Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sisters of Battle

I finished up the Adepta Sororitas Battle Sisters Squad in time for Amanda's Birthday!

Adepta Sororitas Battle Sisters Squad from Games Workshop

Of course just after I bought this they announced plastic sisters are coming in 2019... Ah, well...

The Sister Superior.

The Heavies... Mealtagun and a Storm Bolter...

The Regulars... armed with Bolters...

This came with the squad... doesn't seem to be any special rules for it. I guess it just counts as another sisters with a bother? Unless it's supposed to be an Imagifier...? But that's a separate Character figure - not part of a battle squad. It's a cool characters Power Level 2, 4 wounds, 3 attacks, That simulacrum Imperialis she's carrying (if that's what it is) potentially allows an extra unit to performa an extra "Act of Faith" per turn... but then that leaves the unit (which is supposed to have 10, with only 9...? Why, Games Workshop? WHY!?)

I also re-based this Dialogus I'd picked up and painted a while back.

Her force so far...

Canoness - HQ - PL 4
Dialogue - Elite - PL 1
Battle Sisters Squad (10) - PL 8

Total PL 13 - Patrol Detachment - Command Points 3

OR - If we want to call that thing an Imagifier...

Canoness - HQ - PL 4
Dialogue - Elite - PL 1
Imagifier - Elite - PL 2
Battle Sisters Squad (9) - PL 8

Total PL 15 - Patrol Detachment - Command Points 3

She's pretty excited to try them out. I pointed out I have lots of things I could lend her as allies - Ministorium Priests, Imperial Guard, Inquisitors, Assassins... She said no, if she's going to have an army of her own, they're all going to be bad ass warrior chicks...

As much as I've tried to convince her more TROOPS are the way to go, she's already looking at Celestine...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Will we see the valiant Sisters of the Adepta Sororitas facing the Orkish onslaught or the unknowable Aeldari? Will they fight alongside their Astra Militarum allies or stand on their own? Stay tuned!


  1. Really nice, pretty sure that is an imagifier, when these figures were made every squad could have one I think,bu b they all look great!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain!

      It'll probably all get sorted out when they release the new codex along with the new plastic Sisters in 2019... just before they drop 9th Edition...

  2. Well they have to release SOMETHING fancy to go along with the fancy plastic minis they're promising to finally release in 2019!? Will it just be another "Imperial Agents" Codex? Could they be so lame!?

  3. I think that *IS* an imagifier. This popped up for me in a search, which is a useful bit of info for how acts of faith work. Suggests that multiple units is probably necessary to benefit from the imagifier and/or the celestine.

  4. Doh. Forgot the link....

    1. Thanks Dave! All very handy!

      Mostly confirms what I already suspected. It's odd though that they're still giving them out as part of a Sisters Battle Squad when they are now, according to the 8th edition rules, a separate Character, and by including them in every unit, you end up with a units that are less than full strength... unless you buy five units plus a "Battle Sister Squad Upgrade" with five more Battle Sisters with Bolters to take the place of the all the Imagifiers you took out of the units...