Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Battle at Bilton's Corner

Bronze Gates Necromunda Dominion Campaign - Game Two

On Monday evening Keira and I got in our first game in our Necromunda Dominion Campaign.

For a bit of info on the campaign background, the territories within the Bronze Gates and our starting gangs check out this post:

The Bronze Gates Campaign (A Necromunda Dominion Campaign)

for an After Action Report of Game One (between Finnegan's Genestealer Cult and Amanda's Escher Gang) check out this post:

Encounter a Fahr's Pipe

As Bung's Hole had already been snapped up by The Crimson Wave, I challenged Keira's Pink Punchers for control of D52 - the region's Gambling Den...


We played a quick Tunnel Skirmish scenario, just as Amanda and Finnegan had in their game. As I was the challenger, the One-Eyed Red Snakes (my Clan Delaque gang) was the attacker and the Pink Punchers were the defenders. The battlefield was set-up accordingly and Keira began her deployment.


Keira chose to set up her gang in one tile (defender had the option of setting up in one tile, or within 3" of a board edge).

I had a fancy gang tactic that allowed me to move some barriers up to 3"... so I thought I'd be tricky and take away her cover...

And set up my guys, basically in the same room!

This was a mistake... Delaque are stealthy and sneaky. I should have played them that way, instead of making a big gamble like this - having and instant big shoot-out with the whole gang...

Unfortunately, the Pink Punchers got priority, which meant half their gang went before I could do anything.

Straight off, Zuzana charged out and sprayed half my gang down with her Chem-thrower (mental note - need to invest in respirators - or at least filter plugs!!) - I got EXTREMELY lucky and only my leader lost a wound and the other two just happened to hold their breath and/or duck out of the way of the gas cloud.

I did my sneaky-beaky thing - threw a smoke grenade into the middle of the room - now I could see them, but they couldn't see me!

Part of the Pink Punchers made a run for it and tried to outflank the One-Eyed Red Snakes.

Unfortunately, with all the Chems still in the air from Zuzana's Chem-Thrower, the smoke dissipated VERY quickly.

Rotis retreated out into the hall and threw a smoke grenade down there as well to try and make the Escher Gangers think twice about coming that way.

He was joined by Mus and the two of them took pot shots at the Pink Punchers in hard cover at the end of the hall. A Seriously wounded Glacies crawls their way looking for help (I'd forgotten until part way through the game that if you had a Standing and Active fighter next to one that was Prone and Seriously Injured in the end phase they can offer them assistance - allowing them to roll TWO injury dice and discarding one of them - increasing the chances of re-entering the game with only a flesh wound and diminishing the odds of bleeding out).

Back in the room where things had all started... Rutabulum had popped another smoke grenade blinding the Escher gang. Artifex, the Delaque leader, had then moved out from cover and shot Elicia, The Pink Punchers leader. She was only pinned and had crawled away to cover to recover. Zuzana, unable to see any targets to shoot, had charged into the smoke and encountered Artifex - who got in a lucky jab with his stiletto and took her out of action! Then the smoke cleared and Elicia charged ARtifex and totally took HIM out of action! Yikes! Then Rutabulum unloaded his clip at her, pinning her in the open... but failed an ammo check!

As both had lost people bottle checks were made, and FAILED!

Travona, Krystal Q., and Defay hiding in cover at the far end of the hall cover by Mus and Rotis. One of them got a lucky shot with their lasgun and injured Defay.

Rotis decided he'd had enough and left during the Flee step of one turn (it made sense, he was down to ONE toughness - having sustained TWO flesh wounds!!)

Nico Skullz had had enough of hiding in cover and blazing away at the Delaque Gangers in cover, and ran out and tried to shoot Rutabulum pointblank before he could reload his autogun!

Shortly after this Defay, Elicia and Glacies would all fail cool checks and scarper.

This left only Rotis and Rutubulum and Travona, Krystal Q., and Defay. Rutubulum joined Rotis who was still exchanging fire down the hallway while hiding behind hard cover. Travona decided she'd had enough of this and rushed them. Rotis, who was also down to One Toughness scarpered leaving only.

