just dropped it at the local Post Office and I had to go pick it up on Tuesday... but... whatever...). I spent a good chunk of the afternoon reading through parts of the adventure and giggling. I'm not sure if anyone else is going to get all the references. But it was entertaining enough just to read. 

In the evening Keiran suggested playing a game and we weren't about to pass on that opportunity. There was a bit of what-do -you-want-to-play-i-dunno-what-do -you-want-to-play, but eventually Kingdom Builder was settled on... 

Amanda had had a LONG day - getting up to attend a live, online conference that was being hosted in the Netherlands... When we started it was like she had never played and had to have EVERYTHING explained to her at least twice... three times, for some of the things... 

And then she proceeded to win, scoring almost as many as Keiran AND me COMBINED!? (In the picture above, those are her Orange settlements screaming across the board. 

I just couldn't get it together this game. Maybe it was because I spent so much time explaining and reexplaining I didn't really have any time to think things through... maybe it was because the first three cards I pulled were grasslands and I just coudn't get OUT of the area I was in. We each had one bonus action on the first turn... but the only other one I even got close to was snapped up by the others - by midway through the game Amanda had FIVE of them, and Keiran had three. And, being locked into one little area, I coudln't even really make USE of the one I had!? 

As I'm sitting here typing, I realized we forgot to add in points for castles... and that probably woudl have given enough that she WOULD have had more points than me and Keiran combined. 

Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Nic and Orion stopped by for another quick game of Necromunda! 

You can find the full report and a bunch more pics here:

Necromunda - Sump Croc Hunt!

Friday, 27 August 2021

On Friday evening, at the suggestion of Keiran, we played Lords of Waterdeep!

Amanda played the Silver Stars and Durnan the Wanderer. I played the Harpers and Kyriani Agrivar. Finnegan Played the Red Sashes and Piergeiran the Paladinson. Keiran played Kinghts of the Shield and Nindl Jalb. Playing with four is HARD as you only get two agents to start off and a third part way through the game it's really hard to DO some of the high point quests, but if you can pull one off, it pretty much secures you the game. I had a hard time as my Lord gave bonuses for Piety and Arcand quests... but there were NONE available for the first half of the game!? I did manage to pick up three later in the game and finish them off - which brought me up from trailing by 35+ points to... well... I was still about 20 points behind Keiran  and Finnegan... but only 14 behind Amanda, who's had a pretty commanding lead for much of the game.  

Saturday, 28 August 2021


Later in the evening, we did Round Two of character-making with the Savage Worlds Fantasy Character Toolkit.  Everyone was there. Hilarity ensued. I actually posted the characters we rolled up on Savage Timmy's Playhouse - the Savage Worlds blog that I haven't posted on in over a decade. you can see them all here:

Savage Timmy's Playhouse: Lost Tomb of the Bitchin Chimera Characters

Next Saturday I'll be running the adventure! 

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Finnegan and i got in our first game of the new Kill Team this afternoon. Took a bit of figuring out, but I have a feeling it will play MUCH faster when we do get it sorted and is going to be SUPER FUN!!!

Stay tuned for a game report! 

And more game reports! I have three more games lined up this week!

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Kill Team - Drukhari

With Covid numbers on the rise around here, I think I'm going to stick to playing at home - or with a tight group of carefully selected, full-immunized friends that maintain relatively small "bubbles" of contact. So, I figured, I better get Amanda's Kill Team ready to play. 

This is just updating her old Crimson Wave Wych Cult Kill Team - to make it playable in the new version of Kill Team it needed a few more Wyches or Kabalite Warriors. Drukhari Kill Teams are made up of two fire teams, the fire team options are Wyches or Kabalites, each of which have five operatives. The original Kill Team had eight wyches and three Kabalites - so either way, it needs two more. 

We do have other Wyches That I've already painted, but they're all based differently, and I didn't want to end up having to rebase entire SQUADS of Wyches (and then be tempted to rebase the ENTIRE ARMY!?). So, I looked at what else we have, and what we had was three Kabalites that were already assembled and a bunch of Wyches still on the frame. That made my decision easy, I'd start with the Kabalites already assembled. 

