Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Game Plan 2022 - Q3

Looking back at the Game Plan 2022 - Q2, one should note, I did post it on April Fools day... How did it go...? 

5x5 (Quarterly) Challenge

I hadn't laid out what might be in the Q2 5x5 Challenge, but guessed it might include Five Tribes, Wingspan and Terraforming Mars... and had HOPED I might get going with Kill Team again... 

Here's what we actually got to playing:

Games Q2

  • Quebec 1759 x5
  • Warhammer Underworlds x5
  • Wingspan x4
  • Andean Abyss x2
  • Terraforming Mars x2
  • Wizard Kings x2
  • Splendor x1

So... TWO games played five times... a third made it to four... Yikes.

Maybe Next Quarter...


I had some plans involving other games... Getting back to some kind of miniature games - probably skirmish, preferably a campaign... Kill Team... Warhammer Underworlds... Warhammer Quest - both Blackstone Fortress and Cursed City... Necromunda...

I guess I DID get back to playing Warhammer Underworlds. 

Also had some plans involving getting games that were just shy of the five or dime lists on BGG some plays or playing some games that I hadn't played before. I DID play Quebec 1759 and Wizard Kings... but none of the Five and Dime list stuff. 

PAINTING (and purchasing?) 

Wow... I had a WHOLE LOT of very optimistic plans about painting a BUNCH of stuff for 40K and Kill Team and.... NONE of THAT happened!?

I DID completely clear off the paintings table - in an attempt to create some order... and then... I painted ONE Warhammer Underworlds Warband!? NO Eldar... NO Harlequins.... NO 40K Chaos stuff... NONE of the other Kill Teams... 


I did buy Nethermaze - the second box set for Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep. And the Restless Undead - another warband expansion for the same. the releases for this season of Warhammer Underworlds have been relatively limited TWO boxes in one year, plus two other warbands... a couple of extra decks. I've actually picked up ALL of it!? haven't painted ANY of it though... so, unless I do a LOT of painting and playing over the summer, I think I might be done with buying any more Warhammer Underworlds... 

I did NOT buy the new  Necromunda Ash Wastes box! It looked SUPER COOL! But I just couldn't do it... so much other Necromunda stuff to paint, so little stuff actually being painted. 

Even harder was resisting the urger to buy into the new edition of Horus Heresy - there are a bunch of local dudes that bought in and they'd have been fun to play with... and SO MUCH STUFF in that box and it's all Marines, so they could have pretty much been sprayed and washed and pick out a few details and done! But I just couldn't justify that to myself either... considering how little I'd painted in the last few months... 

There was also a local guy doing a clearance of his collection of board games that had a bunch I was interested in - Newer edition of Pax Renaissance, three COIN games (Andean Abyss, Pendragon, Colonial Twilight) and a different version of Leader 1 (not that I've played the one I HAVE!?). I snoozed and I losed, though. Brent bought the copy of Andean Abyss, someone else snapped up Pax Renaissance and the other two COIN games and... bah... just couldn't be bothered with the other (even though it's out of print and he only wanted $15 for it... maybe I should see if it's still listed...?) 


GAME PLAN 2022 - Q3


Quarterly 5x5 Challenge

Despite my failure to complete last Quarter's challenge, I'm still going to try for one this Quarter. What's likely to be on that list...? I don't know... 

Warhammer Underworlds - Amanda and I DID get playing again after a six month hiatus. I have a feeling we can keep that ball rolling. I'd like to get at least a few of the Harrowdeep warbands painted so we can start playing there. I could go so far as to suggest Underworlds might be TWO of the 5x5 slots - five games of Direchasm and five games of Harrowdeep? 

Wingspan...? Seems the game Amanda keeps inviting other people over to play. No one's gotten sick of it yet. 

Five Tribes...? despite not playing it ONCE in Q2, it's been one that's been suggested a few times. 

Kill Team or 40K? Finnegan is DONE High School FOREVER and has suggested he'd like to play a small campaign of Kill Team or 40K - or a campaign that uses a mix of the two.. 

Might get in some more COIN games with Brent - can we play FIVE games of Andean Abyss...?! Maybe I could include COIN games in the Annual 10x10 - as an open category 10x Assorted COIN games...? 

I also have Hammer of the Scots i'd talked about playing with Brent.

Terraforming Mars...? 

I keep hoping to get a regular role-playing game going again. I feel like I HOUNDED the Saturday night guys about trying to get something going over the last three months (and I HATE having to HOUND people about playing games - especially role-playing games)... but half the time I posted something, no one even responded and we never got in a SINGLE session. Maybe I just need to give up on that lot and find some local people to start playing in-person games with...? 

I don't know.... 

I've been thinking a lot about other games and miniatures as well... Song of Blades and Heroes, all of the Dan Mersey games, or Neil Thomas, etc. that I'd LOVE to get back to playing... The GW games always seem so much easier to get on the table and find opponents for, tho... 



Honestly, give how much I got done last quarter, I can't imagine getting much done at all... 

I need to set aside some time to work on painting stuff - just a little bit every day or ever other day or a longer session once or twice a week. 

What I will get done will depend on what, if anything, we get playing. If Warhammer Underworlds does get going, I'll probably work on a new warband or two for that. If Finnegan and I do get playing 40K and/or Kill Team, I'll probably paint a few things needed for the next scenario or things either of us want to add to a team... 


Given how little I've been painting, I think it will be hard to justify ANY further miniature purchases... 

There have been some hints at an upcoming Kill Team box... WE'll find out this Sunday, but it loos like it might be shipboard actions?! or, like, Kill Team: Space Hulk. Damn, THAT's going to be tempting... There's no way I could possibly convince myself (let alone Amanda) that I should get that, considering I haven't finished ANY of the Kill Teams from the last THREE boxes I bought!?!?!

The Hellboy RPG also looks really interesting... is it even out yet, though? Seems like that Kickstarter has gone on for-EVER!? On the kickstarter page is said all rewards should have been mailed out in May, but I have yet to see my FLGS announce anything about it arriving!?


  1. You know you will need the rumored Ksarkin in the Kill team: dark-and-scary-hallways-of-cheap-cardboard for something...

    Maybe you can do a little campaign for 40k and that will get your juices flowing again (and tamp down on the guilt for buying MORE!)

    1. Ha-ha! Maybe!

      It is going to be a hard one to pass up... We do have the 4th Edition of Space Hulk... so I have SOME spaceship corridors (AND the spaceship board from Kill Team: Rogue Trader box from the previous edition). So maybe I can just buy the book - they seem to release those separately after a few months....?