Saturday, December 4, 2021

More Napoleonic Riflemen

Lieutenant Dulles has gathered a few more stragglers and survivors into his small band of Chosen Men 

(I just painted some more Napoleonic Riflemen to use used in The Silver Bayonet)

This is WAY more that could actually be USED in a single Special Unit for The Silver Bayonet. A starting Officer has a Recruitment attribute of 100 (or 105). Riflemen have a Recruitment cost of 18... so the most that could appear in a starting Special Unit would be five. IF an officer took +5 Recruitment (instead of +1 Courage) to start... and when they got to Tier Two (at 10 Experience points - after about five or six games) chose to add five more Recruitment (Instead of adding Health or another New Attribute), a sixth could be added... 

For now the extras will just have to wait - until one of the current members dies...? Perhaps they guard the camp while the others are out...? Conceivably, some of these COULD be recruited into OTHER Special Units (you didn't think I'd just put together one or two, did you!?). Until then, however, they will be nominally under the command of "Dicky" Dulles..

New Riflemen - these are a mix of models from Perry Miniatures and Warlord Games. 

I hasn't done these when I did the others, as they were earmarked for inclusion in a Rebels and Patriots Company of Riflemen... Looking over Rebels and Patriots, however, I decided that the Rifles would best be represented as Light Infantry upgraded to be Good Shots at 8 points per unit That means I only needed three for a 24-point company. I had four. So two of the units, made up of miniatures from Warlord Games and Perry Miniatures were reorganized and a few were seconded to service in The Silver Bayonet Special Units... I may have a few more Ill paint up for the Silver Bayonet, at some point... 

All of the Riflemen (for The Silver Bayonet) so far. 

Current Members of Dulles Rifles (Left to Right); Rifleman Richards, Rifleman Coyle, Lieutenant Richard Dulles, Sergeant Grabbe, Rifleman Dodd, Rifleman Harris.

This leaves 10 Recruitment... the only troop types available for that are Infantrymen, Artillerists, or Doctors... I should try and find a Suitable miniature to use as a Doctor! 


  1. On the painting table l have a unit of Swedish riflemen for Silver Bayonet and two figures in my Norwegian unit are riflemen too. They have ground to a halt as I wasn’t happy with the my painting at all. I probably just need to finish a unit and get on with playing the game…

    1. Do it! It's good fun and I'm excited to see your Swedes!

  2. Tim, I enjoy seeing a return to historicals for you. Hope it lasts!

    1. I'm really excited about The Silver Bayonet... and thats got me thinking about the other Napoleonic-era forces I have and reorganizing them so I have enough to play... SOMETHING with them... even if its just the One-Hour Wargames or Rebels and Patriots...

      Stay tuned!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Iain. Some of them saw some action yesterday - just posted the game report!