This way she can start with "a bit of Column A, and a bit of Column B" and see if she likes one better than the other or if a mix of the two works best. Then, I can always build up a few more of the wyches to make a full wych kill team. (If she likes Kabalites, I might have to get another box, as I seem to only have one other assembled...? How did I end up with just six?)

Crimson Wave Wych Cult Kill Team

The entire team of real space raiders... 

Actually this is MORE than a full Kill Team - these are all the miniatures I have ready from which a Kill Team could be selected. I'm not sure which Fighter specialists Amanda would want to make use of - only two can be selected from the Hydra Gauntlest, Razorflails, or Shardnet and Impaler. A third can be added if both fireteams are Wyches (NOT two more... or three per fire team... a MAXIMUM of three per kill team!) . 

This is more like what the kill team would look like - two fire teams - five wyches (with two fighter specialists and the Hekatrix as the leader), and five Kabalites. 

Wyches - there are a few more here than are technically needed. I could assemble and paint up two more for a full Wych Kill Team, but I thought it might be prudent to have a mix... Wyches are pretty much only good for close combat - the addition of Kabalites gives them to opportunity to hit at a distance (and give shooty warbands something else to worry about while the Wyches close in!) 

Kabbalites that "came along for the ride"... (the two with helmets are the newly painted additions) 

I guess we do have a Squad of Battle Sisters I painted up for Amanda some time ago for her to use in 40K - before she decided she wanted to play Drukhari - that I could get sorted into a n Ecclesiarchy Kill Team...

Three more days of RPGaDay coming up and LOADS of Kill Teams! 

Friday, August 27, 2021

RPGaDay 2021 - Day Twenty-Eight



Four Against Darkness is an interesting option for solo dungeon crawls -  I knew of it because it is published by Ganesha Games - which also publishes Song of Blades and Heroes and a few dozen other skirmish miniature games that use the same basic engine. I had suggested it for my son at some point and he just LOVES it - he got so into it and involved in the Facebook group, he has ended up play testing and editing a number of their expansions now! (Name’s in the books and everything!) 

It’s a very clever little system. Basically, you make a party of four very simple characters and run them through randomly generated dungeons in an Old School dungeon crawl. There have been expansions to include wilderness adventures and more challenging stuff for higher level characters. 

Finnegan had used it to run short one-off games for friends when they can’t play their regular D&D game because a pivotal player did not show up for the game (because character generation is SO quick and simple. 

He even ran me and some friends of mine through a few adventures when the was a lull in our groups campaigns. It was really fun. 

He’s also played in a game run by one of the writers he’s helped with play-testing and editing. 

But it is primarily meant to be used as a solo game. 

Is there really any actual “role-playing” in a solo game? Why not? He’s developed backgrounds and personalities for a lot of his characters - even written up and illustrates some of their adventures. He’s maybe switching roles between the characters while playing… but that’s something EVERY DM does and THAT’s still role-playing. 

While dreaming up scenarios and adventures for RPGs or miniatures skirmish games, I kind of play through them in my head imagining how it might go… that’s kind of like solo role-playing. I mean, just making up stories in my head is kind of like role-playing. 

I would also be interested to try out Rangers of Shadowdeep. It’s a game by Joseph McCullough (who wrote Frostgrave - which I’ve played a LOT of) and is billed as a “solo or co-operative miniatures game” - As I understand it, you make characters and go through adventures encountering wandering monsters and such… could be fun… and MINIATURES!!!!

But maybe I’ll wait for a bit… Got some KILL TEAMS to assemble and play with!!!!

Stay tuned for more Kill Teams! (and the last few days of RPGaDay2021!) 

Kill Team - Maesenir's Rangers

Despite a table full of Imperial Guard... the first Kill Team I have ready for the imminent release of the New Kill Team are Aeldari Rangers!?  

From what I've seen on reviews, a Craftworld (Asuryani) Kill Team consists of two fire teams. The fire teams can be selected, in any combination, from; Guardian Defender Fire Team, Storm Guardian Fire Team, Ranger Fire Team, Dire Avenger Fire Team. The Guardian teams have five members, the Rangers and Dire Avengers have four. 

