28mm World War Two Gallery

Before I ever bought any 28mm World War Two figures I already had PILES of World War Two stuff in both 15mm and 20mm – which had been used for various rules over the years – Tactical CommanderHell by DaylightWRG’s Armour and InfantryCrossfireFlames of WarhammerDisposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven BrothersBlitzkrieg CommanderI Ain’t Been Shot, Mum, and I’m sure others… 

I’m not sure what the first 28mm WW2 troops I bought were. I think it all started with Pulp Adventure skirmishing with Savage Worlds. Nazis are the ultimate bad guys in Pulp Adventure skirmishing so I think I started with the Afrika Korps and some LRDG/SAS troopers as heroes trying to keep Nazis from finding the Arc of the Covenant or foiling their plans to raise the dead at secret bases deep in the desert… As the Pulp Adventure gaming lead to Weird War Two (and more world War Two stuff became available in 28mm) I slowly added to the collection. 

More recently I have tried out Bolt Action for larger engagements and would be keen to try out Flying Lead for smaller scale engagements.

Most of the forces presented in this gallery are based around a single platoon of infantry with various optional supporting elements from the company, battalion, regiment or division.


Most of the Canadians

Canadian Armour 

These Shermans are all from West Wind Productions. They are painted as a troop from B Squadron of the 1st Canadian Hussars (6th Armoured Regiment, 2nd Independent Canadian Armoured Brigade) who were in direct support of the 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade on D-Day.

Here's another picture of the Firefly - more pictures can be found in this post: Canadian Sherman Firefly

Canadian Reconnaissance 

A Canadian Humber of the 7th Reconnaissance Regiment (17th Duke of York’s Royal Canadian Hussars). The model is and all metal kit from Black Tree Design. I did a step-by-step series of post about how I put it together - you can find them here: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5, and Part 6.

Soviet Union

The whole force. The are a mix of many different manufacturers - West Wind ProductionsBlack Tree DesignArmy Group North MiniaturesBolt Action MiniaturesCrusader Miniatures, The Assault Group, Artizan Designs, Blue Moon ManufacturingPlastic Soldier Model Company, First Corps, and probably others I'm forgetting at the moment...

Soviet Infantry

Teh Corps of the force is a Soviet Rifle Company of Three platoons with four sections each and a junior officer and sergeant commanding.

First Platoon

Second Platoon

Third Platoon

A pair of machine-gun teams from the company's MG Platoon.

Medium (82mm) Mortar teams from the battalion's Mortar Platoon. Both from West Wind Productions.

A few Anti-Tank Riflemen from the Battalion AT Platoon. The anti-tank dog is probably from the REgimental Pioneer company... but he some how snuck into this picture...

Officers, Staff and characters. These would make up the company command, perhaps some forward observers, and perhaps visitors from the Battalion or Regimental HQ – there’s even medics, spies, a General and good ol’ Comrade Stalin himself in this lot.

Scout Section from the Regimental Reconnaissance Platoon

Snipers - perhaps also part of the Regimental Reconnaissance Platoon?

Another Scout section - for winter scenarios... most are from West Wind Productions, but there are three sniper from Black Tree Design.

A few flamethrowers from the Reginamental Pioneer company (Or was is "Chemical Platoon"...?) and an infantryman with a captured panzerfaust that I could slip into any of the platoons...

An NKVD section with a supporting MG team - to keep everyone honest and advancing towards the enemy - most of these are from Black Tree Design - thoght there's one - front and centre - from  Bolt Action Miniatures.

A Platoon of Naval Infantry

Soviet Artillery

A few guns for direct support on the table

ZiS-3 76mm Divisional Anti-tank gun from Crusader Miniatures - though one of the crew came from somewhere else...?

45mm M1942 Anti-tank gun from Plastic Soldier Model Company

45mm M1937 Anti-tank gun from Bolt Action Miniatures.

76mm M1943 infantry gun also from Plastic Soldier Model Company

Soviet Armour

A platoon of (or perhaps a really understrength Company!?) T-34/76 from West Wind Productions.

KV-1 tank from Army Group North Miniatures.

