Friday, June 21, 2024

Warhammer Underworlds - Zondara Versus Thundrik

A few weeks ago Amanda and I decided we should probably play a few practice games if we're going out to this Warhammer Underworlds event on the 30th! We did play a game... which I never got around to posting a game report of... and then didn't get to playing any others for nearly TWO WEEKS!!! 

It's been busy... 

and... this weekend is going to be busy... 

Hopefully, starting on Sunday, we'll get in a game or two each night for the next week, to try out some warbands in Rivals format and then settle on one to practice a few more times before playing it at the event!

This week Amanda decided to try out Zondara's Gravebreakers - using the faction's own Rivals Deck. 

I decided to try out Thundrik's Profiteers!? Because the older Shadespire/Nightvault era warbands don't have legal Rivals Decks (their Objective decks only contain nine cards!) I had to pair them with a Generic Rivals deck, and I decided to try out Rimelocked Relics! 

Right off the hop, Khazgan Drakkskewer attacked Pikk and Amanda rolled her first of FOUR crit-defences of the evening?!. I was able to use a Ploy card to push Drakkskewer and Thundrik onto Objectives and scorred my first objective After Amanda's first activation... 

Her first action was to charge Enrik Ironhail with Zondara and kill him... Unfortunately that left her withing range of Dead-Eye Lund, who I'd just inspired and he spend the next two activations shooting at Zondara. Hit both times and that was the end of her. 

The Ferlain charged and shredded poor Garodd Arnesen... 

For my last activation in the round, I moved up Thundrik to the middle of the board, adjacent to Ferlain... Couldn't attack because the push card from earlier in the round required that I put a move or charge token on him. I'd put a move token, so he could move but not charge. 

Ferlain wasn't my objective, though... I was trying to get past Ferlain and over to an objective in Enemy Territory... to score OBJECTIVES. I got there on my first activation in the following round - and scorred the Objective... But then Thundrik was attacked by Ferlain and two of the Zombies 

Throughout the Second Round Amanda rolled THREE MORE crit defences... I'd roll two successes on an attack, she'd roll one crit for defence. Then on one attack I rolled a crit and a success... and she rolled TWO CRITS?! It was nuts... 

At the beginning of Round Three, Thundrik was finished off by Toyle - one of the zombies... 

Then Ferlain came after Drakkskewer... she rolled TWO CRITS for her attack... and now it was MY turn to do something crazy, and I rolled TWO CRITS to defend!? 

Drakkskewer survived and spent his next two activations attacking and finishing off Ferlain! 

Amanda spent most of the rest of her actions doing Gravebreak actions to score a couple of Objective Cards! 

Despite just not being able to hit nearly half of my attacks due to Crit Defences, I won!? Amanda did pretty good herself, considering she'd never even looked at the cards before, let along played Zondara's... 

Will Amanda bring Zondara to the tournament...? Probably not. 

Will I bring Thundrik's Profiteers with Rimelocked Relics...? Maybe. I can't count on them doing this good, but it would be fun to - largely because it would be so surprising as NO ONE had played Thundrik's Profiteers around here! 

People will be familiar with Rimelocked Relics, so that wouldn't be much of a shocker... The other downside is... they are NOT THAT GREAT!!! Only one of them does more than ONE DAMAGE on any of their uninspired attack actions... and they all start with a move of TWO!? (they do inspire to three - except for Drakkskewer - the guy with the dirigible attached to his back - who starts with Four Move, and stays there when inspired) 

Seriously, most of Zondara's zombies are more spry and dangerous than most of Thundrik's Profiteers?!

Maybe I should roll out with a Beastgrave or Direchasm warband that no one's played - and use their faction Rivals deck.... Like Myari's Purifiers...? The only problem is the Faction decks of that era are just GARBAGE to play on their own. 


  1. Looked a great game. The figures are beauties!

    1. Thanks Ray! that's one of the things I like best about Warhammer Underworlds - they miniatures are some of the very best GW is making for fantasy games - and instead of having to pick just ONE ARMY and paint hundreds (or, at least, DOZENS) of the same miniatures for teh bigger games, each warband is 4-6 miniatures and I get to have and paint a BUNCH of different minis from all the different factions!?