Thursday, April 26, 2018

Space Hulk Genestealers

After... What? Two-and-a-half years!? I have finally finished the Genestealers for Finnegan's Space Hulk game. (Bad Gamer Dad! BAD!) Better late than never...? Luckily, he's gone ahead an punched the game and been using the floor tiles for other adventures of his own making...

Space Hulk Genestealers from Games Workshop (© Games Workshop painted by myself and posted here entirely without their permission...).

I've used the bases from Necromunda for them - as the integral bases were just too tippy. I've got the Space Marine Terminators based on the same.

Now I just need to PAINT those Space Marine Terminators.... Though there are far fewer of them, there is a fair bit more detail. The Genestealers were very easy to paint - basically three colours Two of which I did a base coat, and then dry brushed a lighter shade over top... The Marines are close to the top of the painting priority list, so hopefully before the end of summer we'll have marines scouring these ruins blasting genestealers into bits...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog: 

There's an Apocalypse event coming up next weekend which I may or may not try to get in on... If I do, I'll be finishing up a couple of Leman Russ tanks... and the Shadowsword.... AND the Warhound Titan... I figured out adding three Leman Russ tanks (one I've already painted plus two others I'm working on - recently bought used/assembled and currently converting/repainting) and the Shadowsword to the force I used for the Battleforce Recon Tournament would make a 2000 point force. The Warhound Titan would add another 2000 points...

Otherwise... I'm not sure... Maybe I'll do those anyway. I've been reading Titanicus by Dan Abnett (which I've been thoroughly enjoying) and it's gotten me excited about painting up the Warhound Titan(s). I do have an Epic Reaver Titan as well... Wish I still had those plastic Warlord Titans from the old Adeptus Titanicus game...


  1. Just got space hulk at a boxing day sale, genestealers are easy to paint up. I might have to look into throwing them onto round bases. They look really good that way.

    1. Thanks!

      Do it! having them on bases makes a huge difference! (not that I've actually PLAYED yet - but even just toking them in the box on the side of the painting table - they were alway falling over before I had them on bases... and... I just like the look of them better... and the Necromunda bases aren't that expensive and work perfect... Get the bigger ones, though!)

  2. > After... What? Two-and-a-half years!? I have finally finished the Genestealers for Finnegan's Space Hulk game.
    You can't hurry quality work mate and undercoat needs time to "cure" properly.

  3. Nice bunch of genestealers, two and half years is pretty good in my book! Even though I don't do GW stuff anymore I do like Dan Abnetts writing,his guard and inquisition stuff is great!
    Best Iain