Sunday, May 12, 2024

Warhammer Underworlds: Skinnerkin (and other Ghouls!)

On Wednesday these were assembled and primed and I didn't even take pictures of them on Work-in-Progress Wednesday because... other than assembling and priming them a week or so ago... I WASN'T really working on them or had any immediately plans to do so!? But here we are...

I think I was looking at the state of things on the workbench and just decided these would be really quick to knock out. They ended up not being so quick - it took me an entire season of Dead Boy Detectives (which we binge-watched on Saturday) to get them finished (8x1hour episodes!?) 

This is the 30th Warhammer Underworlds warband I have painted (for myself!?) 


Gristla Tenderhooke

Young Master Kretch

Flense Master Pewdrig

Seddrik the Chain

The Carnskyr

While I was working on these Ghouls I had two others I thought I'd paint along with them to get the skin colour the same (and hopefully match it with the Grymwatch I painted three years ago!)

The one on the left is the Free Miniature-of-the-Month from Games Workshop for February. The other one is one I've had for AGES and just never got around to painting... I think it might have been for Talisman...? 

All the Ghouls: Grymwatch, Skinnerkin, and assorted other GW Ghouls in metal and plastic. 

What will be next!? Who can tell these days. I did play a game on Friday and have another this afternoon.... so perhaps a game report or two...? Maybe it will be Zondara's...? I don't know. 


  1. It is a Talisman TL5 (1985) Ghoul. They all look appropriately undead!