Friday, June 14, 2024

Warhammer Underworlds - MORE Terrain Bits

I finished up another little terrain piece from the Beastgrave terrain pack this week. 

Mostly we use these terrain bits to make Blocked Hexes a bit more clear...

But this one (as with a few of the others) look more like they are meant to be HAZARD or LETHAL hexes!? 

Getting to be a few of them.

I'd still like to make a few for the frozen caverns of Deathgorge or the Underseas depths of Harrowdeep... 

I am very nearly finished the Cado Ezechiar model - so close I put varnish on him... and then realized I missed a few little bits!? DOH!!

Also working on the Chaos Gargant and Kairic Acolytes for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower! 


  1. Those terrain bits are turning out fantastic Tim!

    1. Thanks, Terry! I figure they'll also be very handy as generic scatter terrain in any sort of fantasy skimish... if/when I ever get back to doing that...