Monday, September 16, 2019

The Pit

For them which comes from below, it seemed only natural and right that they should try to seize control of the Mine Workings - it does stretch down into their realm and impinge on the personal space of the Patriarch which rules over all of them. The sneaky ones in black were making their move to control the area. They had to be taught a LESSON!

This week Finnegan and his Average Joes Genestealer Cult challenged my One-Eyed Red Snakes Delaque gang for control of The Pit - an abandoned mine shaft, extending from the lower parts of the Bronze Gates to some place much, much darker far below even the lowest reaches of the under hive.


We played a Sneak Attack Scenario - Finnegan's Genestealer Cultists were attacking into the territory of the Delaque Gangers to deface their relic... I got to set up 5 sentries who did sort of random stuff until the alarm was raised. Finnegan got his whole gang - or at least all the ones that he had figures for (I think her recruited a few new members last game, but didn't get figures painted for them) and the Magos and other champion were out recovering from serious injuries.


Things were going poorly for me since I'd lost two out of action for a game and a third captured in my last game, hadn't gained territory and collected very little income from my sole territory... So before we got started, I petitioned my House for aid... and they came through with a trainer. Four (d3+1) characters gained d6 experience. I gave the experience tp my leader and Rutubulum (both of whom were missing this game, as well as Mus and Rotis. Mus and Rutubulum both gained enough that they were able to roll on the Ganger advancement. Mus got smarter (improved Intelligence score) and Rutubulum increased his toughness! Later I decided Artifex would spend 6 of his XP to increase his Ballistic Skill.

After we set up the battlefield, I could set up my sentries anywhere and had to set up a gang relic somewhere on the board within 6" of the board edge.

So I moved a few wall sections around so the wall section tagged with their gang logo could be the relic the Genestealer Cultists were wanting to deface.

The Genestealers came from two directions. One group had the Hybrid Acolyte and three neophytes with shotguns.

The other, smaller group just had two with autoguns.

For the first round they all just moved up to doors.

I got my remaining ganger - a newly recruited Juve (Neo 86753) - just happened to wander up a hall towards one of the groups of Genestealer Cultists stacked by a door just outside the hall with the gang relic.

They totally gunned him down... but that raised the alarm. Raising the alarm meant my gangers now acted normally... but none of them had ready tokens - so Finnegan got to finish out his turn before my gang could act.

The other group of Cultists charged into the room and shot Oraculum three times - wounding and causing flesh wounds every single time - the third one reduced his toughness to her and took him out of action.

Two out of six down - not looking good. Luckily with the home turf advantage, I passed by bottle check.

Round two was just a brutal, point-blank shoot-up! The One-Eyed Red Snakes took down Joe Schmoe, but then Joe Gazebo entered the battle blazing away with his autogun and took both Glacies and Rotis out of action in a single burst!

Down to two... I voluntarily bottled and fled with the last two...


So the Genestealer Cultists took over the mine and gained 130 credits (from scenario rewards and income) and recruited another Neophyte for free and got a pile of reputation (+3, I think...) - So as long as he gets them PAINTED he should have little problem fielding two more cultists in his next game (he DID assemble the rest of his Genestealer Cultists a week or so ago, and last week they all got primed, so...) - and have his leader and Champion back!

Unfortunately Glacies was captured after the fight. Rotis and Oraculum were both seriously injured enough that they'll now have to miss the next encounter - Rotis actually ended up with a permanent eye injury and has had his Ballistic Skill reduced to 5+!?

From the scenario rewards I gained only 20 credits and my territory only provided 10 credits of income... Luckily I had 15 left over from before so I was able to pick up a Power Axe and some Filter Plugs for Artifex. and now I'm broke again, and down to five fighters...

My entire crew for the next game... yikes! Looks like I'll be petitioning the House for aid again!

Hopefully The Grrrlz will get in a game tomorrow!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Another report for our Bronze Gates Campaign - as the Two Escher gangs face each other!

I have a large group or odd and sundry items that have been making their way off my workbench. Some of them are sort of related to Necromunda... the rest is at least sort of 40k-ish...?


  1. Another great looking game, you know when I said things could only get better? I might have been premature!
    Best Iain

    1. Ha! Yeah! You have no idea how badly things can go for me when dice are put in my hands.

      I started playing in a Call of Cthulhu game earlier this year and ended up having to quit... largely because it's no fun when your character can DO NOTHING BECAUSE YOU CAN"T PASS A DICE ROLL TO SAVE YOUR LIFE, LITERALLY! Seriously, the dude was a professor of Geology - who had previously been an engineer working for mining companies and with a tunnelling company during world war one and was in a cave beneath Arkham and wanted to discern something, ANYTHING about the caverns... natural or tunnelled...? had anyone passed that way...? I thought, for sure I would just KNOW this stuff, I mean, I had an 80% (skill level) in Science:Geology!? Nope, have to roll for that... and I failed... failed so badly the GM gave me false info which my character absolutely believed...

      I think I've got a way out of this though... In a Dominion Campaign, you can play as many games as you like and if you challenge someone for a territory and they turn down your challenge, they just get that territory. So, I thought I'd offer to each of the kids (since each have captured one of my gangers) that if they challenge me for any territory they like, I promise I'll turn them down and just let them have it if they return their prisoners to me (says right in the rules you can many any sort of deal with the players that have captured your models!) I have zero credits or any cool equipment or territory to offer them... and this will put them even further ahead in terms of stuff they own... but damn, I need to have a fighting chance in games - and for that I need boots on the ground!

  2. Another rough game! Hopefully they take you up on your offer so you can get the boys back.

    In N17 can you get juves for relatively cheap? Maybe you need to have your own funnel game to make a bunch of juves into hardened killing machines...

    1. Yeah, I don't have the book handy, but I think juves are 25 credits and regular gangers are 50 credits...? Jules can never be given any equipment that costs more than 30 credits - and I think they are limited to pistols and close combat weapons...

      In a Dominion Campaign - at the halfway mark any juves with 6 advances are promoted to champions!

      There is a rule about how many you can have, though. You need to have more regular gangers than "other fighters" - which includes Leaders, Champions, AND JUVES!