Saturday, May 27, 2023

Kill Team: Ashes of Faith



I SWEAR this is the last one... I.... I... just couldn't pass on this one. I've been waiting for an Inquisition box since they released the Rogue Trader box for the PREVIOUS edition of Kill Team!? 

Honestly, I'm not WOWed by the new inquisition miniatures, per se... I have ones in metal I'd be happy to use. If that were the ONLY thing of interest in the box, I could have let it go... All together it is an iNsAnE deal like, less than half the cost of buying all these things separately... Do I need ALL THESE THINGS...? Well, I can make use of them for sure.  I mean, I have inquisition stuff for 40K... I have Guard... I have Chaos Space Marines - and all Cultists are the new(-ish) cultist minis they released with the latest Chaos Space Marine codex (last year?)... which... I never bought (I wasn't playing THAT much 40K and wasn't working on the CSM and I'm still holding out that there's going to be an Emperor's Children Codex at SOME point!?) 

What really drove me to get this was the campaign - it includes a new campaign system that pits an inquisition force against a Chaos cult... and you know I LOVE campaigns!? Well, I love the IDEA of campaigns!? 

Speaking of campaigns... 

I also discovered that there are a few Age of Sigmar models that are STILL produced in METAL!? So I picked up a few Skaven that I don't have any of... yknow... for the upcoming (SOMEDAY!?) Warcry Under-Carngard Challenge... 

Now to get assembling and painting some of this stuff!? 


  1. How did you manage to get this one? It sold out in like 4 minutes on the GW website...

    Regardless, looking forward to seeing what you think about it.

    1. I know, it's just crazy how quick they sell out online?! I saw a lot of griping and complaining about it on a few Facebook groups... and then others posting pictures showing off the two or four copies they bought!?

      I have a good relationship with my FLGS...? I mean... I've bought seven (SEVEN!?) of the Kill Team boxes - just from THIS edition (which is a little embarrassing to admit)!? So, when I send them a note saying "hey can you put one aside for me" they say; "Of course we will!".

      Beyond Kill Team, though, I've also been shopping there for the better part of three decades and I used to do a tonne of demoing games for them and running leagues and running games at local conventions to promote games they sell... and have had a policy that if I can buy it from them, I do. I generally only buy stuff online that they just can't get it (or it would be prohibitively expensive for them to do so).

      Also, I'm not sure there are any others regularly playing Kill Team here anymore..? There was a bit of interest when the new edition dropped, but as far as I can tell, everyone's just gone back to playing regular 40K. I'm sure if I posted in the local 40K group I was looking for people to play with, I could easily find some, it's just that no one else is taking that initiative to get anything going.,,.?

      I've had only the briefest glance at the campaign system - there isn't a LOT to it. You play six games and then a finale. The outcome of each game affects how many of which cards you get, which are used between rounds to gain influence over areas...? Also each battle is fought in a location that has it's own special rules... Should be fun.