Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Work-in-Progress Wednesday - 12 June 2024 (plus new FREE Mini-of-the-Month)

Wow... got a lot of stuff FINISHED in the last week; Thundrik's Profiteers, The Chosen Axes, and my (Stand-In) Chaos Gargant...

Still a LOT of stuff on the workbench, though... 

Earlier today I rode out to the Warhammer Store and picked up the new Free Miniatures-of-the-Month - a Dark Oath Chaos Warrior! 

What have I actually been working on this week...?

I did assemble the Cado Ezechiar model I picked up last week... It came with a bare 40mm base, but I ended up using a modeled base from a free Stormcast Eternal mini that I'd picked up, but then realized was missing a leg!? (The shield from the same Stormcast Eternal is on the Gargant's base!)

I've also done a bit of work on the Chaos Gargant. 

Because it's a CHAOS Gargant, I wanted to do the skin in a not-so-traditional colour - like the Stand-In Chaos Gargant - but decided I should do a different colour... and chose green - as a sort of contrast to the purple of the Stand-In Gargant... but I'm not loving the green and now I'm kind of regretting it and wishing I'd just done purple on this one as well... but I'm not sure I can be bothered to try and go back and start over... because I kind of want to just GET IT DONE!!!

These are two Kharadron Warlord characters for Warhammer Quest games that I was working on along with Thundrik's Profiteers... The one on the left is, I think, Shadow Over Hammerhal, and wasn't given a name. The other is Dagnai Holdenstock, from Cursed City. As I got close to finishing those, these got left by the way-side in favour of just getting the others DONE and off the workbench. I imagine I'll finish these up in the next day or so... 

Few other 

I definitely did a little bit of work on the Kairic Acolytes this week, I was working with a lot of gold and used a bunch left over on these guys and then did some work on base colours for skin. 

So many rats and goblins and other assorted bits and bobs... but not many of those have been worked on this past week... 

I think the PRIORITY for the next week is the Chaos Gargant and maybe the Kairic Acolytes... Then there are just a handful of Tzangors and the Grot Scuttlers and six more familiars... oh, and the Gaunt Summoner... and THEN I'll be ready to play Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower... 


  1. A lot of fun stuff on that workbench!

    How does the dark oath warrior size up compared to an old plastic marauder? (if you have any) Pictures I have seen suggest that it is similar in size, but better proportioned...

    1. I will try to remember to post some comparrison picks. I don't have a lot of Marauders... I have Garreks Reavers... I have some mounted Marauders... Not sure about foot marauders...?

      I think this new one is a bit slighter. I was thinking If I could track down a couple more, I could swap out weapons - with some of the spare weapons from the Marauder Horse, but the arms/fists on the older ones do look a bit beefier!