KV-2 tank from Army Group North Miniatures.

T-26 (single turret) model from Army Group North Miniatures (More pictures of it HERE!)

BT-7 from Army Group North Miniatures. (More pictures of it HERE)

Dismounted tank crews - mostly for crews that survive their tank getting hit and bail out, but possibly for scenarios where they are caught resting outside their tanks and have rush to them when surprised - or if a player character in a rope-playing game of some sort. the are a mix of Bolt Action Miniatures and West Wind Productions. (the West Wind ones - on the left and right - I think are actually German Tanker figures that I painted with a khaki wedge cap instead of feldgrau to pass them off as Soviets!)

Soviet Reconnaissance 

BA-64 Armoured car from Bolt Action Miniatures. (More pictures of it HERE!)

Other Soviet Stuff... 

Assorted Casualty Markers. Mostly from West Wind Productions and Black Tree Design, but I think there's a Dixon Minatures cowboy casualty in there somewhere - he was wearing a "duster" and I thought it looked "close enough" to a Soviet great coat... Probably not enough casualty markers to mark every dead - if I were ever to field the entire company in a single, en masse attack on a German position – but enough to litter the field with some of the dead and injured...

....and should those dead ever rise (in a Weird War Two setting) I have a small horde of Russian Zombies! It may not seem like much of a horde (compared to the 100+ regular Soviet infantrymen I have!?) but it’s a large enough horde for a small group of player characters in a role-playing game (or heroes in a smaller skirmish) to deal with – and I do have LOTS of other zombies I could add in that aren’t specifically Russian – but could be passed off as such  - as there are a bundh of my other horde in various shades of khaki rags - or poor 1940s Russian civilians that have also been turned…

To Do: As far as I'm concerned this force is DONE. I can think of no other things I could possibly want to add to it at this point - Indeed I'm not entirely sure how it got to be such the huge force that it is... What was I thinking!?


Légion Étrangère

I have a small force of French Foreign Legionnaires for fighting in North Africa...

The entire force - an understrength platoon. All figures are from Artizan Designs.

Platoon Command and others.

First Section

Second Section

Third Section.

To Do: As far as I'm concerned this force is DONE. I can think of no other things I could possibly want to add to it at this point.

I do have OTHER French forces for WW2 - early war french for fighting in France in the spring of 1940... But I haven't really done much work on them as yet. I have a section or two, a platoon command, perhaps a machine-gun and mortar and a 75mm howitzer and crew(!?).


I have a number of German forces that I am working on as opposing forces for a number of my allied forces. I have early and later war Heer (regular army) infantry (a platoon of each) to oppose... well... just about anyone! I have a platoon of later war SS to oppose my Canadians in Normandy and my British Paras in Arnhem. I have Deutsches Afrika Korps mostly to oppose my British S.A.S. and commandos and the French Foreign Legion. I have some Fallshirmjägers should I ever feel like gaming Operation Sea Lion... 

As with most of the forces I’ve put together for WW2 Skrimishing in 28mm the German forces are all based around a platoon with various optional supporting elements from the company, battalion, regiment or division.

Heer (Regular Army)

I have two platoons worth of regular army (Heer) infantry – one for earlier in the war, one for later on.

Early War Heer Infantry  

The whole Early War Infantry Platoon. These are a mix of Crusader Miniatures  and West Wind Productions. I'd bought a "platoon box" of Crusader miniatures ages ago but, at the time, the "platoon box" didn't really supply you with a full strength platoon all properly organized. It was basically eight of their regular packs in a box for the price of seven. So I ended up with some not-so-useful extra command figures and only two sections of infantry. Shortly thereafter I picked up another section of infantry made by West Wind from ebay, or perhaps in a trade, to round out the platoon with a third section. Later still I picked up the light mortar team from Crusader to make a full-strength, fully-kitted out infantry platoon.

The command section - Officer, Platoon Sergeant, two Runners and a Light Mortar Team (with alternate commanders - in hats or in helmets) - all from Crusader Miniatures.

First Section - all from Crusader Miniatures.

Second Section - all from Crusader Miniatures.