While I could field any/all of those, part of my re-org has included rebasing of miniatures. Many of the metal miniatures I have are still based on washers and, partly for consistency, and partly so I can write their names on the backs of their bases (to remind me of who is whom), I have been rebasing the older 40K minis I'm going to be using for Kill Team onto plastic bases. 

While i was at it, I thought I'd jazz up the bases to look like some alien world - as, there are a MILLION systems in the Imperium alone, and they're not all going to look like Holy Terra's brown dirt with green grass! 

I also wanted to get as many ready as possible, so I just did the two fire teams of Rangers... partly I did Rangers because they seemed the sort that would be involved in the sort of small scale special ops Kill Team battles are supposed to represent. Also, I just really dig their camo cloaks... 

I think, for campaign purposes, You can have up to twenty fighters on your Roster and Teams are drawn from these. If so, I could easily have a team of each. What I'll probably have is the two Ranger Fire Teams, a Dire avenger Fire Team and a Guardian Defender Fire Team - as I don't actually OWN any Storm Guardians. Or, quite possibly, I could just have three Ranger Fire Teams and two Dire Avenger teams...? 

I'd planned to come up with some "fluff" for each of these Kill Teams... but between RPGaDay and ALL THE KILL TEAMS I'm trying to get ready... I'm a little burnt out and just don't have the time. It was an effort just to come up with names for some of them... 

I can say, as with all Rangers, they walk the Path of the Outcast. All of Maesenir's Rangers hail from the Biel-Tymm fleet - an independent fleet that once was part of the Biel-Tan craft world, but has been off on it's own for many centuries, pursuing it's own agenda. The rangers do tend to wander where they will, but do report back to the fleet and are willing to sometime take direction or eve orders from the fleet. 

Maesenir's Rangers

The full Kill Team ready for action. 

Ylessar (on the left - of the picture), Aurelyc (in the back), Maesenir (up front), and Klorandos (on the right)

Lechanna (on the left - of the picture), Kaedoreth (in the back), Tallariel (up front), and Jairyllian (on the right).

What's next? Hard to say. I have. LOT of Kill Teams I'm organizing and touching up. Will I do posts for each of them? Maybe. Currently on the workbench are Harlequins, Drukhari, Valhallans, Tallarn, Guiacans, Armageddon Steel Legion, Necromundans... (is that enough Imperial Guard...? Because by tomorrow I'll also have the Death Korps of Kreig to add to them!?). I also have Space Marine Scouts and a Forge World Kill Team and Orks and Daemons and Traitor Marines and Grey Knights, and probably others I'm forgetting... Some will need touching up, others (like the Grey Knights) are ready to go with names on their bases and everything! And then Finnegan has Orks and Death Watch Space Marines and Tyranids and Genestealer Cult.... We have no shortage of options. 

I also have a bunch of terrain to paint up - some of the Sector Mechanicus and Sector Imperialis stuff I picked up when the PREVIOUS Kill Team cam out (that I STILL haven't gotten around to painting!?) and I'll have all the Orky scrap fort terrain that's coming in this new one... 

Should keep my busy and out of trouble.... 

RPGaDay 2021 - Day Twenty-Seven



Fraction… Practice… Kindle… Group…

I don’t know… 

I'm burning out here... 

The time I spend actually playing games is a small FRACTION of the time I spend waiting miniatures and planning and just thinking/dreaming about gaming?

The number of games I’ve played is an embarrassingly small FRACTION of the games I OWN!?

PRACTICE makes perfect… or… at least… a bit better…?

People tell me “wow you’re really good at this, you are very talented” - referring to painting miniatures )or painting or drawing pictures) and all I can think is “no, I have a lot of PRACTICE… I’ve been doing this for 40 years…” It’s just PRACTICE, not some innate “talent” I was born with… 

I don’t own a KINDLE. I like real books. 

Oh, they probably meant, like, “start a fire”… or metaphorically doing so… Well, I’m glad I was able to KINDLE a passion for role-playing in at least one of my children… the other… doesn’t HATE the idea… They used to play… maybe they’ll be back one day. 

