Sunday, May 19, 2024

Warhammer Underworlds - Skirmish Fridays at the Warhammer Store AGAIN!

 I made it out to a second Skirmish Friday at the Warhammer Store this month - two weeks in a row!? This Friday was also Game Night at our place... but most of the Alternating Friday Game Nights didn't get going until almost 8pm, so I figured there would be time to ride out to the Warhammer Store, play a game or two, and get back around the time others were showing up... If I happened to be a little late, Amanda would be there and they could get something set up! 

I'd just finished painting Zondara's Gravebreakers a few days earlier, and just started reading through their cards the night before and I was REALLY EXCITED to try them out, so I only brought them along with their Rivals Decks. 

Sean was the first to arrive so I set up a game with him. 

Sean was playing Garrek's Reavers with Void-Cursed Thralls.

It was clearly a well-thought-out deck by a really good player... I don't think he was expecting how nasty the Zondara and Ferlain combo could get... 

At the end of the game he only had one or two of his guys left. It was a VERY CLOSE game, with Sean winning by one point! (I could have probably squeaked out a victory if I'd only properly read one of my 2-point objective cards which I tried to score at the end of the third round and realized I hadn't quite done it right - I was supposed to place three DIFFERENT objective tokens during the round... but I'd only done the same one three times... there HAD been two others that i coud EASILY have gotten to and moved... but I hadn't read and understood the card and... so... didn't... DOH!!) 

While we were playing Orion showed up and started a game with John, the store manager.

For out second game Sean dug out Mollog's Mob and a Nemesis deck built around Hungering Parasite - which was really funny, because just the day before I'd been reading through the cards of the Hungering Parasite deck and thinking; "This would be NASTY with Mollog's Mob!!

The Zondara and Ferlain combo took down Mollog in the end - but not before Felain took a good walloping from Mollog's Giant club. 

Again, really close and really fun to play against! 

The Warhammer Store was a lot quieter than when we played earlier in the week at The Den. So much easier to concentrate on what I was doing and hear what people were saying to me! Looking forward to playing there regularly (but not this coming Friday, as Amanda and I have tickets to go see a show!) 

Maybe it will just be Fridays and Sundays for now... 

I'm really having fun with Zondara's Gravebreakers... I think I need to sort out some sort of Nemesis deck(s) for them, along with Skabbik's Plaguepack... and maybe Grinkrak's Looncourt and Mollog's Mob...? or Wurmspat...? Those seem the most fun right now. 

These were the 48th and 49th game I've played of Warhammer Underworlds this year! I'd suggested in the last Quarterly Game Plan I'd suggested maybe I try playing TEN different warbands, TEN times each through the year! I'm not sure that's going to happen... I think one thing I'd like to try and do is (assuming I finish painting them all...) play ALL of the warbands I have at least once this year... AND maybe pick four (or five) that I'm going to try and play 15-30 times each - to actually get GOOD and playing them, and maybe even start forging a little NARRATIVE with them! 

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