Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Imperial Naval Breacher and Hearthkyn Salvager Theyn

 I've been assembling and priming ALL THE KILL TEAMS and even started assembling and priming some of the Gallowdark Terrain. 

What the workbench looks like these days - a little overcrowded. Might be time for a purge of all the things I'm not "actively" working on... 

Breacher Swanson

Last week I finished up a Naval Breacher Axejack...? I think they're called Axejacks...? Not totally happy with how it turned out... but I don't totally hated it, so I'll probably just do the rest the same, just to get some stuff DONE!? 

I didn't get them all done thought, because I picked up Kill Team: Gallowfall and started assembling the Hearthkyn Salvager team... 

Theyn Gunhild Brennasdottir

I started with the Theyn - the leader of the Hearthkyn Salvager Kill Team. They all have the option of having their visors up and I was seriously tempted to have ALL of them closed... But I left this one (and maybe one other...?) open. 

I got all the terrain from the Kill Team: Into the Dark box pre-assembled and primed "Wolf Grey". The plan is to just rust it all up and pick out a few details that wouldn't be rusty (I mean, it's kind of ridiculous that any of it would be rusty at all - why would they be using iron-based steel in the 42nd millenium!? Anyway, it's just to make it all visually apparent the neglect of the long-vacated derelict spacecraft that make up the spacehulks. 

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