GROUP… My favourite GROUP…? Hard to say… What makes a good GROUP…? I don’t know… Ideal size for a GROUP…? Well that I have an opinion on… 3-4. Two just isn’t enough, and 5+ there are often just too many people trying to do too many things and some people end up spending a lot of time doing nothing and getting bored. Also, with 5+ there are too many people wanting to do stuff and end up talking over each other and the less shouty in the group end up doing nothing… 

I think that’s all I’ve got for today… 

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Necromunda - Sump Croc Hunt!

 I picked up Necromunda: House of Shadow (House Delaque) book a few weeks back, when it came out.. So I figured I better get the gang out for our next game. Orion had suggested we try the Khymerix Hunt scenario from House of Blades (the House Escher book). Neither of us had a Khymerix... but Orion had a Sump Croc - so that seemed a suitable replacement. We used the scenario, as is, and even used the Khymerix stats. 

One of the Guilds put up a bounty for a Sump Croc that was on the loose and causing a lot of trouble in their area of the underhive. It was a BIG bounty so lots of gangs went out looking for it - and also a few enforcers looking to make some extra cash... 

Enforcers from the Omega Precinct. 

One-Eyed Red Snakes - House Delaque gang. 

Now, where's that Sump Croc...? 

Oh. there it is! 

Neo65145, on of the Delaque Juves, opened a door to find Enforcers sneaking up on the other side! Artifex, the Gang Leader, and Conflatura opened up with Bolter and Melta. I can't remember who hit, but the copper went down, and the Sump Croc, smelling the blood, burst up through the floor swallowing the downed enforcer whole!

Then it proceeses to attack the enforcers teammate who had been standing right behind him. Somehow she survived the Crocs initial snaps at her and let loose with a burst of quickly snapped off shots from her stub gun.

The croc, when hit, could make an initiative check and, if passed, would only take one damage from the attack and scarper back "into the Shadows"... or, i guess, in the Sump Crocs case, back into the sewers below! 

Terrified Enforcer, hearing the death screams of their commrade, frozen in terror... 

The other team of Enforcers pauses, hearing the confrontation beyond steel blast doors... 

Before they even heard the call of "Enforcer Down!", the captain was already shouting; "It must be over there, MOVE!" 

Quiet descends on the Underhive for the briefest of moments when the Croc dropped back into the sewer. Then both forces remembered the others were there and bullets and energy bolts began to fly.  

A concussion grenade shattered the skull of another Juve and up came the Croc to feed again!

Before it scarpered again, it shredded another Delaque Ganger. Artifex, so horrified by the grizzly demise of his ganger, completely lost his shit (failed Cool Check and was Broken... and could not pass a Cool Check for the rest of the damned game to recover... so he crawled behind some barrels and cried and muttered to himself while listening to the rest of his gang die...)

Dazed by the concussion grenade and shaken by the violent and bloody dismembering of his commerade, Conflatura just couldn't bring his meltagun to bear quick enough. The Croc dissapeared into the sewers - only to pop up instantly again when another gangers arm was redused to a bloody mess by a frag grenade the Enforcers fired at them. After biting the downed ganger in half, it snatched Conflatura and dragged them both down into the sewers as more fire came its way... 

Only a moment later, the Croc reappeared when ANOTHER Juve was beaten savagely by the Enforcer Captain. 

Shot gun blasts and bolter rounds poured in from both sides. severely injuring the beast. 

It fled, regenerated, and came back again for another snack when another enforcer charged in a shot a Delaque Ganger at point blank range. 

The Enforcer was chomped upon by the Croc... 

And then it turned it's attention to another Delaqu Ganger that had gotten its attention by pumpin gmore shot gun rounds into it! She did not survive long... 

Shortly after that, one of the Enforcers finally took it down, securing for themselves the reward from the Guilders. 

Another fun game of Necromunda! I have a feeling we'll be switching to KILL TEAM next week, though! At least for a bit... then, hopefully, maybe alternating between the two...? 

We shall see... 

