Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Clue Tokens

 Not a lot going on here, hobby-wise. I've been pretty busy with the Birbs of Saskatchetoon project. 

I've worked on a few things... but haven't really finished much up. I

 did finish one or two things... but thought I should wait until I have the rest of the unit finished... 

Haven't even been playing many games.... 

Here is SOMETHING, though... 

I finished up a few Clue/Treasure tokens. 

One... or... maybe two... of them might have been done for some time, I'm only just getting around to posting them now. 

I've been rebasing more Eldar a lot lately - and a have a few minis I'm working to finish up (to complete units) Maybe when I'm done a few more - or finished the entire force (that I have painted so far) done I'll post pictures of those. 


  1. Looking forward to the Eldar! I passed a year of painting on my "army" so it seems fitting that you would lap me in just a week or so worth of work ;)

    1. Cheers!

      Oh, I'm really not painting all that much that is new - it really is mostly just re-basing stuff I've done ages ago. There are, like four banshees to finish up a squad of ten and two guardians and a weapons platform to finish up a squad of those, and that's probably it for now. I do have a PILE of other stuff that I COULD paint... but I don't imagine I'm going to get to them any time soon...

    2. It certainly is possible that new Eldar releases might catch your interest... it certainly has with me, I am only restrained by the prospective cost of it all!

    3. It's certainly been exciting seeing all the previews of all the new plastic Eldar. I can't say I'm planning on buying any. I pretty much HAVE all I need in old metal minis... like THOUSANDS of points worth of older metal models - should I ever get around to painting them. (and that's not even including the TITANS!?)

      I am actually looking forward to the new Codex, though, and maybe getting back into playing regular 40K with the Eldar.

      I am definitely excited about the new Corsair Kill Team announced last night! I'm going to have to get painting, tough, because there is NO WAY I could buy that Nachmund Gauntlet box (with the Corsairs) when I haven't even finished ANY of the models from either Octarius or Chalnath!?

      I hope their opponent in the Nachmund box is Chaos. I hope it's NOISE MARINES!!! Not going to hold my breath, though.

      The AoS box looks cool too... but since I haven't played or painted since last June (and haven't finshed ANY of the DAughters of Khaine that I already have - other than Morgwaeth's Blade coven) I can't reasonably justify that to myself either...

      Necromunda: Ash Wastes... Ugh... That also seemed pretty exciting. If they do a separate hardcover book... I'll probably pick that up. I have enough of my own minis and models I could use as Ash waste denizens...