A blast from Travona's plasma pistol pinned Rutubulum.

Travona rushed around the barrier and shot Rutubulum again,  pointblank with her plasma pistol, seriously injuring him. Defay then ran around the barrier as well and performed a coup-de-grace, removing the final Delaque Ganger from the table and ending the game.


Artifex and Rutabulum's injuries were serious, indeed. They will both be missing the next game. Partem was less seriously injured but while he was crawling away in the dark, a group of the victorious Pink Puncher came upon him and tied him up and dragged him back to Punchville! Ugh! First game and my leader is out of action along with another ganger, and another ganger is captured! Down three when I only started with eight! I'll only be able to get Partem back if I choose to do a rescue mission the next time I face the Pink Punchers, but considering how depleted my gang is, that may be a SUICIDE MISSION into the Pink Punchers den in Punchville!

Zuzana, the only member of the Pink Punchers that was taken out of action, was also grievously injured and will sit out her next game as well... Snake bites is NASTY!

Between the scenario rewards, and income from her settlement and newly acquired Gambling Den, the Pink Puncher brought in 175 credits AND recruited a new Juve for free! She decided she'd wait to do any new hiring or purchases until later...

The One-Eyed Red Snakes, on the other hand, only brought in 35 credits... and also recruited a free Juve. The credits weren't really enough to even equip the lad... I did have some credits left over from gang creation and was able to track down a Bolter for Artifex (though I didn't have enough to get a Power Axe as well - so I STILL can't actually use my Leader Figure for the Delaque Gang.... guess it doesn't matter much anyway, as he's missing the next game anyway...). As he was missing the next game, Artifex gave up a bunch of his equipment to the gang's stash and it was used to equip the young Juve - Neo86753. That, at least, brings my NUMBERS back up to six for the next game... but the rating of those available will be somewhat lower than whoever I end up facing...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably something related to Necromunda...? I do have a fair few minis and terrain bits to paint before the game weekend in October - that I'm sure we'll make use of in our campaign as well!

At the end of the week there will be a regular weekly update on the September Game-A-Day Challenge.


  1. Not a great start, but at least the chem launcher was less devastating that it could have been? With a regular flamer that may have been a tragic end to the gang... (depending on injury rolls)

    1. They're about the same... Same Template. effectively the same chance of wounding - The Chem-thrower wounds if they roll equal to or greater than the targets Toughness (so, 3+), the Flamer is S4, so against a T3 character wounds on a 3+. The only difference is, if the flamer doesn't kill you outright, there's a 50% chance of catching on fire and being subject to the Blaze condition - running around in random directions trying to put the fire out and taking extra hits each turn that you don't... AND the Gas can be mitigated somewhat by wearing filter plugs or a respirator. I armour does work against flamers, though... yeah, they're BOTH pretty bad! I just got REALLY LUCKY that first turn! lesson learned - don't bunch up when opponent has blast/template weapons... and acquire blast and template weapons ASAP!

    2. I think that explains the hand flamers Forgeworld clearly loves so much!

    3. Oh, yeah, handflamers... They use the same template, but are S3 and AP0 (regular flamer is S4 and AP-1) but still has the blaze trait (sets things on FIRE!)!

  2. Lovely looking game! The terrain really works well both your graffitied walls and all the scatter terrain that you've done too! Well at least the only way is up!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain!

      Paul Rodriguez's character (Hector?) in the movie Quicksilver said something very similar "When you hit rock bottom, ain't no place to go but up!" Those words have really stuck with me over the years and helped me through many, many troubling times.

      In this particular case, however... I'm sure they could go much, much lower. I mean, I still have more than one breathing ganger!

      It's funny there aren't rules in the campaign system for a hard re-boot for a gang that it utterly (over very nearly) wiped out...? Regardless, I will stick it out - it all makes for narrative!! Sometimes, bad shit happens!