Third Section - all from West Wind Productions.

Heer Armour

Stug IIIC/D fromArmy Group North Miniatures. The commander I got in an odd lot off of ebay, so I have no idea who the manufacturer is. I seem to recall I had to shave off an arm and modelled a new one with green stuff.

later war mortar team from Artizan Designs.

German army cameraman from Bolt Action Miniatures. I’m a sucker for these odd and unusual figures…

Deutsches Afrika Korps

also Heer (regular army), but dressed for service in North Africa.

The big man himself; commander of the Deutsches Afrika Korps, General Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. The figure is from Artizan Designs. I thought it might be handy for a "Get Rommel" type scenario - as most of my allied forces for North Africa are special forces (Commandoes, SAS, LRDG, etc...)

In addition to General Rommel here I have a platoon of Panzer-Grenadiers In various stages of completion and a Panzer IV to give them some punch. I'd like to get some trucks at some point - to ferry the Panzer-Grenadiers around as personnel carriers or just as cargo haulers for the LRDG and SAS to blow up...


I have a small force of Fallshirmjäger - a platoon plus a few supporting elements (machine-guns and mortars) - just enough to cause some havoc in southern England for my Canadians stationed there to have to run about and round up! Or perhaps they're there to assassinate Mr. Churchill! I also read about an action (I think in Sicily...?) where German and British paratroopers were both dropped at almost the same time to capture the same bridge - but from opposite ends... that might be fun to game out...

Fallshirmjäger support elements - mortar and machine-gun teams from Bolt Action Miniatures


German Mountain Troops. I really just picked these up to use for Pulp Adventure skirmishing - I thought I might throw them into Beyond the Mountains of Madness - should I ever get around to running that...

This is the entire force - not even a platoon - I have no intention of adding any more to it. The figures are from Brigade Games “Ends of the Earth” line.


I also have a small force of SS troops - a platoon plus a few supporting elements (machine-guns and mortars) to oppose my Canadians in Normandy (12th SS Division) and my British Paras in Arnhem (9th and 10th SS Panzer Divisions).

SS mortar team from Artizan Designs.


As with the Gebirgsjäger above I really just picked these up to use for Pulp Adventure skirmishing...

Kriegsmarine tropical U-Boat crew. The figures are from Brigade Games “Ends of the Earth” line.

Kriegsmarine not-so-tropical U-Boat crew.

United States of America

I have a few forces from the United States. Regular Army Infantrymen and a few paratroopers that can be used in European operations (or possibly even North Africa or Sicily) and U. S. Marines for the South Pacific.


One squad of jarheads from Battle Honors.

A couple of medics from The Assault Group. The gun on the ground might look like a casualty, but he is in fact a medic clutching his medical bag and crawling forward (presumably under fire) to reach his fallen comrades! 

Two Marine casualties - also from The Assault Group.

First Special Service Force

I have started to put together a small force of the joint Canadian-American First Special Service Force (often referred to as the Devil's Brigade). Ultimately I'd like to have a whole platoon, but I'm waiting on Artizan Designs to release a pack of trooper armed with the Johnson LMG. Here is what I have for now:

I'm not sure if Artizan will ever get around to finishing up that pack... so I may never add any more to this force...

Still to come...

I have French (both early war and French Foreign Legionnaires for North Africa), British/Canadian Paratroops, British Commandos (both for North Africa and Europe), Americans (Northwest European infantry and Paratroops and Marines for the South Pacific), Japanese, Italians (both for North Africa and Europe), British Chindits, Australians, and all sorts of Germans (Heer Infantry and armour - both early and late war, Deutches Afrika Korps, SS - for fighting Canadians in Normandy and Paras in Arnhem, Fallshirmjagers, Gebirgjagers, and I'm sure others... stay tuned.. (or... check back later!)

To see some of my WW2 stuff in action check out Savage Timmy's Playhouse - my separate Savage Worlds blog that I maintained while we were playing a lot of it - most of my gaming with this collection so far had been done with Savage Worlds. The World War Two label should take you to all the posts of games using these figures. The WW2 label will also steer you towards the most recent updates on this blog

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