RPGsDay 2021 - Day Twenty-Six


Welcome to your daily dose of Tim’s stream-of-conciousness blather loosely directed by a few RPG-related prompts… 

I don’t often PLAY role-playing games. I’m most often the Game Master. In THEORY I like the idea of being a player… but whenever I do, I always end up feeling… I don’t know… like I butt in too much describing things happening - like one might as a GM - and then feel like I may have overstepped my bounds as a player. It’s not like I feel like “I could do this better” at all - I’ve played in games with some just fantastic GMs - I just get wrapped up in the excitement of it all and some part of my brain kicks into GM mode… I also sometimes lack a brain filter and just open up my yap and "remind" the GM of a rule or a modifier - or if we’re playing in a setting or historical era that I know a lot about, I’ll post out something that’s… different… something that varies from "cannon" or history… - and I immediately feel bad and worry that it will be interpreted as “criticism” (which is what I know I’D probably do if someone said something similar in a game I run) though I NEVER meant it as such… When they though pops into my bring and out my mouth, it is with the intention of being “helpful”. I’m so sorry. I never mean to be THAT GUY… But I acknowledge, it’s a thing I do. 

One thing being able to PLAY as a player does for me is gets me excited about running a game again - especially if it’s been a while and/or I’ve been in a bit of a slump. Unfortunately, if I’m PLAYING in a game… and then get excited about RUNNING a game (filling up with ideas and stuff), but then can’t - because there isn’t time to run one while playing in another or because the people I might be able to run a game for are playing in the one I’m playing in or whatever the reason… well… I sometimes lack patience and playing in a game can end up chaffing..

In THEORY I LOVE to run games as a GM. I do have a lot of problems with doing so. I can be a VERY SLOW READER and am somewhat lacking in executive functioning skills - two key requirements for being a really good GM. Also, sometimes I can switch gears and recalibrate and improv when players do something unexpected… but other times (Like, a LOT of the time) players doing so will bring the game to a grinding halt when I can’t figure out how to deal with something I totally hadn’t planned for!? 

One thing that has worked well for me in the past is running games more like a series of tabletop skirmish games. This has worked really well with Savage Worlds - which is basically a skirmish game with some RPG elements added on - a character generation system and a good experience/advancement system. I’ve often used RPG adventures as the inspiration for the plot or background of these skirmish adventures - essentially summing up what would have been the role-playing/investigative/discover part of the adventure and skipping straight to one of the confrontations with the antagonists. This might seem SUPER railroady, as an RPG, but it works really well to flesh out a skirmish campaign. 

Running a skirmish campaign where all the players are on the same side playing against the antagonists run by me - where each player gets one hero and maybe a few small units of extras are shared between them has been a lot of fun. Ideally the scenario is never a straight up KILL ALL THE BAD GUYS - I try to make that impossible (there’s too many of them and/or more keep coming) to keep the players focused on the objective - which is usually something else - fight through the baddies to secure an object or rescue a person or disrupt a ritual - the ESCAPE off the board before being overwhelmed by them or the volcano erupts or the burning warehouse full of dynamite explodes.  

This is harder to do online… 

I’d really like to RENEW the Wrath & Glory campaign that I was running most of last spring-summer-fall. I really LOVED being able to reconnect with a few of my favourite humans and gaming buddies that have moved away. But I feel like I bit off more than I could chew running a investigative Inquisition campaign. Running a game like that requires a web of intrigue for the players to unravel… but building such a web requires… planning and the aforementioned executive functioning skills that I kind of lack. I fear that I’ll just run up against the same problems I experienced last year - idea burnout and being able to stay one step of the players in building that web for them to unravel… 

Sometimes I think I should revisit Savage Worlds.. but then I remember it had it’s problems too - especially when the characters DID advance to levels where they were pretty mighty indeed. It was fun for them to wade through units or hostile extras, but eventually they had to bump into a boss-level baddie and that’s where things ground to a halt - when two really powerful characters butted heads it was hard for them to actually deal damage to each other and when from a dynamic, exciting, flowing adventure and ended up becoming a very static dice-rolling match… which gets really boring, really fast… 

I’ve been thinking maybe I could do something similar to what I did with Savage Worlds but with the skirmish systems - Necromunda or the new Kill Team. Have multiple players as part of the same gang/kill team playing against enemies/hostiles played by ME - both games have some sort of experience point system. Necromunda has the added advantage of stats like Leadership, Cool, Willpower and intelligence - which could be used for scenario specific actions/tests to accomplish an objective in a scenario - get to the control panel to take out the power grid that run the… uh… tractor beam…? Or… whatever… 

That’s probably enough for today..